HGH for Women: Good for females’ weight loss? (Guide)

Guide on HGH for Women

In our society, it is often considered taboo for women to take hormones or performance-enhancing drugs in order to improve their physical appearance or athletic ability.

However, there is one hormone that is an exception to this rule: human growth hormone (HGH).

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone secreted by the body that has various effects on the body, such as cell production and cell restoration. Usually produced by the pituitary gland, some people have opted to use exogenous HGH as we know, in higher doses; it can have both anabolic and fat-burning properties.

HGH is regularly used by female athletes, and by recreational lifters, for its ability to increase lipolysis and somewhat increase anabolism.

There are, of course, various people who use HGH just for its anti-aging properties.

Designing your HGH schedule becomes rather tricky, as dosing, timing, and food intake can all affect the net results from exogenous HGH.

Let’s break down how to use HGH.

Can Women Use HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring peptide produced by the Pituitary gland. This is needed for general health and, when introduced exogenously into the body (via injecting HGH), can have physiological effects such as fat loss.

Yes, women can certainly use HGH (human growth hormone). In fact, many women do use HGH for a variety of reasons, including building muscle, burning fat, and improving their overall health.

HGH is not a steroidal hormone, meaning it will not affect your reproductive system and will not lead to virilization – the act of developing male properties.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using HGH as a woman, however.

First and foremost, be sure to consult with a doctor or medical professional before beginning any kind of hormone therapy; this is absolutely essential in order to ensure safety and proper dosing.

Secondly, because women naturally have lower levels of testosterone than men (and thus higher levels of estrogen), it is important to be aware of the potential for side effects when using HGH.

While HGH is perfectly fine for females, it will still have side effects – which we will get into later.

What Happens If a Woman Takes HGH?

You have to remember that Human Growth Hormone is a natural compound made by both males and females. Both sexes will produce HGH until 30 when production slows down.

Women will experience the normal effects like males do, such as increased fat loss, increased muscle gain, better skin and hair quality, and increased bone density.

What Does HGH Do?

HGH growth hormone formula

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), whether produced by the pituitary gland or injected exogenously, will have a chain-like effect on the body. When HGH is within the blood, the pancreas will release both Glucagon and Lipase in response.

Glucagon is the hormone that will regulate blood sugar levels, while lipase will hydrolyze triglycerides (fats) into their component fatty acid and release them into the bloodstream. 

When the Liver recognizes the Glucagon in the bloodstream, it will release a lot of sugar. Lipase will release fat from adipocytes into the bloodstream.

Now you find yourself in a situation where you have fat and sugar in the bloodstream. In response to the sugar in the bloodstream, the pancreas will then release insulin. At this same time, the liver will release a certain amount of IGF-1 (Insulin growth-like factor 1)

This is the chain of events that Growth Hormone will put into effect. Depending on your goal, combined with the timing of injection, this could lead to both fat loss and muscle gain.

HGH Timing for Females

Using exogenous Human Growth Hormone (HGH) will require choosing a time of the day to use it.

We know that HGH can have both fat-burning and muscle-building effects, but taking it at certain times can lead to certain results.

We have established the process that happens once Growth Hormone is introduced into the body, but let’s recap:

  • Growth Hormone will enter the bloodstream from the Pituitary or Injection
  • In response to this, muscle cells will “prepare for growth” (not grow, only prepare). Your pancreas will also release both glucagon and lipase into the bloodstream.
  • Lipase will release fatty acids from adipocytes, while glucagon will reach the liver.
  • When the liver recognizes the glucagon, it will release sugar into the bloodstream, raising blood sugar levels.
  • When blood sugar rises, the pancreas will release insulin into the bloodstream. At the same time, the liver will also produce IGF-1 (Insulin growth-like factor 1)

So, the question around timing is a rather simple one. To quote Broderick Chavez, where exactly do you want to interrupt this chain of events.

Using HGH for fat loss is effective and best used before morning cardio on an empty stomach. The blood will be rich in fatty acids (fat) and sugar, meaning you will be using stored fat as energy.

Using HGH for muscle gain is also effective and will be best used before going to bed on an empty stomach.

While growing new tissue, the muscles would need both fuel and protein. If you consume enough protein, the HGH will provide the muscles with the fuel (sugar and fat) it needs for hypertrophy.

Does HGH Burn Belly Fat?

There are a few reasons why women need to burn belly fat. The main one is that abdominal fat is an especially bad type of body fat.

It’s linked with all sorts of health problems, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Another reason is that visceral fat (the most dangerous kind of abdominal fat) can actually cause your body to produce more estrogen, which isn’t good news for your health. Too much estrogen has been linked with breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and weight gain.

So it’s important to get rid of visceral fat if you want to stay healthy.

Finally, carrying too much excess weight around your middle is bad for your appearance. It makes you look older and out of shape.

The act of lipolysis occurs throughout the entire body. In non-specialists’ terms, you cannot spot reduced fat. You cannot just burn fat on one part of the body.

While it may be true that you cannot spot reduced fat, there is some evidence that HGH specifically burns belly fat. This is especially interesting as it tends to burn a lot of visceral fat, a dangerous fat.

Even though HGH has been shown to boost fat loss around the stomach, it will still rely on you to follow a caloric deficit and engage in training to ensure you get the best results.

How Can I Naturally Increase HGH?

You have been reading the article, and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) looks like a really interesting substance to take. Unfortunately, it is illegal.

So how do you raise your HGH levels?

To increase your HGH levels, do the following:

  • Exercise: Performing heavy resistance training exercise has increased both HGH and IGF-1 (Insulin growth-like factor 1) levels.
  • Eat certain foods: Certain foods rich in protein, Arginine, and Melatonin have increased HGH levels.
  • Lose weight: There is a direct link between increased fat mass and decreased HGH levels. Losing fat could increase your HGH levels.
  • Supplementation: Certain legal supplements like HGH-X2, Creatine, Arginine, and Melatonin has been shown to increase HGH levels.
  • Reduce Sugar Intake: Lowering your levels of dietary sugar could lead to an increase in HGH levels.
  • Sleep: There is a lot of evidence to show that people who are sleeping less than 6-7 hours per night will have lower levels of HGH production.

What Exercises Increase HGH?

We have mentioned earlier that there is a link between exercise and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) production.

The best exercises to increase HGH would be heavy resistance training, compound exercises, and other high-intensity movements.

Can You Take HGH in Pill Form?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a Peptide, meaning it is a string of Amino Acids bound via peptide bonds.

You cannot take pure HGH in a pill form, only injectable. That being said, you can take supplements to boost your natural HGH levels, such as HGH-X2.

Also look out for supplements that contain:

  • Protein
  • Melatonin
  • Arginine
  • Citrulline
  • Gaba
  • Maca Root

HGH Dosage for Females

Many will choose to use exogenous HGH to increase fat loss and muscle gain capabilities, as they have been shown to increase both. Dosing and timing can be hard to master, however.

If you’re looking to lose fat, you could use up to 2 units before morning cardio on an empty stomach. If you are looking to gain muscle, you could take up to 2 units before you go to bed on an empty stomach.

It is important to check both tolerance and side effects as you start using HGH.

How Much HGH Should a Woman Take?

Various bodybuilders and bikini athletes have used HGH for years. It is still hard to define how much HGH someone should take for appearance reasons, primarily because doctors don’t prescribe it.

As a woman taking HGH – you can start with 2 – 3 units per day and adapt as necessary. It would be best to start with two units and see how you react. Watch your water retention and blood sugar levels to see if that dose is perhaps too high.

Is it Good or Bad for Women?

Now that we have established that HGH is safe and viable for females, is it even any good? Yes, female bodybuilders use it, but they are the extreme of humanity.

HGH could be good for the average female. HGH has various benefits that most people could use. For females, especially, you will benefit from carrying less adipose tissue, increased muscle mass, and increased bone density. These could all make life significantly better,

Best HGH for Women

You might be surprised to hear there are various ways to increase your Human Growth hormone levels artificially. These might go by different pathways but will still end up with elevated HGH levels and cause fat loss.

The most commonly used HGH is called Somatropin. It is known to be quite expensive and not financially sustainable for most. You could also use peptides such as Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides and Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones to increase your natural secretion of HGH.

MK 677 is another Growth Hormone secretagogue you could use.

HGH for Women: Before and After

This section will look at a study titled “Low-dose growth hormone treatment with diet restriction accelerates body fat loss, exerts anabolic effect, and improves growth hormone secretory dysfunction in obese adults.”

Compared to the placebo group, the group using low dosages of HGH lost 60% more fat. They also did not experience muscle loss; they gained muscle.

HGH for Women’s Weight Loss

Human Growth has various effects on the human body, but people primarily use it to increase lipolysis and muscle growth in adults. Of course, it is not a magic injection, and you will still need to train and eat correctly to see the best results.

HGH can help with women’s weight loss.

Studies have shown it can increase fat loss by 60% compared to a placebo group and help with muscle retention.

Growth Hormone for Female Bodybuilders

Growth hormone is essential for female bodybuilders because it helps to stimulate muscle growth and helps to reduce the amount of fat tissue in the body. Additionally, growth hormone also plays a role in helping to strengthen bones and improve overall cardiovascular health.

You have to understand that bodybuilders are not normal human beings from the get-go. Nothing about the lifestyle or the sport is normal, and bodybuilders should not be taken as religion.

female bodybuilder

Female bodybuilders use up to 6 units of HGH per day in preparation for a bodybuilding show. It is important to remember that more does not necessarily mean better. Make sure you always practice safety.

HGH Benefits and HGH Side Effects

You’ve been reading the article and thought, wow, Human Growth Hormone sounds like a great little compound to use for several reasons, as the benefits of HGH are: 

  • Increased Fat Loss due to higher levels of lipase.
  • Increased Muscle Gain due to increased levels of IGF-1 (Insulin growth-like factor 1) combined with fuel (sugar and fat) in the bloodstream.
  • Improved skin, hair, and nail health due to the regenerative properties of HGH.
  • Feeling of wellbeing

But just as in most Tinder bios, nothing is ever really perfect. Let’s look at the side effects of HGH: 

  • Insulin resistance due to higher levels of sugar and insulin in the blood
  • Downregulation of Endogenous HGH production, as an Exogenous source of HGH, will logically downregulate your production
  • Increased risk of diabetes due to increased insulin resistance
  • Water retention due to increased levels of Sodium retention
  • Carpet tunnel syndrome due to the increased water retention

As you can see, Growth Hormone does still have a host of risk factors you need to look at. Plus, it is an illegal hormone. Could there possibly be a legal alternative?

Legal Alternative to HGH

As we have established, the main risk factor with Exogenous Human Growth Hormone is the mismanagement of Insulin Resistance. If you use too much for too long, you run a great risk of developing issues with Insulin management.

There is a very simple solution: Don’t use illegal hormones!

You can still boost your natural production of HGH by using something like the HGH-X2 from CrazyBulk.

Unlike Exogenous HGH, this will boost your normal production and shut it off.

You will also not run into any Insulin management issues, as you are not boosting your insulin past superphysiological levels. You’ll reap the fat loss and muscle gain rewards without running into adverse effects.

Final Thoughts

Overall, HGH therapy can be a very beneficial treatment for women. It has been shown to improve moods, increase energy levels, and promote weight loss.

Additionally, it can help protect against the effects of aging and improve overall health. If you are considering HGH therapy, please consult with your physician to see if it is right for you. Then for a safe HGH supplement consider our legal and natural alternative above.

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