How Much Mass Gainer Should I Take To Gain 10 kg? (scoops/day)

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In this article, I will discuss the number of mass gainer scoops you need every day to gain 10kg and above.

Using one recommended serving is usually enough for healthy lean growth. However, it is not set in stone, and you can adjust the serving according to your health conditions and goals.

So, what if you take 2 or 3 servings? After all, it just contains macronutrients in a refined, powdered form. Well, that can be harmful, and the side effects of such overdosing are explained below.

So, keep reading to find out the right serving size of a mass gainer and its importance.

Key Highlights:
  • To gain 10 kg, you would need to consume an additional 22,046 calories over a period of time
  • One serving of mass gainer (about 600-700 calories per day) is generally enough for healthy weight gain
  • However, the exact number of scoops varies for individuals depending on their current body mass, physical activity, product, size of their scoop, and desired weight goals.
  • I would not recommended to cut down on calories from food and rely on supplements. Instead, the best practice is to use the “food first” approach to reach your fitness goal

How Much Mass Gainer Should I Take To Gain 10 kg?

In addressing the question of how to gain 10 kg using mass gainers, it’s critical to consider various personal factors such as metabolism, physical activity levels, and dietary habits.

To gain 10 kg using mass gainers, a common approach is to eat about 500 more calories every day than what you usually eat. This can help you gradually gain about 0.45 kg (one pound) each week. Over time, this adds up to a total of 22,046 extra calories, and you can spread this out over weeks or months as you like.

This is from my personal experience.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that healthy weight gain is a progressive journey.

Attempting to gain 10 kg too quickly, say within just one month, often leads to an increase in fat mass rather than lean mass, which may not be the ideal outcome for overall health and fitness.

While weight gainers supplement can be an effortless method to meet calorie targets, it’s not advisable to rely solely on these supplements for weight gain.

The path to success hinges on a comprehensive approach that incorporates a well-balanced diet featuring whole foods and a regular exercise regimen, both of which are fundamental for achieving weight gain and overall health goals.

For instance, my favorite mass gainer supplement – CrazyNutrition Mass Gainer – contains 488 calories, 55 grams of carbohydrates, and 50 grams of protein per serving. To gain 10 kg using CrazyNutrition Mass Gainer, you’ll need to take it daily for a calculated duration based on your daily calorie needs.

Crazy Nutrition gainer cta

How Much Mass Gainer Scoops Should You Take Daily as a Beginner?

Generally speaking, one serving of mass gainer (about 600- 700 calories) is enough for healthy weight gain. And it’s better to divide it between two shakes.

As I mentioned earlier, the exact number of scoops varies for individuals depending upon their current body mass, physical activity, product, size of their scoop, and desired weight goals.

Mass gainer scoop

So, you may need two, four, or maybe six scoops of the mass gainer.

This might sound confusing; fret not.

Everyone has a different BMI, metabolic rate, and activity level. As a result, their calorie requirements to gain weight are also different. (To find out yours, get help from calorie calculators available online).

Let’s say you need 3000 calories daily to bulk up, and you take three meals (of about 600 calories each) and two small snacks (about 250 calories each) in between.

That makes up 2300 kcal, and you would need 700 calories from your gainer.

Now, it comes to your supplement. If your gainer provides 175 calories per scoop, you need to take two gainer shakes daily, each having two scoops of gainer.

And if your gainer provides 350 calories per scoop, only one scoop per shake would be enough to reach your calorie goal. Likewise, if the calorie count per scoop is 115 kcal, you would need six scoops daily (3 scoops per shake).

And if you consume fewer calories from food, the number of required calories and scoops is even higher. However, it is not recommended to cut down on calories from food and rely on supplements.

Instead, the best practice is to use the “food first” approach to reach your fitness goals and take supplements only to “supplement” your progress.

The reason is that only supplements cannot provide all the micronutrients, fiber, and vitamins you need for a healthy body. That is why a gainer overdose can do more harm than good.

Possible Side Effects of Overdosing on Mass Gainers Supplement

Here are the side effects that you may encounter if you take mass gainers more than the recommended amount:

1. Increased belly fat

When using mass gainers, your goal is to provide extra calories to your body that could be used for muscle growth, but if you supply unnecessary calories, many of them would be left unused and stored as fats.

If your training routine is not hard enough to burn most of those calories or if you exercise regularly but take multiple, large doses of Gainer, you create a large difference in your calorie intake and consumption.

Hence, you are likely to accumulate fat in these cases.

2. Bloating

Some people also complain of bloating and gut discomfort after drinking weight-gain shakes.

The reason is you are consuming a bulk of carbs, proteins, and fats all in one drink. And this nutrient overload can distend your stomach for some time.

Also, mass gainers contain a large proportion of creatine to help muscle gain. But this amino acid also has a water-retaining ability which often leads to feeling stuffy and bloated.

3. Increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases

As we just discussed, the carb content of the weight gainers can convert to fats when present in excess. While most of it is stored in fat tissues, some are left in the blood in the form of cholesterol and other fat molecules.

Research also confirms that a high-carb diet would ultimately lead to hyperlipidemia (high lipid content in the blood).

In turn, hyperlipidemia may cause plaque formation leading to vessel blockage and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4. High blood sugar

Due to high-carb formulation, mass gainers provide a sudden boost in blood glucose levels as most of these carbs (e.g., maltodextrin) are fast absorbing.

Hence, high-carb mass gainers can prove a risk factor for diabetics or people with a predisposition to type-2 diabetes.

So, consult your doctor before opting for these supplements if you have a family history of acquiring diabetes.

5. Acne

Gainers also contain high protein content to optimize lean build-up. The major ones among these are whey protein and pea protein powder.

These ingredients are also associated with a few side effects, besides providing numerous growth benefits.

One of these demerits is skin breakout. We have seen many people developing acne after they started using mass gainer or whey protein.

A scientific study also confirms the association of whey components with acne onset.

6. Digestive problems

Excessive supplementation with mass gainers can lead to acute digestive problems depending on their ingredients.

Many gainers contain maltodextrin and similar compounds. On one side, this fast-absorbing carbohydrate can spike glucose levels.

On the other side, it may damage the intestinal inner lining, leading to colitis, as reported by this scientific paper published in 2018 with an affiliation of seven universities in Italy.

Furthermore, dairy components like whey protein can cause discomfort for people with milk allergies or lactase deficiency.

Also, many mass gainers include gluten carbs that result in gut inflammation and abdominal pain.

To prevent food allergies, ensure that the mass gainer you buy is free from dairy and gluten. However, you will miss some great gain benefits in this case.

An innovative solution for this problem can be the addition of enzymes whose deficiency caused the allergy in the first place. Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer includes such an enzymatic blend.

Tips on How I Take Mass Gainers Correctly

Like I’ve highlighted a few times, you must use a mass gainer carefully to ensure that this supplement works in your favor rather than backfiring.

So, here are some tips to make the gaining process more effective and enjoyable;

Tip #1: Take smaller servings

Let me tell you a nutritional secret, “when you take nutrients gradually, they absorb better.”

That is why many nutritionists recommend eating 5-6 small meals instead of 2 or 3 large ones.

The same story goes for mass gainers; if you plan to take a mass gainer worth 600 calories. Taking two shakes of 300 calories rather than one 600kcal drink is better.

And the best time to take these shakes is for breakfast and post-workout.

Tip #2: Add additional flavor (and calories)

Mass gainers usually taste chalky and bland when taken with water, and many of us don’t like that taste much.

Mixing them with milk is an easier way to make them more palatable. It also adds to your drink’s nutrient count.

Add fruits and peanut butter to make it even more delicious and rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Tip #3: Workout regularly

A mass gainer won’t work by itself; instead, you must prepare your muscles to take up the additional nutrition you are supplying.

When you strain a muscle group during the training, it starts absorbing carbs and amino acids more actively and grows faster. Hence, the more muscle groups you train, the better growth you see.

So to get the best results from mass gainers, regularly perform resistance workouts, especially compound exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and lifting workouts.

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Is 1 scoop of mass gainer enough?

It depends upon the calories your mass gainer provides per scoop and your calorie requirement. If you need a 250-calorie shake and the gainer has 120 calories per scoop, use two scoops. If it has 500 calories per scoop, use half.

How much mass Gainer should I take to gain 10 kg?

It depends on your metabolism and physical activity level.

However, we have observed people gain a 10kg lean mass daily using one mass gainer serving (divided into two shakes) for about 5 to 6 months.

It is worth mentioning that healthy weight gain is always slower, and you should not expect to gain 10kg weight in just one and a half months because most of that would be just fat mass.

Mass gainer calories per scoop: How much is a scoop of mass gainer?

The number of calories per scoop differs for every product.

And logically speaking, the scoop is a broad term that does not refer to a specific quantity. Your scoop may be larger or smaller than mine, just like our coffee mugs can be of different sizes.

Instead, the number of grams offers a more specific and accurate measurement.

However, to make the calculations easier for you, we have enlisted the calorie content and serving sizes of popular mass gainers;

ProductCalories per scoopBrand-recommended mass gainer scoop sizesCalories per serving
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer:116 kcal6 scoops/200 grams695 kcal
Optimum Nutrition Serious Gainer:625 kcal2 scoops/336 grams1250 kcal
Naked Mass:340 kcal4 scoops/323 grams1360 kcal
BSN True Mass:233 kcal3 scoops/310 grams1210 kcal
MuscleMeds Canivore Mass:177 kcal4 scoops/194 grams720 kcal
popular mass gainers calorie content and serving sizes

Can I drink Mass Gainer every day?

Yes, you should take it daily to obtain the best results. However, you can use half a serving on rest days to prevent fat gain.

How Much Mass Gainer Should I Take? – Wrap Up

Mass gainers are filled with energy-rich and growth-promoting nutrients, but that does not mean overdosing on them won’t cause harm. In fact, you may experience digestive issues and glycemic imbalance if you take larger servings. Moreover, high doses of mass gainer can contribute to stubborn body fat.

So, it is necessary to use the right amount of gainer for a healthier weight gain.

But as not one size fits all, your calorie requirement would be different from your gym pal.

Therefore we recommend consulting the nutritional label to find out the calorie count of the supplement. Then, set your serving size accordingly

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