Anavar Kick in Time: How Long Does it Take to Work?

January 9, 2024 |

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Whether you’re a first-time Anavar user or you’ve been using it for years, you want to know how long it takes for the steroid to kick in and start working.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Anavar’s onset of action.

When using Steroids, the more things you control, the better.

This might be the one time in your life when controlling everything as much as possible will be beneficial. This might include things like dosing and the timing of dosing.

You might want to pay attention to the kick-in times of the drugs you use to ensure you aren’t suffering from adverse effects.

The kick-in time for Anavar is 7 – 14 days. This is a general answer and will be influenced by various factors such as age, dose, gender, activity level, and how you use it.

For instance, using Caffeine with Anavar can increase the bioavailability of Anavar dramatically.

You can do many things to increase or decrease the bioavailability of the compounds you’re using.

It would be wise to do some research about the products you are using to ensure you get the best results possible.

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How long does it take for Anavar to kick in?

The duration for Anavar to kick in will depend on a lot of things, such as:

  • Food: Because oral Steroids are all fat-soluble, if you eat food and then drink your oral steroid, you might “lose” some of the fat of your meal.
  • Omega 3: By combining your oral Steroids with Omega 3 (a healthy fat), you can dramatically increase your Steroids’ bioavailability.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine has been shown to increase the bioavailability of Anavar by up to 20%.

Overall, the kick-in time of Anavar will be between 7 – 14 days but can vary from person to person.

What’s the half-life of Anavar?

The half-life of a drug is the time it takes for the concentration of the drug in your body to decrease by half.

The half-life of Anavar is about 8 hours.

Steroids have a relatively short half-life, which means that they are metabolized and eliminated from your body relatively quickly. The exact half-life of a particular steroid depends on its chemical structure but is typically somewhere between 4 and 24 hours.

This means that if you take a dose of steroids today, they will be out of your system within one to two days.

How do you feel after taking Anavar?

When taking any Steroids, the effects will be quite noticeable and depend on what type of steroid you use.

When taking Anavar, you can expect the following effects:

  • Increase in Muscle Mass: As with most Steroids, Anavar will bind to Androgen Receptors and increase muscle protein synthesis, increasing muscle mass.
  • Increase Muscle Strength: Anavar and all other DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) steroids will increase force production.
  • Increase in recovery: Steroids are known to increase recovery from training sessions.
  • Increase in Libido: All Steroids will increase libido.
  • Potential increase in performance: Due to the increase in Red blood cells and hematocrit, you could see an increase in endurance.

Steroids have been known to leave people happier and more “lively” than before. As with most drugs, there will be side effects as well.

It is important to note that while Anavar and other steroids may have positive effects, they can also have negative side effects.

Some common side effects of Anavar include acne, hair loss, liver damage, and changes in cholesterol levels. It is also important to remember that Anavar and other steroids are illegal without a prescription and can be dangerous if not used properly.

How does Anavar work in the body?

Anavar is classified as an Anabolic Steroid, and the real name of Anavar is Oxandrolone.

Oxandrolone is classified as a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) derivative, meaning it cannot interact with the aromatase enzyme in fat cells to convert into Estrogen.

This is a good effect when your overall goal is fat loss.

However, if your goal is maximal muscle gain, Anavar would be quite beneficial.

The next important factor about a DHT Steroid is the fact that it has a direct influence on force production. DHT steroids are renowned for increasing strength.

Lastly, DHT is a very important hormone for neural function.

When the body has higher levels of DHT, motor neuron function will be significantly improved, and so will your ability to learn new motor patterns.

This is not only common for Steroids but is even seen in younger children.

When their DHT is at its highest, they tend to learn a lot quicker.

What to stack Anavar with?

While Anavar is quite a strong contender for one of the “better” steroids regarding side effects, it is rather overshadowed by other Steroids regarding effectiveness.

You can easily stack Anavar with other drugs for increased potency:

  • For lean muscle mass: For a lean bulk, you can combine Anavar with Testosterone and maybe something like Primobolan. The latter is pretty hard to find, so you can also substitute Primo with Masteron for a truly lean bulk.
  • For a dirty bulk: If you are not incredibly bothered by a bit of bloat and water retention, you can combine Anavar with Testosterone and Deca Durabolin.
  • For Fat Loss: When the overarching goal is fat loss, you could combine Anavar with Testosterone and add fat burners such as Clenbuterol and T3.
  • For bodybuilding: It is not uncommon for bodybuilders to use Anavar alongside Testosterone, Masteron, Trenbolone, Clen, T3, and Growth Hormone.

You could technically mix any Steroid with any other Steroid; some work better together, and some don’t.

What are the side effects of Anavar?

This is where Anavar has the advantage compared to other Steroids.

Because Anavar is a relatively “young” compound, it has been designed and engineered to have as few adverse effects as possible.

Anavar can have the following side effects:

  • All Steroids will cause downregulation of the HPG axis resulting in a reduction of natural Testosterone levels
  • Prolonged use of Steroids could lead to infertility
  • All Steroids will raise blood pressure
  • All Steroids will raise LDL and total cholesterol while reducing HDL levels
  • High amounts of Anavar will increase aggression
  • Oral Steroids will be Hepatotoxic, Anavar is particular will be Nephrotoxic as well
  • High amounts of Anavar can lead to hair loss

It is important to remember that most Steroid side effects will happen due to running the steroid for too long or too high.

Legal Alternative to Anavar (without side effects)

When it comes to Anavar, the side effects are rather low.

There will still be some side effects like with most drugs. What is especially bad about Anavar is that it is an illegal drug. This means that buying and using it can land in serious trouble with the law.

If you are still keen on using something to increase your gains in the gym but will not cause adverse effects, you could look at the products made by CrazyBulk.

All their products are 100% legal and perfectly safe to use.

They aim to replace the Steroids in the market with natural alternatives that are just as effective while not causing the same damage as real Steroids.

If you’re looking for something similar to Anavar, you could look at Anvarol, the legal version of Anavar. It is clinically dosed to be effective for muscle gain and fat loss without breaking the law.

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FAQs on Anavar Kick in time

How long until you see results on Anavar?

The time it takes for Anavar to be released into the body will depend on various factors.

The time to see results relies on more factors, such as how much you are using. Most expect to see Anavar’s results within the first three weeks of using the compound.

How long before training should you take Anavar?

First off, you don’t have to take Anavar before training. There is no such rule.

Since the release of Anavar is both too slow and too weak to drive positive neurological adaptations, taking it before training won’t be any more beneficial than taking it any other time of the day.

Can you take Anavar and not work out?

While it is not advised (and rather Stupid) to take Steroids for muscle gain and then not train, yes, you can take Anavar and not train.

Do I take Anavar on non-training days?

Yes, and you should. Remember, this is still a drug. That means while recovering, it will still positively affect muscle building and recovery.

How fast does Anavar work for cutting?

It is a common misconception that Steroids are split into “cutting” and “bulking” drugs.

This is not the case, as they all essentially drive anabolism.

The side effects might make them better or worse for the goals, and with that being said, Anavar will work within the first three weeks of dose administration.

How to know if Anavar is working for me?

This is a very hard question to answer in reality. Everyone will feel any drug in different ways; that’s the way biology works.

You’ll know your Anavar is working if you feel the following effects:

  • Increase in muscle strength and size
  • Increase in aggression
  • Increase in pumps and cell volumization

Most effective time to take Anavar?

This is another hard question to answer. Taking certain drugs can certainly influence their effectiveness, and the best time to take Anavar would be on an empty stomach, with Caffeine and Omega 3.


It can take up to 2 weeks for Anavar results to show and kick in, and during that time you may experience some nasty side effects.

If you’re looking for a safer, more natural alternative to Anavar, we suggest trying Anvarol. Anvarol has been shown to help people lose weight quickly and safely without any of the negative side effects associated with Anavar.

Anvarol is a legal, safe, and effective alternative to the anabolic steroid Anavar, and helps burn fat while preserving muscle mass, boosts strength and energy levels, and allows you to achieve the ripped physique you desire.

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