PhenQ vs. Hydroxycut (What’s Better For Weight Loss?)

January 10, 2024 |

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Both Hydroxycut and PhenQ have caffeine as a major fat burner, causing an average of 5-10 lbs of weight drop.

However, their safety profiles do not resemble their fat-burning efficacy. In fact, Hydroxycut is one of the most controversial weight loss supplements in history.

Key Points:

  • PhenQ and Hydroxycut are both effective fat burners.
  • The fat-burning properties of Hydroxycut are mostly because of stimulatory compounds, while PhenQ speeds up fat metabolism with non-stimulatory agents.
  • Hydroxycut causes serious health issues, while PhenQ is a safer and easily tolerable weight loss medicine. (try PhenQ here for the BEST price)

So, in this article, I have discussed how these two diet pills affect fat burn and sugar cravings and if their side effects are also the same.

PhenQ Vs. Hydroxycut – An Overview

PhenQ – A Natural Formula to Cater to All Your Dieting/Weight Loss Needs

PhenQ bottle tablet

It has been in the market for over 16 years and ranks among the established fitness supplement brands. It has helped thousands achieve their weight loss goals and species a global consumer base of 190,000+ individuals.

Its ingredients promote fat burn and reduce hunger and food cravings. Besides that, its unique formulation also prevents fat accumulation, helping you keep the extra weight off.

PhenQ cta1

Hydroxycut– A Well-known but Controversial Diet Pill

hydroxy cut original

Hydroxycut is one of the earliest fat burners introduced in the market, about 25 years ago. According to an estimate, it is one of America’s most-sold fitness supplements.

However, it also produced serious disorders in many users and was recalled twice from the market due to these adversities.

Now, the brand sells many weight loss products (pills, gummies, and drink mixes), with Hydroxycut Original still being the most popular.

All of these products contain caffeine as the major fat burner and help with binge eating. The upcoming section will describe how their efficacy differs with PhenQ- a newer weight loss that’s becoming increasingly popular.

Let’s get deeper into the formulation of these fat burners and see which one provides better results;

PhenQ Vs. Hydroxycut – Which is more effective for weight loss?

Appetite Suppression is Safer and More Effective with PhenQ

The appetite-suppressing properties of Hydroxycut are majorly contributed to caffeine and chlorogenic acids.

These compounds mimic the neurotransmitters, triggering the nervous system. In short doses, they induce focus, mental clarity, and motivation, but their higher and long-term doses provoke stress responses.

Hence, its appetite suppression effect is, in fact, a stress-associated response to heavy stimulant intake.

In contrast, α-lacy’s Reset (cysteine) in PhenQ lowers the secretion of the hunger hormone, subsiding the hunger pangs that make you overeat. In this way, it directly deals with hunger instead of playing tricks on cognitive health.

Both Supplements Reduce Cravings But in Different Ways

Both these pills reduce cravings and make you feel full soon after you start eating a meal. However, their modes of action are entirely different.

For instance, Hydroxycut uses apple cider vinegar (ACV) for this purpose.

ACV delays stomach emptying, and food remains in the stomach for a long time, creating a sense of fulfillment.

Also, when food slowly moves in the gut, it is absorbed slowly, and glucose levels remain stable for longer.

Although this effect effectively prevents overeating and reduces cravings. It can aggravate the gut issues like nausea and lead to severe conditions like Gastroparesis.

Conversely, PhenQ downplays cravings with the help of chromium pollinate and nopal extracts. These fibrous extracts swell up in the stomach and physically occupy much space, inducing the same sense of fulfillment.

PhenQ Thermogenic Ingredients Are Mostly Non-stimulatory

PhenQ has many ingredients to promote fat metabolism. Caffeine is its stimulatory fat burner, while l-carnitine, capsimax powder, and alpha lipoic acid are the non-stimulatory fat burners.

These compounds help you shed the stubborn fats in the following ways;

  • Caffeine; forces your body to melt down fats by increasing thermogenesis (heat production) to fuel different activities.

What makes it the essential component of all potent fat burners is its ability to uplift metabolic rates both during rest and activity.

Hence, you will burn more calories in a workout if you take a moderate caffeine dose compared to when you don’t.

Interestingly, this effect is more prominent for overweight persons than lean individuals, as inferred by this research.

  • L-carnitine; This amino acid increases the fat-dissolving efficiency of mitochondria (the cellular component that extracts energy from nutrients).

This way, more fats are oxidized than being stored in the adipose layer.

  • Capsimax powder; The capsinoids in this blend activate TRPV1 receptors in fat tissues. As a result, the inactive stored fats are converted to bioactive brown fats that are quickly and easily consumed in metabolism.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid; This compound has antioxidant properties and improves metabolism by reducing oxidative stress.

Plus, it slows down the enzyme that converts carbs to fats, thereby preventing the formation of new fatty layers in the body.

  • Nopal Cactus extracts; Nopal cactus fiber provides multiple weight loss benefits. It increases thermogenesis and makes your tissues consume more fats.

Besides that, this organic blend prevents fat absorption from food, making you excrete fatty acids in your meals instead of storing them in your body tissues.

This ingredient list shows that PhenQ is as efficient for weight loss as highly stimulatory diet pills despite having a low-stimulant ratio.

Customer reviews also prove that you can lose from 5-10 lbs in a month using PhenQ.

However, the minimal amount of stimulatory compounds makes it a safer drug.

PhenQ CT

Hydroxycut Is High On Stimulatory Fat Burners

Hydroxycut is also a potent fat burner owing to its higher stimulatory content. Each of its servings (2 pills) contains 200 mg of caffeine.

Besides that, the coffee extract added to its formula contains 40% chlorogenic acids, which are similar but relatively mild psychostimulatory compounds as caffeine.

  • Caffeine: It stimulates the body’s metabolic machinery, as discussed above.
  • Chlorogenic acids (CGAs): These phenolic compounds inhibit the fat-synthesizing enzymes, preventing the formation of new fat droplets for storage.

Plus, CGAs trigger oxidative enzymes, causing them to burn more fats.

Hence, both ingredients are strong fat burners.

However, when I probed the user feedback given on the official website, Amazon and Reddit, I found that Hydroxycut also causes an average weight drop of 5-10 lbs as PhenQ does.

Resultantly, you can put both diet pills at the same level for fat-burning efficacy.

Hydroxycut Gives You A Stronger Energy Punch

Hydroxycut includes coffee extract in which small amounts of other energy-boosting components like chlorogenic acids and polyphenols are also present besides caffeine.

And its overall caffeine content is high (200 mg per serving).

The combined effect of these ingredients is so strong that you will be supercharged after taking these fat burner pills.

And if I say it in the words of a user, “It’s hard to sit still on Hydroxycut pills.”

Conversely, PhenQ contains pure caffeine anhydrous, and its overall stimulatory content is also lesser (142.5 mg per serving). Hence, it gives you a good but milder energy boost.

Hydroxycut Vs. PhenQ – Which one is safer?

PhenQ is a safer supplement than Hydroxycut mainly because of its smaller caffeine ratio and mild stimulatory nature.

Hydroxycut Has A Murky History

The original Hydroxycut formula contained ephedra, a strong stimulatory fat burner. However, this compound was banned in 2004 by FDA due to the life-threatening cardiovascular side effects it induces.

After this ban, Hydroxycut was withdrawn from the market, and consumers were encouraged to stop using the supplement to avoid severe heart issues.

The supplements were introduced again with a reformulated recipe. However, after a few years, in 2009, many cases of liver toxicity were reported by users.

Once again FDA warned the customers against the supplements, and the company was forced to take its product away from the shelves.

Keeping history in view, Hydroxycut can’t be trusted for safety. And the skyrocketing stimulant content further endorses the fear.

Hydroxycut Has Too Much Caffeine

Hydroxycut contains 200 mg of caffeine per serving, and the company recommends taking 2 servings daily. Hence, the overall daily caffeine intake through these pills would be 400 mg.

That’s an alarming dose because 400 mg is the safe upper limit of caffeine intake as declared by FDA.

While people who take a lot of coffee or other caffeine beverages/foods in their routine can tolerate the high caffeine content, those who are not habitual of high stimulatory doses experience intensified side effects.

Even used-to people shouldn’t consume coffee or caffeinated sodas with Hydroxycut because it will expose them to serious long-term ailments like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.

In contrast, PhenQ caffeine content is moderate and tolerable by most. You can still take coffee with it but may need to do some adjustments, as explained in this PhenQ and Coffee blog post.

Hydroxycut Has Withdrawl Symptoms, Unlike PhenQ

As Hydroxycut deliver a large stimulatory dose, users often experience withdrawal symptoms when they quit the product.

A Reddit user, Heteroplay, wrote about his experience with this supplement, saying that taking the pills was just like drinking 6 cups of coffee daily. And when you quit the supplementation, you get severe headaches.

hydroxycut review

Hydroxycut’s Side Effects Are More Pronounced and Long Lasting

Hydroxycut and PhenQ can cause gut problems when you start taking the fat burner because their thermogenic ingredients irritate the gut lining and enhance acidic secretions.

PhenQ side effects would subside sooner, as discussed in detail in this article.

However, it is difficult to avoid acidity and nausea with Hydroxycut because of 3 reasons;

  1. The high caffeine content overstimulates gastric glands, causing them to secrete more gastric acids.
  2. Apple cider vinegar delays gastric emptying and acids are stuck inside the stomach for longer, further aggravating nausea and acidity.
  3. Apple cider vinegar is itself an acid and increases the acidity in the gut.

Hydroxycut Amazon review from Jacobi shows how the supplement made him suffer from nausea and dizziness.

Hydroxycut Causes Kidney and Liver Issues

Hydroxycut products put you at risk of liver and kidney damage even when ephedra has been removed from their recipe.

In 2009, FDA recalled it from the market for the second time because the users reported 23 liver dysfunction cases (including 1 death).

Besides that, users report kidney problems after taking these fat burners.

Whitney k cautions other buyers in her Amazon review of Hydroxycut Original against this potential risk because she got a kidney infection with the supplement.

Whitney K Hydroxycut Review

Similarly, another user reports that he quit the supplement only after a week because it made him feel sick, causing severe pain in the abdomen and the kidney area.

Amazon Review of Hydroxycut

PhenQ Vs. Hydroxycut Cost – Which one is Cheaper?

PhenQ is Expensive but Offers Huge Purchase Discounts

Hydroxycut is the cheaper fat burner among these two. It comes in the packing of 60 pills for $19.9.

However, according to the recommended dose, 1 pack would only last for about 15 days. So, you would be spending $38.9 per month on this supplement.

Conversely, PhenQ costs up to $69.9 for each bottle. It also has 60 pills per pack, which are enough for a month due to its smaller serving size.

Interestingly, you can also buy PhenQ at a price-matching Hydroxycut original. When you buy in bulk, you get price discounts as follows;

  • 1 bottle for $69.99
  • 3 bottles for $139.99 ($46.66 per pack)
  • 5 bottles for $209.99 ($41.99 per pack)

This way, you can get each PhenQ bottle for $41.99 instead of $69.99 when you opt for the 5 bottles bundle.

PhenQ Cost & Bundles

PhenQ has a Better Shipping & Refund Policy.

Both brands offer free shipping and a money-back guarantee, but PhenQ wins in this regard as it delivers all orders free of cost.

Plus, with its 60-day money-back guarantee, you can return the remaining pills for a full refund if they don’t give you the results.

Conversely, Hydroxycut free shipping is valid for orders above $20, and you may get a refund within 30 days.

PhenQ – Where to Buy

PhenQ official website is the only authentic source to buy the 5-in-1 fat burner.

Hydroxycut – Where to Buy

It is available on the Hydroxycut website, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Target.

PhenQ Vs. Hydroxycut – Customer Reviews

PhenQ Before & After

  • Amy C, 34, said she’s happiest in the last many years due to PhenQ. The fat burner has helped her get 3 dress sizes down in only 12 weeks.
PhenQ - Review
  • An inspiring weight loss story comes from Nicola, who told her she couldn’t keep up with the healthy lifestyle and put on extra pounds.

However, PhenQ helped her eat more mindfully and improved her metabolism so that she could see a positive change after 2 weeks of supplementation. Overall she lost 14 lbs in 9 weeks.

Nicola PhenQ Review

Hydroxycut Before & After

  • Kendall shared before and after pictures showing how Hydroxycut helped her get a slim figure. She took the full daily dose of 4 pills and could see a major difference in just 3 weeks.
  • Lindsey, from Los Angeles, tried Hydroxycut to shed the extra pounds. She had tried yo-yo dieting in the past, but soon after she quit, the weight was back.

However, this diet pill helped her stay on track. Resultantly, she lost 21 lbs in 15 weeks and got into a smarter, more agile, and more confident form.

PhenQ Vs. Hydroxycut – Similarities/Differences

Criteria      PhenQ   Hydroxycut
Fat burning Efficacy
  • Enhances thermogenesis and fat oxidation
  • Prevents fat accumulation
  • Similar effects on fat oxidation and metabolism
  • Prevents fat accumulation, but its efficacy is comparatively lesser
Appetite Suppression
  • Reduces hunger hormone secretion to minimize appetite
  • Induces fullness with dietary fiber
  • Upregulates glucose-insulin levels to prevent cravings
  • Also upregulates glucose level and reduce cravings
  • Induces fullness by delaying gastric emptying (an unsafe method)
Additional benefits
  • l-carnitine relieves stress
  • Multivitamins
Side Effects
  • Nausea, Diarrhea, Bloating
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Similar but more severe Gut Issues
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Palpitations
  • Significant withdrawal symptoms
  • Liver toxicity
  • Kidney infections and Pain
Recommended Dose
  • 2 pills daily (2 servings)
  • 4 pills daily (2 servings)

1 bottle (60 pills)

  • $69.99
  • $19.99
Shipping and Refund
  • Free shipping
  • 60-days money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders above $20
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
Where to Buy

Final Thoughts: PhenQ – Highest quality and best overall!

I will upvote PhenQ in this comparison because of its higher safety profile.

As discussed above, both pills match their fat-burning efficacy, but the high stimulatory content of Hydroxycut makes it a risky deal.

Because no one would want to get high blood pressure or liver dysfunction in return for losing a few pounds.

In contrast, PhenQ provides a safer and health-friendly solution for cutting off unwanted fats.


What is the strongest weight loss pill available?

PhenQ is the strongest and safest weight loss pill because multiple thermogenic ingredients provide as efficient and quick weight loss as a stimulatory supplement without posing serious health risks.

Which Hydroxycut is the best for losing weight?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite is the best weight loss supplement from the whole product line.

However, with 290 mg of caffeine in a single serving, it is an unfit option for many despite its high fat-burning capacity.

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