Lady Boss 28-day Challenge Program Review: Worth it?

Is the LadyBoss 28 day weightloss Challenge program worth it?

Let’s find out.

You’ll agree with me that losing weight requires a lot of effort and motivation.

However, you also need some guidance.

There are several people who are all pumped up to lose weight, but they lack expert supervision and support to help them move ahead on their journey to weight loss.

Therefore, the people who are really focused on losing weight workout with trainers and go to dietitians for taking care of their diet but all of this can be quite exhausting.

And not everyone has the means or time to spend on so many services.

Therefore, the Lady Boss 28-day Challenge Program is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to lose weight with expert guidance, motivation, and support.

This digital program offers dietary and workout advice to all its users.

Keep reading to learn more about this one-of-a-kind weight loss challenge.


What is the Lady Boss 28-day Challenge Program?

LadyBoss 28 day challenge

TheLady Boss 28-day Challenge is a digital weight loss program that provides you all the help you will need on your journey to losing weight. This digital program entails a playbook that has all the details written in it, and it will guide you regarding everything you need to do.

It will also provide you with healthy and tasty recipes that will help you lose weight.

You can also keep track of your overall weight loss progress with the help of a 28-day calendar.

The Playbook has made everything extremely simplified for all the busy lady bosses, and you won’t need any extra time to figure things out.

This program also includes simple and effective workouts that can help you train from the comfort of your home.

All these workouts have been planned by experts, and you can also train with them live. The workouts have been designed to target all the stubborn fat in various parts of your body.

This 28day challenge accommodates you in every way, and it even provides a grocery list for all the ingredients required to prepare the foods mentioned in the book.

You will also get a cooking tutorial video to help with the recipe.

Furthermore, this program offers you support and motivation from fitness experts and your fellow consumers who are trying their best to lose weight.

If you have ever felt alone in your struggle with weight loss…

Then this program will serve as a complete guiding light to help you succeed in losing weight.

What are the Benefits of the Lady Boss 28-day Weight Loss Challenge?

The following are the benefits of the Lady Boss 28-day Weight Loss Challenge:

1. Thorough Guidance

We find fewer people willing to guide us in life as we grow older.

However, the 28-day weight loss challenge by Lady Boss has emerged as a beacon of hope since it is the most thorough, detailed, and well-explained weight loss program that offers assistance at every point.

It’s almost as if the makers of the product have held your hand throughout the entire 28-days.

All the recipes, ingredients, and workout routines have been explained very well, and you have 24/7 assistance from healthcare experts at your service to help with any complications you might face.

2. Customized Programs for your Needs

While weight loss is the ultimate goal, different people have different problem areas along with different body types.

Therefore, you need a customized workout routine that is suited to your body type and a customized meal plan as well, all of which is provided by the Lady Boss 28-day weight loss challenge.

3. Affordable and Comfortable

You no longer need to splurge on expensive gym memberships as all you have to do is follow the training offered by the program, and you’ll be good to go.

You don’t need to invest in gym equipment either.

Furthermore, the best part is that you can perform these workouts from the comfort of your home at any time you want.

4. Live Expert Advice

There are several questions that are often going through our minds, especially when we try something new.

But you don’t need to worry since the LadyBoss 28-day weight loss challenge brings you to live help from experts who help you with all your queries.

28-day weight loss challenge

5. Online Support and Motivation

You’re not the only one who is a part of this weight loss challenge, as there are several other people following this challenge just like you.

You also have trainers and health experts at your service at all times.

Furthermore, there are online support groups on social media for this challenge where all the people encourage and motivate one another to keep going and becoming the best version of themselves.

6. Hefty Cash Prize

As mentioned before, you’re not the only contender in this challenge, and the person who performs the best in each cohort gets a cash prize of a whopping $1000.

7. Certification

This weight loss program will make your success and efforts official by awarding you a certificate for all your hard work.

challenge certification

How Does the 28-day Challenge Program Work & What You Get?

The 28-day weight loss challenge by Lady Boss is a digital weight loss program that provides you with expert guidance and support to help you succeed with your weight loss goals.

This is a four-dimension program, and these dimensions include STATE, SUBSTANCE, SHAPE, and SPARKLE..

Every dimension comes with two actions that need to be completed daily.

These actions are also reviewed by your trainers.

You are also provided with a Playbook that contains all your meal plans and workouts that are best suited for your body shape and type.

LadyBoss challenge playbook

You can track your progress on this book.

And there is a weekly checkpoint at the end of every week where you notice your progress.

On completing the last checkpoint, you are awarded a challenger status that could be bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. Then one challenge winner is announced who walks away with a cash prize of $1000.

Lady Boss 28-day Challenge Price

The LadyBoss 28day Challenge digital enrollment package comes at a price of $19. Whereas the digital and hardcopy enrollment package comes with the 106 paged Playbook along with the roadmap poster, and you can get this at a price of $39.

What do you get with your 28-day weight loss Challenge program?

You get the following things with your 28-day weight loss challenge program:

1. Challenge Playbook and Roadmap

The challenge playbook consists of nearly 106 pages, and it contains all the details of workouts and meal plans for the day. The roadmap works like a checklist that helps track your progress.

2. Workout Plan

Different people have different body shapes and types and different trouble areas as well. This means that every person should have an individualized workout plan.

And the Lady Boss 28-day weight loss challenge offers customized workouts for every individual.

3. Meal Plan

Similar to the workout, every person has individualized dietary needs as well, and they can only be sorted with the help of a thorough meal plan.

4. Access to Support Group

Most people who join this program are alone on their weight loss journey, and they crave support and motivation. Therefore, the Lady Boss 28-day weight loss challenge gives them access to their vast support group that keeps them motivated and encouraged to lose weight.

5. Live Challenge Group

You will also get access to a private accountability group on social media that will help you with your queries and keep you motivated.

6. Cash Prize

The person with the best progress from each cohort ends up winning a cash prize of $1000.

LadyBoss 28-day Challenge Student Reviews

Here are a few reviews of the Lady Boss 28-day Challenge:

‘I totally recommend ladies to do the Live 28 Day Challenge at least once or many times to help keep your mindset in check and accountable in your journey. You learn so much here every day, and all the encouragement you get here and support is amazing! The coaches are so helpful and jumpstart your journey for success.’ – Michelle Wisehart (Jan 18, 2021)

‘It’s working! I’m under construction y’all. These measurements almost made me cry! I have only lost 2 lbs just to prove the scale is a liar… look at those inches! Even my face looks calmer and more relaxed. Lol must be all the meditation, deep breathing, and power statements. Super excited to keep pushing, and I have a clear action plan to set myself up for success. – Victoria McDonald

This challenge I learned when life throws punches you throw back.You punch, kick, bite..whatever it takes to reach your goals. Don’t let anything, anyone, or any situation derail your progress! This was my 6th month with Ladyboss. That’s right, I’ve stayed committed to myself for half a year. No one is more blown away then I am. I’ve lost 5 lbs this challenge making my over all total 43 lbs in 6 months. I am strong, confident, happy, and driven. Whatever happens, I’ve won in life. I’m well on my way to my overall goal of 100 lbs and I’m so close to my 50 lbs. tattoo reward that I can feel it. Just remember girls…never give up. YOU ARE WORTH IT!! – Ashley Long

Lady Boss 28-day Challenge Review: Everything else to know

How do I sign up for Lady Boss Challenge?

You can sign up for the Lady Boss Challenge through the Lady Boss website by enrolling in this challenge.

Who is Lady Boss Challenge Perfect for?

The Lady Boss Challenge is perfect for women who are intimated by the entire weight loss process.

This is also useful for the people who have very little support or motivation from their peers, and they need someone to check on them with their progress. It is ideal for someone who wants thorough guidance as well.

Does the LIVE Challenge come with access to the app trainer?

Both the Challenge and the app trainer are great paired together to get you started on the right path.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is just $19 and can be perfectly matched with the 7 FREE days to the LadyBoss Personal Pocket Trainer.

To start your FREE 7 days with the LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer, go to

How much does it cost to join the Challenge?

You can join the challenge for either $19 or $39.

Will the Challenge work for me?

This challenge will work for everyone since it is customized as per individual needs.

Is there a money-back guarantee for the challenge?

Yes, there is a 28-day money-back guarantee for this challenge.

Are there other Lady Boss Challenge Programs available?

Yes, there are similar programs available as well, such as the 7-day swap challenge.

Final Thoughts on Lady Boss Challenge

The Lady Boss 28-day challenge is a digital weight loss challenge that comes with customized meal plans and workout routines to help you lose weight.

The LIVE 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a bridge to the LadyBoss Lifestyle. It is the ideal starting place for women who need to get their feet wet or simply have a “guiding light” in adopting new and healthier habits.

The LIVE Challenge will walk you through each of The 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle to help you build the foundation you need. All LIVE Challenge Group Members will go through the process together as a Squad.

It also offers community motivation and professional support to succeed on your weight loss journey.

Therefore, if you too are looking for expert guidance and motivation to lose weight, then this is the perfect challenge for you.

Anything else?

If you got value from this LadyBoss 28-day Challenge review – kindly share with your fellow boss lady and drop a comment below.

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