Isagenix for Pregnancy – Is it Safe or Risky?

January 7, 2024 |

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In this article, I’m going to discuss whether or not Isagenix’s products are safe or risky to use during pregnancy.

You might be using the Isagenix product line, but pregnancy blues are getting you all skeptical about them, right?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

You no longer need to whack your head over the ingredient list on every product trying to figure out if they are safe for you and your baby, as this article contains answers to all your questions.

Therefore, whether you are trying to conceive, already expecting, or are a nursing mom, the information below about the benefits, pros, and cons of Isagenix products will help you heaps in making an informed decision.

So, without any further ado, let’s dig deep into it.

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Is Isagenix safe while trying to get pregnant?

Is Isagenix safe pre-conception? My answer would be yes!

According to a recent study that has accumulated data from multiple research papers, a ‘fertility diet’ comprises of low glycemic index, is high in protein, and is rich in micronutrients and vitamins, all of which is offered in Isagenix Isalean Shakes, Isagenix Bars, Isagenix fruits, and several other products.

This ultimately renders Isagenix safe and efficacious for your pre-conception days.

The Isagenix Cleanse System removes toxins and impurities from the blood and body and is also known to reduce the level of chronic oxidative stress.

Herbs and ingredients like ginseng root and fennel in Isagenix products may help normalize hormonal imbalance and tone the uterus to restore optimum reproductive health.

All of this creates a conducive environment in the uterus for fertilization and conception. Many women have reported conceiving after following the cleanse system for two weeks.

Thankfully Isagenix system also helps in achieving a healthy BMI (between 18.5 to 24.9) and incorporates a large spectrum of ‘fertility foods’ like calcium, folic acid, and iron that increase your chances of conception.

Is Isagenix safe while pregnant?

This question is bound to have an open answer- it depends on the ingredients.

But not so fast.

None of the Isagenix products are to be consumed as “meal replacements” during the gestation period.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the women’s calorie requirement increases by 200 to 300 calories during the last two trimesters. So Isagenix nutrient-rich line can be augmented to the normal diet as a source of additional calories and nutrients.

IsaLean shakes and bars, for instance, can be consumed with regular meals to nutrify you and your baby with all the essential nutrients and minerals in this crucial period.

IsaOmega contains omega three fatty acids DHA required for healthy neuronal and immune system development of the fetus.

Cleanse products? NO! you can’t have it, mom.

It has some herbs like ashwagandha that are suspected of causing miscarriages, but more research is needed to be absolutely sure.

Avoid following Isagenix products when you are expecting or consult your doctor if you really crave to have them:

  • Ionix Supreme
  • Cleanse for Life
  • IsaFlush
  • IsaDelight Chocolates
  • IsaGenesis Product B
  • E- shots
  • Thermo GX
  • IsaMove
  • Ageless Actives
  • Natural Accelerator
  • Isagenix Greens

Is Isagenix safe while breastfeeding?

Yes and no again.

As only meals are not enough to back you up on all the micronutrients, you require while you are lactating a baby so you can incorporate Isagenix products alongside your daily diet.

Cleanse products are again a big no because there isn’t enough evidence to support the safety of herbs in cleansing drinks, and fasting can drag you down to a calorie deficit.

What you eat is basically what you are feeding your baby.

According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans and CDC, the vitamin requirement during the gestation period is slightly different from the essential nutrients required during lactation, so you have to look out not to exceed those limits.

Following are some of the Isagenix products that are safe and can cover your nutritional requirements during the nursing period.

  • IsaLean Shakes
  • IsaLean Dairy-Free Shakes
  • IsaPro Shakes
  • IsaLean Bars
  • IsaLean Dairy-Free Bar
  • Isagenix Snacks
  • FibreSnacks
  • Whey Thins
  • Harvest Thins
  • SlimCakes
  • IsaOmega

Best Isagenix Products for Pregnant Women

Here is a list of some Isagenix products that are rich in nutrients like protein, folic acid, iodine, choline, iron, zinc, calcium, Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, probiotics to support a healthy pregnancy.

Bon appetite!

1. IsaLean shakes, IsaLean Bars, IsaLean Snacks, IsaPro

These products in the Isagenix line have you covered on all the macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other essential molecules that are required during pregnancy.


  • Contain high protein that is rich in essential amino acids and provides building blocks for healthy fetal development.
  • The high fiber content helps with pregnancy constipation.
  • antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta carotene, and zinc reduce poor pregnancy outcomes such as fetal growth restriction.


  • Contain food additives like artificial flavors and Soy lecithin (emulsifiers) for which you may want to consider your doctor to be deemed fit for consumption.

2. Whey Thins, Slimcakes

Whey thins and Slim Cakes can be consumed with regular meals to make up for the extra macronutrients and calories requirement in pregnancy.


  • Provide an off-the-shelf source of energy and protein crucial during pregnancy.


  • You may want to avoid the natural flavors in the ingredients due to their uncertain origin and suspected link with ADHD in children.
  • The products are not suitable for expectant mothers with milk and milk products allergies.

3. Isagenix FiberSnacks

Isagenix Fiber Snacks are fiber-rich sticks that you can feed on the go to sustain a comfortable pregnancy by achieving a healthy gut.


  • Provide 150kcal of energy to curb that pregnancy fatigue.
  • Isagenix Fiber contains protein, calcium, iron, and zinc that are important pregnancy nutrients.
  • Contain 6g of fiber regulate blood sugar, cholesterol, and healthy bowel movements.


  • Not suitable for consumption by individuals with peanut, soy, nuts, sesame, and dairy allergies.

4. Essentials for Women

Essentials for women are nutritional supplements that may fulfill your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals to prevent any deficiencies during the gestation period.


  • Contain all essential nutrients required to sustain your health, including folic acid, zinc, calcium, Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin A.
  • Contains ‘choline’ that is critical to fetus neural tube, brain, and spinal cord development during pregnancy.


  • Contain 25 mcg of selenium, and the recommended dietary intake of selenium during pregnancy is 60 mcg per day.  So, there is a chance of exceeding this limit in case of intake from other sources too.

5. IsaOmega

Fish oils contain Metals and mercury traces, making them unsafe for consumption during pregnancy. IsaOmega contains the complete goodness of fish oils and is ensured to be free from heavy metal as it is approved after rigorous testing.


  • IsaOmega is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that are beneficial for fetus brain, eye, and immune system development.


  • Contains flaxseed which should be consumed in moderation during pregnancy as it is high in estrogen and cause hormonal imbalances.

6. AMPED Hydrate

This product is a holy grail to keep you hydrated through your summer pregnancies or take care of your electrolyte balance and vitamin needs.


  • It includes the antioxidant ascorbic acid.
  • Is free from caffeine.
  • Tends to all your vitamin needs, including vitamin C, vitamin B complex (B6, B12, B7, etc.).
  • Contains zinc and folic acid that aid in a baby’s immune system and neural development respectively.
  • AMPED hydrate has ‘Beta Carotene’ that is converted to vitamin A whenever required thus reducing the risk of vitamin A toxicity.


  • The quantity of fructose used in AMPED hydrate isn’t specified, and high consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of insulin resistance and heart disease in the offspring.
  • Alfalfa leaf in the ingredients may act like estrogen in the body and is suspected to be unsafe if consumed in excess.

Everything Else You Need to Know

Is Isagenix collagen safe during pregnancy?

There are no sufficient studies to support the safety of collagen supplements in pregnancy.

So, it is best to consult your doctor in this regard.

Isagenix collagen elixir is based on marine hydrolyzed collagen, and so it is not suitable to consume them (especially during pregnancy) if you have fish or hydrolyzed collagen allergies.

Are Isagenix shakes safe during pregnancy?

The answer to this is YES and NO.

Isagenix products like IsaLean shakes are safe and can be integrated alongside your regular meals due to their high nutrient profile.

But! If you’ve any underlying medical condition, these shakes might trigger them in a bad way – something you’d not want during pregnancy.

Therefore, no matter what, make sure you have talked to your doctor before incorporating any of Isagenix products in your pregnancy diet.

What products does Isagenix’s new mom bundle include?

The Isagenix mom bundle includes:

2 x IsaLean Shake​

1 x IsaLean Bars

1 x AMPED Hydrate​

1 x Shake Booster Immune Health ​

Can I use Isagenix for weight loss while pregnant?

A big NO to that. Because you already need an additional 200 to 300 calories than the normal calories intake and are lacking on micronutrients.

The Isagenix weight loss program, on the other works by limiting calorie consumption by replacing daily meals with shakes and incorporating cleanse days to achieve weight loss outcomes.

Can I drink Isagenix shakes while pregnant?

Yes! You can gulp down that scrumptious glass of Isagenix shake with regular meals to avail of its nutritional benefits.

Because you already need lots of nutrients and some extra calories for the baby in your womb.

But again, make sure your doctor has approved of them

Wrap Up

To wrap this up, I would say Isagenix products are safe to use during pregnancy, given that you have consulted it with your doctor, and he has given you a green signal to go for them after considering all the possibilities of undesired happenings.

It is paramount than ever before that you keep your nutrient profile and calories complete now because you’re pregnant, and for that, incorporating Isagenix nutrient-rich line can be a good idea.

So, Chow down and eat up.

I hope now you’re no more confused about which product can make a good addition to your pregnancy diet now that I have shared the pros and cons of each of them.

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