7 Herbalife Side Effects 2021 (Liver & Kidney Nutrition Effects)

Herbalife Side Effects

We’re going to cover every side effect of Herbalife nutrition in this post.

Since 1980, Herbalife has been manufacturing and selling nutritional goods with the motive of helping people improve their lifestyles and lead a healthful life.

However, rumors have it that Herbalife is not delivering what it promises.

But are they really rumors?

We are going to find out exactly that, based on its users’ testimonials and research-based scientific evidence.

From the questions that might arise in your mind regarding its efficacy to the potential damage it can cause to your vital organs such as the Liver, kidney, and stomach, I have covered it all in this article.

Therefore, to get your facts straight about Herbalife’s side effects and product dangers, make sure to read till the end.

7 Herbalife Nutrition Side Effects 2021

I did what you had to do to make a correct decision – thorough research.

So, consider your money, time, and most importantly, health saved!

Below are side effects Herbalife is infamous for.

1. Liver Problems

The first Herbalife side effects on our list is liver problems.

Studies regarding the effects of Herbalife products reveal that they can severely cause one’s Liver to be damaged.

And that’s not older adults that I’m talking about; it’s the young ones.

The reason behind this is the Bacillus subtilis – liver disease-causing bacteria that Herbalife is contaminated with.

The research that backs up this claim involved two healthy persons, both of them were subjected to Herbalife supplements, and the test reports disclosed that they had developed hepatotoxicity.

Hence proved, this supplement is not safe for your Liver!

Falsely advertised herbal supplements like these contribute to 20% of major liver problems that Americans are diagnosed with.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you don’t get allured by the fancy promotions.

2. Kidney Damage

Herbalife’s protein-enriched supplements are mainly a threat for those with impaired kidneys.

It is because excessive protein intake leaves its unwanted traces in the form of harmful wastes, the levels of which keep on mounting up in the bloodstream and ultimately jeopardize kidney function.

The second reason why people with kidney problems should not use Herbalife products is that it contains high levels of micronutrients like potassium and phosphorus.

Although they are considered healthful under normal conditions, kidney patients are advised to stay away from them.

Because of their inability to excrete unwanted amounts.

3. Increase in Blood Pressure Level

stethoscope for blood pressure

If you’re a hypertension patient, you might have already been told to limit your caffeine intake as it causes the blood pressure to rise.

Well, I’d say the same about Herbalife products.

Their weight loss products feature Caffeine as a prime ingredient to fire up the fat-burning process.

However, along with boosting metabolism and aiding weight loss, Caffeine also constricts blood vessels, resultantly causing blood pressure to increase.

Therefore, it can pose a significant threat to heart patients or people who simply have hypertension.

4. Upset Stomach

Another serious side effect of Herbalife is stomach upset.

Numerous cases of stomach bloating were reported by the users on various platforms as they shifted from their regular diet to Herbalife’s products for weight loss purposes.

In some cases, it also caused nausea, diarrhea, and constipation.

It especially disturbs the ones who are lactose intolerant, as some of the Herbalife products contain milk-based ingredients.

5. Frequent Urination

Since Herbalife products work to boost your metabolism in order to aid the fat-burning process, you might feel the urge to urinate more frequently than usual, which can be discomforting.

Also, it can lead to dehydration if you don’t drink plenty of water.

6. Allergies

Although the evidence of Herbalife products causing allergies is low, yet to be on the safer side, I felt the need to mention that soy-induced allergies were reported by a few of its users.

Allergic rhinitis and eczema were two main conditions that people developed after using Herbalife products.

7. Irregular Bowel Movements

This is last on our list of Herbalife side effects.

As mentioned earlier, lactose-intolerant people were more likely to develop conditions like upset stomach, leading to irregular bowel movements and constipation.

Also, a lot of its users reported Dark-colored feces.

FAQs on Herbalife Side Effects

How Safe Is Herbalife?

In my opinion, Herbalife is not a safe option to opt for if you want to burn down the unwanted fats.

Their products are highly processed to the point that the ingredients lose their nutritional efficacy.

The cases of liver injury and hepatoxicity that were reported due to intake of Herbalife products back the claim of it being unsafe for anyone.

Not to mention the kidney problems one might face, especially if his/her kidneys are already weak.

All of this makes Herbalife a not-so-safe option for your nutritional needs.

Does Herbalife Cause Health Problems?

Yes, Herbalife can cause a number of health problems ranging from allergies to kidney impairment and liver failure. In worst cases, it might cause one to lose his life.

Can Herbalife Cause Stomach Problems?

Yes, Herbalife products can be stomach upsetting.

Mainly, lactose and soy intolerant people were found susceptible to stomach issues like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and so on.

Can Herbalife Cause Liver Problems?

Yes, the presence of bacteria B. subtilis – the liver-damaging element was found abundant in Herbalife products, which is thought to be the potential reason why Herbalife is dangerous for the Liver.

What are Herbalife Side Effects on Kidney?

Herbalife products pose a greater threat to those who have damaged kidneys.

For instance, it can deteriorate one’s kidney health to the point that a transplant becomes mandatory.

The reason being that Herbalife products are rich in protein and micronutrients and may also contain Caffeine, all of which substances a kidney patient is advised to limit its intake of.

What are Herbalife Side Effects on the Liver?

Herbalife may cause liver injury and put a person at risk of developing Hepatitis.

Is Herbalife Nutrition Products Banned in the USA?

No, Herbalife products are not banned in the USA. You can get your hands on them either from their distributors or directly from Amazon.

Which Countries Have Banned Herbalife?

China and Belgium have reportedly banned Herbalife, considering its dangerous side effects and harmful ingredients.

Is Herbalife Tea Good for You?

Although the overall reputation of Herbalife Nutrition is not commendable, yet its tea has received rave responses.

On various platforms, the customers can be seen vouching for its taste and the burst of energy it provides you with.

At the same time, a few of them also complained about heavy caffeine content that induced panic attacks and disturbed their sleep cycles.

How Do I Know if My Herbalife Is Original?

Differentiating between fake and original Herbalife products is quite simple.

  • First of all, look for a QR code and FSSAI mark with a Lic. No. on the front side of the product’s box/packaging.
  • Secondly, rotate the box and check for a BAR code at its backside. If you find these two codes, you can proceed to open the product.
  • On removing the lid, you’ll find several Herbalife brand logos and a scoop inside if you’ve ordered a powder-form product.

Although all of the above-mentioned conditions are equally important to ensure that you’ve got your hands on an original product, yet the first one, QR code, is a non-negotiable attribute that your Herbalife product must-have.

If that’s missing, it means you’ve been scammed.

Are Herbalife Products FDA Approved?

No, Herbalife products ARE NOT FDA-Approved. It is because FDA no longer intervenes with the manufacturing process of dietary supplements.

Now the companies, including Herbalife, are made responsible themselves for the efficacy and safety of their products.

However, no company is allowed to make any direct health claims either.

What are the Side Effects of Herbalife Tea?

Since Herbalife Tea contains concentrated amounts of Caffeine, it might upset your stomach and sleep cycles.

Some of its users also reported anxiety attacks. Needless to mention that it is not safe for hypertension patients at all!

What Does Herbalife Tea Do to Your Body?

Herbalife tea contains high levels of Caffeine, which can potentially boost your metabolism and give you the much-needed burst of energy to kick-start your daily life activities.

How Much Weight Can you Lose with Herbalife 21 Day Cleanse?

Its manufacturers claim that you can lose up to 23lbs in just 21 days with Herbalife 21 Day Cleanse.

However, as far as the customer reviews are concerned, it can be seen that not everyone loses that much.

What is Herbalife 21 Day Cleanse Side Effects?

Some reported side effects of Herbalife 21 Day Cleanse include constipation, upset stomach, and dehydration.


To sum it up, I’d not recommend Herbalife products to anyone who desires to lose weight or get nutritional support.

First of all, they can do more harm than good because of the notorious elements like ephedra, Bacillus subtilis, and heavy metals that are found in them.

Even the FDA disapproves of all these disease-causing agents.

And secondly, because Herbalife products are way too pricey to opt for.

Instead of going for such dangerous ways to achieve your fitness goals, it’s better to invest in something healthier.

For example, you can seek help from a certified nutritionist and follow a balanced lifestyle.

While this process might take a bit longer than what Herbalife promises, it would prove to be undeniably safer and cost-effective in the long run!

After all, we all know, haste makes waste.

And, especially when it concerns your health? You better stay a mile away from such shortcuts.

You got any questions or comments on these negative side effects of Herbalife? Drop them in the comments.

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