9 Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Gastroparesis (Updated)

January 6, 2024 |

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This post will help you choose the best meal replacement shake for gastroparesis patients.

There is a common misconception that meal replacement shakes are only used for weight loss.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that these products serve as a super effective treatment for severe complications like gastroparesis.

Gastroparesis is a chronic medical condition in which the stomach is unable to empty itself normally.

The passage of food through the GI system is much slower than normal, leading to health complications such as weight loss, feeling full despite not eating much, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting.

The slow digestion of food makes it difficult for people suffering from gastroparesis to consume solid foods to fulfill their daily nutritional requirements.

Therefore, meal some replacement shakes offer healthy, well-balanced meal alternatives for those who can’t opt for the traditional way of eating a full meal.

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What are the Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Gastroparesis?

Like everything in today’s consumer lead market, innumerable meal replacement shakes for gastroparesis are available in the market today.

With so many options, each one claiming to be better than the next, it can be a challenge to find genuinely good meal replacement shakes.

To choose which meal replacement shake is best for your needs, I have narrowed down the list to the 9 best meal replacement shakes.

1. PhenQ Meal Shakes

PhenQ shakes flavours

The first and best meal shakes for gastroparesis patients are PhenQ shakes.

The PhenQ meal shake helps the body burn fat by revitalizing the metabolism. This switch is called AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPK. It is a special enzyme that helps to target excess fat and muscle.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is a meal replacement shake that you can consume in place of a full meal and still get all the required nutrients as a gastroparesis patient.

This cost-effective meal replacement has become popular with consumers, and for good reason – it’s affordable and provides all the nutrients you need.

First, this meal shake formula does NOT contain caffeine.

As they use ingredients that help improve cognitive functions and energy without the use of active stimulants and their uncomfortable side effects.

Secondly, PHENQ Meal Shake provides 13 key vitamins and minerals, as well as 16 grams of whey protein to help you fill up and perform well. Your body will feel more energized when you consume more natural protein, plus the vitamins and minerals it craves.

In addition to curbing hunger cravings, PhenQ shakes contain natural proteins and digestive enzymes that satiate our hunger hormones.

That’s not all!

The 16 grams of protein they provide along with a blend of micronutrients and digestive enzymes will help to speed up the metabolism so you will look and feel slimmer.

Getting 16 grams of protein from just one tasty scoop of PhenQ Meal Shake can help you achieve faster muscle recovery, enhanced muscle build, and strength gains.

There are 3 flavors – rich chocolate flavor, vanilla bean ice cream flavor, and sweet strawberry flavor for you to choose from.

One bag of PhenQ meal replacement shake costs $20.95. While 3 bags cost $53.85 – which reduces your price to $17.95 per bag.

2. Ensure High Protein Nutritional Shake

ensure high protein shake

If you know a thing or two about nutritional shakes, then you must have heard about the brand Ensure. A front-runner in the world of meal replacement shakes, the brand is known for its high-quality products.

For people with gastroparesis getting enough proteins and calories throughout the day is a struggle because of their difficulty in digestion.

Therefore, the Ensure high protein shake not only boasts a high protein content but is also rich in calories.

Ensure has a whopping 160 calories in one bottle.

It also contains 16 grams of protein, 4 grams of sugar, 2 grams of fat, 27 vitamins and minerals, and less than 1 gram of fiber.

Ensure high protein can be found in four different flavors, strawberry, milk chocolate, creamy caramel, and vanilla. Another bonus is that these shakes are gluten-free, suitable for lactose intolerance, and even halal.

The shakes cost $39.88 for a case of 24 bottles.

3. Glucerna Regular Shake


Glucerna shakes are branded as meal or snack alternatives for diabetics and those looking to control their regular dietary intake. They are a well-known and trusted brand of meal replacement shakes that work to maintain your dietary needs.

Glucerna regular shakes are a great snack or meal replacement for those with gastroparesis with or without diabetes because not only do they provide much-needed nutrients to the body they simultaneously keep blood sugar under control.

They are available in a variety of ranges to meet the nutritional demands of almost anyone.

Glucerna regular shakes contain 12grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 4 grams of fiber, and a total of 180 calories. The shake also contains 28 vitamins and minerals, easily making them one of the best meal replacement shakes for those with gastroparesis.

Glucerna regular shakes are available in five flavors: rich chocolate, homemade vanilla, creamy strawberry, classic butter pecan, and chocolate caramel.

A case of 24 bottles costs $45.99.

4. Beachbody Vegan Shakeology Shake


One of the finest vegan options on our list is the Beachbody Vegan Shakeology Shake. It is a plant-based meal replacement shake that is available in powdered form.

This meal replacement shake has a nutrient-dense formulation containing several ingredients that boost digestion and gut health.

It is loaded with super-greens, super-fruits, and digestive enzymes; it is an excellent meal replacement shake for those with gastroparesis.

The Shakeology shake comes packed with 16 grams of proteins, 250mg of omega 3, 6grams of fiber, and probiotics. The shake has a low glycemic index while still having a total of 160 calories.

The Beachbody Vegan Shakeology shake comes in 4 flavors tropical strawberry, café latte, vanilla, and chocolate.

One box of 24 packets costs $129.95, a more expensive brand than most, but definitely worth the cost.

5. Herbalife Protein Drink Mix PDM


The Herbalife Protein Drink Mix PDM is a powdered meal replacement shake that will meet your dietary needs and keep you feeling full simultaneously. It is a shake with soy protein-based as opposed to the traditional milk protein.

You can mix the protein powder with water or with milk if you wish to increase your calorie intake. The shake provides a way to deal with the digestion problems that those with gastroparesis face daily. It can be used to replace a meal or as a snack during the day.

Herbalife Protein drink contains 15g of proteins, 5 grams of carbohydrates, and a total of 90 calories. The shakes also contain 24 vitamins and minerals.

Herbalife protein drink mix PDM cost is $53.10 for a 616g packet or a pack containing 22 servings. The meal replacement shake is available in one flavor, vanilla.

6. Orgain Clean Protein Grass-Fed Protein Shake

orgain clean protein

A clean meal replacement shake, Orgain’s milk protein comes from New Zealand grass-fed cows. The shake is easy to digest and highly nutritious.

It is great for those with gastroparesis due to the ease of digestion, and lack of bloating, all while being full of nutrition. It is a ready-to-drink meal replacement shake that can be taken in place of a full meal or used as a quick snack.

It contains a massive 20 grams of protein, a low fiber content of mere 3 grams, and 130 calories in total.

Orgain clean protein shakes are gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO.

The Orgain Clean Protein Grass-Fed Protein Shake comes in two flavors creamy chocolate fudge and vanilla bean.

A 12-pack of Orgain clean protein shake costs $29.99, but if you subscribe to their site, you save 35% and get free shipping cutting the cost down to $19.49.

7. Nutricia Fortisip Compact

nutricia fortisip

Nutricia Fortisip Compact is a meal replacement shake that has been created for use under medical supervision for special medical purposes. It has been created to deal specifically with medical issues relating to malnutrition, such as gastroparesis.

Nutricia Fortisip Compact can be used to supplement nutrition or as a complete source of food for those suffering from gastroparesis.

It contains 12 grams of protein, 11.6 grams of fat, and high caloric content of 330kcal. Nutricia Fortisip Compact can be found in 8 flavors, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, apricot, banana, forest fruits, and neutral.

Nutricia Fortisip compact costs $19.80 for a pack of 4 bottles.

8. Ensure Enlive Advanced Nutrition Shake

ensure enlive

It is a testament to the quality of the Ensure brand that I have included another Ensure product on our list.

This shake, much like the other shake from this company, comes highly recommended and is proven to support your nutritional needs.

Ensure enlive advanced nutrition shake offers complete nutritional relief to gastroparesis patients with its high protein content, low-fat concentration, and abundant vitamins and minerals without causing painful digestion, bloating, nausea or vomiting.

It contains 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, 1.5 grams of fat, and a total of 350 calories. It has the addition of HMB, which improves digestion, and 26 vitamins and minerals. The shake is in a ready-to-drink formulation.

Ensure enlive is available in three standard flavors, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla and I can personally testify that the chocolate flavor, in particular, is absolutely divine.

The Ensure Enlive meal replacement shake costs $27.97 for a pack of 16 bottles.

9. Orgain Organic Meal Replacement Powder

Orgain Organic

The Orgain Organic meal replacement powder is another amazing Orgain product on this list of meal replacement shakes for gastroparesis.

This product is formulated as a powder rather than as ready-to-drink like the Orgain Clean. As its name suggests, this shake is made from organic ingredients, and it is vegan-friendly.

This meal replacement powder is easy to digest and does not aggravate any symptoms of gastroparesis like cramps or bloating. It can easily be used by anyone as a meal or as a snack, depending on their nutritional needs.

Orgain organic contains 20 grams of plant-based protein, 6 to 7 grams of fiber, 5 grams of fat, and a total of 230 calories.

It comes in two delicious flavors that include creamy chocolate fudge and vanilla bean.

Orgain Organic Meal replacement powder costs $44.99 for a 2.01lb container, but if you subscribe to their site, you save 35% and get free shipping cutting the cost down to $29.24.

What are the Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes for Gastroparesis?

Meal replacement shakes are incredibly beneficial for people who are dealing with gastroparesis.

Like standard meal replacement shakes, they provide meals in the form of powders or ready-to-drink formulations, but they also take specific dietary requirements into account.

Easy Digestion

For many people with gastroparesis, even the thought of eating can make them anxious and nauseous because they know that even without eating much, they will feel sick and may have to deal with cramps or bloating.

Meal replacement shakes make digestion far easier because they are liquid meals as opposed to the much harder-to-digest solids.

Whether the formulation is a pre-packaged liquid or a powder that needs to be added to water or some other liquid like milk, the meal replacement shake will not exacerbate digestion issues that arise when consuming a solid meal.

Meeting Daily Nutrient Requirements

Most people struggle with a nutritionally balanced diet, and gastroparesis increases this problem.

Gastroparesis makes it particularly challenging to get the recommended daily nutrient requirements because of the difficulty in eating full meals.

People with gastroparesis may lose their appetite out of worry or may become exhausted from having a repetitive diet of soft foods.

Meal replacement shakes provide a nutritionally balanced alternative. They can be found created specifically for problems such as gastroparesis.

They can also be found in a variety of flavors so that you don’t get bored with consuming the same flavors every day.

Fulfilling Caloric Requirements

People dealing with gastroparesis can easily fall into a caloric deficit due to bouts of vomiting and the inability to eat full meals. This can easily lead to malnourishment and rapid weight loss.

Meal replacement for gastroparesis works to tackle this problem by having sufficient calorie content to make up for the loss of solid meals that the person is facing.

This ensures that the daily calorie needs are being supplemented by these shakes and helps to minimize the chances of malnourishment for those suffering from gastroparesis.

Well-Counted Fiber Content

We have all heard how good fiber is in our diet since it promotes digestion.

This is unfortunately not the case for people with gastroparesis. They have a lot of difficulties digesting fibers, especially in certain foods such as bran or apples.

Meal Replacement supplements can help in easing this issue by having low fiber content or having the fibers added in a way that can be digested easily.

Meal replacement shakes to make sure that people with gastroparesis receive fiber in their diet in safe quantities that won’t be more than what their digestive system can handle.

Mindful Fat Concentration

Gastroparesis makes digestion difficult and slow, especially in the case of foods with high-fat content. For this reason, many people with gastroparesis find themselves avoiding fats entirely.

However, meal replacement shakes can provide these fats in a more digestible form. This allows people with gastroparesis to add healthy fats to their diet without compromising their health and well-being.

Easy to Use

Anyone suffering from a chronic illness can testify to how hard it is to have high energy levels.

You find that you tire easily and do not have the energy to put into daily activities like cooking, particularly when you are busy focusing on what you or can not eat due to your condition.

For people with gastroparesis, it is recommended 4-6 small meals as opposed to 3 full meals in the day.

Even if someone were to try and have 4-6 meals a day, people with gastroparesis cannot eat the same snacks someone else can be due to the nature of their condition.

It can be difficult to make that many small meals specifically catered to their condition and meal replacement shakes offer the perfect solution to this problem.

They can replace 1-2 meals in the day.

Furthermore, contrary to our regular solid meals, they do not require a lot of time for preparation, and you can carry them around in a bottle as a snack for the day.

Key Ingredients of the Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Gastroparesis

The following are the main features that should be kept in mind while selecting the best meal replacement shake for gastroparesis.

High Caloric Content

People dealing with gastroparesis struggle to maintain a healthy amount of calorie intake in their daily lives due to the inability or difficulty in digesting various foods.

For this reason, the meal replacement shake needs to be one that offers a medium-high calorie count so that the drink can compensate for the calorie intake either as a meal replacement or a snack.

Low Fiber Concentration

Unlike most people, those with gastroparesis struggle to digest fiber, and it does them more harm than good, causing bloating and abdominal pain due to difficulty with digestion.

Any meal replacement shake being taken for gastroparesis should contain a maximum of 10 grams of fiber for this very reason. This is a way to provide fiber in a digestible form but not in a quantity that may aggravate symptoms.

Reduced-Fat Content

Fats are another hurdle for people diagnosed with a diagnosis. Foods with high-fat content should be avoided, but fats are more tolerable in liquid than solid form.

Meal replacement shakes can actually be a great way to include fats in your diet. The amount of fat should be below 40 grams daily.

Weight Gain and Protein Content

Anyone with a chronic condition like gastroparesis has an increased chance of malnourishment for a variety of reasons.

In gastroparesis, digestion slows down and causes pain, nausea, vomiting, and bloating. These symptoms can push people to stop eating, leading to malnourishment.

To combat this, the meal replacement shake of your choice should have a high protein content to prevent malnourishment and weight loss.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous meal replacement shakes available to choose from today. All of them brand themselves as the best shakes that will provide you with all the nutrition you need.

However, I have made this decision easy for you by curating a list of the best meal replacement shakes for gastroparesis and providing you with what you should look for in your shakes.

The crown of the best meal replacement shake for gastroparesis goes to the PhenQ Shakes.

This meal replacement shake is ideal for gastroparesis patients since it has a high caloric content and a low-fat concentration.

This product is also popular among gastroparesis patients for its reduced fiber concentration, delicious flavor choices, and affordable price range.

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