Is Herbalife Bad for Your Health? (Truth unfolds!)

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In this article, we’re going to find out whether or not Herbalife is good or bad for your health.

For those who are unaware, Herbalife is an MLM company that is known for manufacturing dietary supplements for almost everything.

From skincare to weight loss and weight gain, Herbalife has got it all covered.

However, it is quite infamous for a few of the Herbalife side effects that its users have reported and studies have proved, which place it in a gray area that should a person trust its products for his nutritional needs or not.

But no more ambiguities since I have brought research-backed answers to all of your questions.


What makes Herbalife Products Unsafe?

Following are the 4 main reasons why one should refrain from opting for Herbalife products.

1. Presence of Bacteria B. subtilis

A heads up for liver patients.

Herbalife products have been reported to be contaminated with dangerously high growth of Bacteria B.subtilis.

This bacteria can potentially harm one’s liver to the point that the condition might become fatal.

Therefore, keeping in view the chances of liver injury caused by Herbalife products, I would not recommend anyone to go for them.

(Especially, if you’re liver is weak, stay miles away from Herbalife’s supplements)

2. High Protein Levels

High protein levels is another reason why Herbalife could be bad for your health.

Now at this point, you might be wondering, “how high protein levels can pose a threat to someone’s health?”

Well, under normal conditions, protein-rich diets are nothing to be worried about. However, the circumstances are different for Kidney patients.

It is because their kidneys fail to excrete protein waste. And, that waste starts to build up in the blood – something that should not happen (as it leads to further numerous undesired health conditions).

This is one reason why kidney patients are advised to limit their protein intake.

3. Abundant Micronutrients

Herbalife products are rich in micronutrients like vitamin A, C, phosphorous zinc, etc., all of which are beneficial if a person’s kidneys are functioning normally.

However, people with impaired kidneys might not be able to make favorable use of them as their kidneys are unable to flush out excess amounts of these micronutrients.

For example, excess phosphorous in our blood induce such changes in the body that calcium is pulled out of the bones, causing them to weaken.

Similarly, excess zinc can cause your renal system to abort functioning normally and elevate systemic BP.

4. High Sugar Content

Some of the Herbalife products contain high sugar content, which is why you should refrain from using them if you’re a diabetic.

Not to mention that high sugar levels can hinder you from achieving your weight goals too.

However, if you’re not a diabetic, nor do you want to shed calories, Herbalife’s excess sugar content won’t be a threat to you.

BUT make sure you consult your doctor beforehand.

Who should not use Herbalife?

Following is a list of people who I would request to avoid using Herbalife’s products.

1. Diabetics

Since certain Herbalife products are said to be high in sugar, diabetics should avoid using any of their products for weight loss or weight gain purposes without seeking a medical expert’s guidance.

2. Pregnant Women

Be it Herbalife or any other weight loss supplement, if you’re expecting, do not even think of opting for any such product.

Since it is natural to gain some extra pounds during the gestation period, there’s nothing you should be worried about.

However, once you’re done giving birth, you can consult a dietician to help you get back to your old shape. But again, not Herbalife’s weight loss supplement.

3. Lactating Moms

The same goes for lactating moms. It is because there are high chances that you might pass on the ingredients to your baby via your breast milk – something highly unsafe for the little one.

4. Kidney Patients

As discussed above, elements like protein, phosphorous, and zinc might become the reason for your kidney health to deteriorate.

The risk is much higher if your kidneys are already malfunctioning.

5. Liver Patients

If you have developed any medical condition that infers your liver is weak, try to stay away from Herbalife’s products, as studies back the claim of it causing liver injuries and multiplying the potential risk of liver impairment.

Is Herbalife Bad for Your Health? – FAQs

Is Herbalife bad for Your Kidneys?

Yes, it is if your Kidneys aren’t functioning properly already.

As aforementioned, impaired kidneys fail to process some of the Herbalife products’ elements. And that makes Herbalife a not-so-suitable option for kidney patients.

So, to be on the safer side, I would recommend you look for other safer options than Herbalife.

Is Herbalife Bad for Your liver?

It certainly is.

The reason is that it is reported to be contaminated with overgrowth of a harmful bacteria – B. subtilis.

Research also reveals how supplementation of Herbalife’s products to healthy individuals resulted in severe Hepatoxicity.

Do doctors recommend Herbalife for weight loss?

Unfortunately, no. The doctors do not recommend Herbalife for weight loss purposes over more viable and safer means of losing weight, such as following a patented calorie-restricted diet plan formulated by a certified nutritionist.

What are Herbalife tea’s side effects?

Since it has high amounts of caffeine, users report side effects like disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety attacks, nausea, etc.

Does Herbalife cause health problems?

Herbalife may or may not cause health problems depending on one’s health conditions.

As I have discussed earlier, it is more likely to affect people with impaired kidneys and weak liver.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, I would conclude that Herbalife is not a 100% safe option for weight loss or weight gain purposes. Especially those with underlying medical conditions.

So why would you spend your precious dimes on something that might harm your already failing health?

But, if you think that you do not belong to the category of people I talked about in my “Who should not use Herbalife?” section, and you want to give Herbalife a shot anyway, do go ahead!

I hope the information that I shared with you helps you make an informed decision.

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