Is David Laid on Steroids or Natty? (I did my investigation!)

January 9, 2024 |

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  • David is an influencer and sponsored influencer at that
  • David might look like he is on Steroids, but probably is not
  • David might be using certain Peptides such as HGH

Who is David Laid? (age, height, and physique)

David Laid is a well-known fitness influencer hailing from Estonia but has lived most of his life in the States. Over the last couple of years, he has built an impressive online following, with more than 1.45 million YouTube subscribers and 2.8 million Instagram followers. David is known for having quite a lean aesthetic and is also known for being quite charismatic. This is what allowed him to build such a big online following.

David started his fitness journey just like how most skinny guys do.

He was bullied in high school for being scrawny and then started training as soon as he could to bulk up. This was boosted by the fact that at age 14 he was diagnosed with scoliosis.

The doctors told David that a good resistance training program would certainly help with the condition.

That said, David does not compete in bodybuilding, and looking at his physique it makes sense. He is not really that big or heavy.

David Laid Profile Summary

David Laid height age weight
Source: David Laid Instagram

David Laid is an Estonian bodybuilder, fitness model, and influencer who was born on January 29, 1994. He is an Aquarius and as of June 2022, he is 29 years old. He currently resides in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. His profession is Bodybuilder, fitness model, and influencer. He is 6 feet 2 inches (188cm) tall and weighs 198 lb (90 kg). His chest size is 41 inches (105 cm), waist size is 30 inches (78 cm), hips size is 31 inches (80 cm), and David’s biceps size/arm size is 19 inches.

Name David Laid
Birthday: January 29, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Place of Birth: Estonia
Nationality: Estonian
Residence: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Profession: Bodybuilder, fitness model, and influencer
Height: 6 feet 2 inches (188cm)
Weight: 198 lb (90 kg)
Chest Size: 41 inches (105 cm)
Waist Size: 30 inches (78 cm)
Hips Size: 31 inches (80 cm)
Arm Size: 19 inches
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Net Worth: $2 million

Is David Laid on Steroids?

First off, as mentioned before, David is not really that big, nor is he incredibly dense. Density is something that can be hard to understand but will tell you a lot about someone’s physique.

For instance, let’s look at David vs two Pro bodybuilders who we know are on Steroids – Chris Bumstead and Jay Cutler (at his peak):

Height (cm) Weight (kg) Density
David Laid: 188 90 0.48
Chris Bumstead: 185 104 0.56
Jay Cutler: 175 124 0.71

As you can see, he is quite a lot less dense than Chris and really less dense than Jay. Now, this is not the only thing we can use to prove whether or not someone is natural.

  • David does not seem to be so dry that he looks like he is using “drying” Steroids. Sure, he is quite dry, but nothing insanely so
  • David is not that big, strong, or muscular to make it seem like he is on Steroids
  • David does not seem to be suffering from the Androgenic side effects associated with Steroids

Therefore, it is unlikely that David Laid is on Steroids, but there can be gaps that we do not see. Because he is a social media star, we will only see what he wants us to see.

Is David Laid on Natty or Not?

For someone to be classified as natural they technically cannot be using any Anabolic and Androgenic hormones, SARMs, Peptides, or anything of the sort. David does not appear to be using any Anabolic Steroids. As discussed, he lacks any of the tell-tale signs that he might be using Steroids.

That said, it does look like he might be using some Peptides, perhaps even HGH – human growth hormone.

HGH is not really something that will give off any visible side effects, but can help tremendously with keeping you lean and looking healthy – which is exactly what David looks like…

Therefore, it depends on your definition of Natural.

What Steroids Could David Laid be on?

Again, I do not believe David Laid is on Steroids. He might be on TRT, but overall he just lacks any signs that he is using Anabolic Steroids.

That said if we were to guess what he might be using, it would be as follows:

  • Human growth hormone
  • HGH Fragment
  • Clenbuterol
  • T3
  • Testosterone
  • Winstrol
  • Anavar
  • Other Peptides

David Laid Training Program

Finding one singular plan that David follows is quite hard, seeing as he would (logically) change it every now and then. That said, according to Dr. Workout, his plan is as follows:

Weekly Schedule:

  • Day 1- Chest
  • Day 2- Back
  • Day 3- Shoulders
  • Day 4- Legs
  • Day 5- Arms
  • Day 6- Rest
  • Day 7- Rest

Day 1- Chest Day:

  • Incline Bench Press 5 x 5
  • Dumbbell Incline Press 5 x (8-10)
  • Flat Bench Press 5 x (6-8)
  • Incline Bench Press 1 x AMRAP
  • Flat Bench Press 1 x AMRAP

Day 2- Back Day:

  • Dumbbell Rows 4 x (6-8)
  • Seated Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns 4 x (6-8)
  • Seated Cable Rows 4 x (8-10)
  • Close-Grip Chin-Ups 4 x AMRAP
  • Hex Bar Shrugs 4 x (8-10)
  • Cable Shrugs 4 x (8-10)
  • Close-Grip Lat Pulldown 4 x (6-10)
  • Day 3- Shoulder Workout
  • Seated Dumbbell Press 4 x (8-10)
  • Seated Behind-the-Neck Overhead Press 4 x (8-10)
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 x (8-10)
  • Seated Machine Overhead Press 4 x (8-10)
  • Cable Lateral Raise 4 x (10-12)
  • Front Plate Raise 4 x (10-12)
  • Rear-Delt Seated Fly Machine 4 x (10-12)
  • Rear-Delt Seated Cable Rows 4 x (10-12)

Day 4- Leg Workout:

  • Barbell Squat with Pause 4 x 3
  • Barbell Squat 6 x 5
  • Machine Leg Press 3 x 20
  • Lying Hamstring Curls 5 x 10
  • Day 5- Arm Workout
  • Seated Hammer Curls 3 x (10, 8, 6)
  • Bodyweight Dips 3 x 15
  • EZ-Bar Curls 3 x (10, 8, 6)
  • Triceps Cable Pushdowns 3 x (10, 8, 6)
  • Barbell Curls 1 x AMRAP
  • Dumbbell Seated Tricep Extensions 1 x AMRAP

Day 6- Rest:

Day 7- Rest:

David Laid Diet for steroid-like physique

Again, David’s diet will depend wildly on whether he is trying to gain weight or lose weight. That said, according to FitnessBlogTip, his diet is as follows:

  • Meal 1: Shake with oat milk, Plant-based protein powder, Flaxseed, hemp hearts, moringa leaf powder, Lion’s mane mushroom powder, 1 banana, blueberries, and strawberries
  • Meal 2: Large bowl with avocados, White rice, black beans, spinach, kale & Himalayan salt
  • Meal 3: Shake with plant-based protein powder
  • Meal 4: Buckwheat, kale, spinach & Himalayan salt
  • Meal 5: Sourdough bread with almond butter & A shake with plant-based protein powder

This was his vegan diet. His other diet is as follows:

  • Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs, 4 pieces of bacon & 2 blueberry banana pancakes
  • Meal 2: A chicken sandwich with grilled peppers & Onions
  • Meal 3 (Post-Workout): 4 bratwursts, 1 box of pasta & Alfredo sauce

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