Cellgevity and Cough: Does it Work?

Cellgevity and cough

What do Cellgevity and cough have in common?

Cough is a common action to clear the throat of blockage caused by mucus, dust, or any other foreign irritant.

Cough which can be wet or dry is the most common way the body uses to get rid of irritants in the respiratory system which consists of the nostrils, throat, and lungs.

Cough, depending on its duration can also be either acute or chronic. That is, any cough that persists for three weeks is acute cough while the cough that exceeds three weeks is referred to as chronic cough, and at that stage requires immediate medical attention as it may be a symptom of a major illness or disease yet to be diagnosed.

Coughing is also a symptom of many sicknesses and diseases such as Tuberculosis, Flu, Asthma, Bronchitis, Allergy, Upper Respiratory Infection, Pulmonary Disease, COVID-19 e.t.c.

What is Cellgevity?

Max Cellgevity

Cellgevity is a product of Max International that combines the RIBOCEINE technology with 12 natural ingredients to help the body fight against different kinds of infections such as bacterial, fungal, viral infections, and others to mention a few.

These natural ingredients of Cellgevity include Turmeric Root Extract, Aloe Extract, Quercetin, Milk Thistle, Resveratrol, Broccoli Seed Extract, Vitamin C, Selenium, Cordyceps, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Grape Seed Acid.

Cellgevity also helps in boosting the glutathione level in the body; glutathione is an antioxidant that boosts the immune system.

In other words, it is the antioxidant responsible for building and protecting the body cells against toxins and harmful substances ingested into the body.

A weak immune system will be prone to different sicknesses or diseases, which is the reason for the production of Cellgevity; to help us acquire those vital nutrients missing in our daily diet.

Can Cellgevity treat Cough?

Although Celgevity is a supplement and not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat any form of disease.

But the short answer to this is yes!

Cellgevity not only treats cough but basically builds our immune system to fight bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms using its technology combination of very beneficial roots and herbs.

Let’s dive into some of the herbs contained in each capsule of Cellgevity and how they help in combating cough.

Turmeric is an herb with natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that helps the body to fight against various infections like a cough. It also helps clears the airway from irritants.

Vitamin C on the other hand is gotten from fruits and has been proven active against infections like common cold and cough; it is advisable to take a lot of fruits regularly to help boost your immune system against infections.

Also, Broccoli is one of the green vegetables that help cleanse the lungs of harmful bacteria.

Remember that it is this harmful bacterial that causes pulmonary (lungs) diseases of which cough is one of its many symptoms. Hence, to cure the disease, one has to get rid of the root cause which happens to be harmful bacteria.

Cellgevity contains Tumeric seed extract, Broccoli seed extract, Vitamin C, and a host of other health beneficial natural nutrients all in one capsule to give your airways the desired freedom from irritants, bacteria, and other causes of cough and in turn makes you healthy and fit.

What is the Cellgevity dosage for Cough?

Cellgevity comes in a pack of 30 capsules; to use Cellgevity as medication for cough, two capsules should be taken before a meal in the morning and two capsules at night after a meal before going to bed.

The dosage should be taken with one or two glasses of water for better digestion and fast dissolution. Also, ensure that you do not go to bed immediately after taking a meal or drugs; this can cause indigestion or constipation.

Finally, make sure to always take a lot of water while on Cellgevity.

Causes of Cough

Although cough is a normal reflex action to clear the airway of irritants, some conditions could also be responsible for coughing.

In such a situation, the cough has moved from being acute to chronic. Some of these causes include:

  1. Allergies: People react differently to things that their body systems do not support; one of such reactions is coughing. Some people react to a stuffy environment by coughing.
  2. Cold: This is another common cause of cough; in this case, the airways are partially or totally blocked by the breathing in of cold air.
  3. Itchy throat: This could also lead to coughing and it is caused by a dry throat due to thirst. That is why it is advised for one to drink water always and not only when one feels thirsty.
  4. Dust: Another cause of cough is dust especially when it has accumulated in the nostrils; breathing it in causes some form of irritation down the airways which the body responds reflexively by coughing to clear the airways of this in-coming irritant.
  5. Choking: This occurs when food or water passes the wrong throat; in a bid to feel comfortable, the body quickly coughs. Sometimes, you will notice that the food particle or water that passed through the airway usually comes from the nose after coughing and sneezing.
  6. Close contact: Having close contact or sharing items like cups, toothbrushes, or spoons with someone who has a cough could also make one have a cough. This means that the bacteria causing the cough can be communicable. So you have been watchful of those around you and render them assistance when necessary but avoid sharing the above items mentioned.

Other causes of cough are various sicknesses like Tuberculosis, Asthma, and others that have cough as their symptoms especially the chronic type of cough.

Read more about coughing here.

Ways of preventing cough

For the sicknesses that have cough as one of their numerous symptoms, the best way to prevent cough is to treat the sickness or disease itself not just the symptom alone. One can also prevent cough by staying away from areas that have a cough or cholera outbreak.

Other ways of preventing cough include:

  • Knowing your allergies and avoiding them
  • Drink enough water frequently to avoid dehydration
  • Use extra pillows to raise your head while sleeping
  • Avoid dust, smoke, and other irritants
  • Gargle warm water with salt frequently to clear the airways of mucus
  • Use cough syrup when necessary
  • Seek medical help when the cough becomes incessant or chronic

Finally and most importantly, get the Cellgevity food supplement to help the situation of things.

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