Does Pre-workout Make you Last Longer in Bed? (let’s find out)

Pre-workout Last Longer in Bed

The latest stats have it that 80% of users believe that their pre-workout use improves their workouts. But…

Is possible for pre-workout to make you last longer in bed?

The answer is YES! The Nitrogen Oxide pumps, energy boosters, stimulants, and amino acids in pre-workouts can help you last longer in bed and even alleviate mild symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

But there’s more.

Keep reading to find out the details regarding how pre-workouts may help with sex. Why spend so much on blue pills and gym supplements separately when you can just opt for the right Pre-workout?

Pre-Workout Before Sex – Is it a good idea?

Yes, pre-workout before sex can be a good idea as it may help you have it for longer than usual.

One of the perks of having sex for longer if you are a gym freak is that it may also help you achieve your bodybuilding goals since it can increase testosterone production.

Testosterone is one of the hormones that contribute to increased muscle mass.

Moreover, hopping on the bed with your partner can be a good idea if working out in the gym is killing your motivation.

And it has been very thoughtful of whoever came up with the idea to chug down pre-workouts for a better performance during a workout in bed as well – I mean sex.

The benefit of this practice is reported by Reddit users in this thread as well. Strange and at the same time interesting.

Furthermore, according to therapists, the desirable intercourse activity may last between 7 to 13 minutes.

In contrast, in a study performed on participants from different countries, the median duration for intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) was around 5.4 minutes, and it got shorter with increasing age.

Since these statistics show most people are unable to last for the desirable sex time, using pre-workouts might be a good idea to supplement your sexual performance.

How do pre-workout benefit you sexually?

Up next, I have given some science-backed reasons as to why I consider pre-workouts useful for more extended and pleasurable sex.

Improvement in Libido

Pre-workout supplements contain essential vitamins and minerals to increase your performance at the gym, and two of these added nutrients are zinc and magnesium.

Zinc helps to promote muscle gain and muscle function, whereas magnesium helps to increase muscle recovery after strenuous workouts.

Both zinc and magnesium in pre-workouts also promote healthy sex because a better concentration of zinc and magnesium in your body is tied to higher testosterone levels, which positively impacts your libido.

According to this research paper, magnesium increases the bioavailability of free testosterone in blood by preventing the binding of a protein sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

The unbound testosterone can freely move in blood to enhance the sex drive.

Moreover, having a lot of sex may cause a zinc deficiency because orgasm causes a dip in your body’s zinc status since some of it is released with the semen to retain the viability of sperm.

Researchers evaluated the effect of zinc on sexual dysfunction in this murine research and found a positive correlation between them.

Thus, supplementing your body with pre-workouts before having sex might be a good idea as it may prevent magnesium and zinc deficiency. Both of which directly impact testosterone and, consequently, your libido.

Increased arousal

Pre-workouts have nitrogen oxide precursors or ingredients that can increase nitrogen oxide levels.

Nitrogen oxide plays a significant role in increasing the blood flow to muscles.

While women move toward menopause as they age, men develop an age-dependent decline in their ability to cause erections, called ED (erectile dysfunction).

Erectile dysfunction can make your partner withdraw from sex due to a lack of satisfaction-certainly not helpful for achieving your date night goals.

But fret not; pre-workouts have got you covered.

According to this Massachusetts Male Aging Study, you might see a decline in the ability to cause erection by 1% each year as you age.

And studies have also found that erectile dysfunction may affect 26% of men younger than 40 years old.

Looking at these stats, slurping in some pre-workout before getting into your business is not a bad idea entirely, especially if you are past your 20s; here’s why.

The pre-workouts that have Nitrogen Oxide boosters like arginine, L-citrulline, nitrosigine, or magnesium work like Viagra when taken before sex and may increase your stamina for erections and make you last longer in bed.

How? you may ask… Explained in the next paragraph.

Arginine and L-citrulline are amino acids that increase the availability of Nitrogen oxide by acting as their direct and indirect precursors, respectively.

Nitrosigine also enhances blood flow by increasing the plasma arginine levels up to 70%, as shown in this study.

Furthermore, Nitrogen oxide relaxes the penis to increase blood flow to it, thus keeping you and your partner hooked to each other for longer.

This study reports the close interlinking between arginine and L-citrulline deficiency and erectile dysfunction.

The mineral magnesium in pre-workouts also has a role in nitric oxide metabolism.

Since Nitrogen Oxide controls erection, this cross-sectional study performed on elderly patients reported that hypomagnesemia can become a cause of erectile dysfunction as well.

Yohimbe is another ingredient used in pre-workouts to increase blood flow, reduce fatigue, and has other functions. But its aphrodisiac potential has been utilized in traditional therapeutics.

This nature research explains the link between Yohimbe’s potential to remove or suppress nitric oxide blockers, such as α2-adrenergic receptors, which increase the blood flow to erectile tissues.

Moreover, it also discusses Yohimbe’s potential to improve the quality of stimulated erections.

So, here’s a summary of all the evidence I provided above;

Gulping down a pre-workout drink may help to enhance your performance in bed by controlling blood flow to your genitals and improving arousal.

Boosted Stamina

One of the major functions of pre-workouts is to counter fatigue and mental alertness so that you can endure your gym sessions better.

This same potential of pre-workouts to increase stamina may also help you last longer in bed.

The ingredients like beta-alanine, caffeine, creatinine, branched-chain amino acids, or zinc enhance endurance by delaying fatigue onset during workouts.

Thus, it may also impact the quality of sex by preserving your stamina to make you last longer.

More Energy

Caffeine seems to be the champion ingredient in pre-workouts with an all-rounder potential to increase both the performance in the gym and in bed. All credits to it being a vasodilator, aphrodisiac, and Central Nervous System stimulant.

This ‘Independent magazine article provides evidence of caffeine’s ability to increase libido in both men and women and give an energy boost to make you last longer.

It states that consuming pre-workouts with a caffeine content approximately equal to two to three cups of coffee daily may help prevent erectile dysfunction as it plays a role in causing harder erections by promoting blood flow to the penis.

But unfortunately, the same researchers worked on this study more extensively and found that there was no association between erectile dysfunction and caffeine.

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that caffeine does give a jolt of energy, especially when consumed in larger doses.

Therefore, drinking a pre-workout with caffeine as a stimulant may help you prevent a dip in energy because the adrenaline rush caused by it will make you last the night.

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Pre-workout before sex- potential side effects

Although all the evidence I have given above explains that pre-workouts can help heaps in making you last longer in bed, there might be some undesirable outcomes too.

Some ingredients in pre-workouts that might ruin your mood before getting intimate with your partner are the high caffeine content, niacin, and beta-alanine.

Keep reading to find out why.


While the caffeine in pre-workout might be pepping you up for sex, it may not be an efficient route to go down since you don’t want to lie wide awake all night after you are done.

The half-life of caffeine can vary anywhere between six to nine hours. And as long as it is pumping your system, you will probably twist and turn since caffeine stimulates your brain to impart mental alertness.

So, taking a high caffeine pre-workout at night might cause you trouble too.

To prevent this, you may opt for a pre-workout with a low caffeine content that will help gush the blood flow down there to help you last longer without messing too much with your nervous system.


Another downside of pouring in high doses of caffeine down your system is the anxiety and jitters that may get triggered, and you certainly don’t want some negative emotions to ruin your night.

Moreover, excessive caffeine will cause overstimulation of adrenal glands and elevate cortisol levels in the blood, which is a stress hormone.

Higher levels of cortisol may interfere with sexual arousal.

If you want to stick to your caffeine-containing pre-workouts, picking up those supplements that contain caffeine in combination with L-theanine might be the best option.

L-theanine has a calming effect and helps to enhance moods. Otherwise, you can try working with low caffeine or non-stim options.


Niacin and Beta-alanine are two components of pre-workouts that have inconsistent scientific evidence to back them up for their potential to improve workout performance. Instead, they cause a tingling or burning sensation in the upper body and may give an impression to the user that the pre-workout is working.

Nonetheless, itching and tingling under the skin might be a turn-off when you are trying to indulge in sex.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, pre-workouts could be the magic potion you need to help you last longer.

Because they contain ingredients traditionally used for their aphrodisiac properties, other pre-workout components may alleviate impotence, enhance libido, and increase stamina as well.

These ingredients are Nitrogen oxide enhancers, the traditional herb Yohimbe, energy-boosting caffeine, and some minerals like zinc and magnesium.

Opting for pre-workouts that are put together with the perfect balance of stimulants, amino acids, and supplements might be your ideal pick for an extra pump to improve your performance both at the gym and in bed.

But one thing you need to be highly vigilant for is ‘drug interactions.’

And you need to discuss your prescription with a doctor or pharmacist if you want to take pre-workouts before sex, as the ingredients like beta-alanine in pre-workouts may react with drugs used to treat Erectile dysfunction or heart medicines.

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