Can You Take 2 PhenQ At Once? (I Wouldn’t Recommend)

January 10, 2024 |

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Just like weight isn’t gained overnight, it can’t be lost overnight. So, doubling up your fat burner’s dose won’t do any good. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend you do this with PhenQ or any other diet pill.

Key Points:

  • The recommended dose of PhenQ is 2 pills per day, i.e., one with breakfast and one with lunch.
  • You may encounter side effects like insomnia, dehydration, and gut unrest by taking both pills at once.
  • Find out more about PhenQ on its official website.

Sticking to the manufacturer’s recommendation of taking one pill with breakfast and the other with lunch is the best practice for healthy and sustainable weight loss.

I’ve discussed in detail below why I’m not a fan of taking 2 PhenQ at once (based on medical evidence and user experience).

In addition, I’ve also shared some practical tips on how to get the most out of your PhenQ pills without doing anything that poses even a minute risk to your health.

Why You Shouldn’t Take 2 PhenQ At Once

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You might be wondering why it is even a problem when you get the same quantity of ingredients if the pills are taken separately or combined. Well, double can cause trouble to some.

For instance, taking 2 pills of PhenQ at once will intensify the effect of the ingredients like caffeine, and nopal, etc.

If you look at the ingredient label of PhenQ, you will see it has 142.5mg of caffeine altogether in one dose, and if you are taking 2 pills together, it makes 285mg of caffeine.

Which totals the same amount of caffeine as 2 double espressos or a 16-ounce cup of café Latte.

Consider a person taking 2 pills of PhenQ with their morning coffee(40mg of caffeine). They will be consuming approx 325mg of caffeine – now, if that person is caffeine-tolerant, they’re absolutely good to go.

However, a caffeine-insensitive person dumping this much caffeine in their system may have to bear the following side effects.

 1.  May Cause Anxiety, Jitters, or Insomnia

The adrenaline and dopamine spike caused by a doubled dose of caffeine leads to jitters and increased anxiety in stimulant-sensitive individuals, causing more discomfort than benefit.

So, if you’re considering taking both your PhenQ pills of the day with your breakfast, which already includes a cup of coffee, I wouldn’t approve at all.

Or if you think that if not breakfast, then maybe you can have it with lunch; I would again suggest otherwise because the manufacturers recommend only taking one pill with lunch, and that too before 3 pm to prevent your sleep cycle from getting disturbed.

Considering this, imagine how badly you’d be ruining your sleep by taking 2 pills instead.

Not to mention that sleeplessness can lead to headaches, low b.p, anxiety, and increased heart rate.

(Read my detailed blog on how to prevent and cure headaches caused by PhenQ here. )

Moreover, a recent study revealed how disturbed sleep patterns can adversely affect your weight loss journey.

So, please never overlook the dosage recommendations or intentionally double-up the dose trying to get results faster.

2. It May Cause Dehydration

There’s no denying that PhenQ causes dehydration while its ingredients work synergistically to burn fat. Particularly nopal, an active ingredient of PhenQ, absorbs water and swells in the gut to make you feel fuller.

Moreover, caffeine can also be convicted for causing dehydration as caffeine anhydrous is diuretic and may cause frequent urination.

So, the combined effect of nopal and caffeine from 2 pills of PhenQ taken at once will increase the chance of dehydration.

Hence, keep yourself heavily hydrated while being on PhenQ, and again, stick to the recommended dosage.

3. It May Cause Gut Discomfort

Taking 2 PhenQ at once can cause some serious stomach discomfort. This side effect of taking a double dose can be associated with nopal.

It is a natural laxative and helps cleanse your digestive system, which is good; however, when its dosage, that’s supposed to be timed apart with two meals of the day, is taken all at once, it may cause excessive bowel movements and in some cases, even diarrhea.

4. You May Lose Out On PhenQ Benefits

Taking two PhenQs at once will affect its efficacy in reducing body weight and fat metabolism.

For instance, Calcium carbonate, one of the pill’s core ingredients, is a mineral that suppresses appetite and regulates body weight, and PhenQ has 625mg of it in one pill.

This means 2 PhenQ pills if taken at once, will amount to 1250mg of CaCO3. And research shows that the maximum amount of calcium absorbed by the body at a time is 500mg; if you want to take more, there should be at least a 4 hours gap.

So, taking both pills at once will result in you wasting 750mg of CaCO3 from your daily PhenQ dose.

Unfortunately, your loss – through and through.

Takeaways – PhenQ Fat Burner: How To Use It For Best Results?

Like any other supplement, PhenQ does not work like a one size fits all approach. Some people might take 2 pills together and be good with it, while others may face issues, as I discussed above in the article.

And we can never know what category we fall in unless we try.

So, instead of putting your health at risk while trying to accelerate your weight loss journey, I would recommend opting for safer practices like taking 2 PhenQ pills every day – 1 with breakfast and the other with lunch, exercising regularly, not skipping meals, avoiding high-carb and high-fat foods, etc.

That is how more than 190,000 people have successfully lost weight, and that’s EXACTLY how you can do it too!

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