Mass Gainer Without Workout and Gym: does it work?

January 9, 2024 |

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In this article, you will find scientific justifications and user testimonials to determine whether mass gainers remain effective even when you are not working out.

Mass gainers are not a magic potion that will miraculously make you muscular. But instead, they support your muscle growth and fuel your workouts.

For a fact, training and tuning your muscles with particular exercises is what triggers muscle protein synthesis and development. The role of mass gainers is only to help meet your muscle protein and macronutrient demands.

Therefore, I am going to walk you through the consequences of totally relying on mass gainers to do the wonders and also share what practices you should ideally opt for to get the best out of your supplement.

So, keep reading to find all that and more.

What happens when you take a mass gainer without working out?

workout muscle

Taking mass gainers without following a proper workout routine may cause fat gain rather than muscle gain.

Basically, mass gainers are micronutrient powders, and stuffing in a lot of calories, sugar, protein, fats, and carbohydrates without moving a leg may cause them to accumulate fat.

Hence, to kickstart protein synthesis, you need to incorporate some exercise into your routine.

However, if you are taking mass gainers as a meal replacement instead of a calorie surplus, it may reduce your chance of putting on extra weight.

Here is the scientific justification for how mass gainers may have detrimental consequences on your physique if not consumed with proper exercise:

Fat gain

According to a recent 2020 review, body weight and obesity depend on energy equilibrium. Moreover, certain macronutrients like lipids may stimulate adipogenesis.

In simpler words, adipogenesis is the synthesis of fat cells in the body.

Similarly, carbohydrates may affect energy metabolism by modulating gut bacteria. This may be why studies mostly find obese individuals to be devouring a carbohydrate-rich diet (sugars).

For this reason, if you regularly consume your macronutrient powders but don’t engage in energy-utilizing activities, it may cause an energy surplus and result in fat accumulation.

No muscle gains

According to a 2020 research publication, combining high protein intake with resistance exercise is the most efficient way to promote muscle hypertrophy and remodeling.

The reason behind this is that this strategy supports a positive muscle protein balance.

A positive net protein balance implies that the muscle protein breakdown (MPB) due to muscular exertion in the gym is in equilibrium with the muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

Also, according to the International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand, high carbohydrate intake repletes the glycogen stores lost during strenuous exercise. Therefore, if you take mass gainer with a proper workout regimen, its macronutrients will be used up in lean muscle development.

In contrast, if you take mass gainer on top of your regular meals, the excess calories will disturb the nutrient balance. Consequently, you may start noticing the excessive glycogen and protein stored in your body as fat and weight gain.

Mass Gainer Without Working out Reddit

Since theoretical studies don’t equate to practical experience so, here are some Reddit stories that discuss the result of taking mass gainer without working out.

  • A Reddit user, ‘Thepervysanin,’ initiated this thread because he couldn’t join the gym due to his job.

But since he was skinny so, he wanted to know if taking mass gainer without exercise would help in building his physique and whether it would cause any side effects.

The majority of the responders were convinced that taking the supplement by this method would cause fat gain.

One of the users recommended he lift weights and go in a calorie surplus to achieve results.

  • In another thread, the Reddit user ‘mbtxxs’ asked if taking mass gainers without working out is an effective strategy to become big or even chubby.

To this, nearly all repliers wrote that although he may gain fat and weight this way, he should instead try to opt for clean and healthy calories for achieving his goals.

Here’s How to Use Mass Gainer Without Getting Fat

fat loss

Is your mass gainer not working like it was supposed to, and you are seeing body fat deposition instead of muscle accretion from your supplement?

Fret not!

Because in this section, I will tell you how you can take mass gainers to achieve your desired results.

Taking mass gainers at the right time

The timing of your mass gainer, aka macronutrient intake, is extremely crucial for driving your muscle growth.

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), the best time to take your nutrients is before a workout, after it, or before heading to bed at night.

So, why is mass gainer timing for the best results that important, you may ask?

It is because if you gulp it in before hitting the gym, the carbs and protein will fuel your workout and help you last longer. Hence, you will perform better at the gym and have more energy for intense training. Ultimately, this will ensure mass-gaining results.

Now, taking your mass gainer shake after a good sweat session will prevent your body from going into a catabolic (breakdown) state.

The reason behind this is that your nutritious shake will help to replenish, hydrate, and recover your body and muscles. Moreover, it will also stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Moving forward, taking your macronutrient supplement before sleep is going to boost your metabolic rate. This will not only maintain overnight fat breakdown but will also help you put on lean muscle mass.

Additionally, a 12-week study also recorded better improvements in muscle gain and strength in the group that took protein before sleep compared to the group that received a non-caloric placebo.

Following a suitable workout plan

I hate to break it to you, but it is proven from research that you need to pull yourself out of your bed if you really are aiming to gain biceps instead of a belly.

For instance, according to a 2020 meta-analysis, 111 studies have reported that resistance workout significantly increases muscle hypertrophy in the participants.

So, consult your trainer for the type of workout you should do for muscle building, as it has a pivotal role in stimulating fat-free and lean muscle mass.

Taking the mass gainer in an appropriate calorie surplus

Taking the correct route is the fastest way to reach your destination. This is why you need to start your mass gaining journey by finding out your caloric requirement. Because if you miscalculate your caloric needs, you might overconsume your supplement and get fat instead of gaining mass.

For instance, you may require approximately an extra 300 to 500 calories above your maintenance calories for mass gain, depending on your age, activity level, height, weight, etc.

Therefore, consult a nutritionist or use a calorie calculator to know your calorie surplus.  After that, adjust your mass gainer intake by referring to the calorie count of each scoop and follow it strictly to attain the right gains.

Best Weight Gainer Without Gym – Best Options

Lifting and weight training require a great deal of motivation and effort. Hence, it is understandable why you may be hunting for mass gainers that would help swell your biceps without having to force yourself to the gym.

So, to help you out, I will recommend you some of the best mass gainers that you can combine with a bunch of easy at-home exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, or burpees to attain the macho figure that you dream of.

Without further a due, let me introduce you to the top 5 mass gainers out there:

1. Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Mass gainer bottle

Crazy nutrition mass gainer is an intelligent blend of premium ingredients that assist clean bulking and pose minimal risk of side effects and allergies.

This crazy mass gainer is made with low glycemic carbohydrates sourced from whole grains (oats), sweet potato, and Carb10. These carbohydrates prevent sugar crashes and contribute pre-biotics and micronutrients to the product.

For sourcing proteins, Wolfson brands came up with grass-fed whey, which has a complete amino acid profile.

Next are all the good fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, derived from the flaxseed powder.

Gladly, the Crazy Nutrition manufacturers understand the importance of making you stay at the gym for longer. Hence, they added creatine which improves endurance, and Senactive, which boosts energy.

Moreover, you will also find some gut-focused ingredients like AstraGin and digeZyme in this product. Here, Astragin promotes the absorption of nutrients from the gut.

Similarly, digeZyme is a digestive enzyme blend that complements all the macronutrients by aiding their digestion.

So, if all other mass gainers have been giving you an upset gut, give this one a try.

You can buy five servings of Crazy nutrition mass gainer for $44.99.

Additionally, the company allows free shipping on purchases over $50.


  • It doesn’t cause energy and sugar crashes.
  • Its carbohydrates have a low glycemic index.
  • It contains good fats.
  • It has a digestive enzyme blend.
  • It is produced in FDA-approved facilities.
  • Its one serving offers 695 calories.
  • It has a high carbohydrate-to-protein ratio.
  • It contains 3-6g creatine monohydrate.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • It does not contain maltodextrin.
  • It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has an ideal 2:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio.


  • Contains sugars.
  • It may have dairy allergens.
  • It can only be bought from the official website.

2. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder

optimum nutrition serious mass

The Optimum Nutrition Serious mass gainer is a well-balanced formulation jampacked with calories, nutrients, and muscle-building ingredients.

Instead of including just one protein source, ON serious mass gainer has brought together a high-quality protein blend (whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and egg albumen) that will help you put on serious gains.

Additionally, the added amino acid L-glutamine is beneficial in inducing cell volumization and glycogen synthesis.

Moreover, the inositol in the formula promotes creatine absorption and increases insulin sensitivity which will boost your strength and stamina for workouts.

What is more, is that this mass gainer also incorporates the heart-healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) that promote fat-free muscle gain.

Despite all these benefits, what makes this mass gainer stand out from all others is its vitamin and mineral profile. Hence, it may serve a dual purpose and can effectively be used as a meal replacement as well.

You can purchase eight servings (6 Ibs) for $48.99. At the same time, its 18 servings (12 Ibs) cost $75.

Moreover, you can avail free shipping by spending on the $75 product.


  • It offers 1,250 calories per serving.
  • It contains 3g creatine monohydrate.
  • It contains 25 essential micronutrients.
  • It comes in four different flavors.


  • Contains natural and artificial sweeteners.
  • It contains maltodextrin.
  • It may contain dairy and soy allergens.
  • It requires a blender for mixing.

3. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

super mass gainer

The Dymatize Super mass gainer has a basic formula that is free from filler ingredients. Therefore, if you are someone that wants your mass gainer to have only the stuff that actually works, then this is where you need to spend your bucks on.

This mass gainer will provide you with 245 g of carbohydrates and 52 grams of protein, which are necessary to fuel your workout and drive muscle growth.

Additionally, despite its simple formula, the manufacturers still added some crucial vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc., which most mass gainers lack.

You can buy eight servings (6 Ibs) for around $27.99.

Plus, the product will mostly get delivered with standard shipping costs unless the retailer offers discounts.


  • It offers 1280 calories per serving.
  • It offers 14 essential micronutrients.
  • It is tested for banned substances.
  • It is mixed easily and can be used in baking.
  • It has all Branched Chain Amino Acids.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • It is affordable.


  • It contains maltodextrin.
  • It has artificial sugars.
  • It may have dairy and soy allergens.
  • The creatine monohydrate in it is in sub-optimal quantity.
  • It can’t be bought from the official website. Instead, it is available only online and in local stores.

4. Muscle Tech Extreme Mass Gainer

muscle tech

The MuscleTech Mass-Tech mass gainer is a high-calorie mass gainer whose ingredients are entirely focused on promoting muscle gains.

This mass gainer is unique because it contains carbohydrates and protein in a multi-phase system which ensures extended delivery of these nutrients.

Furthermore, some of the carbohydrate content is contributed by complex carbohydrates from oat bran and isomaltose. Plus, the premium protein blend is derived from whey protein.

Also, this product has branched Chain Amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) and glutamine which are the key ingredients that promote muscle protein synthesis and growth.

You can buy six scoops of this product in approx. $59.84. But sadly, you may not be able to get a concession in the standard shipping cost for this supplement.


  • It’s one scoop is equal to 2110 calories.
  • It contains 10g creatine monohydrate.
  • It Branched Chain Amino acids.
  • It has 21 essential micronutrients.


  • It contains artificial flavors and sweeteners.
  • It cannot be bought from the official website.
  • It may contain dairy, nut, shellfish, soy, and gluten allergens.
  • It is costly.
  • It is not intended for ages under 18 and pregnant and lactating women.

5. BSN True Mass Gainer

BSN True Mass Gainer

The BSN true mass gainer provides a premium blend of all the macronutrients in a low caloric range so that you only put on lean muscle rather than getting fat.

In this supplement, you will find 52g of proteins which lies within the nutritionist’s recommended range of 45-55 g that is required for gaining mass.

Similarly, you will get around 90g of carbohydrates from every serving, which restores your glycogen stores, improves recovery, and gives energy. Furthermore, it contains Medium Chain Triglycerides, which provide energy and improve focus so that you can perform better at the gym.

And even though this is a macronutrient-focused product, it still contains minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, and potassium that are required to maintain health.

You can get its 16 servings for $94.99.

However, it will come at the standard shipping costs according to your location and depending on the retailer.


  • It is available in four different flavor varieties.
  • It has a 2:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio.
  • Its one serving equals 700 calories.
  • It does not have artificial colors.
  • It contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).


  • It is expensive.
  • It has artificial sweeteners.
  • It has maltodextrin.
  • It is available only from online retailers.
  • It may contain egg, gluten, soy, and dairy allergens.


Can I gain weight by drinking mass gainer?

Yes, you are bound to gain some weight if you take mass gainers in a calorie surplus. The reason is that you will either gain fat or muscle mass, depending on your physical activity. And in both cases, your weight reading will go up.

Does mass gainer increase belly fat?

Yes, if you don’t pair your excess calorie consumption from mass gainers with an appropriate workout, it may lead to a wider waistline.

This is understandable as consuming more nutrients than your maintenance calories will ultimately get stored somewhere. And if you don’t regulate its route by training your skeletal muscles, it is most probably going to gather as fat around your belly.

Can I take a mass gainer before bed?

Yes, drinking your mass gainer before sleep is the ideal time for availing of its maximum benefit.

At this time, the nutrients will promote recovery and stimulate muscle growth, and the increase in the metabolism rate will cause an overnight fat breakdown. Hence, you will have cleaner gains.

Can I take a mass gainer every day?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to drink your mass gainer every day.

Which mass gainer is best without gym?

Low caloric mass gainers that have optimal macronutrient and micronutrient quantities are best for gaining flesh without working out.

However, do this only if you plan to train in the near future after gaining some weight because this method may only benefit extremely skinny individuals that are in the bulking phase of bodybuilding.

Nonetheless, you may try opting for the Crazy Nutrition Mass gainer for this purpose.



In a nutshell, mass gainers don’t work on their own, and taking them without exerting yourself may fatten you up.

However, this won’t be the case if you are taking these supplements as meal replacements or in a calorie deficit.

So, the right way to utilize the macronutrients offered in the mass gainers is to fuel workouts and aid the process of muscle formation and growth.

Otherwise, they will just cause you to swell up and suffer from bloating instead of building muscle.

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