Can Anavar Cause Sore Nipples? (right answer only)

January 9, 2024 |

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Gynecomastia is a common side effect of Steroids and one that most guys (who take gear) usually have to deal with – at some point. SERMs, AIs, operations, there are a lot of different things you can do to avoid this. The cheapest of all, don’t use drugs that cause nipple pain or gyno.

But does Anavar fall into that sector?

Known for its inability to convert into estrogen, many choose Anavar because it also lacks other sides. That said, the price you end up paying is the price, which is a lot. So, let us look at Anavar as a whole and if it does cause nipple pain or gyno.


The cheapest way to avoid this issue is NOT to take drugs that can cause nipple pain or gyno. Anavar is considered one of those drugs, however, if used correctly and the right quality product is purchased, it may be possible to avoid such an issue.

Even in cases where Anavar has been used, the cause of sore nipples and gyno could be down to incorrect use or quality of Steroids, and not necessarily Anavar itself. To prevent and cure sore nipples from Anavar, users should purchase quality and legal Anavar. Learn more about Legal Anavar here.

Does Anavar cause sore Nipples? (and why)

Anavar is known as a DHT steroid, meaning it is dihydrotestosterone. This means it cannot convert into estrogen. We know that there are estrogen receptors in the breast tissue, and thus the main culprit behind sore nipples or gyno is estrogen.

But if Anavar doesn’t cause an increase in estrogen, how is it possible that it causes sore nipples?

You probably can’t get sore nipples from Anavar, at least you’re not supposed to… So, why do some people complain about sore nipples on Anavar?

  • Anavar is really hard to produce, and expensive as well. Often the underground drug will be faked, and you will have not known. A peer of mine got severe gyno from an Anavar-only cycle and had to have an operation – turns out it was DBol.
  • You’re using too much of a Testosterone base, causing high estrogen levels

The reality is Anavar cannot give you gyno unless you use something else wrong.

How to Prevent and Cure Sore Nipples from Anavar

Since we have established that is indeed not Anavar causing pain and gyno, we have to look at the two other errors mentioned.

  • Buy real stuff, meaning fork up the extra money to get good quality stuff. Anavar is expensive, it’s supposed to be. Buying a more expensive option could help ensure you get a better-quality product
  • Use a regular or lower Testosterone dose or perhaps use an AI to ensure you do not develop any gyno issues

Does it also cause breast tenderness and makes your nipples sensitive?

No, Anavar cannot cause any breast or nipple discomfort whatsoever.

Can steroids cause breast pain?

Steroids are androgen-based compounds that will bind to receptors in the human body and cause biological changes based on the type of hormone and receptor. Steroids are typically tests thereon, variants of testosterone, and some are progesterone-based.

The steroids that are testosterone and progesterone-based can convert into something called estrogen, the “female hormone”. This occurs at the aromatase enzyme located in fat cells. This is also completely normal, healthy, and happens readily in men.

However, once you introduce more testosterone, there is more conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This is increased even further if you live an unhealthy lifestyle or carry too much body fat.

Estrogen is important in males for various reasons, such as hormones, cell health, and even hypertrophy. However, since estrogen can also bind to the receptors in the breast tissue and cause breast growth/sensitivity/pain, you want to limit it somewhat.

Yes, steroids can cause breast pain if you use too many of the wrong steroids without taking the correct ancillary drugs.

Do steroids affect your nipples?

Not directly no, but indirectly yes. Nipples will react to the estrogen receptors being activated by estrogen being bound to them, and these receptors are located in the breast tissue. Steroids (some of them) can cause an increase in basal estrogen levels, while others will simply act like progesterone and cause nipple lactation without causing nipple growth.

Why do steroids make your nipples bigger?

Certain steroids can convert into estrogen via the aromatase enzyme located in the fat cells. When enough estrogen binds to the estrogen receptors located in breast tissue you will experience breast growth and discomfort.

Is gyno from steroids reversible?

It depends on how severe the gyno is. If you’re too far off the beaten path, the only way to get rid of it is through an operation. This is why avoidance is far better than reversing, thus, make sure you use smarter protocols to avoid any estrogenic side effects.

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