Can I Take PhenQ While Fasting? (Read This Before You Try!)

January 9, 2024 |

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A 2020 survey revealed that fasting is the most tried diet for inducing weight loss among Americans, like the Atkins diet. Considering this popularity, you may also be having the urge to speed up your slimming progress by fasting and taking diet pills.

Key Points:

  • According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you should take PhenQ with food.
  • To pair PhenQ and fasting, you will need to opt for an intermittent fasting type that allows you to eat something during morning and evening, which are its two dosing times.
  • PhenQ contains stimulants and certain other additives which are readily absorbed in an empty stomach and can cause more intense effects.
  • For more information, visit PhenQ’s Official Website.

Gladly it is okay to take high-quality fat burners that don’t contain stuff that is incompatible with an empty stomach. Apart from that, you can schedule your regular diet pills such that they are taken during your feeding hours so that their ingredients don’t trouble you.

To bring you some more in-depth factual information on this, I skimmed through user experience and scientific evidence to find out if it is safe and effective to take PhenQ while fasting. Additionally, I investigated different fasting types and preferred food choices with PhenQ.

Lastly, I’ve also discussed how you can use PhenQ with food and fast intermittently.

So, keep reading to know the details.

Is It Okay To Take Fat Burners While Fasting?

Yes, you can take ‘clean’ fat burners during intermittent fasting, but you need to avoid those containing stimulants and additives, as they may have negative consequences.

Fat burners mobilize the fat stores and utilize them for energy production; they burn calories and increase thermogenesis, all of which contribute to weight loss.

This effect is further intensified by intermittent fasting, which limits your macronutrient and caloric intake.

However, taking fat burners which contain ingredients such as caffeine or hot spices extracts may aggravate their adverse effects on the stomach, heart, brain, or overall body.

Furthermore, combing fasting with fat burners may also cause loss of lean muscle mass.

To avoid this, the best choice of fat burners will include ingredients that preserve lean muscles and those that don’t contain harmful additives.

Apart from that, it is scientifically proven that intermittent fasting promotes healthy weight loss, but there are certain things you need to consider before pairing a fat burner with it to lose weight.

How Intermittent Fasting Works?

In intermittent fasting (IF), you have to abstain from food for some part of the day.

Various research suggests that intermittent fasting decreases the hunger hormone ghrelin and increases the level of the satiating hormone leptin, which helps to manage weight.

Additionally, it lowers insulin levels and triggers the release of norepinephrine, and both these processes provoke fat burning.

Similarly, a review of 40 studies concluded that IF reduced 7 to 11 pounds in participants in 10 months.

The two most common types of this time-restricted diet are the 5:2 approach and the daily approach. Some other strategies include the eat-stop-eat, alternate-day fasting, and the warrior diet.

Here are the details.

1. 5:2- Approach

In the 5:2 approach, you’ll have to halt your food intake for five days of the week, and for the next two days, you can consume 24% of your regular caloric intake, which comes out to be approximately 500 to 600 calories for 2000 to 2400 caloric meal.

2. Daily-Approach

In the daily approach (which is adopted by the majority), you’ll have to fast for at least 16 hours of the day but can eat during the 8 hours that are left.

3. Eat-Stop-Eat

In eat-stop-eat fasting, you have to skip eating for the whole day (24 hours) for one to two days and feast normally on the rest days of the week but don’t over-consume.

This fasting causes a metabolic shift, and the body starts using fat instead of glucose for energy which causes fat loss.

4. Alternate Day Fasting

This fasting type allows you to eat regularly on non-fasting days but on fasting days, you either eat around 500 calories per day or nothing at all.

5. Warrior Diet

In this diet, you have to refrain from food for 20 hours of the day and eat during the remaining 4 hours.

And, How Do Fat Burners Halt Or Promote Weight loss While Intermittent Fasting?

The right fat burner will combine well with your fasting strategy and keep you energized and satiated to promote weight loss as well as make it easier to restrict food.

Here are some fat burner benefits that go well with fasting.

1. They boost energy

Fat burners rev you up, which can enable you to get more work done without food and prevent you from getting fatigued easily.

Stimulant-free fat burners may serve this purpose with ingredients such as chromium and vitamin B complex.

2. They fend off hunger.

Fat burners kill the appetite, which may help you bear your fast better while simultaneously helping you lose weight.

Mostly the fiber in fat burners contributes to this benefit, and some commonly used ones are glucomannan or nopal cactus.

3. They eliminate stubborn fat.

Now coming to the primary purpose, fat burners increase your metabolism rate, fat oxidation, and thermogenesis to get rid of stubborn fat.

You may look for diet pills that use milder ingredients like L-carnitine to achieve this purpose because pepper extracts such as capsimax powder or piperine may irritate the stomach lining and cause indigestion when taken without food.

PhenQ CT

Do You Have To Take PhenQ With Food? (or is it okay to be taken while fasting?)

Manufacturers recommend that you take PhenQ with breakfast or lunch, but users have also made it work with intermittent fasting.

One of the users mentioned that she took PhenQ while intermittent fasting and had the first dose of the day with just coffee, which energized her and caused no side effects.

Anyhow she took the second dose with lunch as recommended. But still, this is just one experience that cannot be generalized to everyone, so it is better to be careful.

The reason is that certain ingredients in PhenQ may cause adverse effects when taken without food.

For instance, PhenQ contains caffeine anhydrous, which may absorb faster into the bloodstream when taken on an empty stomach which may cause headaches, anxiety, and dehydration. Similarly, it has niacin which may cause flushing or upset stomach when taken without food.

Correspondingly, a user, throwaway_vindicta1, mentions in their Reddit post that taking PhenQ on an empty stomach can make you nauseous.

reddit post

What should I eat with PhenQ?

PhenQ may work better with nutritionally complete, low-calorie, low-sugar, and high-fiber food.

In a nutshell, eat foods that strengthen the weight loss-inducing potential of PhenQ.

Here are some of my recommendations that you can use to modify your menu chart.

1. Eat High protein foods to preserve your muscles.

Protein intake is essential to retain muscle while you cut down on fat.

Apart from this, protein is more satiating than any other macronutrient, which will help make starving or fasting easier.

For meat lovers, shop for lean meat because it is low in fat but high in protein. Some examples are red meat, fish, or turkey breast.

Your next best option is an egg because of its low-calorie count and complete amino acid profile that kickstarts muscle protein synthesis.

2. Have a complex carb diet to stay energized.

Carbohydrates drive energy production in the body and regulate bowel health which enhances the PhenQ benefits and reduces its side effects.

Carbohydrates-rich foods have abundant nutrients and fiber; hence, they nourish the body as well as the good gut commensals.

Correspondingly, they prevent nutrient deficiency, and as research suggests, they reverse obesity which may be caused by an imbalance in the gut microbiome.

Some food options include whole-grain oats, brown rice, or flax seeds.

Final Thoughts – My Take On Using PhenQ While Fasting


Ideally, it is better to avoid taking PhenQ while fasting because this coincides with the manufacturer’s instructions.

PhenQ bottle tabletLogically this makes sense because this pill contains stuff like caffeine, piperine, niacin, etc., all of which may pose a greater risk of stomach irritation, inflammation, overstimulation, and other side effects when taken on an empty stomach.

Nonetheless, if you opt for an intermittent fasting type that allows you to take the pill with food, then this might reduce its risk of concerns and rather help you refrain from food.

The reason is that fat burners suppress appetite, and hence, they may help you avoid thinking about food or cravings during your fasting time.

Plus, they increase energy which may enable you to go about your day normally without feeling drained.

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