Does PhenQ Make You Tired? (real reviews from users)

January 10, 2024 |

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Fat burners like PhenQ can significantly change how energized you feel during the day. In fact, some weight loss supplements are so strong that they can give you as strong an energy boost as you will get by drinking multiple cups of coffee.

PhenQ has a milder stimulatory (caffeine) content than most other diet pills. But even this mild concentration is strong enough to give you an energy punch.

Key Points:

  • Taking PhenQ at the wrong time can lead to exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Individuals with decreased or no caffeine tolerance are more prone to tiredness with PhenQ.
  • Poor hydration and reduced nutrition during dieting are also key reasons for feeling tired with PhenQ.
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So, it won’t make you feel tired. Instead, it will fight against fatigue. However, the scenario can also get reversed if you don’t follow the company guidelines.

In this article, I have explained why energy-boosting fat burners can make you feel drained and what you can do to avoid this situation. So, keep reading to find out;

Do Fat Burners Make You Tired?

Mostly fat burners make you more active and energized as they contain stimulatory thermogenic compounds.

However, in some cases, you may get tired by using fat burners. This happens mostly because of taking the supplement at the wrong time.

Generally speaking, fat burners can make you tired in 3 ways;

1. They Can Cause Insomnia

Stimulants in the fat burners can cause insomnia if you take them close to bedtime or if their concentration in the supplement is too high.

Caffeine anhydrous is the most common stimulatory fat burner and is present in almost every stimulatory fat burner product. Besides that, other stimulatory alkaloids (like bitter orange, yohimbine, etc.) are also used in diet supplements.

These stimulants trigger neural networks, creating a fake effect as natural neurotransmitters. Resultantly, you suddenly start feeling energized after taking these drugs.

However, these effects last for many hours, and if you use the pills in the evening, you will likely have trouble falling asleep. In turn, sleep deprivation will make you feel drained and groggy the next day.

2. It Can Be A Withdrawal Effect Of An Overstimulating Product

Besides timing, the amount of stimulatory ingredients also affects your energy levels.

Multiple stimulants and high concentrations can both lead to overstimulation by fat burners. This effect shows up immediately as an increased heart rate, jitters, and sudden energy spark.

However, this stimulation is a fake effect caused by interrupting the natural energy balance in the body. So, after a certain time, your body’s capacity to be active ends, and then you will feel severely fatigued and exhausted.

3. Stress-mediated Reactions

The third main reason behind tiredness with fat burners is also connected to their high stimulatory content.

As stimulants affect the nervous system, long-term or high dosage lead to stress and anxiety. And In turn, stress can make you feel jaded, unmotivated, and tired all the time.

Why Does PhenQ Make You Tired?

tired and sleepy man

PhenQ makes you feel energetic owing to its mild stimulatory properties.

Reviews from real customers also show that taking this pill helps you avoid fatigue and tiredness for a long, enabling you to perform tougher workouts and stay active throughout the day.

However, as it also has up to 142.5 mg of caffeine anhydrous per tablet, it can make you stay up at night if you don’t follow the dose recommendations. And pulling an all-nighter will ultimately make you feel sleepy and tired the next day.

Besides that, your diet also significantly affects your energy levels. The amount and type of foods you eat can change your activity and focus during the day.

Next, I have listed 5 key reasons you may feel exhausted when taking PhenQ;

1. You Aren’t Following The Dosage Guidelines

  • Using PhenQ In the Evening

Caffeine has a half-life of 5-6 hours. That means you would need more than 15 hours to eliminate the caffeine you got in a PhenQ serving.

In this scenario, taking this pill in the evening means a high amount of caffeine would be present in your body when you go to bed.

Resultantly, your sleep quality will be decreased, and you may find it difficult to fall asleep.

  • Taking More Than 2 Pills Daily

As I just mentioned, caffeine has a long half-life. And taking a high dose means that more amount would still be there in your blood even after 1 or 2 half-lives.

The high blood concentration would keep pinging the neural networks, causing sleep disturbance and anxiety, both of which can make you feel tired and groggy.

2. You Aren’t Managing Your Overall Caffeine Intake

When taking a supplement with high caffeine content, you must observe your caffeine intake through other sources to make sure you are not taking too much caffeine.

FDA recommends not to take more than 400 mg of caffeine daily, which roughly makes up for 3-5 cups of coffee, depending on your coffee’s type and serving size.

But when taking PhenQ, you already get 285 mg of concentrated caffeine through your fat burner. So, you must lower your regular coffee intake. Similar is the case for sodas and chocolate desserts.

Fortunately, the caffeine content of PhenQ is not as high as most other potent fat burners, and you can still enjoy your coffee with it.

(Read this blog to know how much coffee you can still drink with PhenQ without getting beyond the safe limit)

3. You Are Not Eating Enough

Weight loss requires a restricted diet, and PhenQ can help you follow a restricted meal plan with its strong appetite and craving suppressor properties.

As this person said in his Reddit comment, that previously he could not lose weight because he was constantly hungry. However, PhenQ helped him with cravings and appetite, making him lose 6 pounds in a month.

But here is when some people get themselves in trouble by skipping meals and eating way lesser than required. I highly recommend against this strategy as it does more harm than good.

Taking fewer nutrients than your body requires leads to an energy slump, making you feel drained all day long. Also, not eating enough food makes your metabolism slower and works against your weight loss goals.

Certain foods also induce sleepiness, so they are best suited for a meal before bed but aren’t a good choice for breakfast or lunch.

4. You Are Dehydrated

Dehydration is a key reason for healthy people feeling tired.

If you are not consciously drinking a lot of water, you may get dehydrated when using PhenQ.

That’s because it has a considerable amount of caffeine, a compound that has diuretic properties. Resultantly, frequent urination without increasing water intake can end up as dehydration.

5. Caffeine Sensitivity Also Causes Fatigue With PhenQ

If you are caffeine-sensitive, PhenQ can make you feel tired even if you eat a balanced meal, are well hydrated, take the pills at the right time and stick to the recommended dosage.

Caffeine in these tablets is high enough to provoke hypersensitivity reactions like insomnia, headaches, and gut unrest in caffeine-intolerant persons.

Unlike individuals with high caffeine tolerance, these side effects get severe with time instead of fading away. So, using PhenQ when you cannot tolerate caffeine will make you feel sick and weary.

This discussion applies to the daytime PhenQ that contains caffeine, but would you face the same trouble when using the nighttime version? Let’s find out;

Does PhenQ PM Make You Sleepy?

No, PhenQ PM does not make you sleepy. It has no stimulants and improves sleep quality by calming your brain with biotin and other ingredients that induce happy hormone secretion.

On one side, it doesn’t cause insomnia and prevents tiredness due to sleep deprivation.

And on the other side, it supports good sleep by releasing stress, not through melatonin secretion. So it won’t make you feel sleepy the next day.

Also, you get all this with the primary benefit of increased fat metabolism and reduced sugar cravings.

A win-win deal, right?

A user said in a PhenQ trustpilot review that the daytime fat burner helps her stay energetic while the PM version improves her sleep, making her start the next day with full zeal and energy.

Ann Shumate PhenQ Review

And the best thing is it’s not only for people sensitive to stimulants like caffeine but also helps reduce sleeping issues and tiredness for individuals with good caffeine tolerance.


How To Cope With Tiredness Caused By PhenQ?

If you are feeling tired after you use PhenQ, see the following checklist to make sure you are taking the diet medicine properly;

Don’t Exceed The Recommended Dose

The recommended dosage for PhenQ is 2 pills daily, one with breakfast and one with lunch.

And you should never take more than that because this dose already provides 285 mg of concentrated caffeine anhydrous.

If you take more than 2 pills, you will be ingesting more caffeine than the safe dose declared by FDA (400 mg).

Similarly, taking 2 PhenQ tablets at once is not recommended because it can lead to overstimulation, making you feel jittery at first and groggy once the stimulation effects wear off.

Hence, if you forget to take the fat burner in the morning, don’t be tempted to take 2 pills with lunch.

Don’t Take the Pills Too Late

The dosage time is important when taking fat burners like PhenQ, as you are not willing to quit the stimulatory effects of caffeine and other stimulants in the product.

Instead, you just don’t want them to infringe on your sleep pattern.

That is why it is recommended to be used only during daytime meals and not later than 3 pm.

Drink Lesser Coffee

A useful tip to avoid insomnia and associated issues like tiredness and headaches is to reduce the amount of coffee you drink in your routine.

Although it varies significantly with the coffee type and the size of your cup, you are least likely to experience sleep issues with PhenQ if you limit your coffee intake to 1 cup daily.

And if you still feel trouble sleeping, you should completely quit coffee when you are using PhenQ.

Don’t worry about that energy burst your drink used to give you, as you will now get the same from your fat burner.

(Find my detailed guide on drinking coffee with PhenQ here.)

Opt For The Caffeine-free PhenQ

Lowering the coffee intake helps many people avoid the insomnia-causing effects of PhenQ, but this precaution is not particularly useful for people who are caffeine sensitive and don’t drink much coffee or tea in their routine.

No worries because PhenQ PM is a stimulant-free solution to this problem.

As a nighttime pill, it promotes sleep by inducing the secretion of feel-good hormones.

But that doesn’t have to do anything with making one tired since it does not significantly enhances melatonin concentration in the blood. So, you will have a good night’s sleep but won’t feel sleepy or groggy the next morning due to high melatonin levels.

Resultantly, you will be able to spend your day active and uplifted.

PhenQ PM cta1

Food Fixes To Cope With Tiredness

If you are following the dosage guidelines but still feeling tired. Following science-backed food tips may help you solve this issue;

  1. Hydrate Yourself; Drinking more water with PhenQ will protect you against dehydration’s tiring effects and supports metabolism.
    As water is involved in most of the metabolic reactions occurring in the body, the better your hydration is, the more active your metabolism becomes.
    Besides drinking plain water, you can also try other ways to increase water intake, like infusion drinks, green tea, ginger tea, lemonade, and juices. Fresh fruits are also a great source of vitamins, electrolytes, and water.
  2. Eating a Fiber-rich Breakfast helps reduce fatigue. Research shows that breakfast comprising whole grains like wheat or oats reduces fatigue and feeds the gut microbiome.
  3. Take Quick Absorbing Carbs In Dinner; The carbohydrate-rich foods with high glycemic index tend to increase the production of sleep hormones.

So, such foods are more suited for evening meals than for breakfast or lunch when you need to be awake, active and focused after the meal. These foods include rice, pasta, and white bread. Fruits like bananas, mango, and dates are also great options to add to your dinner to improve sleep quality.

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