7 Best Herbalife Alternatives & Competitors (2022)

Looking for the best Herbalife alternatives ideal for you?

That’s what this post is all about.

You know, every person dreams of optimal physical fitness, but they barely have enough time to make their dreams come true.

Our hectic routines leave very little room for focusing on our healthcare needs. Therefore, there has been a sudden surge in the number of meal replacement supplements in the market.

These supplements offer a nutrient-dense answer to your prayers for a healthy meal.

Most of these meal replacement supplements are in protein shakes, and they are extremely easy to make and consume. Herbalife is a similar protein shake that is a healthy meal replacement option.

It has a wide list of natural ingredients, and it comes in 12 different flavors;

However, it contains nine grams of sugar per serving, obviously NOT the best in its class and it’s also not that cost-effective.

Fortunately, there are various meal replacement supplements in the market today.

And you can choose the best one based on our detailed review.

7 Best Herbalife Alternatives for 2022

Here is the list of the best alternative to Herbalife to consider this year…

#1. Lady Boss Lean

Lady Boss Lean shake

Lady Boss Lean is a meal replacement supplement by the Lady Boss brand.

A much better alternative to Herbalife.

This protein supplement takes pride in its simple, effective, and all-natural formula along with an irresistible vanilla cake taste. Lady Boss Lean has several benefits as well.

For instance, this product contains a super high protein content which makes it an excellent product for losing weight as protein keeps you full for a longer time and boosts your overall metabolism.

Furthermore, its delectable vanilla cake taste helps combat your sugar cravings and keeps you from going for unhealthy food choices.

This protein shake is also extremely easy to make as all you need to do, is add some protein powder to the liquid of your choice, and you will have a tasty protein-rich meal replacement shake.

It also contains several essential vitamins and minerals that increase your immunity levels.

However, Herbalife has a greater variety of ingredients than Lady Boss Lean. Therefore, it also comes with more advantages.

But Lady Boss Lean has low sugar content.

It offers only four grams of sugar per serving in contrast to nine grams of sugar per serving as offered by Herbalife.

Furthermore, Lady Boss Lean comes at various affordable prices and product packages.

It’s available in three different packages, including one pack for $49.76 and 30 meals.

It’s available for $83.93 in two bags containing 60 meals. This product has three bags with 90 meals and is available for $116.9.

Whereas Herbalife supplements don’t offer any cost-effective or flexible bundles like Lady Boss Lean, and this supplement comes in a 750mg package at the cost of $43.3.

Therefore, Lady Boss Lean is better than Herbalife based on its low sugar content and affordable prices.

#2. Shakeology


Shakeology® is a nutritional, meal-replacement shake that provides full nutrition to the body.

With over 15 different superfoods that are all selected for their specific health benefits, they offer everything you need for energy and protection from free radicals to dietary support for higher fitness performance.

Shakeology is another protein-rich meal replacement supplement that serves as a perfect Herbalife alternative.

However, it’s better than Herbalife due to its superior ingredient list. Shakeology contains various beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants that combat free radicals and prevent all sorts of inflammatory reactions in your body.

This best Herbalife alternative also consists of nutrient-dense super-fruits loaded with antioxidants such as goji berries, acerola cherries, bilberry, and camu camu.

It’s also enriched with the goodness of prebiotics and probiotics that promote healthy gut bacteria formation.

Shakeology also contains Adaptogens that are stress-reducing herbs. It also consists of phytonutrients that reduce inflammation. Furthermore, Shakeology has greater benefits than Herbalife.

The high protein content in Shakeology helps with weight loss and helps with muscle mass development.

It boosts optimal energy levels, reduces inflammation and stress, along with giving you a healthy gut.

While Shakeology contains a better ingredient list and more benefits, it costs more than Herbalife.

Shakeology is available for $129.5, which is the price of a single bag containing thirty servings.

The product is also available in different flavors, and you can also opt for combo boxes that come with 24 single-serving packs in multiple flavors.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that Herbalife is more cost-effective than Shakeology.

#3. 310 Shake

310 shake

310 shake is a supplement produced by the brand 310 Nutrition.

It’s a nutrient-dense meal replacement shake with a high protein and low carb formula. The high protein and carb concentration in this shake increases your satiety levels and keeps you feeling full for an extended period.

It also boosts your metabolism for effective weight loss.

While 310 shakes also offer a huge variety of flavors, they are still less than the 12 flavors offered by Herbalife.

310 shakes are available in 9 flavors.

However, they are still better than Herbalife products because they don’t contain processed sugar. The 310 shakes have less sugar than Herbalife shakes, and the sugar used in 310 products is obtained from plant sources, and they offer zero calories.

The 310 shakes also stand out compared to the Herbalife supplement due to its gluten-free and vegan formula.

This shake also contains more beneficial ingredients than Herbalife. Some of these ingredients include 15 grams of pure whey protein, various antioxidants, zero artificial sugars, and probiotics.

Moreover, these shakes come with different price packages.

You can purchase 14 servings of the 310 shakes for $39, or you could buy 28 servings for $68. At the same time, this brand does offer more price options compared to Herbalife, its single-serving costs more than Herbalife.

#4. Exante Diet


Exante Diet is a brand that is famous for its innovation in meal replacement products.

This brand offers meal replacement juices, meal replacement shakes, and meal replacement bars. Furthermore, it contains a greater variety of ingredients as opposed to Herbalife.

The Exante Diet meal replacement shakes are rich in high-quality protein and twenty-seven minerals and vitamins, which is more than the nutrient content of Herbalife.

Furthermore, these supplements are available in more flavors than Herbalife.

Their exquisite taste satisfies all your sugar cravings by catering to your sweet tooth. It also comes in tangy flavors such as pomegranate, grapefruit, peach, mango, and apple.  Furthermore, these supplements are a rich source of fiber that promotes gut health and improves your metabolism by enhancing the process of digestion.

Their high whey protein content makes them ideal for losing weight. Anyone can also consume these supplements following a very low-calorie diet.

The Exante Diet products are also low in sugar, but their flavors are still effective for dealing with your sugar cravings.

These products are available in pounds, and different products have different prices.

Their shakes, juices, and bars have different prices. However, all their products are within the range of 20 pounds. Therefore, their prices are slightly higher as compared to the Herbalife supplements.

Furthermore, the brand keeps offering regular discount promos and codes for being used by everyone.

They also offer their products in various cost-effective and health-promoting bundles.

#5. Isagenix


Isagenix is a brand that offers a vast range of meal replacement supplements.

Another awesome Herbalife alternative and a perfect replacement.

These supplements are a rich source of high-quality protein. These supplements are better than Herbalife because they offer 24 grams of protein per serving which is greater than the amount of protein offered by Herbalife.

It also contains essential branched chained amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

These amino acids are called essential amino acids because our body can’t make them on its own, and they have to be consumed from external sources.

These meal replacement supplements stay true to their name, and they contain a nutrient-dense formula with ample carbohydrate and protein content.

Carbs are the primary source of energy for our body. Therefore, the high carb content in these supplements keeps you energized at all times.

Furthermore, these shakes don’t contain any type of empty calories.

They are also enriched with 23 different vitamins and minerals, and they are available in numerous tasty flavors. People with different allergies can consume these products since they are gluten-free and soy-free.

Isagenix’s price range is $41.99 per canister and $44.99 per packet. The Isagenix supplements might cost a bit more than Herbalife products, but they have a better formulation and more health benefits than Herbalife.

#6. Soylent


As the name suggests, Soylent supplements revolve around soy protein, making its ingredient list superior to Herbalife.

They contain plant-based soy protein famous for containing all the essential amino acids.

It is also equipped with the goodness of 28 vitamins and minerals.

The Soylent supplements are one of a kind and better than Herbalife supplements due to their unique and highly beneficial ingredient list.

These supplements consist of various healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids.

These fats ensure optimal hormone production and keep you energized.

These products are also an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that take more time to digest and keep you fuller for a longer time, leading to effective weight loss.

These supplements are true meal replacement products due to their extensive macronutrient content.

Furthermore, they are available in various delicious flavors made using natural sugars. The sugar product used in these supplements is known as allulose.

Allulose is a type of carbohydrate that contains very few calories. Furthermore, it has a low glycemic index which keeps you safe from sudden blood sugar spikes.

All Soylent products are free from lactose, and they don’t contain any dairy.

The Soylent protein meal replacement drinks are available for $42 per 12 bottles, which is almost similar to the Herbalife price range.

Additionally, these products are available in meal replacement drinks, powder, and bars.

#7. SlimFast


The last meal shake replacement on our best Herbalife alternatives & competitors is SlimFast.

SlimFast is a brand that has the answer to all your health complications.

They offer a wide range of meal replacement supplements suited to individual needs. Their meal replacement supplements are available in energy drinks, bars, and powdered form.

Furthermore, they have different products for people following a low-carb diet.

They have a separate range for the keto diet followers.

They also have an advanced energy range for individuals experiencing low energy levels, and one of their finest inventions is their range of diabetic weight loss supplements.

Their products contain up to 23 different minerals and vitamins. They are available in different sweet flavors, but they don’t contain any synthetic sugar.

These products are also free from preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors.

All their products offer around 200 calories per serving, and they offer a nutrient-dense and effective solution to retain optimal weight loss. However, the nutrient content of Herbalife is better than these supplements.

The SlimFast products are available in various affordable price ranges and packages.

You could purchase a 12.83oz canister for just $9.99, or go for the 20.18oz canister for $12.99. You could also get a three-pack 12.93oz canister for $26.97 or a three-pack 20.18oz canister for $35.97.

Therefore, these products are more affordable and cost-effective as compared to Herbalife.

Final Thoughts: Which is the best alternative?

If you want to find the best Herbalife alternative, there are a few things that can help.

You should look for an organic supplement that is made from all-natural ingredients and has been clinically proven to work as well as other popular diet pills on the market. We have found some great products in our research here.

Meal replacement supplements are all the rage these days due to their nutrient-dense content and convenient usage.

Therefore, the market has become saturated with various meal replacement supplements.

While all supplements have their pros and cons, you need to make sure that you’ve set your priorities straight before purchasing any product.

It’s also important to remember that you must never compromise on the supplements’ quality or ingredient list.

Based on the list mentioned above of meal supplements, the best one I would highly recommend is Lady Boss Lean and Soylent due to their high-nutrient concentration and affordable prices.

That said, your choice ultimately depends on your nutritional preferences, fitness needs, and budget.

As all of the Herbalife alternatives on this list are all awesome meal replacements in their own ways.

Safa Kamran

With a BSc. Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Safa Kamran is a dietitian by profession. She has years of clinical experience in nutrition and dietetics, healthcare with an extensive focus on Medical Nutrition Therapy for disease management. She also specializes in dietary modifications for effective weight management. Safa has sound knowledge regarding the healthy formulation and appropriate usage of nutritional supplements for promoting optimal health.

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