Modicare vs Amway: Which has better products & rewards?

January 8, 2024 |

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Note: This article is written keeping in view the concerns of Indian citizens mainly.

In this article, I have discussed the differences between the marketing practices, compensation plans, product quality, and variety of two leading MLM companies – Modicare vs Amway.

As compared to Amway, Modicare is relatively new in the Indian market.

It was founded keeping in view the increasing inclination of Indian people towards MLMs (like Amway, Herbalife) in order to make some side income.

However, now more people are attracted to Modicare’s schemes and less towards Amway’s (or any other company’s) because its products are way more affordable for the common Indian population.

But are the products efficacious and safe enough?

Does Modicare offer value for money? Should you trust its products being a buyer? – you’ll get to know all of this in this article.

After analyzing the product quality, efficacy, cost, and profit that you can earn as a distributor, I have penned down my conclusion below.

So to see what facts and figures I came across while conducting my research, scroll down!

Amway vs Modicare – Brief Overview

If you’re new to these names, below is a quick overview of both companies.

What is Amway?

amway logo

Founded more than 60 years ago, Amway is an American multi-level marketing company that has now spread its business to over 100 countries around the globe.

The company has benefitted thousands of people with its efficacious products and lucrative business opportunities.

Beginning with the production of one of the world’s first biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products, Liquid Organic Cleaner, Amway continued to thrive in the following years and kept introducing new product lines.

As of now, Amway owns a wide variety of makeup, skincare, haircare, home improvement, and nutritional products.

And it’s not the number of different products that the company manufactures; it’s the quality it maintains and the promise it keeps.

What is Modicare?

modicare logo

Founded in 1996, Modicare is an Indian MLM company that functions within the country’s territories, unlike other MLM giants.

Similar to Amway and various other MLM companies, Modicare also has a wide variety of personal care and home care products to offer. To my surprise, it even manufactures Auto-care products!

The company claims that its products are made under the supervision of experts and in accordance with the international standard for quality management system’s guidelines, aka ISO: 9001 – 2015, due to which it would be safe to say that Modicare doesn’t compromise on quality despite being way more affordable than Amway and other MLM companies.

Modicare vs Amway – Which one is better?

Here’s the quick answer to your question:

If you’re a quality-conscious person, who cares about the safety of products more than their cost, Amway is for you.

However, if you’re into starting a side business with a small investment without paying much heed to what’s inside those products, Modicare would make a good option for you.

Following are the reasons as to why I think that quality-wise, Amway is more trustworthy while cost-wise Modicare is more affordable.

#1. Product Quality

Mainly the concerns about product quality arise when we are talking about nutritional (ingestible) products such as multivitamins, protein shakes, and other dietary supplements.

So, in that regard, the lack of information regarding the safety and efficacy of its products on the official website is quite concerning.

For example, let’s consider their plant protein powder.

All that’s mentioned in its product description is general information about the importance of plant protein.

Nothing specifically about the product’s composition or lab-testing – A BIG RED FLAG if you ask me.

On the contrary, Amway has all of the product ingredients listed down in the description box along with certifications.

Not only this, for more customer’s ease, the company has also made a separate FAQ and instruction section for every product.

This makes Amway a better option to trust with your money and health since they have given full disclosure about the composition of products, unlike Modicare.

Because until we don’t know what’s in a product, we can’t decide if it is safe and quality-wise up to the mark.

And I’d recommend you prioritize your health over money and go for Amway’s products, especially if these are health and wellness products you’re planning to buy.

Verdict: Quality wise Amway is better than Modicare.

#2. Product Variety and Pricing

Modicare’s products are pricier than Amway. That’s a straight undeniable fact.

For example, Modicare’s plant protein powder (500g) retails for 2,199 INR, while Amway’s plant protein powder (450g) retails for 3,409 INR.

This proves that Amway charges more for a lesser product, whereas Modicare charges less for a higher quantity of product.

And, even when we compare products from their other categories too, the pattern remains the same.

This makes Modicare a better option for budding entrepreneurs or for those who seek financial freedom but don’t have much in their pocket to invest.

Another factor that gives Modicare an edge over Amway is the variety of products.

Although Amway also has a lot to offer, yet not as much as Modicare does.

For example, Amway lacks products belonging to the food and beverage range, unlike Modicare.

So, with Modicare, you have more chances of making a higher number of sales by selling their household products.

Verdict: Since Modicare has more products to offer at a lesser cost than Amway, I would consider it a winner for this round!

#3. Business Opportunities/Compensation Plan

Both the companies allow their customers to also work as a part of their teams and make some money out of it.

But which one offers a more practicable scheme?

Only knowing that can save you from getting ripped out of cash.

Amway offers up to 25%-30%  discount on its products to its distributors.

This means you can buy Amway’s products as its distributor 25%-30% cheaper than that of an independent buyer. And then resale it at its actual cost.

Here’s an example:

You purchase their protein powder for $33.75 as a distributor and then sell it for $45, which is its real price. This would save you $11.75 per sale. That would be your profit.

Similarly, Modicare also offers up to 20% discount on their products to their consultants. The rest also works the same way as Amway.

However, the only difference is that Modicare’s products are way more affordable to start with, as compared to Amway.

This means you can start with minimum investment and earn up to 20% of the retail profit from that investment as well! (Of course only if you manage to make sales)

Also, on reaching higher levels, you can also benefit yourself from their travel, loyalty, home and cars funds, etc.

Verdict: Although the compensation plans of both the companies are quite similar, yet Modicare could be a good option to start with, as its products are not as costly as Amway’s are.

#4. Side Effects

During my whole research, I couldn’t find any complaints regarding long-term/solid side effects following the usage of Amway’s products.

And the reason is quite obvious – incorporation of 100%  natural, safe, and healthy ingredients into the products made under the strict supervision of experts.

The only side effects reported were short-term. For example, nausea, bloating, and fatigue, etc.

And these too appear because the body takes some time to make peace with new incoming products and their ingredients.

On the other hand, I came across concerning side effects of Modicare’s products like their Noni juice.

It is because of the ingredients it contains – Garcinia Indica and Morinda citrifolia.

Mainly it’s the Morinda citrifolia that has been declared to allegedly cause liver toxicity, especially in those with weak livers.

Therefore, take Modicare products at your own risk!

Conclusion: Amway is much safer than Modicare.

#5. Customer Satisfaction

No matter how much a company claims that its products are best of all, it all comes down to what its users have to say about them.

In short, it’s the customer satisfaction level that makes the company reputable.

The more the users are happy, the more the company is trustworthy.

In the case of Modicare and Amway, when I went through the review sections, all I could see was mixed reviews.

But fortunately, I was able to filter out some solid points out of the bogus and irrelevant ones.

Here’s what I found regarding Modicare:

Most of the people were complaining about the same thing I discussed in my “Product quality” section – a lack of surety about whether the products are safe to use or not.

Apart from that, all I could see was rave responses about the uplines being supportive of the new consultants.

However, on the contrary, I didn’t come across any doubtful comments concerning Amway’s product quality, but again, most of them were talking about how it was difficult for them to make something substantial out of Amway because of the products being so pricey.

Conclusion: Both companies received mixed reviews; Modicare offers more money-making opportunities while Amway provides premium quality.

FAQs – Everything else on Modicare vs Amway

What is the rank of Modicare in the world?

The rank of Modicare in the world is unknown. However, it stands at 30th position amongst 100 other MLM networks operating within Asia.

Why is Modicare the best?

Modicare is best for Indians because it offers products at way lower prices than that of other MLM corporations that are up and functional in India and are offering expensive products.

Is Modicare No 1 company?

No, Modicare is not the No. 1 company. It’s Amway that is currently gracing the top position.

What is the rank of Amway in the world?

Based on the 2021 annual revenue report of MLM companies, Amway ranks no. 1 among 100 other MLM networks functioning worldwide.

Is Modicare really profitable?

Yes, it is. Modicare offers up to a 20% discount to its independent consultants on all of its products.

And as they keep achieving the targets, they also start becoming entitled to other incentives like travel and car funds and various bonuses.

Is Modicare a good company?

Yes, Modicare is a legitimate direct selling company.

What is the work of a Modicare consultant?

A Modicare consultant is supposed to make the targeted sales by selling Modicare products he gets directly from the company at a discounted price and also add more members to its team to increase the chances of reaching higher levels and earning higher retail profit.

Can you make money from Amway?

Yes, you can. However, it depends on your marketing skills that ‘HOW MUCH’ money you make from Amway. If you’re good at persuading others, Amway can be a gateway to your financial freedom; otherwise, you may end up losing your initial investment as well.

Final Thoughts – Amway or Modicare?

To conclude, I’d say both the companies are legitimate and offer good earning opportunities.

It all depends on you how you make the best out of them.

Since it is the Indian public in consideration, it is pertinent to mention that because most of the popularity belongs to the middle-class, they are unable to afford high-end products like the ones Amway has to offer.

Therefore, despite being lower in quality as compared to Amway, people prefer opting for Modicare products as they are cheaper to buy.

However, being a fitness enthusiast and health care expert, I would recommend you not to go for Modicare products because we don’t know what’s in them and how their ingredients may or may not react with your ongoing bodily conditions.

So, it’s finally your choice to make, what would you prefer?

Health or money?

If it’s healthy for you, I’d say go for Amway without a doubt because there’s a reason why it is ranked no. 1.

But, if it’s money for you, with Modicare, you have more chances of earning a substantial income with low investment.

I hope the information in this article eventually helps you make an informed decision.

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