How Much Does Phentermine Cost Without Insurance?

May 13, 2022 |

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If you are looking for ways to save money on your phentermine prescription, you may be wondering how much the medication costs without insurance.

Phentermine, a weight loss pill, has been around for a long time since it was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for short-term use in 1959.

It’s a popular weight-loss option, especially because it’s one of the most affordable drugs in its class. Surprisingly, despite its potential to be an addictive drug, as many as 35% of obesity specialists recommend and prescribe phentermine to their patients.

Like most drugs, phentermine prices can vary depending on the brand and dosage. And most insurance companies don’t cover anti-obesity medications like phentermine. But below is how much you might need to pay for phentermine without insurance:

Generic 37.5 mg tablets can cost around:

  • $12 per 7 tablets ($1.82 per unit)
  • $16-23 per 30 tablets ($0.55 – $0.78 per unit)
  • $85 per 180 tablets ($0.48 per unit)

Adipex-P, a brand name version of phentermine can cost:

  • $65-125 for 30 tablets ($2 – $4.20 per unit)

If insurance companies don’t cover phentermine, are there ways for you to save money on weight-loss drugs and still lose weight?

What’s a better option for phentermine without insurance?

Keep reading to find out.

How Much Does Phentermine Cost Without Insurance?

Drug costs differ depending on several factors, though it would usually be affected by the brand and dosage. For example, generic drugs can be several times cheaper than brand names.

Obviously, lower dosages tend to be cheaper than higher options.

You might have also noticed that drug prices can vary depending on where you buy them, even for the same brand name and dosage.

For example, a 30-count bottle of 37.5 mg Adipex-P can cost $113 in Walmart but can be bought for just around $70 from Amazon Pharmacy. Prices can also vary per month, but the $40+ difference between the two pharmacies is already a big thing for many, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

That $40+ difference can already buy you around a dozen more phentermine pills.

Some sites also offer coupons or discounted rates.

Here’s a sample comparison table for the estimated prices of generic and brand-name phentermine, in 37.5 mg (30 pills):


Generic Price

Adipex-P Retail Price

SingleCare Price

Rx Saver

WebMD Rx


Amazon Pharmacy:

$7.70 $70.40








Kroger Pharmacy:

$35.17 $80.18 $15.63

CVS Pharmacy: $39.99 $83.75 $21.14 $12.27 $19.49





$41.09 $92.43 $18.26 $18 $18.99 $16.96

Albertsons Pharmacy:

$40.29 $102.80 $15.20

Rite Aid Pharmacy: $43.54 $108.30 $21.91 $11.69 $7.88


$32.67 $113.06 $15.82 $15.06 $17.23
Walmart Neighborhood Market:


Target (CVS):


Navarro Discount Pharmacy:


Harris Teeter:


Note that these are prices as of when writing this and are subject to change without prior notice.

Some Ways To Reduce Phentermine Costs

  1. Choose generic – In general, generic medications are cheaper than branded ones.
  2. Compare pharmacy prices – You can use our comparison table above to find the cheapest options.
  3. Find coupons – This can be a good way to get discounts even if phentermine isn’t covered by insurance.
  4. Buy in bulk – Prices tend to be cheaper per tablet when you buy in bulk rather than just a few pieces or units at a time.
  5. Order online – Some online pharmacies like Amazon Pharmacy might offer cheaper options, and can also help you save money on gas because they deliver the items to your doorstep.
  6. Ask your insurance company – Most insurance companies don’t cover obesity drugs, but it doesn’t hurt to ask yours. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have one that might cover your weight-loss medications.

IMPORTANT: Be careful about buying medicines online. Only buy from trusted sites.

Why Is Phentermine Not Covered By Insurance?

It’s estimated that only a third of insurance companies cover anti-obesity drugs. Another third only cover FDA-approved weight-loss drugs while the rest cover these approved drugs, but with certain limits or restrictions to their use.

But Medicare specifically excludes any coverage of anti-obesity drugs.

  • Bad Reputation

This reluctance stems from the serious safety problems faced by weight-loss drugs in the past, particularly the withdrawal of the fen-phen diet drug combination (fenfluramine/phentermine) in 1997 due to links with heart valve damage.

  • Costs

Another major reason is that obesity is a major problem, especially in the US. It’s estimated that 21% of annual medical costs in the US are linked to obesity.

That’s a whopping $190 billion per year!

With potential costs to insurers being so big, it’s easy to understand their reluctance to cover obesity drugs.

  • Safety Concerns

Although as many as 35% of obesity specialists prescribe phentermine to their patients, most are also reluctant to use drugs to treat obesity.

Some experts believe that phentermine’s risks and side effects far outweigh its potential benefits – and many insurance companies agree with them.

What Is Better Than Phentermine Without Insurance?

It was during the cause of my research for this post I discovered PhenQ.

A powerful weight loss supplement and an appetite suppressant that tends to mimic the weight loss effect of phentermine. Which can be ordered online from anywhere in the world.

One bottle (60 tablets) of PhenQ costs $69.95 (with a $10 online discount) – that’s around the same price as the generic phentermine tablets.

Plus, a 10% discount with free shipping on your first order.

And if you buy in bulk, you save even more:

  • Buy two PhenQ and get ONE FREE
  • Buy three PhenQ and get TWO FREE

Aside from these discounts, you also get free bonus guides with each purchase, including:

  • Nutrition and workout guides
  • Diet and detox programs
  • Meal plans
  • A logbook for your meals

But what’s more important is that you won’t need a prescription to buy PhenQ, there’s no limit to how long you can safely use it (phentermine is only recommended for 12 weeks), and it’s made from natural ingredients.


Is Phentermine Covered By Insurance?

Not all insurance companies cover phentermine. Ask your insurance company to be sure.

What Is The Cost Of Phentermine At Walmart?

Prices can vary depending on your location and other factors but it’s estimated that generic phentermine costs around $32.67 and Adipex-P costs around $113.06.

These prices are good for 37.5 mg (30 pills).

How Much Is Phentermine Out Of Pocket?

All the prices we listed above are your out-of-pocket expenses for phentermine if your insurance company doesn’t cover obesity drugs.

How Much Does Phentermine Cost At Walgreens?

It’s estimated that generic phentermine costs around $41.09, while Adipex-P costs around $92.43 at Walgreens for the 37.5 mg dose (30 pills).

How Much Does Phentermine Cost At CVS?

Here are the phentermine (37.5 mg, 30 pills) prices at CVS:

  • Generic: $39.99
  • Adipex-P: $83.75

Can I Buy Phentermine On The Web?

At this moment, the DEA (the United States Drug Enforcement Administration) doesn’t allow phentermine to be prescribed online or without an in-person visit with a physician. That means that you can’t get a prescription through online pharmacies’ telemedicine platforms.

However, if you already have a prescription, then you can use it to buy phentermine on the web.

Or better still  – to avoid the risks and restrictions of phentermine – consider a safer and legal and healthier alternative to Phentermine here called PhenQ.

What Over-The-Counter Drug Is Closest To Phentermine?

PhenQ is one of the best over-the-counter phentermine alternatives for closely mimicking phentermine and its effects, but without the negative side effects, this drug is known for (including its potential for abuse).

Final Thoughts

Phentermine is a prescription medication that has been used to help people lose weight for many years.

It could be expensive, however, and some people may not have insurance that will cover the cost of this drug. There are other options available, such as PhenQ, which is an over-the-counter alternative to Phentermine.

You do not need insurance to buy PhenQ, and it can be less expensive than prescription medication.

If you are looking for a way to lose weight and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a prescription drug, consider learning more about PhenQ here.

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