Huel with Milk: Can you make it with Milk?

January 8, 2024 |

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This article will discuss the benefits of using Huel with milk.

Huel in water is a bit too boring, isn’t it?

Especially when you can get creative with milk and Huel powders to make your Huel meals more exciting and nutritious.

Although milk is an irreplaceable part of our diet, yet if you are using Huel with milk for weight loss, it may raise a calorie concern.

But fret not.

In this article, I have added various plant-based low-fat and low-calorie milk alternatives that you can use with Huel to enhance its taste and texture while preventing the calories of your Huel meals from exploding.

You will also find the Huel recipes of some of your favorite milk-based products in this read.

So, keep reading to know the details.

Can you mix Huel with milk?

Yes, you can mix Huel with milk.

Huel also writes in one of its posts that the best way to enjoy Huel is to mix it with milk rather than water.

Mixing Huel with milk can help you create your favorite foods and rescue you from drinking that same powdery liquid shakes every day.

Here is how you can make some simple yet calorie-controlled breakfast meals for a change – Just grab some milk, Huel powder, oats, and voila; your Huel porridge is ready.

Missing pancakes? Feel free to make some heavenly Huel pancakes by tossing in some oat milk and a pinch of baking powder in your vanilla-flavored Huel.

It is a bit hard for some users to get used to the raw and bland taste of Huel powders.

But when it comes to affordability and nutrition, no other meal replacement powder can come at par with Huel.

So, if it is the last option to aid weight management, why not enjoy it with some baking?

You can head over to the Huel blog to find the recipes of chocolate cakes (oat milk), cookies, chocolate muffins (almond milk), and Strawberry Coconut Scones (coconut milk) with low-fat milk to help you devour your Huel protein meals instead of unwillingly stuffing them in.

Huel with milk or water – which is better?

Huel is better with milk instead of water because it mixes well with it, tastes better in it, improves the consistency of the shake, boosts its nutrition value, and helps you stay more energized during the day.

Users usually complain of the grainy texture of Huel powders that is hard to mix and dissolve in water, and milk is the solution to this problem.

Milk can help achieve a smoother, thicker, and creamier consistency of your Huel shakes and bumps up its taste so that you can genuinely enjoy every sip.

Milk is more nutrient-dense. One glass of milk (200 ml) can provide you with vitamin B2, B12, A, E D, K, calcium, magnesium, selenium, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, protein, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, and omega-6- fatty acids.

On the other hand, water has a variable nutritional profile, but the mineral will contain only the essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

When milk is added to Huel powder, it augments the nutritional content of your meals.

It improves bone density, nervous system function, muscle maintenance, cognitive function, immunity, and energy-yielding mechanisms.

Milk can provide you with better hydration than the water itself.

Research performed on athletes has shown that even with a high water intake, high protein foods can increase dehydration.

The reason is that the body uses up a large amount of water in the body to flush out the excess nitrogen that comes from the amino acids in the protein. Dairy milk is composed of about 87% of water content.

The lactose sugar and mineral content like sodium and potassium in milk improve water retention in the body.

The lower the fat content of the milk, the higher will be its potassium content and better hydration.

Moreover, when compared with other beverages, skim milk ranked the best.

No wonder why ORS is more effective in countering dehydration in diarrhea than plain water.

Water has zero calories, and consuming Huel with it will only provide you the original calories of the powder, which can be approximately 400 for 2 scoops, and it can make you hungry sooner.

The number of calories for different types of milk vary but preparing and consuming Huel with milk instead of water can make you feel full for longer.

The high fat and protein content of milk is digested slowly and contributes to the satiation of the meal.

Although dairy milk is the most nutritious option out there, lactose-free plant-based alternatives like Almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, and coconut milk are also available.

If you are dieting, the best low-calorie milk you can use to prepare your Huel powder is unsweetened almond milk, skim milk, and 1% milk.

Here is a rough estimate of the calories in different kinds of milk per cup (8 ounces) whole milk- 150 calories, 1% milk- 100 calories, almond milk- 40 calories.

Huel with Milk – Reddit Stories

You always find some additional facts about the product when you hear stories from people who actually used it.

And this is why I went over some Reddit threads to find out user’s experience and included some suggestions about how you can use Huel with milk and some interesting posts to include in this section.

In one thread I found on Reddit, mitomon posted for help as the 400 calories of Huel powder mixed with water wasn’t fulfilling enough.

Many people who had been using Huel with milk responded, suggesting that 20% unsweetened almond milk is an excellent option to thicken up the shake, or 500 ml of skim milk can improve the taste and consistency.

But since the milk will make the consistency of Huel powder thick, everyone suggested using a blender or shaker for mixing.

In another thread, catathat writes that she started Huel for weight loss, but its taste in water couldn’t win her over, and she liked it better with milk, but the extra 250 calories (semi-skimmed milk) worried her.

Huelers have suggested unsweetened plant-based alternatives like almond, coconut, cashew, and hazelnut milk as a solution to both her concerns.

Since these are low in calories and the Huel shakes taste as awesome with them as they do with cow’s milk.

But since plant-based milk is expensive, Reddit users have suggested using a combination of milk and water; this can reduce the number of calories and cut down the expenditure as well.

Some tried combinations are, adding about 200ml of any plant-based milk and topping it up with water, using 1/3 of almond milk and 2/3 water, or 5oz milk and 10 oz water.

A Reddit user, D0n0thing posted that although Huel with milk tastes better and provides more calories, it caused the user to bloat. And as Huel with water is easier to clean, ‘Donothing’s’ preference shifted to it.

Zincinzincout, in his Reddit post, mentioned that he tried mixing Huel powder in both milk and water and confirmed that it combines better with milk, and it also provides more satiation, as the shake lasted up to 3 a day for the user.

Also, if you are consuming Huel shakes to gain weight, it can provide more protein and calories.

And if you are guessing which plant-based milk will complement Huel vanilla powder, u/MG_72 wrote that Huel vanilla flavor tastes better with almond and cashew milk.

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Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, Huel definitely tastes better with milk; this is something that the majority has agreed on.

If you are consuming Huel for a calorie surplus, milk can supplement that purpose, and if you just want to make the Huel taste more enjoyable, plant-based and low-calorie milk is a great option.

In addition to making your shakes more delectable, you can also add milk to your Huel powder for some baking and cooking experiments.

The important thing is to enjoy your Huel meals, whether with or without milk.

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