Isagenix for Diabetics – Is it safe?

January 7, 2024 |

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Today’s article is going to acquaint you with the answer to the question “if meal replacement brand Isagenix is safe and beneficial for diabetics to consume?”

Along with all the information that you need to know about it.

Diabetes indicates soaring glucose levels which need to be kept at bay to prevent subsequent complications.

Health and fitness brands like Isagenix make it easier for diabetics to keep their calorie count in check to prevent glucose buildup and weight gain. But how?

And if so, is it even safe to use?

Without further delay, let’s move on to the next section, where I am going to explain how Isagenix and diabetes fit in a frame, and the former is beneficial for the latter.

Understanding Diabetes and How Diet Affects It

Diabetes – a notorious, multifactorial disease that we all are well aware of.

To put it into simple words, diabetes is a medical condition in which the body’s blood glucose levels are higher than normal.

There are two major categories of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1, the hormone responsible for lowering glucose levels, namely insulin, is genetically deficient; thus, glucose levels shoot up.

Whereas, in Type 2, insulin is sufficiently produced, but the tissue receptors are not responsive to it.

In short, both conditions are characterized by soaring levels of glucose which lead to multiple infections and disorders.

So the goal for diabetics is to mainly control their blood sugar levels and prevent subsequent weight gain, which leads to the complications of diabetes.

Moreover, weight control helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. This is where a well proportioned and healthy diet plays its role, even more so than the prescribed medication.

You must be wondering how changes in regular diet can prevent drastic aftermaths of diabetes, aren’t you? Let me explain!

It is possible to control blood sugar levels by cutting down on excess calories, which is ultimately going to result in less conversion to glucose, thus preventing blood glucose from exceeding the normal value.

Moreover, going for healthier food choices like diets rich in fiber and poor in processed calories also helps in reducing weight so that the symptoms do not worsen and cause life-threatening complications.

Symptoms of diabetes

Insulin sensitivity is also increased when you do not let your body weight go overboard, resulting in an improved response of the body to insulin.

It is scientifically proven that a high protein intake is beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes since it improves the insulin response of the body, that too without increasing the glucose levels.

Fiber again plays its part by keeping you fuller so that you do not snack on processed foods and extra calories. This means effective weight control!

Fortunately, we now have incredible dietary supplements that not only help you with portion control and weight loss but also assist you in managing diabetes while you are on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

Isagenix is one such source that I am going to speak about in detail in the next section.

Isagenix and Diabetics

How exactly is Isagenix beneficial for diabetics?

Fret not, as I am going to elaborately break down the details in this regard.

The nutritional shakes and supplements by the brand provide you with a lot of proteins, healthy carbs, minerals and vitamins, and a very low quantity of processed sugar or additives.

As I mentioned earlier, good calorie control is the key to effective diabetes management.

Isagenix is a meal replacement brand that offers a variety of nutritional shakes and supplements which replace your regular wholemeal foods and keep your calorie consumption in check.

This makes sure that you are consuming the right amount and the right kind of calories that fulfill your nutritional needs but also do not go overboard with calories that increase your sugar levels and cause weight gain.

Diabetes manifests itself in different kinds. I am going to talk about the three clinical scenarios that are observed quite often and how Isagenix can help you with them.

1. Isagenix and Diabetes Type 2

As I previously explained to you, Type 2 Diabetes is a medical condition where your body is producing insulin, but it fails to act on the receptor tissues.

Resultantly, glucose levels increase, leading to uncontrolled weight gain.

Patients suffering from diabetes type 2 need to prevent weight gain to avoid diabetic complications.

For this purpose, Isagenix can come in handy!

With its high protein products, you feel fuller, which eliminates the need for excessive snacking.

Moreover, it helps boost the body’s response to insulin, allowing it to effectively control glucose levels.

Rich in fiber and minerals, these supplements and shakes ensure that you are getting all the nutrition that you require as well as lower the glycemic index of foods by slowing down digestion.

When high-calorie carbs and fiber slow down digestion, there is a slow and selective increase in blood glucose levels.

2. Isagenix and Type 1 Diabetes

Isagenix is not limited to helping with Type 2 Diabetes only and is equally beneficial for the ones suffering from Type 1.

As patients suffering from Type 1 diabetes genetically lack insulin, there is not much you can do in terms of medication except for administering glucose levels daily.

But that’s still not the last resort as long as we have Isagenix in the picture!

You can still manage your diet to prevent weight gain – notorious for causing high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as the gradual development of complications of diabetes.

This is where Isagenix comes to your rescue!

You can now control your calorie intake by opting for meal replacement shakes that prevent you from catering to your untimely hunger pangs, thus preventing weight gain.

The more fiber in it means lowered appetite and good metabolic health.

3. Isagenix and Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy means you are catering to your and your baby’s nutritional needs, which includes keeping a close eye on your weight and calorie intake at all times during all three trimesters.

Sometimes, pregnant women develop the condition called Gestational Diabetes which occurs when the placenta starts producing hormones responsible for glucose buildup in the body.

This condition is reversible and diminishes after pregnancy.

Isagenix may help in lowering this temporary increase in glucose levels, but please note that it is by no means a complete meal.

You need to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or consuming supplements or shakes from Isagenix.

However, I can’t emphasize enough that while these are effective in controlling blood sugar levels, the shakes are not a substitute for regular meals – especially when you’re pregnant.

Isagenix and Metformin

Metformin is one of the medicines given to diabetics.

If you have been prescribed Metformin or any other anti-diabetic medication, you need to consult your physician before incorporating Isagenix meal replacement shakes in your diet.

The medication is responsible for lowering the blood glucose levels in your body by directly acting on the liver to prevent it from releasing glucose.

If you are on such medication already and also replace your regular meals with calorie-restricted foods, there may be chances of hypoglycemia – low sugar levels in the blood, which is a fatal condition itself.

Therefore, for the above-mentioned reasons, it is always advised to consult your doctor first before consuming these supplements if you have underlying medical conditions, especially diabetes.

FAQs on Isagenix and Diabetes

Is Isagenix high in sugar?

Yes. Isagenix products are high in sugar. The sugar consumed in shake days is later made up for by the cleanse days, which promotes intermittent fasting.

Are Isagenix shakes good for diabetics?

Isagenix shakes help control the blood glucose levels indirectly by high protein and fiber content as they slow down digestion and prevent glycemic load.

However, this is not a piece of medical advice, and you need to consult a doctor before incorporating Isagenix shakes into your diet.

Is Isagenix safe for diabetics?

Isagenix is deemed safe to use in diabetes.

This is because of the high fiber and protein content present in its products which maintain weight and glucose levels in the body.

However, you would still need to discuss your weight goals with your dietitian before taking these.

Wrap Up

Diabetes is a critical and risky medical condition that is unfortunately also quite common.

It is a multifactorial ailment that has both genetics and lifestyle causes behind it and needs to be addressed accordingly.

Dietary modifications are the best options to go for when it comes to effective blood glucose control since it has little to no side effects as compared to those that come with medication.

With Isagenix and similar meal replacement options, it is now easy to keep a check on your calorie requirement and maintain appropriate weight by cutting down on extra calories to prevent subsequent diabetic complications.

However, the information provided is not a substitute for medical advice.

This is why It is important to consult and discuss your fitness goals with your physician if you are a diabetic.

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