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In this article, I will uncover the possible reasons why the innovative weight loss pill-Plenity is not working for you.

Plenity makes you eat smaller meals by filling your stomach with dietary fiber. However, since it doesn’t boost metabolism or reduce cravings, some users may find it difficult to lose weight with it. It turns out that you would need some diet and workout fixes besides the medicine to see good results.

In the sections below, I will talk about what makes Plenity different from other weight loss supplements and what you can do to make it work for you.

So keep reading to find out what could be the reason for not getting desired results with Plenity and its fix;

Does Plenity Really Work?

Yes, Plenity works well for weight loss if overeating is the biggest problem in your weight management journey.

What makes it different from other diet pills is that its ingredients do not participate in metabolic reactions or stimulate neural pathways. Instead, it mainly consists of naturally derived, hydrolyzed cellulose fiber that is not digested in the human gut.

This fiber swells up when mixed with water, taking up a large area in the stomach. As a result, your stomach is physically filled up, and you feel full soon after you start eating. In this way, you get contented with smaller meals, and your calorie intake is minimized.

So that was the science behind this innovative weight-loss aid, but what do users experience in reality?

Plenity Reviews

Plenity gets mixed ratings from users, as evident by its 3/5 star rating on WebMd and 4/5 star rating on Trustpilot.

Some users are pretty happy with their results after using the supplement. Others say they don’t get what they were expecting.

Some of them claimed that the “fullness” effect produced by this pill could be easily achieved through a fiber-rich diet at a much lower cost.

Plenity Before And After Pictures – Reddit

Many users also share their views about the pill on Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube. Here also, we see a mixed response.

Some people find it of little use others find it very effective. Others still said that Plenity did make them feel full sooner, but they could not get their weight loss goals due to inconsistency.

In all, I couldn’t find before and after pictures from Reddit; however, I did come across this Youtuber, TamkinSpice, who shared her 5-months journey with the pill, mentioning that Plenity helps her take more control over her eating process.

And this is what her before & after results looked like:

Plenity Before & After Results

How Long Does Plenity Take To Work?

According to the manufacturer’s claims, people start losing weight in the first four weeks of Plenity.

However, most users who report a positive outcome state that they saw noticeable changes in their body mass after about two months.

But as it is not a medicine that affects your body’s metabolic processes, we cannot be precisely assured of how fast you will lose weight. Everyone will see different results depending on their eating habits and lifestyle.

So, if you have been using plenity for over two months and have not yet seen a positive change, you should probably adjust your diet choices or activity levels.

The following section will help you find out the possible reason plenity is not working for you;

Why Is Plenity Not Working For Me? 3 Possible Reasons

Though plenity helps people eat fewer calories with its stomach-filling capacity, not everyone sees a change in their weight. It turns out that these pills do not guarantee complete weight management; rather, they would only help you get away from the meal soon after you start. Hence, you will have to do the work to melt down the stored fats.

So, the weight loss rate with Plenity directly depends on how efficiently you can achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Depending upon your eating and workout habits, it may take even longer for you to see a weight reduction due to one of the following reasons;

1. Eating Fatty Meals

An important thing to remember when using Plenity is that this drug does not decrease cravings for fatty or starchy food, nor does it help you burn fats faster. It will only make you feel full sooner when taking a meal.

When you take a high-calorie, fat-rich meal, you would still be dumping a lot of fats into your body deposits even if you are taking only a few bites. For example, you can consume 13 grams of fats with one bar of milk chocolate that you can eat in merely 4-5 bites.


Hence, Sugary foods (like ice cream, sweats, and bakery) and fast food (like burgers, pizza, and fried food) can supply a huge amount of fats even with small servings.

This fat would ultimately add up to fatty layers around your waistline.

Another problem with eating fast food is that most of the fats are trans fats which serve no purpose in the body other than building fatty deposits under the skin.

So, if you are someone who relies upon fast food and baked products all the time, Plenity alone won’t work for you.

Instead, it would be best if you changed your eating habits, shifting to natural, home-cooked, low-fat food.

2. Drinking Less Water

Plenity is basically a superabsorbent hydrogel made of cellulose fiber that swells up in the stomach, giving a feeling of satiation and fullness.

Therefore, you must take 16 oz water with each dose to make it work. This is unlike other drugs you gulp in with a sip of water, and that’s it.

If you do not supply enough water, the fiber will not swell and not get as much volume as possible. This decreases the pill’s efficacy because, without physical volume, the fiber elements present in the drug can not alter your appetite.

Also, your body’s water requirement is increased with high fiber intake. If you do not drink enough water, you may become dehydrated.

Dehydration is counterproductive for weight loss as it slows down metabolism, making weight loss even more difficult.

3. Having A Sedentary Lifestyle

Another thing that affects the efficacy of Plenity is your physical activity level. Whether you eat 1500 or 2500 calories daily, you will not get fat if you are active enough to consume them all.

Plenity can help you restrict your food intake to a good extent, but it won’t dissolve the fats you have already deposited.

To burn those fats, either you need to cut down your calorie consumption drastically or enhance the calorie burn through the workout.

So, if you are not seeing any change in your weight, it’s possibly because your activity level is still lower than your calorie consumption.

How To Make Plenity Work?

Now that you know that the efficacy of Plenity does not depend on all that’s inside this capsule but also on your diet and lifestyle. Hence, you cannot rely on these capsules alone to get a slimmer figure.

Here are a few tips for making Plenity work for you;

Drinking A Lot Of Water

As discussed above, taking at least 16 oz of water is necessary to make Plenity capsules work properly.

Taking more water is recommended with fiber supplements to fulfill the increased water requirements. Another weight loss benefit from hydration is that fats are consumed away more quickly when drinking plenty of water.

Research shows that water increases thermogenesis (heat production in the body). As a result, metabolic reactions speed up, leading to faster fat burn.

Avoiding Junk

You must have heard this before, but it is worth mentioning again;

“No Junk, Know Health!”

Fried fast food, bakery, candies, and sodas all come in the category of junk food. These are rich in trans fats, carbs, and calories. So, you cannot escape a large fat intake even with a smaller serving.

Plus, most of their ingredients have less nutritional value. For example, commercial oils used in these products are all trans fats.

Besides making you chubby, these unhealthy fats increase LDL cholesterol levels in the body, increase the body fat percentage of the blood and lead to plague formation and blockage of blood vessels.

Hence, it is best to avoid these food items. Instead, you can munch on healthy snacks like;

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fresh fruits
  • Plant-based smoothies
  • Egg snacks

Taking More Protein

Eating protein-rich meals would complement Plenity.

When protein is the major component of your meals, your body will first use the food to build muscles and compensate for regular protein degradation. Then if any nutrients are left over, they will be stored as fats.

And with Plenity, there would be no leftovers as you would feel full sooner, eating smaller meals.

Getting Active

Developing a habit of regular workouts is the best thing you can do to lose weight and also for your overall health. With the shield of Plenity to prevent overeating, you can cut fats more easily with exercise.

You may talk to your gym trainer to design a suitable workout plan, or you may start with a brisk walk or beginner-friendly workout routine for 20 minutes daily.

Simply put, Plenity is a great option if you want more control over your eating ritual. It will help you take meals more intuitively and prevent binge eating.

However, when aiming to lose weight, most people are not looking for a prescription drug that just helps them with their overeating problem.

Instead, their quest is a comprehensive weight management solution that could actually help you restrict calories, reduce food cravings and burn accumulated fats. And, if you are a person like that, I recommend trying an over-the-counter medicine like phenQ for better and faster weight loss results.

Plenity Alternative

PhenQ bottle in garden

PhenQ is a better option for losing weight because it helps in weight loss in multiple ways. It suppresses hunger, speeds up fat loss, reduces fat accumulation, boosts energy levels, and improves mood.

It contains α-Lacy Reset, which reduces the secretion of the hunger hormone. Resultantly, you are less likely to cheat because food cravings are almost gone.

Plus, Carnitine Fumarate, Capsimax powder, and all Nopal extracts help you burn fats and keep them off.

Firstly, it will boost metabolism by increasing thermogenesis, and secondly, it prevents fat accumulation by preventing the formation of fat droplets.

Caffeine will keep you energetic, focused, and motivated and will also aid in burning fats.

PhenQ has the edge over weight loss pills like phentermine and Plenity because you don’t need a prescription to get these tablets.

PhenQ design

Likewise, you need not worry about any side effects or withdrawal effects, you can start this supplement anytime and quit anytime.

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FAQs – Everything Else You Need To Know About Plenity

How long does it take to lose weight on Plenity?

Usually, it takes about two months to lose weight with Plenity. However, it might take longer if you don’t pair your plenity intake with regular exercise and continuous hydration.

How many times a day do you take Plenity?

You should take a dose of Plenity twice every day.

The recommended dose of Plenity is three capsules. Hence, you should take 6 capsules of Plenity daily in two servings.

Does Plenity increase metabolism?

No, Plenity does not affect the metabolic rate in any way. The only way it works to help you lose weight is by swelling up in your stomach, causing you to feel satiated for longer periods of time, and controlling binge eating.

How far apart should I take Plenity?

You should take Plenity 20 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Does Plenity retain water?

Yes, Plenity retains water because it mainly consists of dietary fiber.

And fiber tends to absorb a lot of water molecules among its layers, swelling up as a result. The working principle of weight loss pill- plenity is based on this water-retaining property of fiber.

Does Plenity burn fat?

No, Plenity is not a fat burner. It does not help burn stubborn fats because it neither affects thermogenesis nor Lipolysis (fat breakdown) efficacy.

If you’re looking for something to help you with burning existing fats, PhenQ might make a good option.

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Plenity is an effective tool to avoid binge eating. It is a prescription medicine that makes you feel satisfied sooner and keeps you full during the day. Resultantly, you are less inclined to eat.

However, the pill doesn’t seem to work for some people because their food choices and lack of physical activity prevent fat loss. Eating an unhealthy, fat-rich diet is counterproductive for weight loss, even if you take just a few bites!

The best way to use Plenity is to combine it with a good workout routine, healthy low-fat, protein-filled meals, and drinking lots of water.

If you still find it difficult to lose weight with it, you should consider a more effective weight loss solution that burns fats along with managing your hunger.

PhenQ design

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