Anavar and Birth Control: Does Anavar Affect Birth Control?

January 10, 2024 |

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Can you take Anavar while on birth control? How do steroids interact with these pills?

You know, it is quite common for people to wonder about the interactions of drugs, and for good reason. Something as simple as food can lower the effectiveness of some drugs. Caffeine can as well, so, something as strong as Steroids surely would, right?

There are no studies looking at Oxandrolone’s effects on birth control, however, since they work by different pathways it is very unlikely that Anavar would affect your birth control.

Key Highlights:

  • There are no studies looking at the effects of Anavar on birth control, but it is unlikely that Anavar would affect birth control as they work by different pathways.
  • All steroids can affect fertility in females and alter menstrual cycles, including Anavar.
  • Anavar can cause other side effects in females such as hair loss, blood lipid changes, kidney toxicity, and virilization. This is why I always recommend a safer Anavar alternative called Anvarol for women.

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Does Anavar affect birth control pills?

The problem with answering this question is that there are no studies looking at this. It is unlikely that anyone in the scientific community has ever asked this, and probably unlikely that anyone ever would.

Birth control works via a different pathway to Anavar, namely the estrogen/progesterone route. Anavar on the other hand does not. It is known as DHT. Dihydrotestosterones do not convert into Estrogen and thus do not affect them at all.

Where something like Winstrol (which lowers progesterone) can affect birth control, it is unlikely that Anavar would do so.

Can Anavar affect fertility in females?

Yes, all Steroids can affect fertility in females. Steroids can cause changes in the hormone levels responsible for ovulation and menstruation. This will massively impact fertility, and it is even known that steroid use can literally cause the virilization of your unborn baby.

This means using too many steroids can make your child a lot more manly than it was supposed to be.

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Do steroids interfere with birth control?

Most steroids might, yes. There are no real studies looking at this question for a few reasons.

  • Steroid users use more than is ever studied meaning that 5mg per day might not interfere with birth control, but then again, steroid users don’t just use 5mg. Steroid users use way more, which can drastically change the way both compounds work
  • Nobody cares about steroid users in the medical world. It’s the reality of the world we live in, and no one is going to fund a study like this

So, it’s not looking like we’ll have concrete answers soon. However, it is known that changes in estrogen/progesterone levels can alter birth control effectiveness, and Steroids do cause changes in estrogen/progesterone levels. Thus, we can assume that steroids do interfere with birth control.

Can Anavar affect your period?

Yes, it can. All steroids can alter your menstrual cycle, and while Anavar is relatively mild it can definitely affect your period. All Steroids can cause changes in the hormone levels responsible for ovulation and menstruation.

While Anavar is considered to be a relatively mild steroid, it can still have an impact on a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Anavar, like all steroids, can affect the levels of hormones responsible for ovulation and menstruation. This can lead to irregular periods, missed periods, or changes in the length or intensity of your menstrual cycle.

It is important to note that the effects of Anavar on your menstrual cycle can vary depending on your individual body chemistry, dosage, and duration of use. If you are experiencing changes in your menstrual cycle while using Anavar or any other steroid, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider to discuss potential risks and solutions.

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What are the side effects of Anavar in females?

Before you read the list, just know that the more you use and the longer you use it the more severe the side effects will be.

Hair Loss

Hair loss will occur due to the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, which will negatively impact the hair follicles on your head. If you wish to avoid this, do not use too many of the compounds that do convert into DHT. This doesn’t usually happen with Anavar but it can.

Blood Lipids (Cholesterol)

All Steroids will increase both LDL (bad) and total Cholesterol, whilst decreasing HDL (good) Cholesterol. There is nothing you can do to avoid this, this will happen with all Steroids.

Kidney Toxicity

The kidneys are unable to recover once they are injured. Once they are, you will not even be able to consume more than 100g of protein per day.

The simplest way to avoid kidney damage is to live as healthily as possible. This means consuming plenty of water, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, decreasing junk food intake, and doing regular cardio.


Virilization is the change in females that make them seem more male, so, more facial hair and body hair growth. Deeper voice, broader jawline, etc.

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