Proviron vs Anavar: Can You Take Proviron with Anavar?

Proviron vs Anavar

This is a comparison post on Proviron vs Anavar.

Proviron and Anavar are both anabolic steroids, but they have different effects.

Anavar is a popular oral steroid that can be used as both an off-season bulking agent and as a cutting agent. Proviron, on the other hand, is an injectable estrogen blocker that has been around for decades.

So you want to know whether Proviron can be taken with Anavar?

In this article, we’ll compare Proviron vs Anavar to help you decide which one might be best for your needs.

Can they be taken together?

They could be both dangerous steroids if taken without guidance. This is why I provided safer and legal options at the end.

Lets find out.

Proviron vs Anavar – Overview

The right steroid for you depends on your goals. Proviron is a good choice if you’re looking to build size and strength, while Anavar can help users lose weight without sacrificing muscle mass.

Let’s take a look at their overview.

What is Proviron?

First of all, Proviron is an oral steroid that is used to prevent the natural production of testosterone by the body.

The function can be achieved via either endogenous conversion of exogenous administration

As an oral steroid that can be used to stimulate male sex hormones, Proviron is often used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Proviron can also be used as a fertility agent, which has the effect of increasing testosterone levels in men with low sperm count.

Proviron falls in the category of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroids or 17-alpha alkylated compounds and Proviron has a strong binding affinity to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

It was first introduced by Schering company during the early 1960s as Provestan 20 mg tablets for therapeutic purposes but it gradually gained popularity among performance enhancers when its off-label use became popular through bodybuilding forums online.

What is Anavar?

On the other end, Anavar (Oxandrolone) belongs to anabolic steroids that are orally active, so they have little effect when taken by mouth.

Anavar has a reputation of being the mildest anabolic steroid in regards to aggression and muscle-building capacity, but it’s also one of the most popular oral steroids ever produced due to its remarkable ability to produce dramatic strength increases without making much effort.


Anavar is a modified form of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that was designed with the purpose of minimizing its binding affinity for SHBG while improving upon other characteristics such as water retention which can be quite bothersome when using Proviron.

Anavar strength lies in the ability to produce dramatic increases in strength without increasing weight at all.

This is a huge benefit for endurance athletes such as long-distance runners and cyclists.

Can You Take Proviron With Anavar?

In my opinion, it really depends. On what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you are using Proviron to increase the effects of Anavar, then I would say no because it can have negative side effects if taken with certain steroids.

However, Proviron is often used for pre-contest bodybuilders who want an added boost in their testosterone levels before a competition. In this case, Proviron can be used with Anavar and most other steroids without a problem.

Proviron, also known as methandienone, is a steroid that has gained popularity due to its ability to even out estrogenic side effects seen with testosterone and the unique benefit of enhanced androgen and progesterone production.

Proviron can be used at any dose; some athletes prefer dosing it as low as 10mg per day while others may prefer doses as high as 50-100mg per day.

The answer to your question about combining Proviron with Anavar is yes, as long as both are under the supervision of a doctor or medical representative.

Though we would not recommend doing this without consulting an experienced professional on how it could play into your overall treatments and health goals.

This means taking care before combining Proviron with any other oral anabolic steroid.

Bodybuilders and athletes who use Proviron with Anavar will often do so in order to protect their joints and reduce possible cardiovascular strain.

Proviron is also said to enhance the overall effectiveness of anabolic steroids by improving your nitrogen balance, which can be especially beneficial when you’re on a calorie-deficit diet for fat loss.

Anavar and Proviron Side Effects

There are negative Proviron and Anavar side effects to both Proviron and Anavar.

Proviron has the following side effects:

  • headache
  • increased sexual drive
  • psychiatric disturbances such as depression, aggression, increased or decreased energy levels, elation or irritability
  • skin acne
  • excessive hairiness in some parts of the body
  • premature puberty
  • fluid retention
  • breast enlargement

Anavar has the following side effects:

  • virilization in women
  • hair loss and skin changes
  • high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • insomnia (sleeplessness)
  • increased thirst/urination (polydipsia/polyuria)
  • changes in sex drive
  • changes in menstrual periods
  • increased acne and oily skin
  • aggressiveness
  • nausea, vomiting (especially when you first start taking this medication)

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Proviron vs Anavar comes down to your personal preference.

A lot of people are wondering if they should take Proviron or Anavar when it comes to bodybuilding.

If you want more testosterone production in your system, then Proviron is the way to go for sure! But in terms of pure anabolic power and weight gain potential, Anavar would be a better choice.

It all depends on what kind of goals you have set out for yourself as far as muscle mass goes.

The best strategy for anyone would be to do some research about the benefits of each drug before making a purchase decision.

We hope this post has given you more information about these two steroids so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Both drugs could also pose potential health risks if used over time.

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