5 Best Pre-workouts for Motivation & Fire

March 14, 2022 |

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In this article, I’ll discuss whether Pre-workouts are good for motivation or not.

And show you the best pre-workout supplements for motivation.

So, given our typical fast-paced routines and 9 to 5 jobs, feeling lazy to get up and work out after dealing with day-long drudgery is justifiable.

However, what’s not justifiable is sitting back and not looking for ways that may help you get recharged.

So no more whining about lacking the energy to exercise as using a pre-workout for motivation can help you heaps.

But, with numerous options available out there, it can be difficult for you to find an all-in-one supplement that may not only boost your motivation but also help you gain and retain that desired lean muscle mass and lose the fatty-baggy one.

No worries, though, as I’ve compiled a list of the best pre-workouts for motivation to help you make an informed decision.

In addition to that, you’ll also find a buyer’s guide that contains all the necessary information to help you narrow down your options.

Let’s start with having a look at some crucial facts that make pre-workouts good for motivation.

Does Pre-workout give motivation?

Well, it’s all in the ingredients a pre-workout is made up of.

Although every pre-workout has a different composition, the amounts of stimulating elements, energy-inducing nutrients, and the presence of some focus-enhancing and performance-boosting ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine remain common for all.

Caffeine, for instance, can help induce motivation by increasing dopamine production. (Dopamine is a neuro-hormone released by the hypothalamus for controlling attention and motivation.)

Then, there’s beta-alanine which is said to calm your mood and alleviate symptoms of tiredness. And, once that tiredness is gone, you’ll consequently feel pumped up to hit the gym.

A randomized controlled trial conducted to evaluate the effects of beta-alanine during and post severe exercise performance also revealed that it could increase motivation during intense workouts, helping you last longer in the gym.

Furthermore, creatine, a staple pre-workout ingredient, holds considerable potential to improve not only muscular strength but also cognitive functioning.

According to recent research, creatine supplementation (especially in conditions characterized by brain creatine deficits induced due to stressors like work overload or strenuous workouts) can reduce physical and mental fatigue resulting in increased motivation.

So, doesn’t all this information already points towards the fact that YES! Pre-workouts can enhance motivation.

For detailed information regarding how different ingredients of different pre-workouts can stimulate your brain and body, keep reading.

5 Best Pre-workout for Motivation

1. Crazy Nutrition Intensive Pre-Train


Although caffeine plays a major role in making us alert and motivated by stimulating the central nervous system, its excessive amount in a pre-workout can result in undesirable effects like jitters, nausea, peaked anxiety, etc.

And, this could kill its whole purpose.

But not all pre-workout manufacturers care about it, unlike Crazy Nutrition.

Supplied and manufactured by Wolfson Brands (UK), Crazy Nutrition supplements are designed to help you hit your desired fitness goals.

Talking about their intense pre-train in particular, it’s pertinent to mention that the formula is 100% devoid of fillers, harmful chemicals, or anything that can possibly mess with your gut and make you rush to the bathroom.

Since you’re looking for a pre-workout for motivation, rest assured that ingredients like vitamin C, riboflavin, caffeine anhydrous, and l-phenylalanine will get you there.

Vitamin C, for instance, holds antioxidant properties that fight free-radical damage to brain cells and therefore preserve healthy cognitive functioning.

Moreover, riboflavin’s neuroprotective potential, as described in this research, points to the fact its supplementation can’t only prevent neurological disorders in the long run but also fight brain fog from killing your motivation and focus.

Then we have 200mg (half the recommended safe dose – 400mg) of caffeine anhydrous, a naturally occurring methylxanthine derivative used as a CNS stimulant, to restore mental alertness and wakefulness.

So, if you can’t tolerate high amounts of caffeine but still want some in your pre-workout, feel free to trust this pre-train supplement without a second thought.

Last but not least, l-phenylalanine also plays a major role in increasing motivation. Although it takes a long route to do so, it yields the required results.

Our bodies convert l-phenylalanine into l-tyrosine, which further converts into L-DOPA. Then, decarboxylation of L-DOPA results in dopamine production.

Not to mention that dopamine, aka happy hormone, positively influences our motivation levels and induces a feeling of well-being.

And so the list of Crazy Nutrition Pre-train’s potent ingredients goes on. No wonder why it’s our favorite pre-workout supplement of all!

You can find it here for $39.99 only. However, subscribing and saving an extra 20% is what we’d recommend.

If you feel like the product didn’t suit you, even on the 59th day of your purchase, you can come back on the 60th and request a hassle-free refund.


  • Made with safe ingredients.
  • Can help you gain laser focus.
  • Contains caffeine in safe amounts.
  • Has multiple potent ingredients to make you motivated.
  • Comes with a CRAZY 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Affordable if you’re on a budget.


  • No cons to be listed.

2. 4 Gauge Pre-workout

4 - guage pre-workout

If you’ve had enough of dealing with the energy crashes while working out, you can count on 4 Guage pre-workout.

It has got it all – great taste, natural ingredients, and low calories. So no more lacking energy and motivation to push harder in the gym, now that we have 4 gauge in the picture.

The ingredient list of this supplement features various mood-enhancing elements like caffeine, l-theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, Creatine Monohydrate, Coconut water, and so on.

Caffeine, as discussed above, works to increase one’s energy level and mental clarity.

But when it’s used in conjunction with 200mg of l-theanine (an amino acid that raises levels of GABA ), a potent nootropic is formed that induces alertness, clears brain fog, and makes you focused, all while also neutralizes any jittery effects of caffeine.

This combination allows you to enjoy the benefits of caffeine without worrying about getting anxious, as L-theanine takes care of those unwanted extras.

Then comes Rhodiola Rosea, an ancient herb that is said to enhance mental and physical resistance, combat fatigue, and boost motivation.

All in all, this whole mood-uplifting combo would be everything needed to fight the daily grind at work and get through the strenuous workout in the gym. So, a big thumbs up from us for 4 Guage!

You can order it from the 4 Guage’s official website for $45.

P.S: Ordering in bulk would be more budget-friendly in the long run! Find their best deal here.


  • All-natural supplement.
  • Shipped discreetly.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Includes various mood-enhancing elements.
  • Offers great pumps.


  • No refund for opened products.
  • A bit pricey.

3. Legion Pulse Pre Workout

legion preworkout

Last but not least, Legion Pulse is yet another safe and efficacious pre-workout on my list that comes in two variants; with caffeine and without caffeine.

350mg of l-theanine in the caffeine variant is added to prevent any undesired side effects like post-pre-workout anxiety.

Moreover, l-theanine boosts NO production, which in return promotes healthy blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

Not to mention that this same vasodilating property of NO can help increase your pump size and vascularity too.

8mg of Citrulline Malate in the formula also performs the same function – dilation of blood vessels and improving blood flow. It also helps in relieving and reducing post-workout muscle stress and soreness.

Well, all about the pumps, endurance, and healthy blood flow is good, but how does Legion Pulse make a good option for increasing motivation? Here’s how!

It’s the Alpha-GPC that does wonders. And Legion Plus contains a whooping 300mg of it.

According to the conclusion of a placebo-controlled study undertaken by Hiroshima University, Alpha-GPC acts as a precursor of acetylcholine.

And acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that facilitates the release of dopamine. Dopamine then induces a feeling of pleasure, happiness, and motivation.

So, it would be safe to say that its constant but balanced supplementation can be fruitful in the long run.

And lastly, 2.5mg of betaine serves to fight physical stress conditions effectively by increasing muscle strength and endurance.

Legion Plus retails for $39.99 and is backed with a 100%  money-back guarantee by the company.


  • Chemical-free.
  • Contains only natural sweeteners.
  • Lab-tested.
  • Made in an FDA-approved facility.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • Beta-alanine in it might not suit everyone.

4. Peak Workout Formula by Daily Nutra

peak preworkout by daily nutra

Most of the typical pre-workout formulas focus on maximizing pumps and vascularity; they miss that if the supplement lacks energy and motivation-enhancing elements, one won’t even feel like hitting the gym, let alone gaining muscle, unlike Daily Nutra.

Daily Nutra’s Peak Workout formula is made with a handful of herbal extracts having endurance, focus, motivation, and strength-boosting properties – in a nutshell, everything you need to work out with vigor and push harder in the gym!

This way, Peak Workout offers a more natural and practical approach to achieving your fitness goals.

So, let’s dig deep into the details of how this pre-workout does it all.

Firstly, Peak Workout has 350mg of organic ashwagandha extract. It is an all-rounder herb that not only helps improve cognitive functioning (which results in enhanced focus and motivation) but also increases muscle strength and size.

Then there’s Yerba Mate (a natural alternative to jitter-causing caffeine), ActiGin (a standardized combination of ginseng and rosa fruit extract), and Beetroot extract.

All of these ingredients can help you perform in the gym for longer than usual without losing focus or having energy crashes.

However, along with focus, motivation, and energy, faster recovery is also essential for gaining those much-desired muscle pumps. And, for that, Daily Nutra has made Boswellia Serrata extract a part of their Peak Nutrition pre-workout.

Boswellia extract is clinically proven to aid muscle recovery, decrease swelling/inflammation, and improve the body’s immune response.

Lastly, elevATP, a natural combination of trace minerals and apple polyphenols clinically tested to elevate levels of endogenous ATP in Peak Workout, works to induce ergogenic effects.

All in all, it can help heaps in improving your athletic performance.

Moreover, if you haven’t been able to find the perfect pre-workout for yourself because of soy, gluten, or wheat allergies, this might be your best bet as it does not contain any ingredient that can make your condition worse.

Peak Workout comes in the form of capsules which makes its intake hassle-free in case you’re not a fan of last-minute mixing and shaking.

On ordering it from Daily Nutra’s official website, you’ll get it delivered to your doorstep for $29.99.


  • Soy and gluten-free.
  • Lab-tested.
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients.
  • Does not cause jitters at all.
  • Worth the cost.


  • Lacks NO boosters.

5. Ora Organic Natural Pre Workout

Ora organic pre-workout

If you’re someone who always tends to look for the “organic” and “vegan” tag, this one’s for you!

As the name indicates, Ora’s pre-workout is made from 100% organic and clean ingredients that can hit you with a jolt of energy without causing jitters.

This pre-workout is not free of caffeine; however, to keep up its promise of a jitter-free performance boost, the company makes sure to use a minimal amount of it – 90mg only.

Like Peak Pre-workout, this one also contains multiple herbal extracts, namely ashwagandha, ginseng, beetroot, and Yerba Mate.

In addition to these, it has maca root extract, Monk Fruit Extract, and coconut water that complement its potential of improving endurance and increasing healthy blood flow.

Maca Root, in particular, is a rich source of flavonoids.

Flavonoids are water-soluble active plant compounds that help prevent oxidative stress damage to cells by fighting off free radicals. Hence, they play a crucial role in reducing anxiety levels and elevating mood.

Better mood = Increased Motivation.

Monk fruit extract is actually a natural sweetener, but it also holds anti-inflammatory perks. And last but not least, you’ll also find coconut water in Ora’s pre-workout ingredient breakdown.

Coconut water has not just one but a million benefits. But, since we can’t discuss them all here, it’s its hydrating properties that make it a valuable addition to this supplement.

It is rich in electrolytes and minerals that can help replenish your body cells with all the nutrients they need to heal from strenuous workouts.

It comes in three flavors and would cost you $34.99 if you order directly via Ora’s Website. However, if you want to enjoy some discount, subscribing and saving 20% would be your best bet!

If you’re new to Ora’s pre-workout and are skeptical as to if it would suit you or not, you can do a trial by trying their single-serving sachet. (It retails for $2.99 only)


  • Stimulant-free formula.
  • Contains no chemicals.
  • Vegan, gluten, and dairy-free.
  • Last tested for safety and efficacy.
  • 100% organic.


  • Relatively Pricey.

What to Consider Before Buying a Pre-workout for Motivation

Below I’ve compiled a list of the 3 most important things you should keep in mind while choosing a pre-workout.

1. Ingredients

It all depends on the type of ingredients a pre-workout contains that define its effectiveness.

Although most pre-workouts have similar ingredients, the presence of the following elements would make one perfect for increasing motivation, in particular.

  • Natural stimulants

The word stimulant doesn’t sound really good, but it’ll be all safe if you opt for a naturally occurring one. One such can be caffeine anhydrous, as found in Crazy Nutrition’s Pre-train.

  • Vitamins

In addition to other endurance and power-boosting elements, Vitamins that hold antioxidant properties are equally essential. It’s because they make your immune system robust and prevent free-radical damage to your body cells.

And that free radical damage to your brain cells can result in cognitive decline.

  • NO Boosters

NO boosters are not only essential for increased muscle vascularity and pump but also for better mental functioning. It is because NO promotes healthy blood flow throughout our bodies.

And, when that oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flows through our brain, the results are improved memory, focus, and therefore heightened motivation!

This research also elucidates how cerebral blood flow and cognitive functioning are directly related.

  • Herbal Extracts

The presence of Herbal Extracts is not mandatory, however considering their resistance and mood-uplifting potential, I’d say if your preferred pre-workout contains these, it will make a great deal for increasing motivation.

2. Allergies

While looking for a pre-workout for motivation, don’t rush into buying a product just because you’ve found an ingredient or two of your preference. Take your time to check for the presence of potential allergens like soy and gluten.

In my review section above, I’ve shared multiple options devoid of such allergy-causing agents.

3. Cost

Here’s the motto that I go by while shopping for any dietary supplement “quality comes at a cost.”

And what’s more costly than your health?

I know how attractive the low-priced products that claim to have everything a premium supplement contains can seem. But, let me warn you, please don’t ever fall prey to those misleading, false advertisements.

Only buy from reputable companies, no matter if you have to spend a few extra bucks. Typically, a good pre-workout for motivation would cost you $30-$45.

Final Thoughts

Motivation – something that’s not only required to hit the gym but also to perform other daily life activities enthusiastically.

And being low on it can keep you from achieving your full potential.

So, one unconventional yet practical option for overcoming low motivation situations could be opting for a suitable pre-workout.

However, don’t be mistaken that it would work like a spell on you, and while you’re just lying down, that scoop of pre-workout will pull you out of your couch.

To make these supplements work and yield desired results, you’ll also have to fight your weak willpower, surround yourself with positive thinkers, eat, and drink healthy.

Because it’s just the first step that is difficult to take, and then you can be running all day chasing your goals!

In short, I hope you’ll make the best use of the pre-workouts I reviewed above and will not let the lack of motivation keep you from achieving any life goal.

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