Can You Dry Scoop Creatine? (WHY YOU SHOULDN’T!)

January 9, 2024 |

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In this article, we will discuss the efficacy and side effects of dry scooping creatine powders.

Dry Scooping – a TikTok trend that has caused many people to end up in ER.

So, from an experience standpoint, we’d never recommend you ingest dry creatine powder because this intake method not only reduces the supplement’s efficacy but can also cause respiratory distress, gastrointestinal problems, and teeth damage.

That’s not all; it can even lead to some serious life-threatening conditions like stroke, brain injury, and cardiac arrest.

Find out more about it here.

Is Dry Scooping Creatine Better?

The simple answer is “no”. Dry Scooping is a less effective way of creatine supplementation compared to mixing. Moreover, this practice is associated with many side effects.

The thought behind dry scooping culture is that absorption rates and efficacy of supplements are higher when they are taken in concentrated forms.

But this belief does not comply with facts, and scientific evidence has proven that nutrients work better when they are taken in liquid forms, diluted by water or some other fluid.

Creatine has the same bioavailability pattern. However, it slightly differs from other nutrients as it readily absorbs in blood vessels of the gut lining in both concentrated and diluted forms.

Research indicates little difference in creatine absorption rate when taken in solution, solid, or meat forms.

However, the same clinical trial on exercise physiology proved that when it is taken in solid form, its bioavailability is lesser compared to creatine mixed with a fluid.

It was reported that plasma concentration was 20% higher when users ingested it in solution form.

Hence, if you dry scoop creatine, you are likely missing some of its growth and power-boosting effects on muscles.

Besides that, ingesting dry powder also relates to some negative effects, as enlisted in the next section;

dry scooping

What would happen if You Dry Scoop Creatine?

1. Choking

The most common downside of dry Scooping is throat choking because the dry powder is hard to ingest and sticks with the throat membrane, causing irritation and cough.

And when you try to force-swallow the powder, some of it can get into your windpipe, and you may end up with a choked throat.

Sometimes, you will be fine after gagging for a minute or so. But other times, it can lead to severe consequences.

3. Gut problems

Creatine is a protein derivative that interferes with the body’s osmotic balance, causing a fluid shift in muscles.

Though this osmotic effect helps with pumping and vascularity of the bicep and quadriceps muscles, it becomes a little stressful when the fluid shift happens in the muscular lining of the digestive canal.

As a result, people often experience pain and gut problems related to water absorption in the intestine, like diarrhea or constipation.

Those who dry scoop are likely to face these issues more frequently than others because the concentrated dose rapidly changes the fluid distribution.

4. Dehydration

Creatine is famous for its water retention property. It causes muscles to absorb and retain a large amount of water.

Resultantly, water availability for other body functions is reduced. And you feel dehydrated and thirsty.

This effect is even more prominent when taking creatine without dissolving it in water, as dry molecules will fetch more water with them.

5. Arrhythmias

Dry Scooping is notorious for causing cardiovascular problems like heart arrhythmias, angina, or even heart attacks.

Recently when TikTok’s “dry scoop pre-workout” trend went viral, several severe side effects were reported, including heart attacks and brain injuries.

The risk prevails with creatine, too, because it is a nitrogenous organic acid known by science to cause fibrillation and irregular heartbeats.

Hence, if someone is predisposed to cardiovascular issues, gulping dry creatine powder increases the probability of arrhythmias and angina.

The risk is even higher if your supplement also contains caffeine.

6. Brain injuries

If your creatine product includes caffeine anhydrous, dry scooping can possibly lead to brain injuries.

Caffeine is a neuro-stimulating alkaloid whose intensified dose causes overstimulation of neural pathways leading to cognitive impairment and brain hemorrhages.

A tiktoker suffered from a brain injury when he took eight dry scoops of a fitness supplement containing creatine and caffeine.

Is Dry Scooping Creatine Bad for Your Teeth?

Creatine molecule does not affect teeth by itself, but if your supplement contains caffeine or citric acid, dry Scooping may lead to tooth damage.

There is no scientific evidence linking creatine or its derivatives to tooth damage. However, the creatine powders available on the market sometimes have a small amount of caffeine to boost energy levels and focus.

Besides that, citrate is often added to creatine to improve its absorption.

Both of these ingredients can strip off tooth enamel which may lead to yellowing of teeth or sensitivity.

And the damage probability is increased with dry Scooping as concentrated powdered ingredients would come in direct contact with the enamel and may get stuck between teeth. Hence, their reactivity time is increased.

How to take Creatine – The safe way!

If not dry Scooping, what is the right way to take creatine?

Following is the mixing method which ensures health safety and high efficacy of creatine supplements;

  • Measure 5 grams of creatine with the measuring cup or take a full teaspoon (it is roughly 5 grams)
  • Take four cups of water in a container and mix creatine in it. It dissolves more easily in hot water than in cold water However, there is no difference in the efficacy of creatine mixed with cold or hot water. So, you can make your drink either way. You can even mix it in your cup of coffee; just remember not to overdose
  • Creatine degrades immediately after mixing with water. Hence, you should drink it quickly after mixing

Now, the question is how much creatine should be used daily.

Well, that depends upon your fitness goals and your natural protein intake, but generally, 3 to 5 grams of creatine daily is enough.

It is said that creatine works best if you first load on it and then maintain a small dose daily.

For loading, start supplementation by taking 20 grams daily for 5 to 7 days. But don’t consume the whole amount (20 grams) at once; rather, take four servings of 5-gram.

After that, consume 3 to 5 grams daily to maintain a high muscle creatine level.

However, a study shows that loading is not compulsory to benefit from creating, and some people also feel bloating during the loading phase. In this case, you can go directly with a 3-5 gram dose each day.

Looking for an Effective Creatine Supplement? Try this one!

If you want to boost your gym performance with creatine but are having trouble choosing the right supplement from the myriad options available, we are here to help!

In our opinion, Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 is the best creatine powder out there.

Here’s why:

Unlike most products that contain a high proportion of a single creatine derivative, it is a blend of five different creatine derivatives (creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl ester, creatine hydrochloride, creatine citrate pyruvate, tri- creatine malate).

Besides maximizing the efficacy, this blended composition also saves you from unhealthy consequences as most creatine side effects are dose-related and show up when you take heavy doses of a single type of creatine.

Another plus for CRN-5 is the presence of marine-based electrolytes. Hence, the product will effectively compensate for the electrolyte loss during the exercise, preventing dehydration.

Moreover, these minerals improve the absorption and bioavailability of amino acids.

Also, this product can be used by all as it is a plant-based formulation, and no creatine component has been derived from meat.

Moreover, it is a win-win deal as you can return the product within 60 days of purchase if unsatisfied with the results.

It is available on the Crazy Nutrition website in the two yum flavors; mango-orange and lemon-lime.

One tub contains 30 servings and costs $34.99 with a one-time purchase and $24.99 with a subscription. Also, you get free shipping on orders above $50.


  • It is vegan.
  • Contains 5 types of creatine.
  • Replenishes electrolytes.
  • Delicious flavor.
  • No caffeine.


  • Contains artificial sweeteners and flavoring.


Creatine is an effective supplement to boost athletic performance and muscle growth. However, its efficacy depends upon the way you take it.

And contrary to popular belief, dry scooping does not increase the effectiveness of creatine.

Instead, the bioavailability is reduced when you ingest dry powdered creatine. Plus, it can lead to negative outcomes like respiratory problems, gut issues, heart diseases, and tooth damage.

Mixing Creatine with water, milk, or a drink is the only effective way of taking this protein derivative. And to get the best results, opt for a product that contains different types of creatine like CRN-5.

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