Cellgevity And Tuberculosis: Can it Help?

Cellgevity And Tuberculosis

Can Cellgevity really help a tuberculosis patient?

Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease that affects the lungs. It is a very serious bacterial infection caused by a micro-organism known as Mycobacterium and affects other parts of the body but generally affects the lungs more.

Although Tuberculosis is communicable; that is, it is spread from one person to another person through the air, it can also be prevented and cured too.

Does Cellgevity have any effect on Tuberculosis?

Max Cellgevity

The immune system is the system of the body that protects the body from invaders such as infections, diseases, and other harmful substances or toxins.

Cellgevity is a food supplement that provides boosts the immune system using its combination of natural herbs and RIBOCEINE technology.

These constituents such as aloe extract seed, turmeric extract, Quercetin, milk thistle, etc. are combined to fight various kinds of diseases or infections such as viral infections, fungal infections, and bacterial infections e.g. tuberculosis.

Turmeric is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb containing curcumin which helps fight drug-resistant tuberculosis, aloe extract can also be useful in the natural treatment of Tuberculosis.

The combination of these herbs helps to boost the glutathione level in the body which in turn builds the immune system.

Glutathione is the antioxidant in the body cells which helps the body in fighting against infection and helps the immune system’s response to infection.

Cellgevity dosage for Tuberculosis

Cellgevity comes in a pack of 30 capsules with a prescribed dosage of 2 capsules twice daily with 1 or 2 glasses of water.

Take the first two as early as possible in the morning. Then at night, it is advisable to take the supplement 30minutes before going to sleep.

Causes of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection, meaning that the microorganism responsible for it is called mycobacterium.

Tuberculosis can also be spread when a carrier coughs or sneezes into the air. Another way of getting infected is by staying with one who is already infected and someone inhales the droplet breathed out.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

  • Tiredness: The patient loses stamina and can barely engage in activities that he or she used to.
  • Fever: Most bacterial infections or diseases have fever as one of their symptoms. The reason being that bacteria spread toxins immediately it enters the body; these toxins cause fever. Tuberculosis patients will also experience fever caused by the mycobacterium
  • Pain when breathing: Difficulty in breathing occurs to tuberculosis patients as their lungs are also affected by the bacteria.
  • Coughing out blood: At the severe stage of tuberculosis, the cough becomes incessant and blood is coughed out instead of phlegm.
  • Chest pain: The constant coughing of blood and difficulty in breathing can also lead to chest pain.
  • Weight loss: Patients experience weight loss as the microorganism infiltrates the immune system.

Prevention of Tuberculosis

  • Always keep to your doctor’s appointment: Even if the doctor is your next-door neighbor, ensure to strictly adhere to your doctor’s appointment
  • Follow the correct prescriptions of your medicines: It is good to make research, but it is better to follow professional advice, hence, a patient should take medicines as prescribed by the health expert
  • Ensure to complete the dosage till the doctor certifies you free: Sometimes, one may be tempted to quit one’s drug dosage when the symptoms of the sickness or disease disappear. This, of course, is not the right way to take medications; so, follow the doctor’s prescription
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough and dispose of the tissue afterward: This will help prevent the spread of the disease from a carrier
  • Wash or sanitize your hands after coughing or sneezing: Keeping safe hygiene will also protect you and your loved ones from contacting the disease.
  • Eat a healthy diet: While we try to cake for the outer body, it is of utmost importance to watch our diet; a tuberculosis patient is encouraged to eat healthily
  • If infected, please stay at home to avoid spreading it to others

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