Is Huel Healthy & Worth it Long Term? (Guide)

Is Huel Healthy

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve your health and live a longer, healthier life.

So when I heard about Huel, a powdered food that is reportedly both healthy and affordable, I was intrigued.

But is it really worth it and healthy for consumption?

In this article, I’ll talk about Huel products and discuss their effectiveness and side effects.

We live in a world where not everyone has the luxury to get healthy home-cooked food due to busy schedules or some other reason.

Some people don’t have access to nutritionists, and others simply don’t take their health seriously.

However, it’s 2022 now, and nutritional supplements have become mainstream.

Amidst a sea of brands, Huel is the one standing out the most. It promotes nutrient-rich, plant-based, environmentally friendly, and time-convenient health plans.

Whether you want to boost your vitamins intake, build muscles, or lose weight, Huel can assist you with that in no time. Their products are easy to prepare, vegan, and affordable.

So, does it mean they are 100% safe to consume and won’t generate any side effects? Keep reading to find out.

What is Huel?


Founded by Julian Hearn, Huel came into the scene in June 2015.

The brand had the mission to produce nutritionally balanced, environmentally-friendly, and affordable meals. Clearly, the idea resonated with the audience as the brand is flourishing today.

Huel’s products include protein powders, bars, pre-made drinks, and snacks.

Each product contains 27 essential minerals, vitamins, and high protein content.

Over time, the brand has built a substantial customer base.

Today, its audience relies on Huel’s products for workout help, muscle growth, and weight gain. Their products are control-calorie and low in sugar, which also encourages people to use them as meal replacements to drop some pounds.

Is Huel Healthy?

Huel’s products are made with sustainable plant-based ingredients, such as rice, flaxseed, coconuts, oats, peas, sunflower oil, etc.

Its nutritionally complete products are super helpful for people who want to improve their daily nutrient intake. So, yes, Huel is healthy.

Plus, these products are vegan, so people with certain food sensitivities or allergies can use them as well.

Huel’s products are free of additives and harmful substances. But, sometimes, it becomes tricky for manufacturers to prevent the inevitable presence of heavy metals, pesticides, and allergens in their products.

However, Huel regularly evaluates its products to check contamination levels.

The amount and type of all additives are inspected for a quality check. And if a product doesn’t seem to meet Huel’s standards, it does not make it to the collection.

Huel’s sites are FDA- approved. Moreover, it ensures products’ safety levels are according to the recommendations of EFSA.

Huel Side Effects

Huel meals are made of plant-based ingredients and offer a wholesome nutrient profile. Its products also contain probiotics, which are good bacteria.

Although probiotics are considered safe for health, side effects may occur sometimes.

Therefore, beginners who start consuming nutritional supplements may experience certain reactions in the first few days, such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, etc.

Sometimes people have specific allergies that can be triggered by an ingredient or two.

For instance, Huel’s powdered products contain an artificial sweetener called Sucralose. Sucralose can be slightly problematic for people having digestive issues and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (IBS)

Therefore, it is better to start using a nutritional supplement after taking professional advice from a nutritionist/dietician. If it is not possible at the moment, take the supplement only once a day to observe the way your body reacts.

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Best Huel Products Review

In this section, I’ll share my review of three of the high-quality and best-selling products of Huel.

We will take a deep look into their ingredients, efficacy, and health benefits. We will also check if they cause any detrimental outcomes or not. So, let’s dive in.

1. Huel Complete Protein

Huel complete protein

Huel Complete Protein is a nutritionally complete snack made from animal-free, sustainably-sourced, and plant-based ingredients.

As the name suggests, it is a rich source of protein containing 20g of plant-based protein.

Made from hemp seed protein, pea protein, and fiber protein, this product boasts a wholesome amino acids profile, much more powerful than whey protein.

Also, note that no artificial colors or flavorings have been added to this vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free and non-GMO product.

Apart from protein and amino acids, this snack is a source of dietary fiber, whose importance as a significant component is often overlooked.

Dietary fiber can have multiple health benefits, including minimized blood sugar spikes and cholesterol levels, improved bowel movements, boosting feelings of fullness, and leading to weight loss.

Hence, adding this quick and wholesome formula to your daily life could be a well-deserved treat your body needs.

You can take it during the day, afternoon, or before getting into bed.

I would suggest taking it during the day as this shake makes you feel more energized and puts you in work mode.

This product comes in six fabulous flavors, including chocolate fudge brownie, strawberry shortcake, vanilla caramel, banana pudding, and salted caramel. It also has an unsweetened version. Surprisingly, all these flavors taste amazingly pleasant and sweet.

Unlike regular protein powders and meal replacement shakes, Huel complete protein does not taste chalky at all. Plus, the texture is pretty thick, which you can modify by adding more water according to your preference.

Cost: $1.25 per serving


  • It contains high protein content, iron, phytonutrients, healthy fats, fiber, 27 essential minerals, and vitamins, including vitamin b12, giving your body a treat
  • High protein content and dietary fiber promote weight loss
  • The shake takes approximately 2-3 minutes to prepare
  • The silky smooth texture and delicious taste make it enjoyable to consume
  • It gives you a quick energy boost and levels up your mood
  • It can be used as a meal replacement to fulfill your particular fitness goals


  • First-time users may experience mild stomach upset, bloating, or diarrhea

2. Huel Bar v3.1

Huel bars v3.1

The second product on this list is the Huel bar.

These are complete nutrition bars containing protein, fiber, fats, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, and over 20 vitamins and minerals.

Together, these elements work to keep your body healthy and carry out several activities.

Each Huel bar is made with sustainable and natural elements like gluten-free oats, vegan chocolate chips, brown rice, peas, grape syrup, flaxseed, etc.

You may ask, can this snack keep you satiated? I will say yes.

Each bar contains 12g of protein, which is a fantastic amount for such a small-sized snack. Protein and fiber also help make you stay full and reduce your appetite.

Moreover, these bars feature premium-quality carbs from low GI oats, which also help you stay fuller and energized for a prolonged time.

Each bar contains 200 calories. Although this calorie amount is lesser than Sneakers or any mainstream chocolate, this bar is a decent snack to stay afloat during the day. Plus, you get the benefits of essential vitamins that no other chocolate delivers.

In all, it is a fantastic snack to keep in your bag and combat your random cravings in a wholesome way.

Available in the flavors of peanut butter, raspberry, chocolate, salted caramel, white chocolate, chocolate orange, and coffee caramel, you get a variety to choose from.

Each box contains 15 bars, and you have to choose a minimum of two bar boxes.

It also offers a variety box containing 18 bars of every flavor.

Thanks to grape juice and brown rice syrup for smoothening the texture, all flavors are edible and super soft. However, you will have to compromise a little on taste.


  • $2.10 per bar
  • $31.50 per box


  • A complete nutritional snack to satisfy your cravings while offering you essential macronutrients.
  • These bars are soft and easily chewable
  • A wholesome item to keep in your bag while you are not at home and feel hungry.


  • The taste is a bit bland.

3. Huel Ready to Drink

Huel ready to drink v2.0

This is yet another nutritionally balanced plant-based drink containing plant-based protein, carbs, fat, and phytonutrients.

It is high time we start giving plant-based protein the recognition it deserves as it is pretty underrated despite offering multiple health benefits.

For instance, it can boost your energy levels, keep your gut healthy, refine your athletic performance, and minimize detrimental bacteria consumption.

This drink contains pea protein which is a tremendous source of iron. Hence, it is a good idea to optimize your routine with a plant-based diet.

Furthermore, this drink comes in a 500ml bottle, a perfect size to keep you satisfied.

With 400k calories, each bottle features 20g of plant-based protein, 19g of fat, 6g of fiber, and 5g of sugar.

It also boasts a fantastic fatty acid profile with dietary fats omega 3 and omega 6.

People who live busy lifestyles or have poor breakfast habits can take advantage of this drink as the protein, fiber, and calorie count is substantial.

Plus, the slow-release carbohydrates deliver sustainable energy throughout the day.

Although using it every day as breakfast isn’t something encouraging.

However, you can use it while running late for breakfast to stay energized till your next meal. You can also use it as your pre-workout snack.

Huel ready to drink comes in a variety of flavors, which gives you the freedom to choose anything of your choice. The texture is smooth, non-watery, and non-grainy.

The taste feels like a regular milkshake, so it might be favorable for your taste buds. Recently, the company has introduced four

brand new flavors for Hueligans sweetened with organic coconut and stevia. (a natural sweetener)


  • $4.21 per bottle
  • $50.50 per box


  • It is a nutritionally balanced and gluten-free drink.
  • Ready to drink is an optimal drink to kickstart your morning with.
  • It has a thick texture and delicious taste.


  • No cons are to be listed.

Everything Else to Know about Huel

Is HUEL good for weight loss?

Huel contains a rich amount of protein and fiber, which keep you fuller for an extended time. As a result, you don’t feel the need to eat throughout the day, which leads to fat burn.

Huel’s products are low in calories and sugar, so using them as a breakfast or lunch alternative for weight loss is a pretty good idea.

How much does Huel cost?

You can purchase products directly from Huel’s official website. All the products have different prices.

You can get items as a one-time buyer or subscribe to them and save 10% on the checkout.

Speaking of Huel Black Edition, each bag contains 17 meals. It costs $42.50 per bag, which is $2.50 per meal. You have to order a minimum of two bags.

Then we have Huel Ready to Drink. These ready-to-drink bottles come in a box, each box containing 12 bottles. The price per bottle is $4.21, making it $50.50 per box.

Another best-selling product is Huel powder, which is available for $65.

What does Huel taste like?

Huel has a versatile collection for anyone looking for nutritionally complete meals. It offers powders and pre-made drinks that can be used as meal replacements.

Apart from that, Huel also offers snacks like protein bars, etc. Almost all products contain protein, dietary fiber, healthy fats, carbs, and 27 essential macronutrients.

If you are fine with a natural, plant-based taste, you can opt for Huel Black Edition. It is a high-protein meal available in eight flavors.

Although there is an unsweetened/unflavored version, the other flavors are also pretty subtle. These flavors don’t contain any artificial sweeteners, so the taste is minutely sweet with a thick texture.

However, if you want to add something with a rich taste to your daily diet, it is better to go for Huel pre-made drinks.

This ready-to-drink comes in four delicious flavors: vanilla, banana, berry, and chocolate.

This drink has a thick texture and deliciously pleasant taste, especially the vanilla flavor. You may feel like drinking a regular milkshake with the added benefit of macronutrients.

Is Huel FDA approved?

Yes, all sites of Huel are FDA approved.

How many meals come in a bag of Huel?

It varies from product to product. Seventeen meals come in a bag of Huel Black Edition. However, Ready to Drink packages contains twelve bottles in a box.

Is HUEL all-natural?

Huel contains a bunch of macronutrients. Mostly, the sources of these vitamins and minerals are natural. However, the company adds some synthetic elements to its products as well.

For instance, Huel powder incorporates Sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener.

The mention of ‘synthetic’ or ‘artificial’ makes people doubt the quality of a product.

However, these products are formulated with the highest quality standards and come into the market after undergoing strict supervision and inspection.

So rest easy because you are having a healthy and nutritionally complete meal.

Does HUEL have caffeine?

Yes, Huel’s products contain minor amounts of caffeine. For instance, the green tea in Black Edition has low caffeine content, with less than 3mg per 90g cup. It’s similar to a decaffeinated coffee cup.

Is HUEL available in the US?

Huel is available in over 80 countries, including the United States. The founder Julian Hearn emphasized expanding his business in the US regions.

Huel became available for the US in June 2017.

Is HUEL good for building muscle?

Huel offers rich protein content as its Black Edition contains 40g of protein. It also has substantial amounts of fats and carbs. These elements can be super helpful to fulfill your fitness goals and build muscles.

Is Huel worth it?

Yes, Huel is definitely worth it!

Huel is a nutritionally complete food that has been designed to provide everything the human body needs. It’s made of oats, peas, rice, and flaxseed, and it’s low in sugar and high in fiber.

It also contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals, including all the B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, and iron.

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Wrap Up

Huel offers a substantially healthy formula for everyone looking to improve their nutrient intake.

Since your body needs a consistent supply of vitamins and minerals, fulfilling this need from Huel is super convenient and healthy.

The best thing about Huel is time convenience. Its shakes and powders take merely 2-3 minutes to make.

So, on the days when you don’t have time to eat breakfast or are not in the mood to cook lunch, you can grab a glass and drink a Huel shake. It can also reduce your random cravings and keep you fuller all day.

However, experts suggest that solely relying on dietary supplements is not a sustainable way to stay fit. Simply put, you can’t replace a supplement with actual healthy foods for the rest of your life.

So, it is imperative to put in some work.

Therefore, develop the habit of small exercise or go on a run.

Start eating vegetable fruits, and cut down fatty foods. Stay consistent with these habits, and along with that, you can consume Huel for a constant and balanced nutritional supply.

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