How Long Does It Take For Plenity To Work? (Before & After Pictures)

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In this article, I have discussed if Plenity is good for weight loss and shared how long it takes to work.

Though results largely depend upon your diet, exercise routine, and fitness level, it usually takes 2 to 3 months to lose weight with Plenity. However, some people find it an ineffective weight loss supplement.

These inconsistent results make sense when we dig deep into the science behind these pills’ working principle. That is why I have described how Plenity works and what immediate effects you should notice after taking the tablet.

The following sections will also brief you on how long you would have to wait before seeing a lower figure on the weight machine.

Does Plenity Work Right Away?

Plenity weight loss

Like any other weight loss pill, Plenity takes its time to work. So, you cannot expect to get results overnight.

However, most people notice a hunger drop and lesser cravings as soon as their first week on this drug completes.

It is because the pills are filled with natural fiber (Cellulose) that swells up in their stomach, making them satisfied with a smaller meal than usual. This swollen fiber is indigestible and is excreted, but its physical presence keeps you from taking larger meals, reducing your calorie intake.

With decreased food intake, your body breaks down deposited fats to get energy for routine activities. Thus, Plenity helps with fat burn indirectly.

Also, eliminating food cravings, helps you choose health-friendly foods and decrease fat intake.

Though this mechanism excludes most side effects associated with stimulatory diet pills, it leads to slower weight loss.

PhenQ CT

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Plenity?

As discussed above, Plenity works for weight loss indirectly. That is why results may take longer than other diet pills and largely depend on your food choices and activity level.

According to Plenity’s manufacturer, you will lose significant weight in the first month of taking the pill. However, some users report different results.

It took most users about two months to see a notable change in body weight. Others made slower progress but were happy because it helped them control their food intake better.

However, some users didn’t get any positive results and considered the medicine worthless because it did not reduce their appetite or body weight.

Here are possible reasons why some people find it difficult or impossible to lose weight with Plenity;

1. They Are Used To Having Fiber-rich Diet

An issue with Plenity is that its ingredients do not affect fat metabolism or the hunger cycle directly but rather reduce the calorie intake by physically filling the stomach with fibrous contents.

However, increased fiber intake does not necessarily curb hunger in all people. These individuals have a natural ability to pass on the fiber quickly through their digestive canals or are already taking a fiber-rich diet, so their gut is now accustomed to high fiber intake.

Such individuals are likely to find plenity not working for weight loss as their food intake or fat metabolism is not affected.

Resultantly, they may gain more weight instead of losing it, as Naomi gained 4-5 lbs in three weeks on Plenity. She did not feel any side effects but was quite unhappy with the consistent weight gain. So, her doctor prescribed her another diet pill.

2. Their Metabolism Is Naturally Slow

Weight loss speed on Plenity largely depends on your body’s natural metabolism. The faster your body consumes energy from carbs and fats, the quicker you lose weight.

But many people have naturally low metabolic rates. Thus, it takes them longer to lose fat mass than others. For example;

  • If you have got endomorph body type, your metabolism is naturally slower. Hence, you will burn less fat than a person with an ectomorph body type.
  • Similarly, fat loss is naturally harder for women than men because women have a slower metabolism and higher fat-muscle ratio.
  • The metabolic rate also declines as you grow older because aging reduces muscle/fat ratio and metabolite efficiency.

3. They Don’t Workout

Fat burning is a two-step process;

  1. Cut down the fat build-up by consuming fewer fats.
  2. Melt away the fats already stored in the body.

And to melt those stubborn fats, you must increase energy consumption in your body. Unfortunately, Plenity is not a fat burner like PhenQ and does not help you with this important weight loss requirement.

PhenQ design

Hence, to effectively lose weight with this supplement, you must exercise regularly to consume fats. Otherwise, you will see only a minimal result.

4. They Eat Fatty Meals

An unhealthy lifestyle like fat-rich foods and less or no exercise routine makes you chubby and overweight. It is also the number one reason many fail in their weight loss journey.

Your body uses only a portion of the food; the rest is stored in fatty tissues. Thus, meals rich in trans fats and refined carbs keep adding new mass to fatty layers around your belly, arms, and thighs.

People who didn’t find Plenity a good fit as their weight loss partner should try one of the non-stimulant, OTC Plenity alternatives to speed up fat metabolism, reduce food cravings, and lose weight faster.

Plenity Weight Loss Reviews (Before & After Pictures)

Many people have tried Plenity to lose weight, and their feedback on different social platforms and review forums proves that the supplement can work wonders for some people but is ineffective for others.

D.S. Scott Lost 11 Pounds In 8 Weeks

Scott shared her 8-week journey with plenity on her weekly youtube vlogs. She lost 11 pounds in two months on Plenity coupled with healthy eating and regular exercise. And her waist was reduced from 41 inches to 38 inches.

plenity before and after

Tamkin Eats More Mindfully With Plenity

Another Youtuber, TamkinSpice, shared her experience with Plenity, saying Plenity makes it easier for her to eat mindfully. She also shared her plenity before and after pictures. She lost 2 lbs of her weight in the first 5 months but was down 10 lbs after 8 months.

Plenity Before & After Results

Libby Got Results In Two Weeks

A happy customer, Libby, said she chose Plenity because of no jitter side effects. And it reduced her appetite to the extent that she lost 4 pounds in her first 2 weeks.

plenity review 2

Nancy Hogan Dropped Weight After 25-Years’ Struggle

59-year-old Nancy Hugan said that she has been trying to lose weight for the last 25 years, but nothing has worked for her. But now, she is happy because she lost 20 lbs weight in just 2 months using Plenity.

plenity review 1

Bertha Lost 13 lbs In 4 Months

Bertha is losing weight slowly, but she is happy as nothing else has worked for her before this fiber-filled medicine. She has dropped 13 pounds in 4 months as Plenity curbs her desire for binge eating.

plenity review 3

How Do I Get The Best Results From Plenity?

To get the most out of plenity, here are some best practices you can opt for;

1. Drink A Lot Of Water

Hydration is necessary to make Plenity work because the fiber won’t swell properly if you do not take 16 oz of water with each dose.

Also, drinking more water increases the body’s thermogenesis (heat production). Resultantly, tissues consume more energy, and fats melt down faster to fulfill this energy requirement.

Research from Humboldt-University, Germany, concludes that water intake can boost fat metabolism by 30%.

2. Follow Dosage Instructions

Besides increased water intake, dosage timing is also important because cellulose needs some time to absorb water and swell into a sizeable mass.

That is why taking Plenity at least 20 minutes before a meal is recommended.

3. Avoid Fats And Refined Sugar

Eating a balanced, health-boosting diet the crucial for effective weight management. To lose weight, you need to prevent further fat build-up along with burning the stored fats.

If you keep taking empty calories and fatty acids via diet, getting rid of those fatty layers will be very difficult.

To avoid this blind end, cut fried food and refined carbs (like chips, bakery, and sweets) from your diet.

In my experience, eating mindfully and replacing commercial fast foods with home-cooked meals takes you a long way in your weight loss journey.

4. Workout Regularly

As discussed above, exercise is necessary to burn stored fats. That is why I suggest you work out regularly to lose weight faster.

You can attend a trainer-mediated weight loss program at the nearby gym or exercise in your house. A 25-30-minute brisk walk is a good starting point if you currently do not exercise.

To further increase weight loss, you can design a proper training session including different exercises;

  • Cardio exercises directly affect fat consumption. So, they are usually a must-do part of weight loss training.
  • Resistance training builds muscles which increases fat consumption in the long run. Thus, it’s best to include both types of workouts for losing fats and maintaining your desired weight.

5. Eat Lean Proteins

Protein-rich foods make the ideal meals when you wish to lose weight faster. It is because of two reasons.

Firstly, proteins help with muscle growth, and growing muscles are the best “fat eaters” in our bodies.

Secondly, proteins have the least chance of being converted into fats. These molecules are utilized in muscle growth, recovery, and enzyme formation first, leaving no or only a small additional amount to be stored as fats.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Interestingly, the number of hours you sleep at night affects how much fat you burn during physical activity as well as your resting thermogenesis.

Research shows that individuals who sleep well have 28- 33% more chances of successful weight loss than people who have poor sleep or sleep less than 5 hours daily.


Can I Take Plenity 3 Times A Day?

No, You should only take Plenity twice a day as recommended by experts.

If you take 3 doses daily, you will be consuming a lot of fiber as each dose consists of 3 pills. This overdose may lead to side effects like bloating, diarrhea, or flatulence.

How Much Does Plenity cost?

Plenity costs $98 for 1 month’s supply, and if you buy 3 months’ stock at once, you will get a 15% discount, paying $249.

How Quickly Does Plenity Work?

Plenity capsules take 20 minutes to absorb water and swell inside your stomach.

This fibrous mass takes up much space in the gastric cavity. As a result, you feel less hungry when you sit down to take a meal, as your tummy is already half-filled.

Final Thoughts – Don’t Fret If Plenity Is Not Working For You

To sum up, Plenity would help you eat less. And if you have a fast metabolism, eat a health-friendly diet, and work out regularly, you can lose weight using this supplement.

However, it is not unusual if these pills do not affect your hunger or promote weight loss. It is a fiber-rich appetite suppressor, not a fat burner, and increased fiber intake may help but does not guarantee weight loss.

In this case, I recommend you go for an all-inclusive, OTC diet pill like PhenQ, which prevents binge eating, speeds up fat metabolism, reduces fat build-up, provides energy, and improves mood.

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