Isagenix for Weight loss – Does it Work?

January 8, 2024 |

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Does Isagenix work for weight-loss?

In this article, I’m going to discuss whether or not Isagenix products can prove to be a viable method for effective weight loss.

The company has been in the business for the past 19 years, and numerous people from all over the globe have benefitted from their efficacious nutritional supplements.

However, if we look around to find information regarding the efficacy of its products, particularly for weight loss, no such solid information can be found – the reason why I thought it is pertinent to dig deep into the facts and find out whether it’s worth all the hype or not?

And fortunately, being an expert in this area, I was able to filter out some bogus claims from the actual facts to help you guys make an informed decision.

Therefore, buckle up as we are about to explore whether Isagenix offers an efficacious diet plan or is just another MLM company in town.

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Does Isagenix Work for Weight Loss?

The one-liner answer to this would be: Yes! It can. But there are layers to it, and to shed those layers, you’ll need to be consistent with your efforts and opt for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Before diving in, please notice that Isagenix claims to provide healthful and science-backed products. However, none of these claims are approved by the FDA.

The Isagenix weight loss system commits to a 30-day meal replacement plan.

This program supports weight loss and the body’s detoxification system through reduced calorie consumption, portion control, and intermittent fasting.

There are shake and cleanse days where the dieter is restricted to consume meal-replacement supplements and Isagenix-approved snacks.

Now, obviously, if you dedicatedly follow a calorie-restricted diet, weight loss is inevitable.

Intermittent fasting is also a proven way to lose weight. It is why plenty of people find it convenient to rely on the Isagenix diet system.

However, these products are highly processed and rich in sugar, which does not guarantee durable fitness.

Plus, the company’s production methods lack research-based results and remain questionable.

So, you can rely on the Isagenix diet for a short-term plan, but it is not sustainable and encouraged by experts.

How to Use Isagenix for Weight Loss

As I mentioned earlier, the Isagenix weight loss program consists of a 30-day system where you follow the shake and cleanse days. During this period, you can consume meal-replacement shakes, supplements, and Isagenix-approved snacks.

Here is what you are supposed to do as an Isagenix dieter:

  • On shake days, you have to replace two of your daily meals with Isagenix shakes. For the third meal, you are encouraged to opt for a healthful meal. According to the Isagenix standard, this food should contain 400-600 calories.
  • It is the phase that actually takes you into intermittent fasting. On cleanse days, you are supposed to consume four servings of Isagenix liquid Cleanse for Life. You can also take Isagenix verified snacks, fruits, and vegetables at a small amount as you completely refrain from regular meals during this period.

Once you complete the 30-day cycle, you have two options. You can either start the same 30-day starter pack again or check out another plan of the brand.

Best Isagenix Products for Weight loss

In this section, I’ll discuss some best products of the brand that can be impactful in your weight loss journey.

So, let’s get into it:

Isalean PRO Shakes

Isalean PRO Shakes


Isalean PRO shake is a gluten-free, low-glycemic meal-replacing tool to strengthen your muscles and boost metabolism.

The faster the metabolism, the more calories you burn, which eventually makes it easier to lose weight.

Isalean PRO shake incorporates whey protein with a balance of carbohydrates, fats, 23 vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes.

Whey protein is better than other types of protein since it is a supreme-quality protein that supports muscle building and weight loss. It is also pretty quick to utilize due to its fast absorption property.

This shake features 36 grams of protein per serving, which is impeccable.

So, this shake provides you with a pretty convenient way to consume whey protein on a daily basis, which satisfies your cravings and makes you feel fuller for a prolonged time.

You can take Isalean PRO Shake on your regular shake days as an alternate or enhance the performance of the existing Isalean shake you are consuming.

Plant-Based IsaLean Bar

IsaLean Bar

There is a common misconception about vegetarians and vegans that they may lack adequate amounts of protein.

However, I would disagree with this, as I believe that a well-planned diet can give vegetarians sufficient nutrients, including protein.

And these plant-based Isalean bar brings the perfect weight loss solution as a completely dairy-free option for vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance, dairy sensitivities, and allergies.

With a blend of high-quality plant-based protein, energy-filled carbohydrates, fiber, and good fats, this product presents weight maintenance solutions with a 100% dairy-free option.

Adding plant proteins into your everyday diet can be an impactful strategy to replace calories in your body and deal with obesity.

This product also incorporates pea protein and whole grain brown rice protein.

Pea protein is a rich source of iron and aids weight loss and muscle growth.

Along with whole grain brown rice protein, you also get the advantage of complete protein, which is great.

Isagenix Nature Oat Bakes

Isagenix Nature Oat Bakes

Nature oat bakes are gluten-free, low-fat cookies.

While regular cookies are loaded with sugar and low fiber, these 100-calories oatmeal cookies provide a smart and wholesome way to satisfy your cravings and keep you fuller for a long time.

This product is a rich source of fiber, and it is medically evaluated that adequate fiber intake can help you control your weight. You get five grams of fiber per serving with this product.

Isagenix claims that these cookies are made of non-GMO ingredients and don’t contain any artificial flavors.

As I mentioned earlier, you can take Isagenix-approved snacks on your cleanse days, and Natural Oat bakes can make one perfect option for those days.

Isagenix Natural Accelerator


Isagenix Natural Accelerator

The natural accelerator is a dietary supplement to speed up the body’s metabolism and enhance fat loss.

These capsules contain natural ingredients with no additional stimulants.

Plus, it is a vegan, dairy, soy, and gluten-free solution.

Since Natural Accelerator is a thermogenic supplement, it uses only thermogenic ingredients, including green tea, cayenne, ginseng, and cinnamon. These agents may help your body burn more calories and lose weight.

The key ingredients, such as green tea, ginseng, and cinnamon have a history of usage in multiple cultures as weight loss solutions.

Plus, they boast lipotropic properties that encourage fat export from the liver and eventually aid in fat loss.

Isagenix IsaFlush for Weight loss


IsaFlush for Weight loss

IsaFlush is another dietary supplement in the form of capsules that works toward balancing your digestion, detoxifying the body, supporting a healthy gut, and regulating overall health.

This product combines various herbs, minerals, and magnesium as its primary ingredient having a laxative effect.

You can take these gentle capsules on your cleanse days as a way to give your inner system a much-needed boost.

Downsides of Isagenix Weight Loss Products

Although Isagenix diet plans are pretty convenient, easy to follow, and may offer instantaneous results, there are still some major downfalls that I would like to share with you here.

Highly Processed Products with Heavy Sugar Content

One of the biggest downsides of this weight loss system is that it relies on sugar-filled products that could never be a healthy and long-term solution.

The remarkably well marketing and advertisement will trick you into thinking of these products as magic pills to get your dream figure.

The truth is none of these products are real meals and can never replace the goodness of fresh, nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats.


Relying on meal-replacement supplements is not a sustainable idea as one day you will return to regular foods, and overeating results can catch you off guard.

As a result, you can end up regaining the pounds you just lost.

Therefore, it is suggested to develop healthy eating habits. Try to eat nutrient-rich food as much as possible and exercise regularly to stay in shape.

Inaccessible Due to Unrealistically High Prices

You don’t need to splurge like crazy just to lose weight.

The price of a 30-day starter pack is over $400, which is insane to me and extremely expensive to afford on a long-term basis.

Company’s Claims Lack Substantial Evidence

Isagenix claims to provide research-based and science-backed products that support body cleansing and fat elimination.

There are multiple positive Isagenix weight loss reviews from customers on their portal, but this is not sufficient.

Plus, Isagenix adds a disclaimer with its products that none of them are supported by the FDA.

Another thing that puts me off is the business model of this company.

Being an MLM corporation, Isagenix relies on its former customers to sell products to people looking to lose weight through supplements.

Most of the time, these associates don’t even have nutritional awareness to give health recommendations to dieters, which is dangerous and scary.

Products May Cause Constipation or Diarrhea

Many people experience nausea, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, or other stomach issues after the initial intake of supplements.

Although it is trivial, dieters need to be cautious.

FAQs on Isagenix for Fat-loss

How much is a 30 day supply of Isagenix?

Isagenix offers two types of weight loss packs. You get a basic weight loss pack for $283.87 and a weight loss premium pack for $441.70.

Prices may slightly vary if you buy from a different platform.

Why do you have to drink Isagenix shakes within 10 minutes?

Once you are done blending and mixing the Isagenix shake, you should drink it within 10 minutes as per the suggestion.

The purpose behind this recommendation is to make the most of digestive enzymes before they fractionate whey protein.

Also, refrain from drinking anything hot before or after half an hour to take advantage of this undenatured shake.

Can you drink black coffee on Isagenix?

Dieters are not allowed to consume any caffeinated beverages during their shake and cleanse days.

They can only take Isagenix recommended snacks, including Isagenix coffee, on their cleanse days.

What can you have on Isagenix cleanse days?

The cleanse days are alternate of intermittent fasting- an eating pattern concerned with the timings of your munching.

Hence, on your Isagenix cleanse days, you refrain from eating regular meals and consume Cleanse for life, an Isagenix drink.

Along with small amounts of fruits and vegetables, you can also take Isagenix-approved snacks, including Isagenix Coffee and Isadelight Chocolates.

What is Isagenix bone broth?

Isagenix CollagenBone Broth is a nutritional supplement that supports the collagen development in our body that declines with aging.

Combined with vitamin C and collagen peptides, this product can freshen your skin and strengthen your joints and muscles.

Can you have a cheat day on Isagenix?

Sticking to a strict healthy diet is a mundane task, and sometimes the heart desires a harmless cheat day.

Well, it is smart to eat something that doesn’t waste the hard work of the strict diet days, and please be cautious of extra calorie intake. Lastly, don’t forget your nutrients, yes, even on the cheat day.

Final Thoughts

So, I hope now you have a precise idea about how does Isagenix works.

Isagenix products and weight loss systems provide an instant way to lose pounds while staying energized and active. However, we can’t ignore the dark side of this program.

While it may seem convenient to opt for weight loss supplements for short-term goals, these processed and packaged products can never fulfill your long-term dreams. Plus, none of their products are distributed by certified nutritionists that is a big concern.

In the end, I would advise you to build healthy eating habits and a regular workout routine since these are the only two things that can keep you falling back to the point where it all started.

So be it Isagenix or any other company that you choose, be vigilant on your own and do not entirely depend on those lab-synthesized products to do wonders for you.

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