Does PhenQ Make You Sweat? (How To Make It Stop?)

January 9, 2024 |

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To figure out why sweat production increases by taking diet pills, I studied the working mechanism of fat burners like PhenQ and how they interact with sweat glands, and here are the result I found;

Key Points:

  • PhenQ makes you sweat more because it is rich in thermogenic ingredients.
  • Sweat production with fat burners is harmless in most cases unless your perspiration rate is radically high.
  • Find more about PhenQ on its official website.

Sweating is one of the many messy troubles you see with a high BMI. However, sometimes taking a fat burner makes you sweat even more.

It is actually the fat-burning process that makes you sweat more when losing weight. However, every fat burner component works differently, and the following sections will brief you on how.

Also, you can read some handy tips to keep this issue at a minimum. But first, let’s start with the basic reason;

Why Do Fat Burners Make You Sweat?

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Thermogenic ingredients of the fat burner make many people sweat more after taking these pills. These ingredients fire up the body’s metabolism, making your cells consume more calories.

Resultantly, these metabolic reactions generate enormous amounts of heat, increasing your body temperature. Oxidation analyses show that the human body can extract about 37-39 kJ of heat energy by burning 1 gram of fats.

And when the body temperature goes high, your body produces more sweat to dissipate the additional heat.

Simply put, fat burners increase heat production in your body by stimulating fat burn, which makes you sweat more.

In this way, increased sweating is, in fact, an indicator of more fat burn.

However, the amount of sweat produced varies from person to person depending upon their natural physique, health condition, and the thermogenic efficiency of the diet pill ingredients.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that although fat burners increase sweat production immediately, they help you get rid of heavy sweating over the long run.

Excessive sweats, especially with a foul smell, are reported more from overweight than lean individuals.

The reason is the thick fatty layer beneath the skin which delays sweat secretion from the skin and mixes smelly ingredients into a sweat.

So, let’s see what PhenQ has got that makes you sweat after taking this pill;

Why Does PhenQ Make You Sweat?

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PhenQ is filled with thermogenic ingredients like l-carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Caffeine that cause increased heat production and sweating.

This heat boosts energy consumption pathways and helps metabolites work more efficiently.

Following are the functions these ingredients generate heat for;

1. L-carnitine Uses Body Heat To Stimulate Fat-burn Genes

L-carnitine is the main fat buster in this drug. Several scientific observations confirm its efficacy in reducing fat percentage, BMI, and waist size in people of different ages and genders.

And laboratory research shows it is a necessary co-factor to the main normal morphology of body tissues. It produces UCP-1 RNA and proteins that break down fatty acids to extract energy.

That is why genes for fat metabolism are expressed more often when you take a carnitine-rich supplement like PhenQ.

2. Α-Lacy’s Reset Generates Heat To Protect Your Metabolic Machinery

Your metabolism all depends upon the efficiency of your energy-extracting enzymes. But these enzymes are temperature sensitive and can’t work properly if it’s too hot or cold.

Some may even lose their structure and get destroyed without enough heat. This destruction makes your metabolism slower, making it further difficult to lose weight.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (a component of Α-Lacy’s reset blend) prevents this misfortune in two ways.

On one side, it increases thermogenesis to generate heat; on the other, it makes mitochondrial enzymes bear the heat shock more effectively.

When mitochondrial proteins remain optimally viable, heat production is further increased, and you would need to wipe off sweat more often.

3. Caffeine Anhydrous Increases Body Temperature And Fat-burn

PhenQ contains 142.5 mg of caffeine anhydrous per pill, which is a potent thermogenic agent.

The energy you feel after taking a cup of coffee is partially because of neural stimulation by this alkaloid substance and partially by the increased temperature and faster energy extraction in body tissues.

A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows the efficacy of caffeine in stimulating metabolic machinery and increasing energy expenditure.

According to this research, a single dose of caffeine is effective enough to mount body temperature by 3-4% in both healthy and overweight individuals.

On average, daily fat-burning capacity increases by 79 calories for overweight persons and 150 calories for healthy lean individuals consuming 100 mg of caffeine.

In this way, caffeine thermogenesis makes you burn more calories and lose fats faster. That is why it is a necessary component of many effective weight loss supplements.

To sum up, if you are sweating more after taking PhenQ, it shows that the fat burner has started working, and you will soon see the results.

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Sweating Excessively? Here’s What You Need To Do

As I discussed above, sweating more with diet pills is nothing of much concern for most people.

However, some individuals naturally have more active sweat glands, and some have sensitive skin, which becomes prone to allergies and rashes due to excessive sweating.

Also, excessive sweating often feels uncomfortable.

So, here are some tips to minimize sweating while still getting the benefits of your diet pill;

1. Avoid Tight-Fitting Clothes

Wearing breathable clothes and shoes is probably the best thing you can do to reduce sweating discomfort.

As discussed above, fat burners make your body generate more heat. And wearing a tight-fitting dress made with thickly-knitted fabric would only worsen the sweating because sweat vapors won’t find a way to escape.

In contrast, using lightweight, loose-fitting, and breathable dresses would help you quickly get rid of the perspired liquid.

2. Use Antiperspirants

Using antiperspirants significantly reduces the issue of excessive sweating. These products block sweat gland openings, preventing the secretion of sweat.

For best results, apply the antiperspirant the night before and make sure that your skin is completely dry when you apply the product.

3. Stay Stress-Free

Your psychological functioning plays an important role in physiological processes. Similarly, sweat production is significantly affected by your mental state.

It is a common observation that people sweat in fear, agitation, or hurry. The Journal of Neurophysiology also confirms that mental stress is as effective in sweat production as thermogenesis.

That is why practicing mindfulness and staying stress-free while working out can help you escape heavy sweating when taking fat burners.

4. Keep A Towel/ Napkin At Hand

Sweat contains several minerals and metabolic byproducts which can feed bacteria present on your skin or clothes. And the more time your skin stays exposed to the perspired solution, the more are chances of a skin rash from these microbes.

That is why you should always keep a handkerchief to wipe off sweat. Small towels are better for gym sessions, while cotton napkins usually work fine for the workplace and home.

5. Use the Wardrobe Afresh

Your clothes and socks absorb sweat from your skin, and many compounds and bacteria stay inside even after drying. Reusing the same article without proper cleaning can expose you to irritating agents.

That is why you should change clothes more often if you sweat a lot and put the “sweat-enriched” clothes in the laundry.

Similarly, switch shoes when possible and clean them after every use.

Use this simple hack from Nike to remove sweat residues and smell from shoes;

  1. Spray baking soda or vinegar solution (1:1) inside the shoes.
  2. Let the shoe air dry before using them again. Giving them a sunbath for 2-3 hours is even better.

6. Use Breathable Linen Sheets To Reduce Nighttime Sweating

This tip is especially useful to avoid excessive sweating issues with PhenQ PM because this nighttime fat burner makes resting thermogenesis many folds.

Check out our detailed review of PhenQ PM here.

So, opt for breathable fabrics like cotton when buying bedsheets as such light, and porous fabrics help in quick heat dissipation, providing a cooling effect.

On the other hand, heat transfers are difficult if you spread silk linens. As a result, sweating will dampen the bedsheet, making you uneasy all night.


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