Lady Boss Lean vs. Shakeology – Which is Better?

LadyBoss Lean vs Shakeology

Here’s the complete review of the LadyBoss Lean vs Shakeology supplement.

You know, the weight loss industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, and for a good reason…

People are obsessed with the thought of having a perfectly fit body, and most fitness enthusiasts leave no stone unturned when it comes to achieving their dream physique.

The global fitness passion has triggered a significant boost in the sales of weight loss supplements.

However, today’s market is saturated with supplements, and it becomes quite challenging to find a supplement that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Therefore, I have drafted this guide to have a comparison between two of the most famous weight loss supplements, Lady Boss Lean and Shakeology.

Lady Boss Lean vs. Shakeology – Overview of Both

Here is a detailed overview regarding both these weight loss supplements:

What is LadyBoss Lean?

Lady Boss Lean shake

While it’s important to have a well-balanced diet for optimal health and weight loss, if you want an effective solution for your stubborn weight, then you need to increase the protein content in your diet.

This supplement comes in the form of powder, and it is also known as a shake with the irresistible flavor of a vanilla cake.

This product by Lady Boss includes digestive enzymes, essential vitamins, minerals, and protein.

LadyBoss Lean has been designed for women who want to lose weight while practicing convenient, healthy eating and satisfying their sweet tooth. The product stays true to its word, and it offers a delicious taste along with a smooth and rich texture.

This supplement is ideal for someone with a sweet tooth craving.

However, not everyone likes vanilla or sweet things, but this flavor makes the taste bearable.

Considering the name of the brand, it’s assumed that the product is intended for being used by females only, but it can also be used by men as it helps to lose weight.

What is Shakeology


Shakeology is primarily a protein supplement that is available in the form of a shake, but since it’s a blend of several other important ingredients such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, it’s a nutrient-dense supplement with multiple functions.

Shakeology is ideal for being used by both men and women.

This supplement by Beachbody has been created with a lot of consideration by including various superfoods that provide an adequate nutrition supply.

Which is not attainable from a regular diet.

Since this is a protein supplement, it has been designed to promote weight loss along with improving the overall immunity of the body, especially when it comes to gastrointestinal health.

Lady Boss Lean vs. Shakeology – Ingredients & Recipes

The following are the ingredients of Lady Boss Lean:

1. Prohydrolase® Digestive Enzymes

Prodhydrolase is a mixture of various enzymes that help with the process of digestion and improve the optimal processing of proteins.

This smoothing digestion keeps you safe from the discomfort of flatulence and bloating, which is quite common when consuming a diet that is rich in protein.

2. Premium Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Whey is the most famous protein supplement known to mankind.

This protein is easily soluble in water and other liquids, which makes it the most convenient option to consume if you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

Lady Boss Lean has approximately fifteen grams of why protein. The whey is also obtained from high-quality, grass-fed sources, which means that the product is safe is used.

3. Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Lady Boss Leans includes some of the most important nutrients that are imperative for ensuring maximum overall health. Some of these nutrients include Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C.

4. Biotin

Biotin is also known as Vitamin B7. This vitamin is extremely beneficial for giving you healthier hair, skin, and nails.

The following are the ingredients of Shakeology:

1. Proteins

Since Shakeology is primarily a protein supplement, it has been made using high-quality protein derivatives that are ideal for keeping you feeling fuller for a longer time and building muscle.

2. Superfruits and Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to fight off free radicals, and they keep your body safe from any type of internal and external inflammation.

This supplement also contains some of the finest superfruits with the highest antioxidant content, such as goji berries, acerola cherries, bilberry, and camu camu.

3. Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics are also known as healthy gut bacteria that ensure optimal gut health. These microbes are responsible for ensuring a properly healthy and functioning gut.

4. Adaptogens

Adaptogens are herbs and plants that help to relieve all sorts of stress faced by your body.

They have several calming and therapeutic effects on your body that keep your body healthy. Some of these adaptogens in Shakeology include cinnamon.

5. Supergreens and Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are chemicals that keep your body safe from all sorts of inflammatory stressors.

6. Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are extremely important for ensuring optimal health. Some of the vitamins present in Shakeology include Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Verdict: Looking at the ingredients offered by both the supplements, it can be seen that Shakeology has a wider range of ingredients, which also means that shakeology offers more benefits as opposed to Lady Boss Lean.

Shakeology vs. Lady Boss Lean – What do they do?

The following are the details for the function and target audience of Lady Boss Lean:

Functions of Lady Boss Lean

Lady boss lean has been created to promote weight loss, especially in women.

It works by increasing the protein intake, which helps to keep them feeling full for a longer time that leads to reduced calorie intake and effective weight loss.

It also caters to sugar cravings and makes healthy eating easy for people who don’t have enough time to cook for themselves.

Target Audience of Lady Boss Lean

Lady Boss Lean targets all the boss ladies who are so busy with their work throughout the day that it often becomes difficult for them to have a healthy meal.

The following are the details for the function and target audience of Shakeology:

Functions of Shakeology

Shakeology also works to increase the satiety of people with its sufficient protein content. However, it contains a myriad of other ingredients that support other essential body functions, such as improved digestion.

It also contains superfruits that increase the overall antioxidant activity of your body, offering improved protection against inflammation.

Target Audience of Shakeology

Shakeology is aimed to target both men and women who want to lose weight while doing the bare minimum. It is also more attractive for male usage since it can be used to build muscles as well.

Benefits Attached to Both Supplements

The following are the benefits of Lady Boss Lean:

1. Increased Protein Content

Protein is essential for increased metabolism and high energy levels. Lady Boss Lean provides seventeen grams of whey protein per scoop.

2. Reduced Sugar Cravings and Weight Loss

Sugar is the main culprit being obesity and weight gain. Therefore, using Lady Boss Lean has a sweet taste that satisfies your sweet tooth and the protein content keeps you full enough to not crave anything unhealthy.

3. Ideal Substitute Meal

I understand how your busy routine makes it difficult for you to manage meal prep and to cook for yourself.

You could easily add this supplement to any food or smoothie, and you can easily enhance its nutritional benefits. This will also save you time as energy.

4. Good Taste

Unlike most supplements, Lady Boss Lean actually tastes really good with the sweet taste of the vanilla cake and a smooth, creamy-textured shake.

5. Improved Immunity

Lady Boss Lean has several vitamins and minerals that work to keep your body safe from all sorts of ailments by enhancing its overall immunity.

The following are the benefits of Shakeology:

1. Improved Muscle Mass and Body Repair

Shakeology contains high protein content, which not just makes it a good supplement for improving your satiety levels but also takes care of muscle wear and tear post-workout.

Therefore, it helps with workout recovery, and the protein also helps to heal your body at the cellular level as well.

2. Increased Productivity

People often feel exhausted, fatigued, and lethargic if they don’t have a proper dietary intake. However, the super nutritious formula of Shakeology is ideal for recharging everyone and increasing their productivity levels throughout the day.

They also contain adaptogens, which help to reduce your daily stress.

3. Reduced Inflammation

Considering the high amount of antioxidants present in this product. It is ideal for combatting free radicals and reducing oxidative stress in your body.

Superfruits such as goji berries and camu camu are potent enough to reduce inflammation in your body.

4. Improved Gut Well-Being

A healthy gut is important for overall well-being. A properly functioning gut also signifies a healthy metabolism that leads to effective weight loss. Shakeology has several prebiotics and probiotics that enhance the health of your gut.

Lady Boss Lean vs. Shakeology – Side Effects

The following are the side effects of Lady Boss Lean:

Side Effects of Lady Boss Lean

This product comes with the warning of feeling bloated and gassy after consumption. Furthermore, it also contains four grams of sugar.

The following are the side effects of Shakeology:

Side Effects of Shakeology

Suffering from gas, bloating and diarrhea are the side effects of using Shakeology. This supplement also contains seven grams of sugar.

Verdict: Considering the side effect of both supplements, it has been observed that Lady Boss Lean has fewer side effects as opposed to Shakeology.

Shakeology vs. Lady Boss Lean – Price

Shakeology comes at a price of $129.5.

That is the price of a single bag that has up to thirty servings. The product is also available in different flavors, and you can also purchase combo boxes that come with 24 single-serving packs with different flavors.

Shakeology flavours

Lady Boss Lean comes at a price of $49.76. for a single bag that has 30 meals.

It’s available at a price of $83.93 with two bags containing 60 meals. This product has three bags with 90 meals as well, which are available at a price of $116.90.

Ladyboss Lean flavours

Verdict: Lady Boss Lean wins this round hands down since it offers 90 servings at a price that is much less than what Shakeology offers for only 30 servings.

FAQs on Lady Boss Lean vs. Shakeology

What is the main difference between Lady Boss Lean supplement and Shakeology?

The main difference between both the products is their price range. Shakeology is super expensive as compared to Lady Boss Lean, while they both contain almost the same ingredients.

Furthermore, Shakeology also has more sugar than Lady Boss Lean, along with more ingredients than Lady Boss Lean as well.

Is Shakeology worth the money?

Shakeology is not worth your money because of its high cost. While the supplement has some good ingredients, its price is not enough for what’s being offered since you can get supplements with the same function and ingredients at half the price of this supplement.

That said, at the end of the day it’s all left to you to decide.

Is LadyBoss Lean worth the money?

Lady Boss Lean is worth your money since it does its job of reducing your weight while giving you something nice to drink. It is also extremely affordable. Plus they have a great community.

Where can I buy Shakeology?

You can buy this product from their official product website or other online sources such as Amazon. It is also available at different supplement shops.

Where can I buy LadyBoss Lean?

Lady Boss Lean can be bought online from Amazon, the official website of the product, or from supplement shops.

However, in general, it is recommended you buy your supplements products from their own official stores or online stores.

Which is best for weight loss?

I believe that Lady Boss Lean is best for weight loss, and it is the more reasonable choice as well.

Which is cheaper, Shakeology or LadyBoss Lean?

Lady Boss Lean is definitely the cheaper option from our in-depth research and customer reviews online.

Visit LadyBoss Lean official store here

Final Conclusion on LadyBoss Lean vs. Shakeology

Which Should You Buy?

Both the products have their good and bad points.

Shakeology is not a quintessential protein supplement since it has more ingredients, which is why it does more than just inducing weight loss.

It contains different superfruits, phytonutrients, and adaptogens, which are missing from Lady Boss Lean.

However, the downside to this supplement is its price, lack of affordable bundles, and greater sugar concentration.

On the other hand, Lady Boss Lean comes at a much reasonable price as compared to Shakeology and it’s available in different affordable packages as well. This supplement also has a reduced sugar content as compared to Shakeology.

However, Lady Boss Lean is a typical protein supplement with an excessive focus on weight loss, since it contains fewer ingredients as compared to Shakeology.

Keeping all these points in mind, I think that Lady Boss Lean would be the better choice.

You got questions about our Shakeology vs LadyBoss Lean review? Drop them in the comments.

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With a BSc. Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Safa Kamran is a dietitian by profession. She has years of clinical experience in nutrition and dietetics, healthcare with an extensive focus on Medical Nutrition Therapy for disease management. She also specializes in dietary modifications for effective weight management. Safa has sound knowledge regarding the healthy formulation and appropriate usage of nutritional supplements for promoting optimal health.

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