Lady Boss Recover (Post-Workout) Review: Will it Work for Me?

Lady Boss Recover review

In this Lady Boss Recover review, we cover everything you need to know about this supplement.

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With the increasing awareness of fitness and optimal weight management, there has been a sudden surge in the number of people going to the gym.

While this is a healthy change, it takes a lot of effort and energy to work out, especially weight training.

You need high energy levels to sustain yourself through a tough workout routine.

Therefore, it’s usually recommended to have a healthy dose of carbs or a pre-workout supplement so that you can give your best while working out.

Similarly, your body goes through much wear and tear after the workout session.

And it needs a nutrient-dense dose to heal and recover properly.

The supplements consumed after working out are known as post-workout supplements, and the Lady Boss Recover drink is one the finest post-workout recovery supplements.

Read on to learn more about this useful product in this detailed Lady Boss Recover review.

What is Lady Boss Recover?

Ladyboss recover

The Lady Boss Recover supplement is a high-quality protein supplement that contains a unique blend of amino acids and electrolytes to replenish and nourish your fatigued and tired body after an intense workout session.

It also helps to support ideal muscle development and growth.

If you’re someone who goes to the gym regularly, then you’d know how sore and exhausted one feels after a good exercise session.

Therefore, you need something strong and effective to heal your muscles and give you a much-needed energy boost.

To recover from the post-workout soreness and fatigue.

Like most protein powders, you can mix a scoop of this supplement with water, milk, or any liquid of your choice to create a highly nutritious energy drink.

While this supplement contains some of the finest ingredients, it also has an amazing taste.

You heard that right!

Most people can almost taste the bitter taste of protein powder when they think of protein supplements.

However, the best part about the Lady Boss Recover Post Workout supplement is that it comes with a watermelon candy flavor and smooth texture that makes you look forward to your post-workout meal replacement drink.

This supplement is so nutritionally dense that it can be consumed in place of a proper meal.

You could always have a healthy, protein-rich meal after working out.

But having an electrolyte and amino acid-rich drink will save you from the hassle of preparing a meal for yourself.

This is one reason why this supplement is super popular among working women because they don’t have the time to prepare meals on their own.

Moreover, even if they are taking out enough time from their jam-packed routine to work out a bit, they clearly won’t spend more time making a post-workout meal.

Therefore, this sweet and nutrient-rich meal replacement drink is the perfect solution to their dietary and nutrition problems.

Who is Behind Lady Boss Recover?

Like every big business, the Lady Boss brand fitness humble beginnings as well. This brand was launched by CEO Brandon Poulin and his health expert wife, Kaelin Poulin.

Brandon & Kaelin Poulin

Their hard work and sincerity to their products have made Lady Boss the multi-million-dollar fitness empire it is today.

This brand offers a wide range of health and fitness supplements specifically targeted towards working women who don’t have enough time to focus on their health.

Their quick and convenient products have made it very easy for these women to lose weight and retain optimal health.

Lady Boss Recover is one of their supplements.

They have more that include a revitalizing supplement called Lady Boss Greens, a skin health-boosting supplement called Lady Boss Glow, along a pre-workout supplement called Lady Boss Fuel.

They also have a premium weight loss supplement that goes by the name of Lady Boss Lean.

All the brand supplements are particularly famous due to their brilliant taste that makes people excited to have these products. Furthermore, the Lady Boss brand also offers digital fitness programs along with exclusive athletic wear and swags.

They also have club memberships to give you numerous purchasing perks and unlimited social support.

This brand’s main goal is to ensure the excellent health levels of all women, and they have been doing so through their exemplary services and products.

Health Benefits of Lady Boss Recover?

Lady Boss Recover has several health benefits that help to recover and heal your body after a challenging workout session, along with supporting mass muscle growth.

These benefits are mentioned as follows:

1. Soreness Eradication

Post-workout soreness is something that most people experience after working out, and it’s completely normal.

However, you can manage your post-workout soreness with the help of the Lady Boss Recover supplement since it contains beneficial amino acids such as valine, leucine, and isoleucine. This supplement also promotes insulin circulation in your body that supports nutrient storage to promote optimal healing.

2. Optimal Recovery

Your body becomes exhausted and drained after all the intense exercising. Therefore, you need ample nutrients to restore ideal ATP levels in your body.

The Lady Boss Recover supplement contains a few such nutrients, which include amino acids like Citrulline Malate.

3. Enhances Muscle Mass Development Just

If you have more muscle mass in your body, then it means that you will have less fat mass. Having more muscle mass also helps to burn fat. Another benefit of muscle mass is all the additional calories you’ll burn even if you’re not working out.

The Lady Boss Recover supplement contains an amino acid known as Glutamine that promotes muscle mass development and helps to get rid of fat mass.

The beneficial blend of amino acids in this product encourages your body to absorb more nutrients with high levels of storage hormones and enhances your body’s composition through higher muscle mass.

4. Convenient to Use

This supplement can be used anywhere at any time because all you need to do is mix it with a liquid of your choice, shake it and then drink it up. Moreover, you can have it no matter when you work out.

It will be equally beneficial during the day and night.

Lady Boss Recover Ingredients and Recipes?

Lady Boss Recover is made using some of the finest, all-natural ingredients that are extremely beneficial for healing your body.

The following is a list of all the useful ingredients found in this supplement:

1. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is ideal for boosting workout performance. It also helps to uplift your mood. The electrolytes are sodium, potassium, and citrate.

2. Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate helps enhance overall strength during your workout; it’s also extremely effective in muscle soreness management and reduced overall fatigue.

3. Electrolytes

The Lady Boss Recovery drink contains essential electrolytes such as sodium citrate and potassium. All these electrolytes keep you hydrated and prevent any muscular cramping. Sodium is also beneficial for blood pressure regulation.

It’s important to remember that you suffer from a major electrolyte imbalance after working out because most electrolytes are lost due to excessive sweating.

4. Leucine

Leucine is a member of the branched-chain amino acids that are not produced by our body. Therefore, it’s important to consume them from external sources since it helps boost muscle healing.

5. Isoleucine

Isoleucine is the second essential branched-chain amino acid, and it reduces the process of protein degradation, which helps with the improvement of physical and mental function.

6. Valine

Valine is the third branched-chain amino acid. It works with the other two branched-chain amino acids to manage muscle exhaustion and prevent your muscles from excessive fatigue by increased protein synthesis.

7. Glutamine

While our body manufactures glutamine, this supplement is used by people who work out regularly to improve muscle development and recovery.

LadyBoss Recipes

The options are endless when it comes to creating recipes with protein powders.

You can easily add the powder to any drink or batter, and you will have a nutrient-dense snack or meal in no time.

Similarly, you can add the Lady Boss Recover supplement to water, milk, or any liquid of your choice to create a healthy smoothie along with some fruits.

You could also have a smoothie bowl with this supplement; make sure to add some chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and nuts to your smoothie bowl. You can also make healthy cookies with the Lady Boss Recover supplement.

This amino acid and electrolyte-rich powder can also be added to your everyday oatmeal to give it an additional nutrition boost.

Who is Lady Boss Recover Best for?

Lady Boss Recover is a supplement specially created for women to help them with their post-workout meal plan.

Kaelin Poulin workout
image source: LadyBoss Kaelin FB page

However, this product does not contain any ingredients that could harm men in any way, which is why men can also use it.

This product’s target audience is working women who rarely have the time to focus on their fitness and health due to their tough routine.

However, if they find the time to work out, they can’t spare more time preparing a healthy post-workout recovery meal.

Therefore, the Lady Boss Recover supplements offer them the ideal nutrient-dense and delicious solution to their post-workout muscle soreness and fatigue.

The sweet flavor of this supplement is also beneficial for managing their sugar cravings.

As mentioned earlier, this energy drink takes minimum effort and time for preparation, which is why it suits all lady bosses’ busy lifestyles.

Who is Lady Boss Recover NOT for?

Lady Boss Recover is not for the women or people who don’t work out.

While none of the ingredients present in this supplement are harmful in any way, it’s important to remember that this product is created to help you deal with post-workout fatigue and muscle soreness.

Therefore, if you’re not working out, you won’t need this supplement.

There is also a chance of suffering from electrolyte of amino acid toxicity if you have this supplement without working out, which is why you should be careful enough to follow all the pre-requisites for using this product.

Moreover, it’s also suggested for all pregnant and lactating women to always consult their doctor before consuming any supplement.

Therefore, they should have a word with their doctor before having the Lady Boss Recover supplement to stay safe from any future complications.

Lady Boss Recover Nutrition Facts and Label

Lady Boss Recover Nutrition Facts
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The Lady Boss Recovery Supplement has a transparent nutrition label that mentions all the supplement ingredients.

These include electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and citrate. This product also contains 1 gram of carbohydrates and 6 milligrams of vitamin B6.

It contains all the essential branch-chained amino acids that consist of leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Glutamine is another important amino acid that is present in this supplement.

Lady Boss Recover also contains a proprietary amino acid blend that contains Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate, Sodium Chloride, and Potassium Chloride.

How much is Lady Boss Recover?

Most recovery supplements end up costing you an arm and a leg.

However, the Lady Boss Recover drink is super affordable thanks to its Unlike most protein supplements, Lady Boss Recover is quite affordable due to its reasonable practical rates and budget-friendly packages.

The prices of this supplement’s various packages include a bottle pack of Lady Boss Recover containing 30 scoops at the cost of $49.95, which means that every scoop comes at a reasonable rate of $1.66.

Similarly, two bottles of Lady Boss Recover consist of 60 scoops, and they come at the cost of $82.92, which means that each scoop is priced at $1.38, which is even more affordable than a single bottle.

Three bottles of Lady Boss Recover consist of 90 scoops, and they are available for $119.88.

Therefore, each meal comes at $1.33, which is the lowest price among all the packages.

Lady Boss Recover Membership Price

If you subscribe to the Lady Boss membership, you will get all the Lady Boss products at reduced rates. Therefore, you will get the 30 scoop bottle of the Lady Boss Recover supplement at the cost of $39.93, with each scoop at the cost of $1.33.

You can get two bottles of this supplement containing 60 scoops for the price of $69.93, with each scoop costing $1.16. You can also get three bottles of the Lady Boss Recover supplement for another considerably reduced cost of $97.40, with each scoop for $1.08.

Any Lady Boss Recover Bonuses?

There are no additional bonuses that come with Lady Boss Recover apart from its creamy texture and watermelon candy taste.

There’s also a discount that saves you about 17% when you opt-in as a club member. Click below.

How to Use Lady Boss Recover?

The ideal way of using the Lady Boss Recover supplement is by mixing one scoop of this product with six ounces of your preferred drink.

When should You Drink Lady Boss Recover Supplement?

Lady Boss recover drink

There is no set time for consuming this supplement. However, it should be consumed around the time of your workout.

This means that if you can have the Lady Boss Recover supplement during the day, afternoon, evening, or night, depending on whenever you work out.

However, if you want the best results, you should have one scoop of this supplement while working out, one scoop post-workout, and one before going to bed. This means that you can have this supplement up to three times a day.

FAQs on Lady Boss Recover Post Workout Supplement

What does Lady Boss Recover do?

Lady Boss Recover is a post-workout supplement that helps to reduce post-workout muscle fatigue and soreness. This product is also ideal for promoting muscle endurance and optimal muscle development.

Who invented Lady Boss Recover?

Brandon Poulin and Kaelin Poulin invented the Lady Boss Recover energy drink.

What form does Lady Boss Recover come in?

Lady Boss Recover comes in the form of a powder.

How many times can I have Lady Boss Recover each day?

You can have Lady Boss Recover up to three times each day, depending on how well you tolerate this supplement.

Are there any Lady Boss Recover promo codes or discounts?

If you subscribe to the Lady Boss Club membership, you will get a discount on all your purchases.

What are the flavors of Lady Boss Recover?

Lady Boss Recover has only one flavor that is watermelon candy.

How much sugar is in Lady Boss Recover?

There is zero sugar in Lady Boss Recover.

How many calories in Lady Boss Recover?

There are only five calories in every scoop or serving of Lady Boss Recover.

Is Lady Boss Recover vegan?

No, Lady Boss Recover is not vegan.

Is Lady Boss Recover safe during pregnancy?

It’s always advised to consult a doctor before consuming any supplements during pregnancy. Therefore, all pregnant women should in touch with their doctor before consuming this supplement.

Is Lady Boss Recover keto-friendly?

Lady Boss Recovers contains only 1 gram of carbs which means it safe to be passed as a keto-friendly product.

Is Lady Boss Recover healthy?

Yes, Lady Boss Recover is healthy. As it helps burn fat with lean muscle, supports muscular energy supply, and enhances post-workout muscle recovery for boss ladies.

Is Lady Boss Recover dairy-free?

Yes, Lady Boss Recover is completely dairy-free.

Is Lady Boss Recover gluten-free?

Yes, Lady Boss Recover is gluten-free.

Is Lady Boss Recover safe while breastfeeding?

While this product contains no harmful ingredients, it’s always best to consult a doctor before consuming it.

Can I buy Lady Boss Recover in stores?

Yes, you can buy Lady Boss Recover from a credible supplement store or better still – to be sure you’re buying from the right source – buy it from the official LadyBoss website here.

Can you guys drink Lady Boss Recover?

Yes, guys can drink Lady Boss Recover since it doesn’t contain any gender-specific ingredients.

How do I cancel my Lady Boss Recover subscription?

You can cancel the membership through the official Lady Boss website, or you could call their helpline at 877-292-8536.

Does Lady Boss Recover have an expiration date?

Yes, the Lady Boss Recover supplement expires after two years of purchase.

Is there a money-back guarantee for the Lady Boss Recover protein supplement?

Yes, there is a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

How does Lady Boss Recover taste like?

Lady Boss Recover tastes like watermelon candy.

Does Lady Boss Recover powder contain caffeine?

No, Lady Boss Recover powder does not contain caffeine.

Are there any Lady Boss Recover side effects?

There are a few Lady Boss Recover side effects such as bloating and muscle cramps.

Is Lady Boss Recover worth it?

Yes, Lady Boss Recover has been tried and tested, and it’s worth it.

Are there any Lady Boss Recover alternatives available?

Yes, several Lady Boss Recover alternatives such as Garden of Life Certified Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder and Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration Powder.

Lady Boss Recover Customer Reviews, Feedbacks & Results

The following are a few positive reviews regarding the Lady Boss Recover supplement:

“AMAZING TASTE AND NOT GRITTY!! Love this product!! Taste like candy!! Helps with muscle pain and helps me heal faster for workout the next day! Highly recommend!!!????” – James A Shamp Jr

“I really love the flavor of this. It is a little milder than the LadyBoss Fuel; it is not as tart/sour tasting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the flavor of Fuel, but it would be a little much to have that strong flavor before and after a workout.

I am normally really sore after the gym (I don’t go very often, so that is part of the problem), and this helps a lot. I don’t feel as sore as I normally do, which means I don’t have to skip the gym 2-3 days at a time while my body recovers. So far, I really like this system.” – Tiffany Cellini

LadyBoss Recover Review – Final

Post-workout soreness and fatigue is not a pleasant thing.

Therefore, if you want your body to heal quickly after a tough workout session, then you should try the Lady Boss Recover Post-Workout supplement.

It boosts muscle endurance, removes post-workout soreness and fatigue.

This product can be used by everyone at any time of the day.

While it has been created for working women, it can also be consumed by men. This supplement contains branch-chained amino acids and electrolytes that help to heal and replenish your body.

So, what are you waiting for?

Purchase your bottle of Lady Boss Recover by clicking the above button.

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