Isagenix vs Plexus: Which is Better?

January 7, 2024 |

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This article is all about a detailed comparison between two excellent, renowned health and fitness brands – Isagenix and Plexus.

Fitness and well-being, especially weight loss, have never been more effortless now that we have many shakes and supplements by Isagenix and Plexus.

But which one is the best?

Which brand out of the two falls exactly under the requirements to your individual health goals?

Where one brand is known for its fulfilling meal replacement shakes, the other is renowned for its supplemental nutrition.

It is important to go through all that Isagenix and Plexus have to offer to eventually make the correct decision.

Let us find out more about it, shall we?

Isagenix vs Plexus – An Overview



One of the leading health and fitness brands, Isagenix, has brought forward several fitness products that have been helping people with their weight loss journey.

The company makes the health of the consumers its utmost priority and believes that every person has the right to a good and healthy living.

Keeping this motto in mind, Isagenix has been producing top-notch health and wellness products that not only conform to your fitness goals but may also help alleviate common health issues.

All the products have evidence-based formulas that can help you with adopting a healthier lifestyle.

The weight loss program is the flagship program offered by the company, which comprises meal replacement shakes, supplements, snacks, and pills.

Running smoothly for almost two decades, Isagenix has paved its way to consumers’ hearts and gained their trust over time.

People trust the brand for its life-changing, innovative products that have made their wellness journeys effortless and worthwhile.

With the right direction to achieve your individual goals and Isagenix products and supplements, you can make way to a healthier future!


Plexus logo

The second brand that I am going to discuss in this article is Plexus.

Known for its life-changing, innovative products, plexus has mainly gained popularity because of its fitness pills called Plexus Slim.

The company has been benefiting people for quite a long time and is popular among health and fitness enthusiasts.

All the ingredients added in its products, especially Plexus Slim, are derived from organic sources and can prove to be super efficacious for you to achieve your fitness goals.

So, if you are worried about your weight loss venture amidst the tiring routines, plexus has got your back!

To know more in detail about the efficacy and safety of plexus’s products, scroll down to my comparison section.

Isagenix Vs. Plexus – Which One Is Better?

1. Benefits/Efficacy

Isagenix: Isagenix being a health and fitness brand, helps people attain their respective weight loss goals by passively working as agents that can keep them satiated most of the time.

With its protein and fiber-rich formulas, you get rid of untimely hunger pangs, which results in lesser consumption of calories that you do not need. Fewer calories, less weight gain!

Moreover, the fiber in the products helps promote gut health as well as digestion, in addition to helping you with weight loss.

All in all, it is a good meal replacement option for people who do not want to go that extra mile to achieve their optimum weight goals.

Lastly, the manufacturers promise that they have formulated their products in a way that the user only loses the unhealthy fat while retaining the lean muscle!

Plexus: The formula of plexus’s products is pretty much similar to that of Isagenix in terms of composition; therefore, its benefits and efficacy also match Isagenix’s standard.

Similar to Isagenix, plexus weight loss products also work by providing you protein-rich meal replacements in order to make you feel fuller for longer, thus diminishing your desire to binge eat.

Moreover, the company claims that its products work efficiently to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract and help you get rid of notorious microorganisms that disrupt the natural balance.

Although our bodies perform this function themselves, the ingredients of these products enhance the effect tenfold.

The benefits of Plexus do not end here.

The company also offers discounts and coupons generously to its new and regular customers and various ways for payment as well. This makes the process of online ordering quite convenient for people.

Final Verdict: Both Isagenix and Plexus, having somewhat similar compositions of constituents, pretty much serve the weight loss goals of their customers efficiently.

In this regard, both are neck to neck in competition.

However, it depends on your weight goals which product you go for – Isagenix if you are in for replacing meals and plexus if you are working on your lifestyle and just want supplementary nutrition.

2. Isagenix vs Plexus – Side Effects

Isagenix: Isagenix has products that are safe to consume when taken in the right amount and doses. However, the excess protein in its formulas might exacerbate underlying conditions like renal disorders.

People with underlying medical conditions, therefore, are advised to consult with their physicians first before adding Isagenix into their daily routine.

Plexus: Products by Plexus are generally deemed safe as all its ingredients are safe to use individually. No significant side effects are reported as such.

Only mild problems like nausea, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, gas, bloating, and constipation can be expected.

Therefore, I recommend a test first to determine if you can tolerate the side effects or get habitual to the daily dose.

Final Verdict: Both the brands have little to no side effects that often result when an individual starts using the products and requires time to adjust to them.

However, whichever brand you go for, make sure that you consult with your doctor first to make an informed decision.

3. Cost

Isagenix: 14 servings are present in a single canister or packet.

A canister costs around $58.65, making the price of a single serving around $4.1.

Isagenix is comparatively expensive than plexus and will cost you more than $100 for a month-long supply of shakes and supplements.

Plexus: Each package of Plexus shake retails for $40.95; however, you can save another $10 if you place an order using their VIP membership.

Now, this price range is quite reasonable for the quality of materials you get in the products.

Final Verdict: As stated above, Isagenix is the expensive brand out of the two.

So, anyone who’s on a budget can go for plexus without a second because, rest assured, it delivers what it promises!

4. Taste/Flavor

Isagenix: The weight loss category comprising shakes are available in a variety of flavors, including strawberry cream, Dutch Chocolate, vanilla, rich chocolate, and a few others.

Plexus: Unlike Isagenix, Plexus hasn’t got much to offer if we talk about variations in flavors as you have only two options in total here; whey creamy vanilla and whey milk chocolate.

Final Verdict: Isagenix is too sweet for some people because of the excessive fructose present in the formulas, but it has got a whole lot of flavors.

On the other hand, the plexus has lesser sweetness even though it is available in just two flavors.

In my opinion, Plexus bags the trophy here because the lower the sugar you consume, the less are the chances of you gaining weight.

However, if you like sweet treats more and also have your glucose levels in control, you’re going to love the range Isagenix has got in store!

5. Product Range

Isagenix: The weight loss products by Isagenix include Cleanse for Life, Isaflush, Natural Accelerator, and Isalean shakes.

The first one is a mixture of herbs and other useful ingredients that are to be consumed on fasting days (Isagenix 30 day plan). The remaining drinks and supplements also serve the purpose of aiding in weight loss.

There are some not-so-famous products by the brand, including energy drinks like e+, Ionix Supreme, and Isalean Pro, which may work wonders depending on how well you consume them.

You also get to explore options in their ‘Healthy Ageing’ category that is supplements.

The performance category offers shakes which are pretty much the variants of those is mentioned in the former two categories.

Plexus: The diverse range of products presented by the company includes Plexus Slim – the famous ‘Pink Drink’ that is specifically made for weight loss as it has ingredients that promote it (discussed in detail below), Plexus Block – a supplement that blocks carbohydrate absorption to some extent and Plexus Accelerator – known for its effects on metabolism.

Moreover, there is Plexus 96 Vanilla, Plexus 96 Chocolate – both of which are powdered formulas meant for ingestion as shakes.

Coming to the general nutrition section, different efficacious supplements are available to provide you with ample nutrients that you usually miss out on.

These include Plexus Bio Cleanse and Plexus Nerve.

The third section of personal care includes two to three products, including creams for topical application.

Final Verdict: Both companies have a variety of products that gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Each product is slightly different than the other and has its own importance.

Therefore, I would call this round a tie.

6. Ingredients – Plexus vs Isagenix

Isagenix: The meal replacement shakes by Isagenix comprise proteins from three different dairy sources, which speaks for its high quantity of protein.

It also has different enzymes like lipase, protease, amylase, invertase, etc among various minerals and vitamins.

The proteins play a crucial role in keeping your hunger pangs at bay.

By their suppressive effect on hunger hormones and encouraging effect on satiety hormones, it alleviates your cravings considerably, thus passively helping you with weight loss.

The added enzymes make sure that the nutrients are properly digested, and the metabolism is working just fine so that you do not experience untimely cravings.

In addition to useful elements like minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber, and enzymes, the Isagenix shakes comprise fructose, too, which is a sweetener. It might trigger an unwanted spike in blood glucose levels.

Plexus: The ingredients that are present in the Plexus products like in the renowned Plexus Slim include polydextrose, chromium ions, garcinia, coffee bean extract, lipoic acid, and several others.

Whey protein concentrate and isolate are also important constituents in the formula.

Polydextrose is the key element in the products especially aimed towards weight loss. It is a kind of fiber that helps slow down the metabolism, ultimately leading to delayed fat storage after digestion. This may also reduce your hunger pangs considerably.

The second key ingredient is chromium. Chromium picolinate is found to have an appetite-suppressing effect, too especially reduced carbohydrate cravings. Fewer cravings, less calorie consumption!

Similarly, other ingredients like garcinia extract and coffee beans have also been found to be useful aids in y weight loss process.

Garcinia helps inhibit citrate lyase, which is a fat-producing enzyme, eventually leading to lesser fat conversion, whereas coffee beans being rich in chlorogenic acid and caffeine reduce glucose levels in the blood.

Final Verdict: Isagenix and Plexus both garner ingredients that are known for their weight loss effects individually. The only difference is the quantity.

Isagenix has a higher content of everything, almost double that of the present in the plexus, so it is preferred as a meal replacement.

7. Business Opportunity

Isagenix: The brand is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company which means that you can avail yourself of the opportunity by promoting the company’s products.

And as a distributor, you get a chance to earn a handsome amount of money (given that you have exceptional marketing skills).

Plexus: Like Isagenix, Plexus is also a multi-level marketing company that pays its distributors for good marketing and promotion of the products, so there is a good business opportunity for sellers here too.

Final Verdict: You can become a distributor and promote the brands to earn money by making sales. The more sales there are, the greater the pay you will get.

Final Thoughts

So, Isagenix or Plexus?

If you are looking for a nutrition program to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs with an all-natural product that has no side effects then go with Plexus.

However, if you want something that will help curb hunger cravings without any artificial ingredients then choose Isagenix.

It is up to you which one sounds better but either way both programs have helped many people lose weight.

With the market brimming with lots of nutritional products, it gets quite perplexing to choose between two great fitness options.

So you have to choose between the two after carefully weighing their pros and cons, their ingredients, cost, and most importantly, see if your weight loss goals will conform to the product or not.

I hope this article clarifies your ambiguities regarding the two renowned brands and what they have to offer.

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