Does Creatine Make You Taller? (at 15, 16, 18 or 20 years)

January 9, 2024 |

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In this article, we will talk about the effect of creatine on human growth and height.

A quick answer to your query: Yes, creatine positively influences human growth and can help you grow taller if the growth plates of your bones are still active.

The following sections include all the information about bone growth plates and narrate how creatine affects your growth.

So, keep reading to find out if you can increase your height using creatine.

How Does Creatine Affect Your Growth Height?

Creatine usually increases the growth rate of body cells by inducing protein synthesis.

Before jumping into the efficacy of creatine for increasing height, let’s quickly see how humans grow taller. In a newborn, most of the skeleton is made of soft cartilage, which is replaced by hard bones with time.

This bone-formation is a time-consuming process and completes in about 19-20 years.

Consequently, children and adolescents have soft growth plates at the end of their long bones (like leg bones). These tissues respond to nutrients and growth hormones by growing larger and stronger.

But gradually, soft cartilage is replaced with hard bones, which do not grow longer even when supplied with abundant nutrients and hormones.

Hence, you have a chance to increase your height with proper supplementation till you become an adult.

And creatine is a good supplement to help you achieve your growth goals.

Its positive impact on growth is evident from several studies, proving that it reduces myostatin (a molecule that slows down the growth process) concentrations which eventually leads to a taller stature.

Besides that, it also promotes growth by increasing the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) level in the blood.

Scientific evidence shows that growth factor (IGF-1) reduces the insensitivity of body tissues to growth hormone (GH). Resultantly, those tissues start responding to GH, and their growth rate increases.

The influence of creatine on height is confirmed by a cross-sectional analysis of the 9-12 years old U.S population, stating that children and adolescents whose diet included a high amount of creatine are taller than those who consume lesser dietary creatine.

Creatine formula

It was found that each 0.1 gram of creatine consumed per day increases height by 0.60 cm.

But does creatine intake affects growth hormone production or secretion directly? The next section covers the effect of creatine on the hormonal system in light of scientific observations;

Does Creatine Increase Growth Hormone?

Yes, acute creatine intake increases growth hormone secretion. However, small doses do not seem to affect the hormonal secretions.

As we discussed above, the effects of creatine on protein synthesis are confirmed by several studies. Yet, only a few pieces of research exist about the effect of creatine on growth hormone concentration.

However, these few studies infer that creatine does affect growth hormone secretion but only at a higher concentration.

A clinical trial was performed in Belgium to study the effects of creatine and weight training on the hormonal system.

According to this research, using small doses of creatine for a short period does not change the blood concentration or secretion level of hormones, including growth hormone, testosterone, and cortisol.

But different results were reported in another research paper, which concluded that a high dosage of creatine leads to higher secretion of GH.

That is why fitness gurus often suggest going through a loading phase when you start taking creatine to maximize growth effects.

However, many negative outcomes are associated with consuming large doses of a single creatine derivative.

Hence, if you want to take creatine for increasing height, it is better to choose a supplement containing different types of creatine molecules.

Here is one such recommendation for you;

Best Creatine for Height Growth

If you want to grow taller, muscular, and healthier, the creatine product we recommend is Crazy nutrition’s CRN5.

From our experience in fitness and bodybuilding, we can tell you that Crazy Nutrition produces highly effective supplements.

And the thing that I exclusively love about this brand is that they use scientific findings and devise innovative ways to deal with supplementation side effects like allergies, gut discomfort, and anxiety.

So, you have a science-baked surety that their products are safe and actually work. CRN-5 is an evident example of their expertise as its formulation ensures that you get more benefits with minimal side effects.

CrazyNutrition Creatine

That is why it is trusted by thousands of gym freaks and fitness-conscious people, including many training experts.

Let’s have a look at its ingredients and find out how it has become word of mouth;

Ingredients and benefits

As its name suggests, CRN-5 is a blend of five different creatine derivatives. These are creatine monohydrate, creatine hydrochloride, citrate pyruvate, ethyl ester, and tri- creatine malate.

Hence, with this supplement, it would be easier for you to maintain a high creatine level in serum and load on creatine more effectively. Plus, this way, you will likely escape the side effects of high doses of one derivative.

Besides that, these five compounds maximize the product’s advantages and reinforce each other growth-inducing effects. Hence, your body would never fall short of energy molecule (ATP), whose formation requires creatine reserves in the cells.

In addition to creatine varieties, this product also contains beta carotene, which also improves the growth rate. In experimentation on lab animals, it was found to increase body growth and reproductive ability.

It also includes marine-based minerals like Aquamin magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium, which enhance the absorption of supplementary creatine.

Besides that, these minerals also replenish electrolyte levels in body fluids that were sweated out or consumed during the training session.

You can choose from its two flavors; mango and orange if you have a sweet tooth and lime/lemon if you want a spark of citrus.

It is available at the official store of Crazy Nutrition for $34.99 per tub (30 servings). However, a subscription offer is also available, which reduces the price to $24.99.

Another financial merit is the 60-day money-back guarantee by the brand for all unsatisfied users.


  • Vegan friendly.
  • Provides 5 creatine derivatives.
  • Contains minerals and electrolytes.
  • Two mouth-watering flavors.
  • Caffeine is not included.


  • Contains sucralose.

FAQS on Creatine and its Effects on Height

Does creatine stunt growth?

No, there is no evidence that creatine has a negative effect on growth. In fact, scientific evidence shows that dietary creatine increases the growth rate and effectively increases body mass, height, and BMI.

Is creatine a human growth hormone?

No, creatine itself is not a human growth hormone.

However, it increases protein synthesis and muscle fiber elongation and causes increased secretion of growth hormone if your muscles are loaded with it.

Does creatine make you taller at 20?

No, creatine supplementation at 20 or afterward has little to no effect on height growth. As for most people, bones have grown to their full potential at 20, and growth factors like proper nutrition and growth hormone levels do not cause them to grow taller.

Rather, these factors only affect body mass and muscular strength in adults, not height.

Does creatine make you taller at 16?

Yes, creatine can help you increase height if you are 16.

At 16, your bones are still growing and have growth plates active. So, if you provide good nutrition, your bones can grow taller.

And creatine is a protein derivative that increases growth by stimulating protein synthesis in cells. Moreover, creatine loading can help you boost growth hormone levels in the body, leading to faster and enhanced growth.


The efficacy of creatine shakes is established regarding muscle growth, but this protein subunit is also effective for increasing height.

It reduces myostatin concentration and increases the concentration of IGF-1 growth factor, due to which leg bones grow longer and height increases. Moreover, high concentrations of creatine in blood serum also increase the secretion of growth hormone, leading to better growth.

However, for adults, height is not significantly affected by nutrients, growth factors, or training routines.

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