Crazy Bulk Strength Stack Review: Does it Work?

September 24, 2021 |

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If you’re looking forward to building optimal strength, then the Strength Stack by Crazy Bulk is exactly what you need.

I know this because I’ve been there and done that.

Building strength requires a slow build-up through exercise, and you can see a vicious cycle forming.

The way to build muscle mass is to increase the intensity or timing of your exercise and increase the weights that you lift.

So, how do you break this cycle without spending hours working out to build up your strength and then your muscle mass? For most people, the best solution is to start taking strength-building supplements.

These help you speed up the strengthening process.

My review is going to focus on the crazy Bulk bulking stack supplements. Each of these individual supplements has strengthening abilities, but this stack is for people who need an extra boost.

What is the Crazy Bulk Strength Stack & How does it Work?

Crazybulk Strength Stack

It can be easy to think of a strength stack as different supplements all jumbled together in a single bottle.

While the idea sounds okay in theory, it is not the best idea as each supplement has different properties and effects. These effects combine to provide the overall effect of providing strength, but their mechanism and dosages vary.

A supplement stack is different supplements in individual bottles that are used as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

They are used throughout the day to provide you with the nutrition you need to reach your fitness goals.

The number of supplements in stacks can vary depending on the company selling the stack.

When it comes to the Crazy Bulk strength stack, it is made up of four different supplements.

The supplements in this stack have various benefits for the body.

Individually each of these supplements is capable of building up the body’s strength. When the effects of these supplements are combined in this stack, then this strength-building is intensified.

A common question that arises when people begin to look into supplements stack is whether or not they work.

The best thing about any crazy Bulk product, be it their supplements or their stacks, is that they are guaranteed to work. They are the best in the world of supplements because they have been proven to be effective for countless users.

Each of these individual supplements is a safe and natural alternative for steroids.

This means that they work just like their steroid alternatives but without steroids’ negative side effects.

These supplements are alternatives for Sustanon, Anavar, Dianabol, and Trenbolone.

The supplements in question are:

Knowing what makes up this strength stack can help you better understand how these supplements work individually and combined.

The review has been put together to provide you with a thorough understanding that is easy to read and comprehend.

The effects of each of these supplements are multiplied severalfold to provide you with the results that you are looking for regarding your fitness.

The goal of this strength stack is exactly what the name suggests. It has been created to help you increase your strength.

This increase in strength is essential if you are looking to build muscle mass because to increase muscles, you require strength; you also need this strength to support this new mass.

Of course, this strength stack is not a magic solution to building strength.

It requires both a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The benefit of this supplement stack is that it speeds up your journey and helps you build strength faster than depending on diet and exercise solely.

This crazy Bulk strength stack is far better than other supplement stacks on the market because it is proven to work.

What are the Benefits of the Strength Stack Supplements?

To properly grasp how these supplements combine to increase strength is to understand the benefits of this strength stack.

Each supplement in this stack is an alternative to powerful steroids.

However, unlike the steroids these supplements are replacing, they are free of all negative side effects that accompany steroid usage.

As we have established, each of these supplements is a replacement for an anabolic steroid.

This means they have similar effects on the body, much like the supplements that they replace.

They have the same strength-increasing anabolic effects that you would expect from a steroid supplement. The ways that this strength stack does this is through several benefits that we have listed below.

Reduced Recovery Time

A major hindrance to building strength is the time it takes for the body to heal from damage to the muscles.

The longer it takes for muscles to heal from tearing and damage that has occurred from working out, the more time it takes to build up your strength.

One of the main ways that the body can increase its strength is by working out.

The longer the period of exercise or the more intense the workout, the greater the increase in strength.

However, with working outcomes, damage to the muscles of the body. It takes time for these muscles to heal, which can slow down the strength-building process.

The goal of a strength stack is to increase the body’s strength through various methods.

One of these methods is reducing the amount of time required for the body to heal from muscle damage. This allows for fewer days spent recuperating and more time working out.

How muscle repair speeds up is by increasing the production of proteins.

Proteins are used in building and repairing muscles. By increasing the production of proteins, the body can heal muscles much faster, which allows for less time to recover.

This leads to more time spent working out and increasing your strength levels.

Increased Nitrogen Retention

Proteins are vital in increasing strength as they are what make up the bulk of muscles in our body.

Not only do they increase muscle mass, but they are also used in repairing torn and damaged muscles. Proteins are made by combining various amino acids, and these amino acids require nitrogen for their synthesis.

Without sufficient nitrogen, the body is unable to create amino acids.

The lack of amino acids would then lead to a lack of proteins in the body. Leading to a slower recovery process and slower gain of muscle mass. Thereby decreasing the strength-building process.

An issue that comes with nitrogen and exercise is the loss of nitrogen that occurs with working out.

This leads to a tricky situation. If you do not work out, you can’t gain strength and muscles, but if you do, you lose nitrogen which is vital for amino acid synthesis.

This makes increasing your strength difficult.

This strength stack tackles this problem with ease.

It ensures that your body retains nitrogen even when you are working out. When the nitrogen balance is maintained, the body can both increase muscle mass and repair damaged muscles.

This makes the entire process of increasing strength much easier and allows you to exercise without fear of losing nitrogen.

Improved Protein Synthesis

One of the main ways that the body can increase its strength is by building muscles.

How muscle mass and strength are increased is through proteins. They are used for increasing muscles and in repairing muscles that have been damaged or torn from working out.

Proteins are used for various processes in the body, from enzyme reactions to immunity.

This means that the body needs large quantities of proteins to ensure that the various functions are still running smoothly along with increasing your strength.

It can be difficult to maintain this protein level only through a healthy diet.

The strength stack takes this need for protein account. It encourages the body to increase its production of protein.

This helps to maintain the balance between protein usage and synthesis.

The increased protein allows the body to increase its strength while also ensuring that other needs in the body are met.

The proteins that are produced are used to increase the mass of muscles in the body. They are also used to repair muscles that have been torn and damaged from working out.

This increase in protein synthesis allows for less time resting and speeds up the process of building strength.

Enhanced Testosterone Production

Testosterone is present in everyone’s body, even women.

It is a sex hormone, and its levels are highest among boys who are going through puberty.

Testosterone levels decrease as a person grows older, and the levels of testosterone are minute, to begin with.

This hormone is necessary for numerous processes in the body, especially for ensuring secondary sexual characteristics develop in boys.

You need a strength stack that increases the production of testosterone because your body does not produce enough testosterone for those looking to increase their strength.

Additionally, as people get older, the amount of testosterone the body synthesis decreases.

The testosterone hormone is beneficial in increasing energy levels in the body.

By increasing your energy level, you can work out for longer periods. The longer or more intense your workout, the faster you can reach your strength goals. It also allows you to stay active throughout the day.

Another benefit of increasing the synthesis of testosterone in the body is an increase in the production of proteins. We know how necessary proteins are for increasing muscle mass and for healing and repair of these muscles.

This leads to an increase in the body’s strength much faster than exercise and diet alone.

What are the Constituents of the Strength Stack?

Crazy Bulk’s strength stack is made up of four supplements that are all formulated by Crazy Bulk.

These supplements are all replacements for steroids.

They are alternatives to steroids due to their ability to replicate the effects of these steroids without any of the side effects of steroids.

The ingredients of each of these supplements combine to provide an overall benefit of strength:

1. D-Bal


D-Bal is a steroid replacement supplement.

It was created by Crazy Bulk to fill a gap in the market once Dianabol was banned. D-Bal acts just like you expect a steroid to function.

It has all the anabolic effects you need, but unlike steroids, this replacement supplement is free of all side effects. This makes it perfect for a stack that is focused on building strength.

The way D-Bal works is by using potent, natural, and safe ingredients.

These ingredients allow the supplement to focus on different body functions, which lead to the overall benefit of increased strength, the end goal.

D-Bal is made using ingredients like whey protein, isoleucine, and Tribulus Terrestris.

They allow D-Bal to increase blood flow, reduce nitrogen loss and fatigue and increase muscle mass.

This not only allows you to work out for longer periods, which is ideal for building strength, but it also increases muscle mass itself so that the process is faster than working out alone.

2. Testo-Max

Testo max

Another powerful and effective supplement is Testo-max.

This supplement has numerous effects and was created by Crazy Bulk to act as a replacement for Sustanon.

Sustanon was banned due to the harmful side effects that accompany its use. Testo-max does not face a similar issue; it is a powerful alternative without any side effects, making it 100% safe to use.

Testo-Max is capable of acting as a steroid because of the ingredients that are used in its formulation.

The ingredients used are powerful, beneficial, safe, and potent.

Each ingredient has been chosen due to its effect on the body. Some of the ingredients used include red ginseng extract, boron, Bioperine, and fenugreek seeds.

These ingredients combine to allow Testo-Max to increase stamina and energy, cut down fatigue, boost muscle mass, and sex drive—all key in building strength.

3. Anvarol


Third, up in our strength stack is Anvarol.

This supplement is a powerful, effective, and most importantly, safe steroid alternative.

Anvarol was created to take the place of Anvar, a steroid that has great anabolic benefits and even worse side effects, which lead to it becoming a banned substance.

Anvarol has all the benefits Anvar promises without any side effects that would come with steroid use.

Anvarol uses ingredients like soy protein, whey protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), yam root, and ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

These ingredients were chosen specifically due to their potency, effectiveness, and their lack of adverse effects. They allow Anvarol to improve the body’s blood flow, increase fat loss, boost strength and boost muscle gain.

4. Trenorol


Finally, we have Trenorol in this strength stack. Trenorol may be last on our list, but rest assured it is powerful, effective, and just as great as the other supplements in this stack.

Crazy Bulk is the manufacturer of Trenorol, and it is the perfect replacement for Trenbolone.

Trenbolone may have been an incredibly powerful anabolic steroid, but its negative side effects lead to its banning.

Trenorol acts just like Trenbolone when it comes to benefits, but it has none of the side effects that are associated with Trenbolone.
Trenorol is created using powerful, safe, and beneficial ingredients.

Each of these ingredients has a positive effect on the body and is key in helping you reach your goal of strength.

Samento inner bark, beta-sitosterol, nettle leaf extract, and pepsin are all used in Trenorol.

They allow the supplement to improve muscle repair, increase muscle mass, energy, strength, fat burning, and sexual drive.

Who is Strength Stack Best for?

The strength stack is perfect for anyone looking to increase their strength.

It can be used by a new user of supplement stacks or someone who has great experience with stacks.

You do not have to be a professional athlete to use this strength stack. As long as you follow the crazy bulk stack instructions, you are bound to see results.

Who is Strength Stack NOT for?

This strength stack is not recommended for a select group of people.

It can’t be used by anyone under the age of 18 years and by women who are pregnant, lactating, or planning to become pregnant.

Crazy Bulk Strength Stack Price?

Strength stack price

The cost of this strength stack is $189.99 for one bottle of each of the supplements, D-Bal, Anvarol, Testo-Max, and Trenorol. If you buy this supplement stack in Bulk, the cost is $379.98.

At this price point, you get two bottles of Testo-Max, two bottles of Anvarol, two bottles of Trenorol, and two bottles of D-Bal.

When you buy in bulk, you get one extra bottle of each supplement for free, leading to a total of 3 bottles of each supplement.

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Are there any Side Effects of the Crazy Bulk Strength Stack?

The reason crazy Bulk has one of the best if not the best strength stack on the market is because of its formulation. It contains four different steroid alternative supplements that are free of side effects that accompany steroid usage.

Final Verdict

The Crazy Bulk strength stack consists of 4 different supplements. Trenorol, Anvarol, D-Bal, and Testo-Max, these alternative steroid supplements, combine their individual effects to maximize strength building.

Crazybulk strength stack

The stack can easily be bought on the crazy bulk site and can be used by almost anyone without fear of side effects.

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