Huel for Weight Loss: Is it any Good for Losing Weight?

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In this article, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of Huel’s weight management programs and give a conclusion on whether they aid in weight loss or not.

Founded in June 2015 by Julian Hearn, Huel came into the scene with a mission to empower people with nutrient-dense, affordable, and environmentally-friendly products.

Huel is made from plant-based enduring ingredients, such as oats, rice, coconuts, flaxseed, peas, sunflower oil, etc.

Its meal replacements and snacks are perfect for people who strive to add enough nutrients to their daily diet but are unable to do so.

Huel has a little something for everyone.

From improving your nutrition intake to muscle growth to weight management, it can assist you in all these areas. You can also find out which program may be the best fit for your goals after taking a brief quiz on the website.

So, now let’s be more specific and look into Huel’s weight loss program and its offerings.

Does Huel Work for Weight Loss?

Huel provides calorie-controlled products. So, yes, it ultimately promotes weight loss.

In a parallel universe, we would all have wholesome and nutritionally balanced meals. We would continue to achieve our body goals and always know what to eat and the calorie count.


However, it does not always happen in reality, as most of us struggle to find time to educate ourselves about diet or select relevant food items.

Well, say no more because Huel has a ready-made plan for you.

Unlike other brands, Huel enables you to choose your own diet style instead of directly replacing it with your breakfast and lunch. The brand suggests starting with one meal and gradually increasing the intake.

Along with several macronutrients, Huel’s meal replacements are rich sources of protein and fiber.

Protein is known to control your weight by making you feel fuller for a prolonged time.

As a result, you eat less because your appetite is reduced.

Huel products also contain dietary fiber, which is often overlooked.

However, it is a major component of a victorious fat burn intervention. The study supports high-fiber intake as it is significant for the gastrointestinal tract, keeps you fuller for longer, and aids in fat loss.

According to Huel’s official website, they have sold over 100 million meals. Now, it would never have been possible if their products never showed results.

However, some people suggest that relying on meal-replacement systems is not healthy in the long run. Given this, a person may regain weight after transitioning to his old diet routine.

Is Huel Safe for Weight Loss?

Huel’s mission is simple; to enhance your general well-being by providing all the essential nutrients your body needs through its versatile products. If your goal is to burn fat, it will also help you do that.

Unlike filler-filled content, Huel’s products boast a substantial nutrient profile.

With a perfect blend of macronutrients, Huel products contain protein, fiber, healthy fats, carbs, 27 essential vitamins, and minerals. They are also lactose-free, soy-free, vegan, low in sugar, and non-GMO.

Furthermore, Huel has a strict approval policy for ingredients to ensure the product quality is up to the mark.

Huel’s quality team directly interacts with ingredient suppliers to analyze their processing and growth procedure.

Suppliers are only allowed to continue working with them if they are meeting higher industry standards.

Huel also makes sure to measure the inclusion of allergens, pesticides, and heavy metals in the products. In the end, all ingredients are tested and inspected before getting inside Huel’s goods.

Moreover, their products are approved by dietitians and nutritionists.

Overall, the production process happens under strict supervision followed by final testing to deliver a top-notch and healthy experience to consumers.

All the ingredients are plant-based and can generate fewer side effects only. So, it is safe to say that Huel is safe for weight loss.

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Huel Weight Loss Review

Huel does not market its products as meal replacements for weight loss. According to them, their products are nutritionally complete and beneficial for your health.

However, these products contain high amounts of protein and fiber,  which can help you burn some fat.

Let’s look at a couple of products of Huel and see whether they are helpful for weight loss or not.

1. Huel Black Edition

Huel Black Edition

Huel Black Edition is one of Huel’s most popular items. Like the company’s trademark practice, this product remains a rich source of protein, fiber, zero synthetic sweeteners, low carbs, and sugar.

It also contains 27 essential minerals and vitamins to boost your overall health.

So, if you are someone looking to enhance their daily protein intake, this is for you.

We also know that protein and fiber help you lose weight by reducing your cravings. So, you can add this powder to your daily diet to achieve your weight loss goals too.

The Black edition comes in vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, salted caramel, banana, coffee caramel, strawberry shortcake, and an unflavored/unsweetened version.

All flavors come with an almost similar ingredient list, and you can directly access it from the website.

The best thing about its protein content is that it does not contain whey protein. Whey protein is the most common protein type. However, it is not suitable for lactose-intolerant, vegans, and dairy-free people as it contains dairy.

The protein types in Black Edition are brown rice protein and pea protein.

Thanks to Black Huel Edition for bringing a plant-based and non-dairy formula for vegans and anyone who wants to try it.

This product involves 50% fewer carbs. So, if you are looking for a high-protein, low carbs meal, Black Edition is for you.

Another notable thing about Black Edition is its unique nutrient profile.

The blend of sunflower oil powder and flaxseed helps people who are looking to transform their physical appearance or increase their healthy fat intake.

So, whether you are looking to drop some lbs or build your muscles, Black Edition can take you towards your destination.

Cost: $2.50 per meal


  • Black Edition supplies all the essential micronutrients your body needs
  • 40g of protein and 6g of fiber content per serving keep you fuller for an extended period
  • Its plant-based formulation makes it beneficial for people with certain allergies or those on super-specific diets
  • Its nutrient distribution is helpful for various goals, such as workout boost, muscle building, weight loss, or simply improving your nutrient intake
  • It doesn’t contain any major allergens, except for coconut
  • Huel provides free shipping in the UK and USA


  • Black Edition’s high protein intake is the reason for its popularity. However, everyone’s body is different, and high protein content may not be the best thing for you
  • Solid nutrient content overpowers the taste of flavors. Although the texture is thick, I think everyone may not like the taste

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2. Huel Complete Protein

Huel complete protein

Developing a protein powder is not a simple game.

There are an array of protein powders and shakes in the market with vegan options. So,  you have to stand out to build genuine sales.

When I started my research about Huel Complete Protein, I thought it wouldn’t be different from regular protein shakes. However, its specialty lies in its ingredients.

In addition to 20g of plant-based protein per serve, it contains fiber, essential fats, iron, phytonutrients, 27 essential minerals, and vitamins, including vitamin B12.

Plus, it supplies more amino acids than whey protein.

Available in the flavors of chocolate fudge brownie, vanilla caramel, banana pudding, strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, and unflavored one, it gives you multiple options to choose from.

However, several people have stated that the company needs to improve the taste and texture as it should not feel watery or chalky.

As I mentioned earlier, Huel doesn’t advertise its products as weight loss solutions. However, a high-protein meal can surely lead you toward weight loss.

You can take this protein powder in the middle of a lazy morning or afternoon to get a quick energy boost. You can also consume it before going to bed at night.

Cost: $1.25 per serving


  • Huel Complete Protein is a dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free shake
  • As a rich source of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and carbs, this product is much more than a regular protein shake
  • It contains natural sweeteners with zero synthetic sweeteners, allergens, or controversial substances
  • Huel complete protein offers a lot of variety with its flavors


  • It feels watery and tastes a bit chalky.
  • The texture is relatively thin, which needs a bit of improvement.

3. Huel Complete Protein Bars

Huel Complete Protein Bar

Huel complete protein bar is not your regular protein bar. It is a chocolate-like bar enrobed in a cocoa coating.

Like the other Huel products, it is also high in protein and macronutrients. With each serving, you get up to 20g of protein.

It is formulated with mostly the same ingredients, like pea protein, brown rice protein, sunflower lecithin, MCT oil, natural flavorings, and more.

The product does not contain any profound allergens except for coconut and peanuts.

It comes in salted caramel, variety box, raspberry, peanut butter, and banana pudding flavors.

Salted caramel remains one of its most sought-after flavors.

However, let me tell you whatever flavor you choose, the taste is far from delicious. If you never ate a plant-based snack like it, chances are you will find it chalky.

But, Huel as a brand does not strive to deliver mouth-watering snacks. The purpose is to offer you fulfilling nutrients that you can’t obtain from your regular food.

So, if you are someone who wants a consistent supply of nutrients at affordable rates, this protein bar is right in front of you. But, if you are here to satisfy your taste buds, that won’t happen.

Speaking of weight loss, I can’t say that this product can help you burn fat.

Although it is a  dairy-free snack with less sugar and carbs, one has to do a lot of hustle to get in shape.

So if you ask can I lose weight by eating this snack every day for three months?

The answer is: It is possible but not sustainable.

Overall, it can offer you a quick energy boost and the necessary elements your body needs. However, if you want to burn fat and sustain it, you should rely on sustainable fitness methods and healthy eating habits.

While building these habits, you can take meal replacements and snacks for the vital nutrition intake.


  • $3.13 per bar
  • $37.50 per box


  • It is a highly nutritious snack with all the essentials.
  • Unlike regular chocolates, it is very soft, and you can chew pretty easily.
  • It is affordable and convenient to use
  • Lactose-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan
  • It is free of artificial flavorings.


  • The taste is chalky.

Huel Weight Loss Stories

You may actually find multiple inspiring stories online stating how effective Huel has been in people’s weight loss journeys.

We know that cooking is a strenuous task for people with busy routines. People want something quick to prepare with the benefit of healthy nutrition.

According to a consumer, the best thing about its shakes is convenience and quick preparation. The shakes merely take two seconds to prepare.

They also said how using them as meal replacements helped them stop worrying about breakfast and lunch.

Another consumer shared that Huel helped him lose 35kg in ten months.

He further stated that the best thing about its meal replacements is that you know how many calories you are taking because you know the precise calorie amount in each portion.

I read a few other reviews where users expressed disappointment over slow progress or no progress at all. For instance, a person shared that their partner has replaced all three of her meals with Huel.

She also goes out for a run but has not dropped a single pound yet.

From these stories, we can conclude five definite points:

  • Huel is super convenient, quick, and simple to prepare
  • It is a wholesome supplier of all the nutrients your body can’t get from elsewhere
  • Its core ingredients, especially protein and dietary fiber, control your cravings by keeping you full the whole day
  • You don’t need to worry about what to cook or eat tomorrow
  • It is not guaranteed that your body will react the same as everyone else. Your body may take more or less time to shed pounds based on multiple other factors

Everything Else to Know about Huel for Weight loss

How many scoops of Huel for weight loss should I take?

Since it is a calorie-dense powder, Huel says two scoops per serving are enough.

How to take Huel for weight loss?

You can start taking Huel’s protein powder and snacks as meal replacements as they are low in sugar and calories. Although most people start with replacing these snacks with their breakfast and lunch, it is better to replace one meal in the beginning.

Let’s suppose you are replacing it with your lunch. So, in this way, you won’t eat anything for lunch but only drink your shake.

What happens if you only eat Huel?

Huel asked some people to go on a 100% Huel diet for five weeks. Participants took the challenge to evaluate the side effects and outputs of Huel. Luckily, the end results were not disappointing at all.

The five-week Huel diet challenge resulted in a reduced WHR, body weight, cholesterol, anthropometric improvements, and skin-fold thickness.

Please note that these volunteers underwent a five-week 100% Huel powder diet, and the overall results were substantially positive.

Can I replace all meals with Huel?

Huel offers low-calorie snacks, and protein shakes that may support fat burn.

However, our bodies need a consistent supply of varied foods, and replacing all your meals with these snacks is not a healthy idea.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t use them as meal replacements because several people have experienced positive results with this technique. However, it is better to replace one or two meals with Huel in the start to observe the results.

Is Huel just protein powder?

To keep your body in a healthy shape and state, you need a stable supply of nutrients and healthy fats.

As a supplier of over 20 essential vitamins, minerals, essential fats, carbs, fiber, amino acids, and phytonutrients, Huel is much more than a protein powder.

Whether you want an energy boost, muscle growth, or fat loss, Huel can assist you in that.

Does HUEL use whey protein?

Instead of whey protein, Huel uses completely plant-based protein types such as pea protein, brown rice protein, faba protein, and hemp seed protein. These protein sources are dairy-free, making them beneficial for vegans and lactose-intolerant.

Pea and brown rice protein is used in combinations in the majority of their products to provide a full amino acid profile.

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Wrap Up

Huel’s meal replacements are low-calorie products that aid in weight loss by keeping you fuller for a prolonged time and controlling your appetite.

With all the ingredient content and calories detail, you can rest assured that you are eating healthy.

The shakes are quick to prepare, which is super helpful for people who are always on the go.

However, it is appropriate not to rely on them completely. Enjoy them as nutritious snacks and focus on building long-term healthy eating habits.

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