Cellgevity and Piles: Can Cellgevity Cure Piles?

Cellgevity and Piles

Please, pay good attention to this Cellgevity and Piles post.

We’re going to find out briefly if this food supplement cures piles or not.


Hemorrhoids which are another name for piles are inflammation and swelling of the tissues, usually found in the anal area. Its dimensions are usually internal or external.

External piles lie at the outer part of the anus. However, the most common one is the internal pile.

And it lies 2 to 4 centimeters (cm) from the opening of the anus.

Although piles or Hemorrhoids can get better on their own after a few days of occurrence, yet you can treat them or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

However, piles are a collection of tissues and veins that become inflamed and swollen, and the size of the piles may vary and may appear inside or outside the anus as in the case of external piles.

They are caused by chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, heavy lice, pregnancy or stool during filtration.

Can Cellgevity cure Piles then?

Can Cellgevity cure Piles?

Cellgevity can cure piles? No, it does not but helps a ton to NOT only piles but virtually many other diseases because it’s the only recommended food supplement that contains Riboceine technology and 12 other powerful natural ingredients that increase glutathione production in the body naturally.


riboceine technology

The body is better fit to resist any form of sicknesses or infections when the level of glutathione in the body system is high, and Cellgevity helps you do just that.

I guess you understand?

Cellgevity and Piles Testimony

My husband has been down with severe pile for the past 7 months. He developed an anal fissure and did leave his room for 3 months and he was really declining in health. Someone gave me Cellgevity to give to him.

After starting on Cellgevity for about one week, the pain started to reduce. In two weeks, he was able to come out and join the family in the living room. After one month, he is back to all normal activities. He is stooling freely, and it’s looking and feeling healthy, and vibrant once again.

Causes and Symptoms of Piles

Causes of Piles

Hemorrhoids are very common and occur at some point in most people’s lives. It occurs more frequently in life due to the weakening and lengthening of the tissues supporting the veins in the rectum and anus related to age.

Below are however some of the causes:

  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Pregnancy
  • Anal touch
  • Low fiber diet
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Poor posture
  • Family history (hereditary)

Symptoms of Piles

The symptoms of piles differ; depending on whether the pile is internal or external.

Internal piles are found inside the rectum and do not normally cause much of discomfort.

However, while stooling, it can damage the surface of the hemorrhoid which causes it to irritable bleeding. Sometimes the tension can push an internal hemorrhoid from the opening of the anus, which can cause pain and irritability or lead to prolonged hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are under the skin around the anus. They can, however, caused heavy bleeding or itching when irritated.

Blood can accumulate inside external hemorrhoids and cause clots that can cause severe pain, swelling, and inflammation. In most cases, the symptoms of piles are not severe. They usually resolve themselves in a few days.

The following symptoms may be associated with persons infected with piles:

  • A sharp, perhaps painful, feeling around the abdomen may be felt. It may contain coagulated blood. Blood-containing stacks.
  • After passing a stool, a person with piles may feel that their intestines are still full.
  • Bright red blood appears on your stool or toilet paper.
  • The anus’s surroundings become itchy and red. The pain occurs when passing a stool.
  • Excessive anal bleeding can also cause anemia Infection.
  • Incontinence or inability to control intestinal movements.
  • Anal fistula, near the anus. A new channel is created between the skin surface and the inside of the anus

Prevention of Piles

  • Go to the bathroom once it is necessary: The longer the wait, the drier the stool becomes. So, you shouldn’t wait to always use the toilet.
  • Physical activity: A prolonged sitting or standing position puts pressure on the nerves. That being said, physical activities help move the stool more easily.
  • Nutrition: The consumption of many fiber-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, in the form of whole grains, suggests that feces may be almost soft. Likewise, drinking plenty of fluids keeps the stool soft. OTC fiber supplements are highly recommended as they aid to reduce constipation.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Overweight increases the risk of piles.
  • Avoid excessive efforts: When using the toilet, avoid stress. It creates pressure in the nerves of the lower body

Conclusion on Cellgevity and Piles

From this article, you would notice that it is really easy to get over or prevent piles from occurring.

But this is only possible when infection resistance in the body is high. Cellgevity helps you to put this to check. You do not necessarily need to be sick before taking on Cellgevity. It’s a food supplement. And to be on a safer side of health, making it even without any feelings of sickness or pains, is a healthy practice.

So, if you know someone with Piles, please recommend Cellgevity today.

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