Do You Take Anavar on Rest Days?

January 10, 2024 |

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You wake up and rejoice that you’ve finally made it to your rest day. You walk to the kitchen but you stop and wonder, do I even have to take Anavar on rest days? Yes, yes you do.

See, as with all drugs, you don’t stop taking them just because you are not actively working on something.


Taking Anavar at the right time of day (before a workout with Omega 3 Fatty Acids) will maximize its benefits. Rest days are still important while using steroids as one should not neglect their own recovery.

Anavar can help with recovery but adequate food and sleep are also necessary. Taking Anavar without working out will not produce any results.

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Do I need to take Anavar on rest days?

Anavar has a half-life of around 8 hours, meaning 24 hours after you have taken your dose the drug kinda stops working altogether. The concentration left in your blood is not nearly enough to do what it must.

When looking at the reason why most people take Anavar, to increase muscle protein synthesis, it would be safe to assume most people need that increased MPS all of the time. MPS doesn’t just stimulate growth when you’ve trained, MPS is what stimulates growth. Training does accelerate it.

That said, you do not fully recover within 24 hours.

If you do, you’re not training nearly hard enough, especially not hard enough to be taking anabolic steroids. Taking Anavar will help you recover faster and gain more muscle in the process.

When should you take Anavar?

As discussed in another article, unlike prescribed drugs there really isn’t a perfect time during the day that you would need to take Anavar. See, because Anavar has a pretty long half-life, the effects will last quite a while. That said, here are some tips when it comes to using Anavar:

  • Take it away from food. Taking it with food will lower the bioavailability
  • However, taking it with Omega 3 fatty acids could potentially increase the bioavailability
  • Taking Anavar at a point during the day that doesn’t require you to be hungry is advantageous seeing as how Anavar can negatively impact your hunger

Thus, the best time of the day to take Anavar would be just before a workout with Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Do you need rest days while taking steroids?

Yes. The idea that you should not need rest days while on gear is dumbfounding. You simply increased your ability to recover and grow muscle tissue, however, you did not magically gain the ability to completely “skip” recovery of your own CNS.

At some point, you should be training hard enough (hopefully) that you will need an off day. Is there less of a need? Sure, however, you’ll probably be moving more weight and using more volume so the two negate one another.

Is Anavar good for muscle recovery?

Yes, all Steroids will increase your muscle protein synthesis and thereby increase your ability to recover from one session to the next. It will not negate the need for good food and quality sleep, however.

What happens if you take Anavar and it doesn’t work out?

Literally, nothing. You might have increased cholesterol and blood pressure, but that’s about it.

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