PhenQ vs Alli: Which is Better & Safer?

August 9, 2022 |

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This article will give you a comparative analysis of two popular weight loss pills, PhenQ and Alli.

As both of these drugs are produced by reputable drug manufacturers, you may find it difficult to choose between them. So, we are here to make it easier for you.

Key Highlights:

  • PhenQ is natural, while Alli contains Orlistat (a medication used to treat obesity) which blocks fat absorption.
  • PhenQ is a better fat burner due to its higher caffeine content and ability to resist fat accumulation with its natural ingredients.
  • Appetite and craving suppression is also better with PhenQ as it utilizes multiple ways to curb hunger and the urge to eat surgery things. I’d choose PhenQ over Alli.
  • Find more about PhenQ on its official website for the BEST price.

PhenQ is a comprehensive weight loss solution and includes safer, vegan, and more effective ingredients. Conversely, Alli is only effective for reducing fat accumulation and also relates to many negative effects, including some severe ones.

To help you guys choose between the two, we have covered their benefits, safety, and user reviews in the following sections;

PhenQ vs Alli – An Introduction

PhenQ Weight loss pill


This product of Wolfson Brands is a mix of effective ingredients that help you lose weight.

It is marketed as a multidimensional solution for body weight management, providing hunger suppression, fat metabolism, reduction in fat accumulation, mood uplift, and energy boost, all in one go!

The best thing about this weight loss supplement is that all of its ingredients are natural, plant-based, and safe. This diet pill has been tried and trusted by over 190,000 individuals.

PhenQ total users

Alli Weight loss pill

alli weight loss pills

Alli is an over-the-counter weight loss supplement of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). It contains 60mg orlistat which reduces fat deposition.

It is a low-dose version of Xenical (a prescription drug), which contains double the amount of Orlistat (120 mg).

It works by minimizing the absorption of fats from your food into your bloodstream. In this way, it reduces the number of calories available to your body.

Thus, taking Alli with a regular workout routine and balanced diet helps you lose weight by limiting fat mass build-up.

PhenQ vs Alli – Which one is the more efficacious?

So, both diet pills are produced by trustworthy pharmaceutical brands and promise quick results. But which one to opt for effective and long-lasting weight loss?

Let’s examine their ingredients to find that out;

PhenQ’s Ingredients & Benefits

PhenQ contains L-carnitine fumarate, nopal, Capsimax powder, α-Lacys Reset (alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine), and caffeine. All these ingredients are extracted from plant-based resources; thus, this supplement is vegan-friendly.

Plus, it has been formulated with an “all-in-one solution” approach in mind.

So, it simultaneously tackles different hurdles that come across while trying to lose weight like binge eating, having a lot of fat mass, weight-regain, and the exhaustion you feel while dieting.

L-carnitine fumarate is credited for its fat-burning properties. This compound was proven in a review analysis of 37 clinical trials to be an anti-obesity agent because several people saw a reduction in fat mass, BMI, and body weight.

α-Lacys Reset is another key ingredient that gets PhenQ on the list of good appetite suppressants.

It is a blend of a neuroprotective cofactor (alpha lipoic acid) and a proteinogenic amino acid (cysteine). Both of these constituents play synergistically to reduce the sensation of hunger.

Here, the best thing is they do it by modifying the secretion of the natural hunger hormone (Ghrelin) instead of tweaking the neural stimulation and release of stress hormones.

For reducing weight regain, PhenQ has Nopal cactus extracts. It minimizes fat mass build-up by reducing cell adiposity (the ability of cells to store fat droplets).

A clinical trial has also proven its positive influence on the gut microbiome, resulting in the removal of fatty acids through feces.

Two properties that make PhenQ different from weight loss supplements are its mood and energy-boosting abilities. And these effects are attributed to L-carnitine and caffeine, respectively.

On top of that, PhenQ comes with the weight loss benefits of Capsimax powder, which is a blend of niacin, and extracts of capsicum and piperine.

Alli’s Ingredients & Benefits

In contrast, Alli has only one active agent named Orlistat.

It is a Tetrahydrolipstatin carboxylic ester that prevents fat absorption from the gut lining into the blood.

So, if you take a fatty meal, this medication will reduce fats absorbed into the blood by about 25 to 30% compared to the total fats in your meal.

Basically, it is a pancreatic lipase inhibitor. As the amount of lipase enzyme is decreased in the intestine, fat molecules are not emulsified into small absorbable droplets. Rather, these pass undigested with feces.

Another benefit of Orlistat is that the probability of heart problems is reduced.

Research shows that Orlistat reduces cardiovascular disease risk factors like cholesterol, glycated hemoglobin, LDL-sterol, hypertension, etc.

Similarly, a meta-analysis conducted at University Hospital, Geneva, shows that orlistat usage can prove beneficial for the treatment of hypertension.

Besides that, different studies on Orlistat have inferred that the medicated group presented a significant decrease in medication use for diabetes compared to the placebo.

PhenQ cta1

PhenQ vs Alli – Which is the safest?

Though diet pills come with the glittered benefits of weight loss and streamlined body shape, many suspicions also exist about their safety levels.

Next, we analyzed the safety of both diet pills to determine whether the risk is worth taking or not.

PhenQ’s safety and side effects

PhenQ is approved by FDA as an over-the-counter product.

This medicine is 100% nature-based, and all its ingredients are proven safe for human health.

However, the presence of caffeine and niacin may make some people doubtful about its safety. Let’s take a deeper look at what could these two ingredients possibly cause:

Niacin flush

It is a common complaint that we often hear from people using supplements with the niacin compound. This condition is potentially harmless; just your skin gets red for a while with a mild itching sensation.

As Capsimax powder in PhenQ also contains a small amount of niacin, there is a mild probability of niacin flush by using this drug.

Nonetheless, it is just a probability, and no such case has been reported in reality.

Disturbed Sleep pattern with PhenQ

As PhenQ contains caffeine anhydrous, it has the potential to disturb sleep patterns. Due to this reason, the company recommends that you take phenQ only during the daytime before 3 pm.

Who should avoid PhenQ?

Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies and young people below the age of 18 are recommended to avoid this drug.

Alli’s safety and Side effects

In contrast, Alli has many questions about its safety level as both low-intensity and severe side effects are reported for this drug.

In 2011, the consumer watchdog group Public Citizen filed a petition against the over-the-counter sale of Orlistat.

The organization demanded FDA ban the product as it imposes a risk on consumers’ health and its promised benefits are far lesser than the potential harms.

However, the FDA rejected that petition and Alli is available on the market for sale.

FDA has reviewed the medicine for side effects and has approved its over-the-counter dealing as it was generally found safe in the examinations. But the authority also directed mentioning potential side effects on the drug label.

Here is the list of adverse effects related to Alli;

Gastrointestinal trouble with Alli

The most common are GI effects, including abdominal pain, oily stools, steatorrhea, fecal spotting, and fissures.

These problems are caused by an increased amount of undigested fats in the intestines as the drug reduces fat absorbance in the blood.

Musculoskeletal risk factor

Nutritional deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) may occur due to a decrease in fat absorbance. In turn, a lack of vitamin D can reduce calcium absorbance in bone and may lead to osteoporosis.

Thus, long-term Alli usage is a potential risk factor for musculoskeletal weakness.

Acute Renal Injury

The active agent of Alli is known for increasing the probability of renal stones and oxalate nephropathy as oxalate production is increased with lesser fat absorbance in the intestines.

Undigested fatty acids bind with calcium in the intestinal lumen, producing oxalate, which accumulates in kidney tissues over time, forming kidney stones.

Liver damage with Alli

Another severe outcome related to Alli is liver damage.

FDA has given warnings that an overdose of orlistat-containing medicines may lead to acute liver damage.

The authority suspects Orlistat to be the culprit in 13 such cases. Most of these were caused by high-potency tablets (120 mg), and one was directly associated with Alli (60 mg).

Hence, the best practice is to consult your physician and not be tempted to exceed the dose above recommended.

Who should avoid Alli?

1. Pregnant women because this drug is included in category X medicines that can potentially harm the mother and baby.

2. Individuals who are on any of the following medications: (as Orlistat reduces their absorption)

  • Antiepileptics
  • Amiodarone
  • Cyclosporine
  • Levothyroxine
  • Warfarin
  • Antiretroviral medications

3. People who have underlying medical conditions like Chronic malabsorption, renal impairment, Cholestasis, Anorexia, and bulimia because these disorders can get worse with their usage.

4. Those who are not 18 years old yet.

Alli vs PhenQ – Which is more cost-effective?

PhenQ price

PhenQ comes in a single packing size of 60 pills per bottle, and its price is a bit higher if you buy only one bottle at a time, costing $69.99.

But if you go for a bundle, you get big discounts as the bundle of two bottles comes for $139.99 with one additional bottle for free. Likewise, if you buy three bottles at a time, you will get two bottles for free.

Woah! 5 bottles at the price of three sounds amazing, right?

Not only this, the brand provides free shipping across the world and also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Buy PhenQ here

Alli price

Alli is available in three packing sizes; 60-count bottle, 12-count bottle, and 17-count bottle.

You can purchase it either online or at local pharmacies.

Price-wise, it is a relatively cheaper medicine with a price range from $39.94 to $56 at different retailers.

PhenQ and Alli – Which is more reputable?

Since no matter what a company promises to deliver, in the end, it all comes down to what its ACTUAL users have to say about it.

That is why we are adding some customer experiences and unbiased opinions about both products.

PhenQ’s User Reviews

PhenQ is supported by thousands of user reviews, and these testimonials can be found on the official webpage, numerous blogs by users and fitness experts, and reputable review sites like Trustpilot.

On Trustpilot, it has been given a plus rating by 72% of users, resulting in an overall score of 3.6 from 5.

Let’s hear what these people have to say;

“Have been using for 1.5 months, and I am down 27 pounds.”

“It helps bring about a positive mood.”

“I lost over 50 lbs. in 8 months! I don’t have any side effects from it; it is a good product.”

People also comment about the reliable customer service of the company;

“Very responsive. Updates Shipping schedule. Great customer care.”

Alli’s User Reviews

Alli also has been used by many people though their number is not as high as PhenQ users.

Nonetheless, you find a good number of customer reviews on different Rx platforms about their experiences with the drug.

On, this medicine has 6/10 ratings with a variety of opinions about the pill.

Some users were happy with the results they got from the drug and mentioned in their reviews that you have to follow the recommended diet to lose weight properly.

Have a look at their words;

“This product will work if you use it correctly.”

“I have gone from a BMI of 47 to 39 in 6 months. Still, some way to go, but Alli is helping a great deal.”

“It will help you lose weight. But if you are planning on not adjusting your diet, it is not for you.”

Though 60% of people found it effective, many were annoyed by its gastrointestinal side effects, including oily stools, smelly farts, and the need to use the toilet frequently.


How much weight can you lose with Alli?

Alli produces gradual weight loss when used with the recommended diet plan causing about 1 to 2 pounds per week. The reason is that neither it is an appetite suppressant nor a fat burner. It only helps in weight loss by decreasing further fat accumulation.

Why was Alli taken off the market?

Alli was voluntarily taken off the market by GlaxoSmithKline in 2014 due to reports of product tampering.

The company received some complaints from consumers that they have received tempered packaging, and damaged tablets, and have also found different types of pills in the same bottle.

That is why it recalled the product present in the market. Its supply was restarted a year later, in Feb 2015.

Can Alli cause liver damage?

Yes, orlistat pills (Xenical and Alli) are associated with the risk of liver damage, though such cases are rare. FDA has found 13 cases of severe liver injury to orlistat users. However, only one case was associated particularly with Alli usage.

What is the cheapest place to buy Alli?

The official website of Alli is the best place to find the right pharmacy that provides the cheapest pills in town.

Just add in your location, and it will show you the stores where the medicine can be found along with their rates. Similarly, it tells the prices different online stores charge for the drug.

Can I take 2 Alli instead of 1 Xenical?

Yes, 2 Alli are virtually equal to 1 Xenical tablet.

However, do remember that Xenical is a prescription drug, and when you take two Alli pills, your dose matches the potency of a prescription drug.

So, you must consult your doctor before trying this as such higher doses can result in serious side effects.

Do Alli weight loss pills work?

Yes, these pills aid in weight management; however, the progress is likely to be modest and gradual.

With all diet supplements, you see the best results by following the recommended diet plans, exercising regularly, and modifying your lifestyle habits for good.

Is Alli the same as Phentermine?

No, Alli and phentermine pills are based on different compounds and work differently for weight loss. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that works by stimulating neural pathways to induce a sensation of satiation and lack of hunger.

Contrary to that, Alli has no appetite-suppressing effects; rather, it helps lose weight by reducing the level of fats absorbed from food into your bloodstream.


Both PhenQ and Alli are over-the-counter medicines used for weight loss therapies.

Comparatively speaking, PhenQ is found to be more effective and safer. The credit for this goes to its metabolism-boosting, vegan, and safer ingredients.

It helps in weight management in five ways, i.e., it reduces food cravings, increases fat metabolism, limits fat accumulation, boosts energy, and improves mood.

Collectively, all these things make losing weight an easier and more enjoyable process. On the other hand, Alli promises modest and gradual weight loss because it does not have appetite-curbing or fat-burning properties.

Rather, it prevents fat absorbance and saves you from regaining the lost weight.

Its safety level is relatively lower than the other drugs as negative outcomes like gut disturbance, oily stools, kidney stones, and liver damage are associated with this drug.

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