Lady Boss Club Membership Review: Worth it?

March 10, 2021 |

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Wondering what the LadyBoss Club membership is all about?

  • The cost
  • The benefits you get
  • How it works

And many more…

You’ll find out pretty soon.

Losing weight requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

While most people try their very best to stay motivated throughout the process, it usually becomes hard to stay focused on your goals, especially if you’re on your own.

Therefore, it never hurts to have an encouraging nudge to keep you dedicated to your cause.

Every little help matters and you can get a lot of support and facilities if you join a fitness club. The Lady Boss Membership Club offers exclusive membership to all its consumers for exemplary assistance and customer care.

Therefore, if you want to get the best rates on all the Lady Boss products and stay updated with their frequent promotion offers, you should get the Lady Boss Club Membership today.

Keep reading to learn more about all the benefits of the Lady Boss Club membership.

What is Lady Boss Club Membership?

Ladyboss club

LadyBoss Club Membership is an exclusive club for all the users of Lady Boss products. It helps save them a lot of money by keeping them updated with all the latest product promotions and deals and offers them extensive community support and guidance on their journey to a happy and healthy life.

Lady Boss is a brand that is famous for its beneficial, high-quality supplements.

These products have been tried and tested by several women who vouch for their efficacy.

The Lady Boss supplements have been designed for working women who don’t have enough time to focus on their dietary needs by offering nutrient-dense and convenient meal replacement supplements, pre and post-workout supplements, and digital exercise programs well.

LadyBoss supplement products

It’s safe to say that Lady Boss is a successful fitness empire with various beneficial products used by millions of people.

However, it can become challenging to keep up with their numerous amazing products and frequent promotions, which is why the Lady Boss brand came up with the favorable solution of launching their own Lady Boss Club Membership.

Furthermore, Lady Boss has a very transparent policy regarding its membership process.

It’s extremely easy to become a member of this club, and it’s just as easy to cancel your subscription.

What are the Benefits of Subscribing to Lady Boss Membership?

The following are the main benefits of subscribing to Lady Boss Membership:

1. Money-Saving Opportunities

You will get the chance to save an additional 15-20% on all your orders and deliveries if you’re a member of the Lady Boss Club.

2. Frequent Deliveries

Lady Boss is a brand that significantly values its frequent consumers and members, which is why the Lady Boss Club members never run out of their products as the brand ensures the delivery of new products after every month.

3. Easy to Subscribe and Cancel

Anyone can quickly become a member of the Lady Boss Club by merely opting for the club option while they checkout.

You heard it right!

There’s no need for filling any lengthy sign-up forms since you’re just a click away from becoming a member of one of the most beneficial clubs.

Similarly, if you ever want to quit your membership, all you have to do is send an email to, and your subscription will be canceled instantly.

4. Your Convenience Comes First

The Lady Boss Club is very particular about accommodating all its members, so they are given the option of swapping their purchased products with other products.

They are also facilitated to change the shipping dates whenever they want, and the delivery will be made on their chosen date.

5. Sellout Prevention

We’ve all seen many times that a particular product goes out of stock because of its high demand.

However, the Lady Boss Club members never have to experience any shortage in their favorite products since they are kept updated with the stock quantity to get their favorite products before they sell out.

6 Production Run Accessibility

Like all brands, Lady Boss launches new flavor ranges for their products as well, and the club members are given the honor of trying the new flavors as soon as they are released.

7. Credit Back Options

The Lady Boss Club values its loyal customers and benefits from getting a 20% cashback on all their orders.

8. Numerous Perks

The perks never end with this membership. One of the best offers provided by the Lady Boss Club is getting free products every month to refer the membership to other people.

9. Social Support

Becoming a part of the Lady Boss Club…

You can also get access to their social club, where several women come together to share their experiences and support one another into becoming the best version of themselves.

Lady Boss Membership Cost & Packages

During your checkout of any of the LadyBoss supplements – you’ll have an option to either make a one-time purchase or subscribe to the club membership and save about 17% on your product purchase. For Lean, the club membership subscription costs $49.76 per month.

Like this:

The Club membership comes in different club cash credit packages that are mentioned as follows:

Club Cash Credit

Once you’re a member of the Lady Boss Club, you can get free orders in the future with all the club cash you earn. Club cash is known as the credit you earn overtime as a club member, and it keeps saving up in your account. If you earn enough cash that covers the cost of your monthly order, then your order will be shipped to you for free.

Loyalty Offer

The Loyalty program is also a cashback or credit saving program. Every time you order something, 20% of your cash will be returned to you in the form of club credit. This also implies that your sixth monthly order will be sent to you free of cost after every five payments.

Referring Friends and Family

Another way to earn club credit is by referring your friends and family to the program. Once your referrals join the program, you will earn 33% club credit on all their orders. This means you will soon have enough credits in your arsenal to buy several products without spending any money of your own.

Lady Boss Club Membership – FAQS

Is Lady Boss Membership a monthly subscription?

Yes, the Lady Boss Membership is a monthly subscription that is renewed every month unless you cancel it.

How can I join the Membership club?

You can easily join the club membership by choosing the club option while signing out after making an online purchase. Or during your checkout phase.

Is the Club membership worth it?

The club membership offers several perks that keep you updated with all their promotions, and they never let you miss out on your favorite products. One of the best parts about the membership is the cashback opportunities which means you can get your desired products without spending any money.

Here are other benefits:

  • Fresh shipment every 30 days so you don’t run out
  • FREE bonus sticker or mystery item with every shipment
  • Easily swapping products or switching shipping dates at anytime
  • Early access to limited productions of new Flavors when released
  • Priority front-of-the-line customer service

How does the Club Membership work?

According to LadyBoss:

The Transformation System CLUB membership offers the full line-up of LadyBoss supplement products at an incredibly discounted rate that renews every 30 days.

Once payment processes on that 30th day, your Supplements order will ship out within 24-48 business hours.

You can make any and all changes to customize your supplements in order to fit your exact fitness needs and goals. Some ladies have chosen to pause their membership for 15 or 30 days if they have too much leftover at the end of the month.

Others have decided to swap out the supplements they receive within their 5-item Transformation System Pack.

For example, if you receive BURN & don’t use it as often as you thought, you can opt to receive an additional bag of LEAN instead of the BURN on your next Club shipment!

If you don’t think you need all five amazing products, don’t worry! You can get your favorite 1, 2, or 3 as a single-item CLUB Membership(s).

You are in control of your CLUB membership and our Customer Experience team is here around the clock to assist you in making any and all changes.

We just need to receive your request at least 4 days prior to your renewal date in order to apply your updates in time.

We fully believe that your supplements should match your hard work and optimize all areas of your healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey.

Our goal with LadyBoss supplements was to create top-quality products, designed and formulated specifically for women!

Our aim in offering the CLUB Membership option is to make sure you always have what you need to complement and enhance the work you are already putting in.

You can order any and all LadyBoss supplements at

All the details on every LadyBoss supplement can also be found there as well.

Conclusion on Lady Boss Membership

The Lady Boss Club Membership offers numerous facilities to all its members. They provide several facilities such as monthly deliveries of your desired products.

It also keeps you updated with your products’ shipment and stocks so that you can always purchase them before they are completely sold out.

One of the main advantages of joining this club is all the credit saving and cashback opportunities that will help you to save money.

You can earn club credits by staying loyal to the brand, and you can also earn credits by referring someone you know.

All these credits will soon be enough for you to purchase your desired products without paying for them.

It’s also very easy to subscribe to the membership, and you can cancel the subscription easily. Considering all the benefits and perks of this club, I suggest all avid Lady Boss supplement users become members of this club at their earliest convenience.

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