Isagenix vs Arbonne: Which is Best (diet, compensation plan)

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For this article, I’ve conducted thorough research to bring you a fair comparison between Isagenix vs Arbonne.

So, if you are unable to decide as to which company makes the best shakes, Isagenix or Arbonne, consider yourself landed at the right place!

We are well aware that Arbonne and Isagenix are two well-known names that formulate a range of meal replacement shakes in different flavors so that weight loss doesn’t weigh you down on essential nutrients.

But which one is the best?

You will never know that for sure until and unless you know every nitty-gritty detail about their ingredients, benefits, cost, sugar content, flavors, and so on.

 Fret not!

I have penned it all down here to save your time, hard-earned money, and, most importantly, health.

Continue scrolling down to get your hands on my unbiased Arbonne Vs. Isagenix review.

Isagenix and Arbonne- A brief Introduction



Isagenix International was established in 2002 and is well known for its weight loss ‘systems.’

It is headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, and ships products to at least 17 countries worldwide.

In addition to protein shakes, it offers a great variety of products in the weight loss as well as the cosmetic domain.


arbonne feel fit

Arbonne International was founded in 1975 and is largely sought after for its plant-based skincare and cosmetic lines as well as vegan nutritional products.

It is operational in about 7 different countries and is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

This reflects the transparency and customer-oriented approach of this business.

Isagenix vs Arbonne – Detailed Review

In the section below, I have discussed all the highlighting features of shakes from both companies so that you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through individual reviews to find out whether it is Isagenix or Arbonne that you should spend your money on.

Isagenix IsaLean Shakes Review


Islean shakes


Flavors: Isagenix IsaLean shakes offer an exotic range of flavors that you can relish without being culpable of ingesting preservatives and artificial sweeteners; these include:

  • Creamy French Vanilla
  • Creamy Dutch Chocolate (also available in dairy-free)
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Strawberry Cream

Calories and Nutrients: A single serving of Isagenix shake has to be only 2 scoops and serves 240 calories. The calorie surplus in Isagenix shakes makes the person feel full for longer and thus keeps the hunger at bay for longer, making weight loss less daunting.

Also, Isagenix IsaLean shakes are packed with the goodness of 21 essential nutrients and a complete amino acid profile well as Branched-Chain Amino acids.

Protein: IsaLean shake is based on an animal protein that is whey protein, but vegan and lactose intolerant options are also available. Each serving contains 45g of protein.

The whey protein in Isagenix shakes is rich in all 9 essential amino acids, including the 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids Leucine, valine, and isoleucine. These nourish the muscles and build them.

Cost: One canister of Isalean pro shake retails for $51.99 (if you buy it using your preferred client membership). It contains 14 servings, while each serving would cost you $1.73.

Other Micro and Macro Nutrients: One serving of IsaLean has 5g of fats, out of which saturated fats contribute 8% of it.

Talking about carbohydrates, one serving has 24 g of carbohydrates.

Then coming to vitamins and minerals, it is pertinent to mention that although they are not required in bulk, our body does ask for their fair share for proper functioning.

Considering that they are not produced by the body itself, these ‘essential nutrients’ should be a part of our daily diet.

The Isagenix isaLean shake covers the most spectrum of micronutrients that is 23 vitamins and minerals; these are:

potassium iodide, niacin, zinc oxide, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin K, Vitamin B6, vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, calcium, biotin, folic acid, and iron.

Branched-chain amino acids: The whey protein in Isagenix shake contribute to all the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine) that are crucial to stimulate lean muscle mass.

BCAA’s also aid in the absorption of essential minerals like zinc and selenium and may help improve the immune system, nervous system, and overall health.

Probiotics: The addition of Lactobacillus acidophilus as a probiotic gives a point of prominence to Isagenix shakes.

As it is known to constitute the gut microbiota and contribute to overall gut wellness.

Research also elucidates their anti-obese and anti-diabetic effect.

Enzymes: Digestive enzymes papain and bromelain in IsaLean powders aid in the absorption and digestion of protein and other macronutrients so that you get complete benefit from them.

Other enzymes, namely lactase, cellulase, invertase, and lipase, are also added.

Dietary fiber: IsaLean shakes have 1g of dietary fiber per serving. This includes both insoluble fibers (Chia seed powder and cellulose) and soluble vegetable fibers.

These satiating fibers may aid in weight management, stabilizing blood sugar levels.


  • Isagenix shakes are made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • These shakes are devoid of artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • They are highly rich in essential nutrients.
  • They come in various mouth-watering flavors!
  • Isagenix shakes are gluten-free. Vegan and dairy-free counterparts are also available.
  • Have Low glycemic content and are soy-free.
  • They provide a clean antibiotic and hormone-free source of whey protein from grass-fed cows.


  • Isagenix shakes have strikingly high sugar fructose that is 11g per serving. Yikes!
  • One serving of IsaLean shake contains 1.5 g saturated fats and 45mg of cholesterol.  Saturated fats increase the LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood, and the problem with cholesterol is that it isn’t removed from the body unless HDL carries it to the liver.

Therefore, this would prove to be unfavorable for its users.

Arbonne Feelfit Shakes Review


Arbonne Feelfit Shakes


Flavors: Arbonne’s healthy fit shakes offer 3 simply yet irresistible flavors that its users can’t stop raving about:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee

Calories and Nutrients: A single serving (2 scoops) of Arbonne feelfit shake offers 160 calories.

These shakes contain 24 vitamins and minerals, fulfilling nearly all of your nutritional demands, namely: Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamins A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc, biotin, folate, and iron.

Protein: Each serving of Arbonne Shake has 40g of plant protein derived from pea, cranberry, and rice. The rice protein covers up for most essential amino acids except lysine, which is present in very low amounts.

Pea protein, on the other hand, has incomplete amino acids but is high in lysine and contributes BCAA’s to the powder.

So, pea protein balances out the deficiencies of rice protein.

Then coming to the Cranberry protein, it has only 25% protein content; however, its complete amino acid profile, as well as the presence of 20% soluble and 40% insoluble dietary fibers, gives it an edge over other protein sources!

Last but not least, cranberry protein provides additional benefits of omega 3,6, 9, and antioxidants.

Also, since the Arbonne shakes are based on plant protein, they can be deemed suitable for the lactose intolerant population and a favorable choice for vegans.

Cost: A single canister of Arbonne Feelfit shake costs $79.00 and includes 30 servings.

This is approximately $2.66 per serving. And makes a one-time purchase enough to last for a whole month.

No saturated Fats: Arbonne shakes have 3g of fats which implies that it has zero saturated fats.

Making it more suitable and healthy for consumption by patients with heart disease and even for the general population.


  • Arbonne shakes offer only 160 calories per serving.
  • Arbonne Feelfit shakes are packed with the goodness of 24 different essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals).
  • Arbonne shakes are free from any allergens like artificial col0rs, soy, gluten, or dairy (lactose).
  • They are halal and kosher certified.
  • They have low glycemic content.
  • They provide a reasonable amino acid profile and additional benefits by drawing together plant protein from different sources like pea, rice, and cranberry.
  • The source for the plant protein isn’t soy which rules out the presence of any allergens in the product.


  • Xanthan gum, guan gum, fillers, and natural flavors are not organic additions to the Arbonne powder and may affect health adversely if they exceed the recommended intake. They can upset the gut and cause diarrhea, flatulence, and bloating.
  • A bit pricey as compared to Isalean Shakes.

FAQs on Isagenix vs Arbonne

Why Arbonne Protein is bad?

Arbonne is based on plant proteins derived from pea, rice, and cranberry that are not considered a complete source of all essential amino acids.

They are also absorbed less efficiently in the gut, so you have to take them in greater quantities.

Also, this protein type can provoke symptoms (bloating, cramping) if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Is Arbonne a pyramid scheme?

Arbonne has been accused of being a pyramid scheme multiple times, and the company itself has not been able to address the accusation satisfactorily.

The accusations have emerged because Arbonne products can only be bought ONLINE via distributors!

Arbonne works by recruiting distributors that are required to Invest in the company, and the return of their investment is made on the condition that they recruit more consultants; these are referred to as the ‘downlines’.

The recruiters also termed ‘uplines,’ get a commission from selling Arbonne’s products, making recruitments as well as shares from the product sales and recruitments the downlines make.

Eventually, there is a limit to the recruitments a person can make, and a large ratio of investors ends up not getting back even the amount they invested, let alone the profit.

Only the figures at the top of the pyramid get optimum benefits.

If this is how Arbonne operates, it does hint at being a pyramid scheme.

How much does it cost to join Arbonne?

You have to first contact a sponsor in order to become a consultant. The registration fee for an independent consultant is $49, and for a preferred client, it is $29.

You get a 20% discount on Arbonne products by becoming a preferred client.

On the other hand, you can avail yourself of a 35% discount, a welcome kit, free website maintenance service by becoming an independent consultant.

After this, you have to make a purchase of Arbonne products worth $160 or above. (The cost for this might vary)

After the purchase, you officially become a part of Arbonne’s business.

Do Arbonne fizz sticks give you energy?

Apparently, Arbonne Fizz sticks are formulated with ingredients to give you an instant energy boost and stimulate mental alertness.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant, and one Arbonne stick contains 5o mg of it.

Ginseng root is a traditional herb famous for increasing blood flow in the body. It also works as an antioxidant and has antifatigue effects.

Arbonne Fizzsticks contain 100 mg of Panax Ginseng in it.

Co-enzyme q10 is involved in metabolic pathways where 95% ATP production occurs. Thus it increases the energy production in cells.

It also contains other energizing ingredients like B-vitamins and minerals.

Can you make money with Arbonne? If so, how?

Yes, but you have to make a certain investment and put in a lot of effort to achieve the desired amount. Here are some ways you can earn with Arbonne:

  • You get a 35% commission on retail client sales and a 15% commission on preferred client sales from your website.
  • You get a bonus for every consultant you recruit.
  • You get a commission from every sale your team makes. The bigger your team, the bigger your commission.
  • You get a cash bonus worth a Mercedes Benz on promotion to a Regional and National level.

Why is Isagenix bad for you?

Although not bad, the following factors may make one skeptical about choosing Isagenix.

FDA Verification: Isagenix claims that its products are backed up by science, but FDA has yet to evaluate their research.

High Fructose: Isagenix products like IsaLean shakes are high in fructose sugars and have the possibility of surpassing the recommended sugar intake.

Fructose can also lead to undesirable effects in the long term, like insulin resistance, obesity, and cardiometabolic diseases.

Allergens: Isagenix products contain allergens like lactose in IsaLean shakes that come from whey protein and almonds in dairy-free shakes. This can irritate you if you have any allergies.

What’s better -Isagenix or Arbonne?

Which company do you think is better? Isagenix or Arbonne?

Let’s find out.

Both Arbonne and Isagenix have curated their shakes to incorporate maximum nutritional content, but there are other aspects of the product where lies the point of difference.

Considering the value for money, Arbonne is somewhat hard on the pocket since each canister retails for $79 whereas, Isalean shakes retails for $51.99 per canister, making it a good option for those who are on a budget.

However, for diabetics and lactose intolerant people, Isagenix IsaLean may not make the best choice because of the whey protein (lactose) in non-dairy shakes and the high sugar content(11g).

Apart from that, Isalean shakes are filled with the nutritional goodness of various essential nutrients, amino acids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and whatnot.

Therefore, to wrap it up for me, Isalean shakes seem to be the winning contender in the Isagenix VS Arbonne tournament.

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