Can You Take Anavar Once a Day? (what I recommend)

January 9, 2024 |

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Unlike injectable steroids, oral steroids have quite low half-lives, meaning you will need to take them every single day to ensure they keep working. This is not only true of oral steroids but of all oral drugs actually. With that in mind, can you take Anavar once a day, or is the half-life too short? Technically, you can, but it depends…


Anavar is an oral steroid with a shorter half-life than injectable steroids, so must be taken every day to remain effective. It depends on the size and sex of the user, but doses below 20mg (male) or 5mg (female) should be taken as one serving, and if the dose is larger you may want to split it into two servings for comfort.

Generally, users will experience increases in libido, mental alertness, strength, and recovery time, as well as improved quality of life.

Anavar is less hard on the liver than other oral steroids, however, it still has an impact and should be monitored closely.

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Do I have to take Anavar just once or twice a day?

When trying to decide the dosing protocol for any drug, you have to consider three big factors.

  • What impacts will this drug have on me immediately that I need to deal with?
  • What is the half-life of this drug?
  • What is the minimum dose needed for someone in my position to make it effective?

So, let’s look at all of these from the viewpoint of Anavar:

  • All oral steroids will cause a downregulation in appetite and might make you seem a bit nauseous
  • 9.5 – 10.5 hours
  • It depends on the size and sex of the user

So, based on factor 1, you would not want to take Anavar around for a meal. Factor two dictates that one dose per day is technically enough, however, if the dose is lower than 20mg (male) or 5mg (female) you must take it as one serving due to factor 3.

Taking less than that in two doses would not meet the threshold of the drug needed for it to cause biological change.

Lastly, if your dose is so big that factor 1 bothers you for a long duration of time after the administration, then splitting the dose would be fine.

Should you take Anavar every day?

If you are running a cycle of Anavar, yes, you should be taking Anavar every day. It has a shorter half-life than injectable steroids and administering it daily is a must.

How do you feel when taking Anavar?

Every person will feel different on every drug, however, looking at what most people are feeling when on Anavar, we can guess most new users can experience the following:

  • Increased libido
  • Increased mental alertness
  • Increased strength
  • Way better recovery from one training session to the next
  • Generally, a greater life quality

Is Anavar hard on the liver?

Not nearly as much as other orals. Unlike other oral steroids, Anavar is largely digested by the kidneys and not the liver. It will definitely still impact your liver and your ALT, AST, and other health markers will increase, but not as much as other oral steroids.

When is it best to take Anavar?

There is no best time technically, but referring back to the three factors mentioned above, taking Anavar before a training session will be the better time since hunger is not important.

Anavar results after 2 weeks

There are quite extensive reviews available on Reddit, like this one:

“Within a few days – less than a week – I started to feel the effects. My libido shot up. I found myself impatient and slightly irritable. My lover said something stupid and I didn’t like it. Rather than agonise over it, though, as I normally would, I just told him off then said that I was going to the gym and we’d talk later. Later, I was pretty much over it and we were able to talk about it honestly and put it to rest. Trust me, that is not how I usually am in such situations. I also found that I had much less tolerance for bullshit with everyone. It takes some conscious effort to not be a total bitch but I don’t waste time being “nice” just for the sake of it. “No, I’m not interested in signing up for the store credit card. I have somewhere to be so if you can just give me my change and receipt now, I’ll be on my way, thanks.”

There has been a small amount of acne – the typical hormonal spots around my jaw that I get when my period is due. I felt premenstrual and had mild menstrual cramps, but there was no bleeding this cycle. My acne cleared up when the PMS was over, just like usual.

Physically, the first effect I felt was “back pumps.” I had gone for a long walk and it somehow set off the erectae muscles in my lower back – they were “pumped.” It wasn’t painful so much as tense and uncomfortable. These have largely subsided or else I’m just getting used to them.

About a week in I noticed a difference at the gym. I felt full of energy. I could do more reps and more sets. I kept wanting to do more! “Let’s throw another plate on and see how it goes.” “I think I can do another set.” “I feel like doing some more accessories.” I leave the gym no more tired than I walked in. I quit because I get hungry and my blood sugar gets low.

I’m seeing a difference in the mirror. I feel fuller and tighter in my shoulders and arms. I have always wanted shapely, slightly muscular arms and shoulders and I’m seeing them in the mirror. I think I see a bit of a difference in my glutes, as well.”

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