Amway vs Melaleuca – Which One’s Better?

January 8, 2024 |

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In this article, I will compare two online business companies, known as Amway and Melaleuca.

Both brands manufacture and distribute health, beauty, personal care, home care products, and more.

They also offer business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs to begin their side hustles.

Amway and Melaleuca have been operating for several decades and have established sizable catalogs.

So, if you are here, it must be because you are intrigued by both of them and want to know who is the real winner.

Now here, it is pertinent to mention that multiple factors point to a brand’s credibility, such as product quality, pricing, brand transparency, etc. And to know which one to trust, you must have prior information about all of it.

Therefore, I have brought you a detailed comparison between both the companies while keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors.

Amway vs Melaleuca – An Overview

Before diving into the comparison section, check out a brief overview of both brands.

What is Amway?

amway logo

Founded in 1959, Amway, AKA, the American way, is a multi-level marketing company specializing in various categories, including healthcare, nutrition, household, skin, and beauty products.

Amway’s business is carried out by several affiliates who promote and sell their products to people on their own.

Today, the brand operates in over a hundred countries and is one of the most well-established direct selling companies in the US. It is headquartered in Michigan.

Since the brand is based on the MLM business model, there are chances for you to earn money as a distributor or as an “Independent Business Owner” in Amway’s lingo.

What is Melaleuca?

melaleuca logo

Founded in 1985, Melaleuca has a collection of over 450 products in various categories.

Its catalog includes personal care, pharmaceutical, household, health, and wellbeing products.

The official website of Melaleuca claims that it is one of the largest and most prominent producers of packaged products in the Northwest.

Indeed, Melaleuca has made great strides since it arrived in the industry. Moreover, it has been named the best workplace in America by Forbes.

Melaleuca sells products through its distributor network, which indicates the company gives people a chance to make extra cash.

Although the brand claims that it does not subscribe to the MLM format, its business model is oddly similar to multi-level marketing.

Amway vs Melaleuca – Which One’s Better?

It is time to get into a detailed analysis of both companies. By the end of each comparison factor, you will know which one is better than the other and why.

#1. Product Quality

  • Amway:

It is a well-known fact that several consumers are skeptical about multi-level marketing organizations and doubt the quality of their products, especially dietary items.

The factors that indicate the quality of a nutritional product are manufacturing method, source and type of ingredients, and third-party lab results.

Consequently, brands like Amway take these concerns into the highest consideration to deliver a safer and superior quality experience to their consumers.

Luckily, Amway works with the best resources, such as Nutrilite, an authorized vitamins and nutritional supplements brand.

Moreover, Nutrilite is the only global brand cultivating plants on its certified organic farms.

Amway also has its own farms in Brazil, Washington, Ubajara, and EI Petacal, Mexico.

It ensures that all of its products, essentially nutritional items, are produced under extensive supervision and are approved by NSF.

You can find lab results, ingredients, and supplement facts in the description boxes of the product as the brand is pretty transparent about it.

  • Melaleuca:

Similar to Amway, Melaleuca also has a broad portfolio as it specializes in home decor, essential oils, beauty, nutrition, medical, and wellbeing products.

Melaleuca claims it adheres to strict regulations and employs only the highest quality natural ingredients as an environmentally-friendly brand.

The brand has numerous wellbeing items in stock, such as health bundles, nutritional packs, supplements, etc. However, their product description boxes contain inadequate information about essential elements.

Moreover, we have not been able to spot NSF verified reports on the website.

Final Verdict: Given that Amway has a far more healthy approach toward the quality of products, it is an open winner. Plus, Amway being so descriptive and transparent is a major green flag.

#2. Customer Feedback

  • Amway:

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the surety of the quality of products.

The better the quality a brand offers, the higher the trust it earns from its customers.

And, I have seen people online raving about Amway’s nutritional supplements and beauty products.

Overall, people have admired and loved the formula of beauty and skincare products.

Their products like personalized serum, illuminating cream, and moisturizing cream are valued for their lightweight texture and smooth finish.

The truth is, there are not many people who do not like the products of Amway.

The problem most people have is with the business model of the company.

Another thing many of Amway’s customers appreciate is its active customer support. They state that Amway’s reps are always available to help you with your queries at any stage.

  • Melaleuca:

Melaleuca claims to make environmentally friendly and toxin-free products that are safe to use.

Their innovative formulas have helped them enormously in reaching a bigger audience.

Melaleuca products are also available at relatively lower rates. However, some customers have complained about the membership rule that is confusing for them.

Moreover, Melaleuca’s users have not found customer representatives very helpful, which is off-putting.

Final Verdict: Both brands have garnered massive love and positive feedback on their extensive product lines. However, Amway stands out with its thorough approach, transparency, and super helpful customer support service.

#3. Product Range

  • Amway: 

Amway is the OG MLM company operating for over 60 years.

With over 350 products, it produces and sells a wide range of products in nutrition, personal care, beauty, and household items. In each category, you get plenty of products with a lot of diversity.

Currently, Amway is operating as a massive virtual mall that produces products in collaboration with multiple well-reputed brands, such as Artistry, Nutrilite, BodyKey, Satinique, Glisten, Atmosphere, iCook, and eSpring.

  • Melaleuca:

Melaleuca is yet another reputed wellness organization boasting expertise in various departments. Collectively, Melaleuca has over 450 products in all categories like pharmaceutical, health, nutrition, personal care, and household items.

Customers have a lot to explore and buy from each category.

Final Verdict: Amway and Melaleuca have worked hard to create an outlet where a general person can find and shop anything. Both brands boast fascinatingly extensive product lines.

You can have it all, be it a moisturizing cream, body lotion, a nutritional beverage, or a home clean tool. They have a lot of variety and subcategories in each category.

#4. Cost

  • Amway:

Amway’s product line is relatively costly. According to the brand, it is because their products are manufactured to a higher standard.

Vitamin and dietary supplements are the products that are the most popular and sought-after items of Amway.

The prices of protein powders and energy boosters fall between $19-45 USD, depending on the product size and nutritional content.

Skin and personal care is another prominent category with a diverse collection.

You can find various products, such as hydrating eye gel, body gel, firming body lotion, illuminating cream, UV protects SPF, brightening body cream, etc. The price rates for these products are from $23 to $45.

Speaking of the household category, in the end, you get dishwashing liquid, glass cleaner, and kitchen cleaner for $13.25.

  • Melaleuca:

Although multiple users suggest that Melaleuca products are expensive too, their prices are significantly lower than Amway.

Starting from drink mixes, Melaleuca offers Immune Complex Drink for $10.

Then, considering something as basic as a moisturizer, Melaleuca has a facial serum for $7.99, which is incredibly cheaper than Amway’s moisturizer.

Melaleuca’s home care products are also available at comparatively lower rates.

For instance, you get dishwashing liquid and glass cleaner for $3-$8.50. For the rest, you can easily do the math and comparison.

Final Verdict: Shopping from Melaleuca is the same as buying from your grocery shop in terms of pricing. Melaleuca is for you if you shop within a budget.

#5. Side Effects

  • Amway:

The quality of the product and your own health influence the chances of side effects occurring.

The first thing you want to consider about a dietary item is its nutrient content and source.

Sometimes, brands do not adopt the best techniques that negatively impact the final product.

Luckily, Amway has its own organic farms all around the globe where plants are grown using natural and high-quality farming techniques.

As a result, plant growth happens in a nutrient-rich environment, free of pollutants, toxins, and mildew.

And, a product produced through organic, chemical-free techniques is very less likely to cause side effects.

Moreover, all Amway’s products are NSF verified, which is another proof of their high quality.

What you can do to avoid any trouble is to keenly check out the supplement facts in a product description section. You can check if there is an element you are intolerant to and decide accordingly.


People can find a wide range of multivitamins for optimal digestive health, bone and joint health, prenatal care, and more.

Melaleuca also offers weight management supplements, drink mixes, essential oils, antioxidants, and herbal extracts. All of these products come in various sizes, flavors, and formulas.

Melaleuca states that it adheres to an innovative and natural approach.

All products are formulated with biodegradable ingredients- eliminating ammonia, phosphates, etc.

However, after visiting the website as a non-member, you can’t see any significant information about the product ingredients. Without ingredient info, you can’t predict the side effects a product can generate, which is a bit disturbing.

Final Verdict: Melaleuca has a commendable approach toward the environment, and the company is genuinely passionate about delivering a healthy experience.

Previous users of both brands state that they have had wholesome experiences.

However, it is imperative to check the ingredient page because some people are intolerant to certain ingredients. You can conveniently access the nutrient data on Amway but not on Melaleuca.

So, Amway for the win.

#6. Business Opportunity


In the beginning, you have to pay a registration fee and buy products in bulk to become an official Independent Business Owner (IBO).

Then, the company shares a brief and some valuable marketing tips with you to generate leads.

Later on, you can add further people to your team to expand the business.

You get paid each time you and your team members make sales.

There are two main types of bonuses you can get as an IBO:

  • Monthly bonus on your individual sales volume
  • Monthly bonus on your team’s sales volume

Moreover, you get enticing incentives each time you hit a milestone, like official international trips and cash awards.

  • Melaleuca:

In Melaleuca, you have to sign in as a customer and do your thing.

After that, you can share the website link with your friends and family.

If they access the site from your referral link and buy something, you earn a commission, meaning you don’t have to buy a stock or call yourself a distributor.

However, unlike Amway, these people are not considered working under you. They are referred to as your team members, and all of you are paid the same commission percentage.

There are two types of commissions you can avail on Melaleuca:

  • Retail Commission: Each time someone buys through your link, you get 7-12% of commission according to your level.
  • Downline Commission: Each time someone buys through your group/organization members’ links, you are paid 7% of the commission. Point to note, the percentage rate increases as your rank goes higher.

In addition to regular commissions, Melaleuca offers awards and special bonuses for higher performers.

Final Verdict: Most of the time, IBOs find difficulty selling products due to the high prices. It is where Melaleuca gets an edge as you don’t have to spend a hefty amount in buying a stock. All you have to do is pass the referral link, wait for them to buy something, and enjoy your commission.

FAQs – Everything else about Amway vs Melaleuca

Is Melaleuca the same as Amway?

If your question is regarding business structure, then yes, Melaleuca and Amway are based on the same model.

Although Melaleuca claims to be different from conventional MLMs, such as Amway, their approach is strangely similar to these multi-level marketing companies.

Firstly, Melaleuca’s business is carried by customers who turn into distributors. However, Melaleuca does not refer to them as distributors; instead, they are called directors.

One significant difference worth mentioning is that Amway distributors have to pay an annual registration fee.

Meanwhile, you are not required to pay any additional distributor fee as an entrepreneur on Melaleuca.

Why is Amway banned in the US?

Amway is not banned in the United States. In fact, it is successfully operating in over 100 countries, including the US.

The company came under hot water in the past for violating the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act of 1979. After that, Amway outlets remain closed for a week.

Later, the accusations got clear, and Amway resumed its offices. Everything has been going smoothly since this event.

Who are Amway’s competitors?

Amway has a broader reach and enormous legacy.

These days, there are an array of MLM companies in the market. However, the journey of Amway started way back in 1959, introducing the trend of direct selling.

Hence, Amway is no one’s class fellow but the principal of the entire school.

However, there are several businesses with massive catalogs that can rival Amway.

For instance, Herbalife’s meal replacement shakes are constantly compared with Amway’s nutritional beverage.

Similarly, many people compare the marketing plans of Amway with Vestige. Forever Living is another emerging MLM company that can be considered a potential competitor.

Every third person I know is affiliated with this company and selling its pure aloe vera skincare products.

Is Amway a pyramid scheme?

One word answer is No. But, allow me to elaborate.

Amway is not a pyramid scheme. However, the dubious reputation of MLM organizations is why people are hesitant to take them seriously.

Amway is based on a format where the business is driven by recruiting more and more people.

A distributor buys products in bulk from the company, hires team members, and gives them marketing training to sell the products.

Distributors earn a commission each time a recruit makes a sale.

And, this is where the real money starts coming in.

The more people you hire, the more revenue you get- whereas the recruit only receives a small percentage.  Hence, this is where the problem arises.

Legitimate MLMs will never encourage their business partners to bring more people to buy products. They will solely focus on sales instead.

Strangely, Amway’s framework subscribes to the same technique, which is painfully identical to a pyramid scheme.

What does it cost to join Amway?

You have to stay mindful that before earning, you have to spend money as you are an investor and Independent Business Owner (IBO) of Amway. The start-up cost is approximately $100 in all countries for all IBOs.

Please notice that this cost is totally refundable within 60-180 days.

Along with that, you can choose products of your own choice that you want to use and sell.

What does it cost to join Melaleuca?

There are two levels of membership for joining Melaleuca, and the cost depends on the level of membership.

In the first level, if you enter as a customer by putting forward a customer membership agreement, your membership cost would be $25, including applicable taxes.

After it, you will get a link to the membership portfolio and the brand’s catalogs.

This subscription will give you access to the entire collection and product line. It will be valid till you remain an active buyer.

In the second level, if you enter as a customer

by putting forward a marketing executive agreement along with a customer membership agreement, your membership cost would be $29, including applicable taxes.

In the second level, you are applicable to refer other people to the website. You can also enroll customers to amplify your business plans.

Along with all the premium benefits, you also get the ultimate Melaleuca membership kit to help you kick-start the game.

Final Thoughts

Amway stands out in all categories except for price and business opportunities.

It is one of the earliest direct selling companies with a large customer base, high ratings, and positive reviews. And surely, none of it could have been possible without an authentic performance.

Sustainable farming methodologies, organic sources, independent lab results, excellent customer support, and positive feedback are the indicators that Amway is a better brand for consumers.

However, if you are considering turning into an entrepreneur, the road to success could be bumpy due to the reputation of MLMs. So, stay mindful of that and be patient. Good luck!

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