Dianabol Review: The Good, Bad and Ugly (safe or not?)

January 7, 2024 |

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In this review, we’re going to cover everything about Dianabol – one of the most popular steroids in the world.

Dianabol (Dbol) has been around since 1958 and was created by Ciba Specialty Chemicals to help people recovering from surgery or those who are experiencing muscle wasting diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and even old age.

Dianabol can be used for both medical purposes and performance enhancement purposes.

It’s not hard to see why so many people choose Dianobal for their muscle-building needs, but it can be difficult to know whether Dianabol is right for you.

In this Dianabol review, we shall talk about the good, bad, and ugly aspects of Dianabol.

Including its benefits, side effects, dosage information as well as a few details on how much this steroid can transform your body.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is a drug that includes the anabolic steroid – Methandrostenolone.

It’s legitimately prescribed, for aiding in recovery after surgery or involving trauma to the muscles, but it has also been illegally imported and used by bodybuilders due to its efficiency at stimulating muscle growth after only a couple of weeks of use.

From my personal research, I found out that Dianobal is a derivative of Testosterone and its pharmacological use has been for decades as a performance-enhancing drug (PED).

Most people that use this steroid undergo rapid weight gain, water retention and yet still retain a toned, hard physique even at the end of a cycle.

The muscle size gained on this drug can be quite impressive with many men experiencing a considerable increase in strength, often PRing their bench press after only a few weeks on this compound.

What makes it an excellent choice for any cycle is the fact that it also helps you train more efficiently.

Because it replaces depleted amino acids throughout your body which allows you to train harder and a lot longer.

How Does Dianabol Work?

Dianabol works in a way that is similar to other anabolic steroids. Dbol works by increasing nitrogen retention in the cells.

Once Dianabol enters the body, it is converted into a substance known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT then interacts with receptors located throughout LBM and muscle tissue that are responsible for secondary male sexual characteristics such as beard growth, deepening of the voice, and hair loss.

This process can lead to increased LBM by allowing proteins found in muscles cells to be synthesized more frequently, as well as a decrease in body fat.

One of the things that make Dbol stand out from other anabolic steroids is that Dianabol produces a massive increase in nitrogen retention and blood flow to muscle tissue.

This means users can experience significant gains in size and strength when Dianabol is part of their steroid cycle.

Dianabol, like many other oral anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) was made for the sole purpose of performance enhancement & physical appearance.

Dianabol Benefits and Uses

Below are the Dianabol benefits and uses:

1. Boosts muscle mass

Source: Pikx By Panther on Pexels

Dianabol is the most effective steroid for adding muscle mass. This is because Dianabol is very fast-acting and starts increasing nitrogen retention within the muscle cells.

It also helps a ton with fast muscle gains, helping you get to your goals faster!

2. Increases energy levels

What makes Dbol a good steroid for increasing energy levels is that it converts to the male hormone testosterone once ingested by your body.

This helps you recover faster and train harder, which can cause increased energy levels during workouts (and after).

3. Improves strength and endurance

Dbol also increases muscle endurance, allowing you to train harder and for longer periods of time.

If you also like to increase your strength, Dianabol is a good steroid for you since it doesn’t increase the muscle fibers as much, therefore allowing other muscles to grow more.

This means that whatever lifts or exercises that you do will feel easier and your strength gains in those areas will be greater than if Dianabol wasn’t part of your cycle.

4. Dianabol increases nitrogen retention in muscles

Dbol increases nitrogen retention, thus allowing your body to build more protein than it normally would be able to. This has great benefits when bulking or cutting.

Even when bulking, Dianabol supplementation can help you keep your hard-earned muscle definition by preventing water weight gain.

Dianabol is an effective cutting steroid because of its ability to maintain lean tissue while you are on a calorie-restricted diet.

5. Dianabol can also help with fat loss

This is achieved by increasing metabolism and reducing appetite. If you’re looking to lose weight/fat Dianabol may very well be worth considering.

6. Dianabol can help with the growth of lean tissue

Building muscle is difficult, Dianabol makes it easier.

Dianabol also increases nitrogen retention in muscles, which contributes to an intense pump you’ll experience during your workout sessions.

This causes blood flow issues for your opponent during a match or fight.

Dianabol also has many side effects that are worth considering before taking this supplement. More on those soon.

Who Should take Dianabol?

As a performance-enhancing supplement, it is safe for individuals engaging in intense physical training.

Dianabol supplements are used by athletes involved in competitive weightlifting because the drug assists with protein synthesis.

The protein synthesis promotes muscle growth which can lead to increased strength, power, and metabolism.

The FDA categorizes ingredients within this supplement as prescription medication which means that it cannot be bought over the counter easily.

Steroid prohibition dictates that one must have a physician’s approval before initiating the use of this supplement.

Maintain healthy blood pressure levels, cholesterol readings, or take any other medications regularly if you are taking Dianabol supplements and consult your doctor before adding new substances into the mix.

It can also be used by athletes for clarity and stamina.

Dianabol, a.k.a. “the breakfast of champions,” is usually the first choice among athletes looking to get bigger and stronger faster without adding too much body fat.

The drug can also help recovery since it enhances protein synthesis by lowering cortisol levels in the body, helping heal muscles more quickly after intense weight lifting sessions or even long bouts of cardio training like marathon running.

Muscle builders should also take Dbol.

Lastly, even if you want to start working on gaining more muscle and you will not be competing in any sport, this is a fantastic addition to your pre-workout supplement regimen.

How to Buy Dianabol Online Safely

Maybe you’re from South Africa, UK, Australia, the USA, Canada, Germany, India, Nigeria, and other countries and wondering where and how to buy Dianabol?

Buying Dianabol online is tricky because of the regulation in shipping and distribution for this drug.

By law, pharmacies in the United States cannot legally distribute most anabolic steroids without a prescription.

So it’s likely that any company selling Dianabol is doing so illegally – but not all companies are open about that fact.

If you’re purchasing from outside the US, then you have to be careful where you get your drugs from because certain countries have different types of regulations pertaining to this drug.

This is why I highly a legal alternative to Dianabol like D-bal.

D-bal is a product of CrazyBulk and is a Dianabol alternative made from only the most natural ingredients.

It’s also 100% legal and doesn’t require a prescription, so you can take it with confidence knowing that you’re not breaking any laws.

You can safely order it online from their official store at Crazybulk.com/products/dbal/

Side Effects of Taking Dianabol

There are lots of side effects related to Dianabol usage and some of them are dangerous.

Dianabol is a steroid, which means that it can always cause negative reactions in your body system.

Here are the side effects of taking Dianabol:

  • Acne on the face and body (bad ones)
  • Liver problems
  • Heart attack or stroke (serious life-threatening situations)
  • Sterility
  • Increased hair growth
  • voice changes
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Estrogenic effects like fluid retention and breast enlargement

We covered all these side effects right in this post.

Like I mentioned earlier, these effects could be life-threatening and sometimes could bring you down for days, weeks, or even months if not properly taken care of or treated.

Again, a safer option like D-bal would be a better choice for anyone out there looking to increase strength and gain fast muscles.

And because Dianabol is one of the strongest anabolic steroids out there, D-bal has been formulated to deliver fast results while being completely safe for your health.

You won’t have to worry about liver toxicity or negative side effects when using this product as opposed to Dianabol – just be sure to cycle properly as advised by CrazyBulk staff members on their website.

FAQs on Dianabol Bodybuilding Steroid

Here are some frequently asked questions on Dianabol bodybuilding steroid.

What Does Dianabol Do To Your Body?

First of all, Dianabol is a steroid. Dianabol has the ability to change your body structure very rapidly when you are in the gym training with it.

The results that Dianabol gives are great but not permanent, they won’t last forever!

Dianabol will help create muscle mass and increase strength levels dramatically if used correctly, which means taking precise measurements of what works for you.

Dianabol is not a miracle drug and will only work if you are training hard in the gym every day, it won’t do all of the work for you.

How Quickly Does Dianabol Work?

Well, Dianabol is going to work as quickly or slowly as your body will let it.

Dianabol half-life in the body can be between a mere hour and a full day, depending on how much you take and what type of Dianabol you have been taking for the Dianabol cycle.

In general, most users notice results from this drug after about two weeks, but Dianabol can start to work within days.

What Are The Side Effects Of Dianabol?

The most serious side effects of Dianabol are liver toxicity, increased blood pressure, and some symptoms of masculinization like increased hair growth, etc.

Does Dianabol Increase Muscle Mass?

100% yes Dbol will help in mass increase. Dianabol has the propensity to increase muscle mass, especially when combined with other supplements like Anadrol or Trenbolone.

Can You Buy Dianabol Legally?

Unfortunately, Dianabol is a controlled substance and you cannot buy it legally if you do not have a prescription.

Where Does Dianabol Originate?

Dianabol is a derivative of Testosterone. Dianabol was developed in the 1950s by Ciba Specialty Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland. Dianabol was originally developed to treat infertility and pituitary disorders in men.

Which was later acquired by BASF during its pharmaceutical division’s restructuring.

It has been used to treat people with muscle-wasting diseases due to HIV or other medical conditions resulting from malnutrition and poor growth or lack thereof.

What’s Better Dbol Or Anadrol?

It depends on what you want. Dbol has a shorter half-life while Anadrol has larger doses.

Dianabol is best for strength and weight gain, but it’s not the most comfortable to use. While Anadrol is the best for massive size gains.

But yeah, Dianabol stacks well with other steroids too.

You can read further on my Dianabol vs Anadrol here.

Is Dianabol Gains Permanent?

Yes and no.

Dianabol steroid is a derivative of testosterone and we all know that steroids create temporary effects in the body.

A lot of people may say that their muscles gained through Dianabol usage is irreversible, but in reality, they’re wrong because steroid users usually stop using them after about 6 months.

Which means they also stop producing new muscle cells. So yes; the gains are permanent only if you take it for life or until you exercise or use some other form of intervention by yourself.

Can Dianabol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

There are several Dianabol side effects that could cause ED, including the following:

  • Water retention and bloating
  • High cholesterol levels may lead to plaque buildup in arteries leading to heart disease or stroke

Several studies have found an association between Dianabol use and erectile dysfunction (ED). While steroid users often say it’s just “water weight” causing the problem, Cyvita is a natural way for men who want bigger size with no potential Dianabol negative effect on their sex life.

Can Dianabol Give You Headaches?

Yes. Dianabol gives you headaches because of the increased blood flow to your brain.

Blood vessels in your brain will constrict as a result of the weight lifter placing more pressure on their neck and spine as they shuffle around with heavyweights on their shoulders, chest, and head.

There is also evidence that some severe side effects of taking steroids can include long-lasting brain damage or neurological disorders.

Can Dianabol Cause Heart Attack?

Taking illegal steroids like Dianabol can increase your risk of heart disease, leading to plaque formation that can cause a heart attack.

Especially when taken for a longer period of time.

This may have permanent effects on the heart, based on a recent study of 140 male weight lifters.

Can Dianabol Be Used For Cutting?

Dianabol is not a good option to consider during a cutting cycle. It is mostly used for building muscles.

I’d recommend Clenbuterol and Anavar for cutting cycles.

Can Dianabol Make You Infertile?

Increasing testosterone can lower sperm counts. Steroids like Dianabol can cause low or no sperm count and shrunken testicles. This is often a treatable form of infertility in men.

Will Dianabol Make Me Big?

Dianabol is a good anabolic steroid for making people stronger and bigger.

It won’t necessarily make you big, but it will definitely make you stronger.

Dianabol is a very effective steroid for gaining speed and explosive power, which can increase your muscle performance ten-fold over the course of six weeks.

Can I Take Dianabol With Or Without Food?

It depends on how your body system works. You can take Dianabol with or without food.

If you are taking Dianabol after a meal, it is better to take Dianabol with the food since Dianabol can absorb easily into your body system when taken along with some fatty foods like meat and eggs.

You can take it on an empty stomach or with a meal; however, you may find that without food, you experience side effects such as appetite suppression and nausea more frequently than when taking it with a meal.

Keep in mind, if the supplement does its job and increases your metabolism then you will probably feel hungry more often than usual so ensuring that your nutrition is adequate while taking Dianabol is important.

Dianabol Natural Alternative – And How to Get it?

After all said and done, it is very important for you to think about all the Dianabol side effects before you take Dianobal or any other Dianabol supplement.

However, it is also beneficial if you include some of your own research in order to better understand how this steroid works and what it does to your life in the longer run.

Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t recommend you take this drug.

For the most part:

  • It is illegal
  • It is unsafe due to its side effects

D-Bal is a new, powerful formula that helps you get gains without the side effects of Methandrostenolone (or Dianabol). It’s better than Dianabol. If you want to get bigger and stronger, use D-Bal.

You can my full D-bal review here.

With a combined unique selection of natural ingredients to do more than just increase strength and muscle mass – D-Bal’s special formula can help you lose weight too.

Final Thoughts on Dianabol Review

Dianabol is a powerful steroid that can help you build your muscles and increase your strength.

You should take care to avoid side effects, however. If you have any questions about this drug or want to know more about what it can do for you or need to purchase a safer steroid, drop your comments below.

We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions in this Dianabol review and discuss how Dianabol will work best with the rest of your supplement routine.

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