Cellgevity and Autism: How Does Cellgevity Help?

Cellgevity and Autism

Can Cellgevity cure Autism?

Autism is a growth disorder that leads to difficulty in communication skills, routine behaviors, learning concentration, and relating with people around.

It often appears in the early development of children (12months to 18months). Autism also is known as Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects the nervous system which is the basic system for human behavior and growth.

Patients with autism have lower levels of free glutathione in their brains which leads to oxidative stress.

This kind of stress occurs when the DNA is exposed to things that can damage it such as ultraviolet or inhaled smoke.

Hence, glutathione particles react with the causes of oxidative stress to prevent them from damaging the body cells. The body always requires enough glutathione to protect itself else it can be harmed.

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What is Cellgevity?

Cellgevity bottle and pack

Cellgevity is a product of Max International that combines the RIBOCEINE technology with 12 natural ingredients to aid the work of glutathione in the body.

Glutathione is an antioxidant in our foods that help prevent the damage of important cells in the body.

Normally, one is supposed to get a very high quantity of glutathione from a balanced diet but it is quite unfortunate that our meals often lack the nutritional benefits required in the body, this of course is the reason for the low level of glutathione in the body.

Cellgevity is a food supplement with a high concentration of glutathione to replace the lack of glutathione in our meals.

What is the effect of Cellgevity on Autism?

Cellgevity helps our body to fight various sicknesses such as cancer, infections, autism, cough, and many more.

Cellgevity provides glutathione supplementation to support the body’s ability to control oxidative stress which leads to autism. For autism therapy, Cellgevity helps boost the glutathione in the body which in turn strengthens the cell to fight toxins that are responsible for the behavioral and growth disorders in an autism patient.

In other words, the patient will experience positive changes in physical, behavioral, developmental, and emotional well-being.

Cellgevity contains Turmeric Seed Root which is rich in Curcumin; a non-toxic molecule that helps in increasing the intercellular level of glutathione reduces inflammatory components, reduces oxidative stress, supports liver detoxification, and improves the delayed maturation of the brain.

This delay in brain maturation is the reason for the cognitive, developmental, and behavioral growth disabilities in patients with Autism.

What is the dosage of Cellgevity for autism patients?

Cellgevity comes in a pack of 120 capsules with a prescribed dosage of 2 capsules to be taken twice daily; before a meal in the morning and at night after a meal with a cup of water or two.

Causes of Autism

Some of the causes of Autism include:

  1. Hereditary: This happens when there’s an immediate family member with autism. In other words, a family having one member with autism has a likelihood of producing a child with autism.
  2. Genetic Mutations: This could be as a result of incompatible genes of the parents.
  3. Fetal exposure to harmful substances: This occurs during pregnancy when a fetus in the womb is affected by the excess intake of harmful drugs by the mother especially over-dosage of drugs.
  4. Under-weight during birth: Children with low weight during their birth are also prone to having autism.
  5. Viral Infection: Chronic viral infection could also impede the growth of a child hence leading to Autism.
  6. Environmental Factors
  7. Excessive consumption of processed food during pregnancy

Symptoms of Autism

The symptoms autisms span across behavioral, psychological, and cognitive growth patterns in a child. This is because autism occurs most times at the childhood stage; therefore, the symptoms to look out for include;

  • Learning disability in a child
  • Sensitivity to sound
  • Repetition of movements or words
  • Abnormal body posturing or facial expression
  • Difficulty in social interaction
  • Anxiety

Prevention of Autism

There are no stringent ways to prevent autism rather; pregnant women are encouraged to,

  • eat a healthy diet
  • exercise regularly,
  • go for regular medical check-up
  • take only prescribed medications and,
  • avoid the abuse of drugs to prevent the fetus from being affected by the toxins from these drugs.

Since, Autism occurs mostly in the childhood stages, observing the above-listed precautions will protect both the mother and the baby from the harmful substances and their reactions.

Also, early diagnosis and immediate therapy can help improve the condition of the patient. In doing this, the behavioral pattern of the child is closely monitored and there is hopefully a change in the development of the child.

Autism in Adults

Although autism commonly occurs in childhood stages, it can also be found among adults.

The symptoms of autism in adults vary from one person to another  depending on how severe the condition is, but some common symptoms of autism among adults include:

  • always tripping over your own feet
  • lack of concentration most times
  • experiencing difficulty in regulating emotion
  • always anxious about situations
  • difficulty in understanding others’ feelings
  • avoiding eye contact

Cellgevity and Autism Final Words

The fact is Cellgevity works greatly: From enhancing/rasing your glutathione level, less oxidative stress on cells, Immune boost, protection from harmful toxins, deeper and better sleep, and a ton more benefits.

Absolutely it works for autism and even for complicated health challenges.

Let us know if you have any questions below.

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