PhenQ vs Phentermine: Which is a Stronger Appetite Suppressant?

August 8, 2022 |

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In this article, I will compare the benefits, safety, side effects, cost, and popularity of these two supplements to conclude which one is worth it.

If you are unable to achieve your desired weight loss results even after stepping on your cravings and dragging yourself to the gym every day, then weight loss pills might be the savior you need.

PhenQ and Phentermine are well-known diet pill options that may help you lighten some weight and slim down some inches.

However, they differ because PhenQ uses all vegan ingredients to target fat. Whereas, Phentermine messes with your brain to curb your hunger.

Let’s discuss it all in detail.

Key Difference between PhenQ and Phentermine

The synthetic compound ‘phentermine’ is what actually dictates the many differences between PhenQ and Phentermine.

The reason is that Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine and is suspected of having addiction potential. This imposes certain restrictions on it and limits it for use in certain groups.

For instance, PhenQ is an over-the-counter alternative to the prescription-controlled Phentermine.

The best part is that you can take PhenQ for as long as you wish. However, obesity treatment with Phentermine can only be pursued short-term, typically for a duration that lasts up to 12 weeks.

Moreover, PhenQ won’t set off a drug test. But in contrast, Phentermine may give a false positive result for amphetamine.

The highest chance for it to happen is when the 5-panel drug screening is performed 5 to 7 days of phentermine intake.

Apart from the differences, Phentermine and PhenQ work in similar ways. That is, they suppress appetite, promote fat burning and increase energy levels.

Besides that, none of the two is a weight loss magic pill. Thus, you will have to pair them both with some diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to achieve optimum and long-term weight loss benefits.

PhenQ vs Phentermine – Which one is the more efficacious?

PhenQ and Phentermine are two of the most pursued weight loss supplements. However, the one that offers greater benefits will be the best one.

  • PhenQ’s Benefits

PhenQ is an appropriate weight-loss aid for all kinds of overweight and obese individuals.

On top of that, its efficacy is critically acclaimed by over 190,00 users worldwide.

PhenQ total users

It is basically a proprietary blend that is based on three main ingredients. The a-Lacys Reset, caffeine, and capsimax powder. Other ingredients that may have a significant weight loss impact are the nopal fiber and L-carnitine fumarate.

The multi-faceted action of this ingredient combination cuts fat, blocks fat accumulation, curbs appetite, perks you up, and keeps you energized.

Both a-Lacys Reset and Capsimax powder are patented proprietary blends that have gained popularity as superior weight loss ingredients.

The a-Lacys Reset is a combination of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Cysteine that was launched in 2013. Its distinctive benefit is that it promotes fat loss while simultaneously encouraging muscle growth.

According to a clinical trial, the a- Lacys Reset lead to a 7.24% reduction in body fat and a 3.44% reduction in body weight of the subjects.

Caffeine is a staple ingredient in many diet supplements because it causes an energy surge and slims down the body.

A meta-analysis of 13 Randomized Control trials confirmed that for every two-fold increase in caffeine intake, there is also a two-times mean reduction in weight, BMI, and fat mass.

Capsimax powder encapsulates the ‘capsaicinoids’ of capsicum and other red peppers in beads.

This beading technique ensures the regulated release of these hot compounds, which induces optimum weight loss and minimizes the risk of stomach irritation.

The results of multiple clinical trials suggest that capsimax powder prevents weight and fat gain, triggers an energy surge, suppresses appetite, and has better tolerability.

Nopal is a high-fiber vegetable whose anti-obesity role can be attributed to its potential to modify the gut microbiota, which regulates obesity.

An altered microbiota influences the digestion and energy absorption from different foods. Clinical trials also reinforce this fact as nopal was shown to prevent weight gain and positively impact lipid metabolism and body mass index.

PhenQ bottle in garden

Research has also identified the benefit of capsimax and nopal in improving the glucose and cholesterol levels of the obese group.

L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino-acid derivative that will help you slash some pounds from the weight machine and improve your overall wellbeing.

The L carnitine fumarate helps to replenish the carnitine levels in your body, which are essential in energy production from fats.

An analysis of 43 Randomized Control Trials revealed that L-carnitine supplementation has a considerable advantage of inducing weight loss and reducing Body Mass Index in overweight and obese individuals.

  • Phentermine’s Benefits

Phentermine is the preferred weight management strategy for only specific obese individuals.

Furthermore, it has held the status of being an FDA-approved weight loss supplement since 1959. Thus, its efficacy is evaluated by clinical trials.

It is a stimulant compound that will mimic certain neurotransmitters and tweak the brain signaling to suppress your appetite, energize you, and put you in a happy mood.

Phentermine formula

Your doctor may prescribe Phentermine to support your weight loss progress if you have a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or greater. You may also be eligible for this treatment if your BMI is greater than 27 kg/m2 and you suffer from some underlying illnesses.

Phentermine may help you get rid of 3 – 5% of your initial body weight after 3 months. After six months, it may go further down by 5–7%.

According to a meta-analysis of 6 studies, phentermine monotherapy induced a mean total weight loss of 6.3 kg in 2 to 24 weeks.

Studies also found that Phentermine therapy leads to improvements in waist circumference and improves the cardiometabolic outcome.

It was also proven to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, which preserves heart health.

Additionally, significant reductions in the fasting blood glucose were also observed in the diabetes type 2 patients who received this treatment.

PhenQ vs Phentermine – Which is the safest?

Who doesn’t want a risk-free weight loss? But every artificially produced supplement will always come with some warnings.

Thus, the diet pill that poses the least health risk will be the safest available option between PhenQ and Phentermine.

PhenQ’s safety and side effects

  • Gastrointestinal Problems

Your gut may take some time to adjust to PhenQ ingredients. Hence, you may expect some gastrointestinal side effects to occur in the initial days.

Reddit users have reported discomfort, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and related symptoms that went away over time.

For instance, your stomach may react to nopal if you are not used to taking laxatives.

Other ingredients like capsimax powder and chromium picolinate may also irritate your stomach.

  • Sleep Disturbances

The combined action of PhenQ’s ingredients may make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Hence, manufacturers advise that consumers should avoid it around bedtime.

Reddit users have reported difficulty falling asleep during the first four to five days until they figured out that they need to adjust their daily caffeine dosage.

The sleep disrupter in PhenQ is the stimulant caffeine and its ability to increase the metabolism rate and thermogenesis.

In fact, our metabolism rate decreases by 15% when we sleep. This could be explained by research revealing that a higher metabolism rate during sleep reduces its restorative effect compared to a normal sleep period.

The same research reported that taking caffeine before sleep increases the duration of stage 1 sleep and reduces the duration of stage 4 sleep (REM).

Furthermore, an increased psychological activation during sleep may reduce your performance during daily activities.

  • Headache

Consumers also sometimes report an incidence of a mild headache after taking PhenQ.

The caffeine content or the blood glucose lowering effect of PhenQ might be blamed for causing this symptom.

However, only those people who are caffeine sensitive are more prone to get hit by this side effect. It might be accompanied by restlessness, jitters, and other symptoms of caffeine overdose.

On the other hand, ingredients like nopal cactus, L-carnitine, and chromium picolinate already have the potential to lower blood glucose. Appetite suppression on top of it might make it drop to dangerous levels, which may increase your risk of developing headaches.

You might also get additional symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, etc.

Ensuring that you get a nutritionally complete meal every day may prevent headaches that occur because of low sugar.

  • Warning

The safety of PhenQ has not been evaluated in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Thus, they should avoid taking them.

These are also not recommended for ages below 18 years.

Moreover, you need to ask for a doctor’s advice for taking it if you are on any prescription medicine or have an underlying illness.

Phentermine’s safety and Side effects

  • Allergic Reaction

Hypersensitive individuals may get triggered by certain drugs and sympathomimetic mines like Phentermine.

An allergic reaction to Phentermine may manifest symptoms like rash, itchiness, hives, swelling of the face, lips, throat, or tongue, or it may cause difficulty breathing.

  • Cardiovascular Disorders

Phentermine triggers the release of norepinephrine, which signals certain sympathetic nervous system responses.

Although some responses of a hyperalert system, such as thermogenesis, might help burn more calories. However, others might increase the heart risk.

For instance, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure may cause adverse effects like primary pulmonary hypertension, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, cardiac valvular disease, or even heart attack.

  • Gastrointestinal Side effects

Sometimes the appetite suppression by Phentermine may result in uncomfortable gastrointestinal upsets.

Below 10% of the users report nausea or vomiting with Phentermine which may be caused by the activation of the fight and flight response.

Users also complain of stomach pain, bloating, or gas which might occur because of an empty stomach in case the appetite suppression was too powerful.

Since the stress response of the body inhibits digestion, this could also upset your stomach. Thus, it may cause diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, unpleasant taste, dry mouth, or even trouble urinating.

  • Psychological changes

Phentermine alters the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, all of which may trigger psychological disorders.

There are multiple case reports of users becoming suicidal, getting hallucinations, and developing disorders such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis.

Phentermine may even cause changes in libido in some cases.

  • Generalized side effects

You may also look forward to some generalized side effects like insomnia, headache, dizziness, blurred eyesight, or overstimulation.

  • Warning

Phentermine is classified in category X by FDA. This implies that both human and animal trials have shown that it is unsafe in pregnancy and may harm the fetus.

Amphetamines are proven to get transferred into breast milk and reduce the milk supply. And since Phentermine is an amphetamine relative so breastfeeding mums should avoid it.

Phentermine may adversely affect the organs, body systems, and overall health. Thus, it should be avoided by vulnerable age groups.

For the same reason, it is not recommended for ages below 16 years.

Additionally, it should be prescribed with precaution to the elderly, especially the patients who have crossed their 60s.

Phentermine also has the potential for abuse. Thus, it should not be prescribed in agitated states and to individuals with a history of drug abuse.

It is contraindicated with alcohol and other diet pills and should be cautiously prescribed with certain medicines, such as anti-depressants or insulin.

Moreover, certain illnesses such as kidney problems amplify Phentermine risks.

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So, make your doctor aware of your medical history. Tell them if you have any cardiovascular diseases like uncontrolled blood pressure or stroke.

Also, tell them about certain conditions such as overactive thyroid or glaucoma.

PhenQ vs Phentermine – Which is more cost-effective?

Everyone is tempted to get more and pay less. So, let’s find out which diet pill is lighter on the pocket.

  • PhenQ

PhenQ is an over-the-counter weight loss supplement that you can purchase from their official website.

One bottle of PhenQ contains 60 tablets and will last for 30 days. It comes at a retail price of $79.99.

You may save the cost of one PhenQ bottle by buying a bundle of three for just $239.99 (retail price).

Or you can purchase a five-bottle package for just $399.99 and save the cost of two PhenQ bottles.

Moreover, PhenQ offers free shipping worldwide and 60-day money-back guarantee with your every purchase.

  • Phentermine

Contrary to PhenQ, Phentermine is a generic medication and a Schedule IV controlled substance. Therefore, in the US, it is illegal to buy it online.

You may buy authentic phentermine formulations only from pharmacies or drug stores because online deliveries may carry fake pills.

However, because of this reason, the Phentermine prices vary by location, brand, form, dosage, and even at different pharmacies.

According to Good Rx, 30 tablets of 37.5 mg Phentermine (highest dose) come at an average retail price of $37.21.


Phentermine comes out to be cheaper than PhenQ if compared based on the retail price of their one-month supply.

The retail price of one month’s supply of PhenQ is around $80. In contrast, the average retail price of the 37.5 mg Phentermine tablets is $37 approx.

PhenQ and Phentermine’s – Which is more reliable?

Regardless of all the science that manufacturers add to their products, the actual efficacy of their formulation can only be judged by actual user reviews.

Here are some examples of the weight loss progress users have seen with both supplements.

  • PhenQ reviews before and after

PhenQ may help you shed 2 to 5 pounds every week and an average of 10 to 15 pounds every month.

However, the results may vary for everyone.

Here are the PhenQ before and after reviews by some consumers.

A couple started Phentermine 3 months ago and shared their weight loss progress on Trustpilot. Jeff, the husband, had lost 35 pounds on the pill, while Cheryl had lost 28 pounds.

John Matijevich shared that PhenQ helped him lose 50 pounds in 8 months.

  • Phentermine reviews before and after

On average, Phentermine pills may help you lose around 3 to 5 pounds every month.

But then again, these results cannot be generalized for every user. showcased the weight loss progress of Monica, who lost 50 pounds in 3 months. She went down to 135 pounds from 185 pounds with her consistency and Phentermine, of course.

Another weight loss achiever had dropped almost 40 pounds on the weight machine within three months.

She reduced her weight from 239 pounds to 201 pounds in this duration.

Taliyah, a phentermine user, shared in her review on that she had lost 13 pounds in the first month.

Final Takeaway

To sum it up, PhenQ is an all-natural, over-the-counter, and comparatively safer weight loss supplement that you can take without any time constraints.

Phentermine, on the other hand, can be used upon a valid prescription from the doctor.

Moreover, it may show up on urine screening if taken in the last 4 to 5 days.

Apart from this, if you have a complicated medical history and want to achieve expedited weight loss, then your doctor may review your options and put you on Phentermine.

Nonetheless, you must commit to being fit and stay consistent with your diet and exercise to get rid of those extra pounds successfully.

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