Does Phentermine Give You Energy? (why & how long?)

January 8, 2024 |

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Phentermine is a popular appetite suppressant that is very effective at helping people to lose weight.

But; is that the only benefit or is there more?

One of the main issues many people encounter on their weight loss journey is a lack of energy. This can be a major problem in general to their daily routine, especially for those who just want to exercise.

In today’s article, we are going to take a detailed look at some of the other benefits of taking Phentermine for suppressing appetite and weight loss.

Our focus is whether or not phentermine helps boost energy.

Does Phentermine give you energy?

Yes, Phentermine does give you a boost of energy when you start taking it, especially if it is your first time on this weight loss medication.

Studies have shown that phentermine is effective at increasing the Resting Metabolic Rate which increases your energy level, boosts your metabolism, and improves your ability to burn more fat while your body is resting.

If you have never taken Phentermine before, you will feel a boost of energy when you start it, but the energy boost reported varies from person to person.

But why exactly does phentermine give its users so much energy?

Let’s find out…

Why does Phentermine give me so much energy?

Phentermine acts in several different ways to boost energy in the body.

One way it does so is by causing the body to release adrenaline, which increases glucose levels and breaks down fat to produce energy.

It can feel like a rush because this adrenaline causes your heart rate to increase, pumping more blood all around the body.

This allows your body to receive more oxygen, especially in the muscles, and stimulates you to do physical activity. This is why many people who take phentermine find themselves wanting to add exercise to their routine almost immediately.

It’s important to note that depending on the phentermine supplement that you take, this boost of energy might not be sustained.

It is also possible that if you have been on phentermine before, your body would have adapted to the drug, which may cause you to not feel that energy boost the second time around.

What is in Phentermine that gives you so much energy?

While research is still being conducted on phentermine and its properties, we know that it is a stimulant that promotes the secretion of adrenaline in the brain.

The active ingredient that is responsible for this is ‘Phentermine Hydrochloride’, but research regarding how it triggers the brain to go into fight or flight mode is still unclear.

What we do know is that Phentermine is a stimulant that increases neurotransmitter levels in the brain, and suppresses your appetites thereby limiting your calorie intake; which leads to weight loss over time.

How long does the energy from Phentermine last?

When you begin taking Phentermine, it is quickly absorbed into the digestive system in approximately 4 hours, and the energy boost should begin then.

That boost is normally maintained throughout the lifespan of the time you take the pills, but it can change and vary from person to person.

For those who have taken phentermine before, your body may develop a tolerance to it, which can cause the energy-boosting effect to disappear. It is also possible that after being on the drug for a month or two, you may feel like the energy-boosting capabilities are dissipating.

There are two main reasons that you may feel this way.

It is possible that your body has become used to this new energy level as ‘normal’ and so that boost isn’t present with the same feeling as before.

It could also be that you have become tolerant very quickly, and you may have to try another weight loss option if you want that same boost of energy.

Does Phentermine keep you awake?

Yes, phentermine can keep you awake if you do not follow the recommended daily intake instructions.

Depending on the time you take Phentermine during the day, you may experience the common side effects of insomnia and sleeplessness. It’s pretty easy to correct this though; simply focus on taking your pill before midday every day.

The best Phentermine Supplement for Energy – PhenQ

Of course, there is a way you can make sure that you will get that energy boost when taking Phentermine, by trying PhenQ.

Instead of relying on how your body might react to Phentermine, especially if you have taken it before, you can choose to take a Phentermine supplement that also has other ingredients that help to boost energy and improve your mood.

PhenQ has a blend of natural ingredients that work alongside phentermine to boost your energy, which means that you won’t be relying on just the Phentermine to give you that boost that you need.

The great thing about this is that these formulations of ingredients are backed up by scientific studies that tested PhenQ’s ability to boost energy and burn fat.

In the end, participants of the study had lost about 7% of their body fat and had gained about 3.4% of muscle mass.

L-Carnitine Fumarate and the caffeine that are present in PhenQ are specific ingredients aside from Phentermine, that will boost your energy levels.

Ultimately, this product will give you the ability to get that guaranteed energy boost. With no doubt as to whether the product will work for you.

This is why we think PhenQ is the best supplement to aid in boosting energy, without the second thought that Phentermine may not give you the level of energy you need.


Phentermine is a great weight loss supplement and appetite suppressant that can help you to boost your energy levels while shedding those pounds.

Whether you choose to start a regular exercise routine or you just want to feel better during the weight loss process, it is important to eliminate doubts regarding whether the Phentermine supplement you take will boost your energy level.

PhenQ is a proven and reliable supplement that guarantees you that energy boost, combined with the fat-burning qualities of Phentermine.

If you’re looking for a Phentermine supplement that will definitely improve your energy levels, we think PhenQ is the best one, but the choice is still yours.

We hope you enjoyed reading today’s article, and that we answered your most asked Phentermine questions.

Until next time, enjoy your weight loss journey.

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