How Does PhenQ Make You Feel? (energetic or anxious?)

January 10, 2024 |

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PhenQ is an effective fat burner, not a medicine you take in the morning and get done with. Instead, you significantly notice its effects throughout the day.

It is a blend of Caffeine and other potent thermogenic components that make your metabolism skyrocket and also positively affect cognitive functions. Plus, its ingredients can increase sweating and regulate stool frequency.

Key Points:

  • PhenQ boosts energy levels by stimulating the nervous system.
  • It also stimulates neurotransmitters of happiness, improving mood and focus.
  • It can make your body produce more sweat due to its thermogenic effects.
  • Stimulatory effects like sleeplessness and headaches are usually the most disturbing outcomes of PhenQ.
  • Some of the PhenQ ingredients also have laxative effects.
  • Find more about PhenQ on their official website here.

In this article, I have discussed how this potent diet supplement would make you feel throughout the day and in the long run, and if it’s worth the effort and money.

So, keep reading to find out all about it.

What Does PhenQ Do To Your Body? (& What Does That Feel Like?)

1. PhenQ Makes You Feel Energized and Relaxed

The immediate and most profound effect of PhenQ is it increases your energy levels and mental clarity. This effect is contributed mainly by two ingredients; Caffeine and L-carnitine.

2. The Stimulatory Effect of Caffeine

Caffeine Anhydrous is its only stimulant and the main ingredient contributing to the energizing effect of PhenQ.

142.5 mg of Caffeine is present in each tablet. So, you will get 285 mg with its recommended dose of 2 capsules daily.

Caffeine anhydrous is a concentrated alkaloid that stimulates the nervous system, mimicking the natural body neurotransmitters. As a result of this stimulation, you feel more energized and motivated.

So, your brain keeps your body alert all day in a similar way as coffee does.

3. The Relaxing Effect of L-carnitine Fumarate

Besides nervous stimulation with caffeine, PhenQ also improves mood due to L-carnitne’s relaxing properties.

It increases the secretion of serotonin (aka. the happy hormone), which in turn, relaxes the mind and helps you focus better.

4. PhenQ Keeps You Feel Full For A Long Time

PhenQ is a powerful cravings crusher in addition to being a potent fat burner. It tackles appetite and food cravings in 3 different ways;

  • Firstly, it reduces the secretion of hunger hormones, keeping your body from producing hunger pangs.
  • Secondly, the stimulatory effects of Caffeine also reduce eating desire.
  • Another way it helps you limit calorie intake is by providing dietary fiber in the form of Nopal cactus extracts.

These fibrous extracts physically take up considerable space in the belly and leave lesser room for food. The result is you soon feel satisfied after starting the meal.

The combined effect of these ingredients is very significant and gives you complete control over your dietary habits. So, you can easily follow a restricted diet plan needed to lose weight.

Such a success story was reported by Kirsten, who used PhenQ for 14 months and got a huge weight loss of 20 kgs. He mentioned that the weight dropped without much effort as his appetite naturally decreased, and he was always feeling fulfilled.

Kirsten Review PhenQ

5. PhenQ Can Make You Poop More Often

Some of the PhenQ ingredients (like Nopal extracts, Caffeine, and Capsimax) have a mild laxative effect. So, taking the pills regularly can increase bowel movements.

This effect is usually associated with the ability of these ingredients to irritate the gut lining and increase motility.

Due to this effect, some people also experience diarrhea with PhenQ in the initial days of the supplementation if they are not used to taking fat burner stimulants. However, this condition is short-lived, and most users feel fine within a few days.

The Nopal Cactus effect is especially prominent because it prevents fat absorption and increases gut motility.

With a high amount of undigested fats, stools are softer and move through the digestive tract sooner. Hence, you may have to poop more often when using PhenQ.

6. PhenQ Can Make You Sweat More

Ingredients that boost fat metabolism are often thermogenic, which stimulates more heat production in the body to melt the stored fatty acids.

But, in addition to burning fats, increased heat production and high metabolic activities in the body also make you perspire heavily.

With its strong thermogenic ingredients like Caffeine, l-carnitine, capsimax powder, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Nopal, PhenQ can make you sweat more than normal.

For instance, the Reddit user AllTheFloofsPlzz mentioned in his comment that PhenQ gives him more energy to exercise, but being sweaty makes him uncomfortable.

7. Sometimes, It Can Also Make You Feel Groggy And Tired

Though PhenQ spikes up energy levels in most cases, it can also cause sleeplessness if taken at the wrong time. If you use these pills too late in the evening, they can make you stay up for a long time and wake up groggy and tired the next morning.

Also, this fat burner is a mismatch for caffeine-sensitive people as it contains concentrated Caffeine anhydrous. So, it will likely disturb sleep patterns and cause side effects like headaches, gut discomfort, and anxiety.

That is why I suggest caffeine-sensitive people go for PhenQ PM to get effective weight loss without any stimulatory effects.

PhenQ PM cta1

(This detailed review of PhenQ PM explains how the nighttime fat burner also improves sleep quality besides promoting fat loss)

However, besides sleep infringement, all other PhenQ effects mentioned here contribute to fat loss and better weight management.

How? I will explain that in a minute, but first, let’s see if the caffeine content in PhenQ is high enough to also cause jitters;

Does PhenQ Make You Feel Jittery?


Well, this question can be answered both yes and no depending upon your diet and tolerance for Caffeine.

It’s the same case as feeling jitters by drinking coffee. You will be fine if you drink a little bit, but if you drink too much, it can give you jitters.

In the same way, if taking PhenQ makes you overdose on Caffeine, it may leave you feeling jittery and agitated.

The caffeine content in these tablets is well within the daily safe limit compared to many popular fat burners overloaded with stimulants. So, it is well tolerated when you have adjusted your coffee intake accordingly.

As Angellirika said in her Trustpilot review, PhenQ energizes her but doesn’t make her feel overwhelmed like other diet pills. Dawn Meyer posted a similar review.

This is the case for people having good tolerance for Caffeine in general.

But for caffeine-sensitive individuals or people who are not used to drinking a lot of coffee in routine, it may cause trouble as the high caffeine dose would likely make them feel jittery, dizzy, and anxious.

For example, Jorgen wrote about such an experience in his PhenQ Trustpilot review. The fat burner made him dizzy and anxious, so he decided to quit it.

For others with moderate tolerance, like jessicabarrera0440, it gives a huge energy boost, but the effects eventually wear off.

How Effective is PhenQ?

PhenQ bottles and pills

The effects mentioned above actually make PhenQ an effective weight loss medicine. It helps you shed the extra pounds in the following ways, as reported by many users;

High Energy Levels Fuel Your Workouts

The energy boost from PhenQ keeps you motivated and active so that you can work out for long hours. And exercise and PhenQ both strategies go hand in hand to make you slimmer, stronger, and healthier.

Plus, it helps avoid the energy slump you may feel when following a restricted meal plan. Instead, PhenQ gives you the energy to get through all routine activities without being overly exhausted.

Winston said in his review that reduced appetite and increased energy greatly helped him stick with a hard gym schedule.

It’s one month in, and he hasn’t yet got the PhenQ results for overall weight reduction. However, he noticed that now muscle mass is gradually replacing the fats. So, he’s optimistic about seeing the weight drop soon.

Fat Excretion With Feces Prevents Fat Accumulation In The Body

Laxative effects of Nopal and other ingredients are also helpful in weight management.

Nopal significantly reduces the absorption of fats in the gut, making you excrete most of the fats in your meal through feces. Hence, even when you take fats with meals, they don’t get stored in your body.

And prevention of fat accumulation is a benefit diet pills rarely have because most of them are only focused on burning the already stored fats or appetite suppression.

However, you would get this benefit with the little inconvenience of visiting the lavatory multiple more often than normal.

More Sweating Indicates Increased Thermogenesis And Fat Metabolism

Thermogenesis boosts metabolism, helping you get rid of the stored fatty flabs in your body.

Taking PhenQ may make you sweat more, but this sweating is likely a sign of increased fat burn (aka the reason you are taking these pills for!).

And to help you reduce the sweating discomfort, I have listed useful tips in this blog.

Helps You Get Rid Of Binge Eating Habits

When you feel satisfied and have no sugar cravings, you can easily control what to eat and when. Thus, a good appetite suppressor helps you stay on track with your diet plan and achieve big fitness goals.

And the efficacy of craving suppressors in this diet pill is evident from real PhenQ reviews like this one from Ann Shumate.

Ann Shumate PhenQ Review

At first, she was skeptical about the product, but the fat burner worked so well for her that she bought it again and also added the nighttime PhenQ to her routine.

Taking PhenQ with breakfast makes her full and gives her energy for the whole day. On top of it, she uses nighttime pills that improve her sleep and makes her burn fats during rest.

PhenQ cta1

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